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The Nhabexims Manufacturer > Ho Chi Minh City Port

The delivering of 10,000 cartons of chips from Nhabexims manufacturers to Johannesburg

market will be divided into three main routes. First is from Nhabexim manufacturer to the Ho Chi
Minh City harbor and the transportation mode is Truck. Secondly, the huge amount of products
will transfer from trucks to the cargo ships to make another journey from the Ho Chi Minh City
port to Richards Bay port in the South Africa. Lastly, the cargo will be delivered from the Port to
the markets, supermarkets and retailers in Johannesburg through trucks.
The first route is from the manufacturer to the Ho Chi Minh Port
Based on the calculation conducted by the SeaRate.com and some additional calculation from
the Google indicated that the distance from the manufacturer Nhabexim to the port takes only 1
hour since the location is near the airport. It is vital that using trucks as a useful mean of
Transportation Mode: Truck
Distances: 5km
Time: 1 Hour
In Relation to international trade, Truck Transportation is the most widely used mode of
transportation in the domestic supply. This mode is very much a part of an organizations supply
chain. Therefore, it is effective when the cargo can be transported to the harbor without costing
much of money. Furthermore, this transportation mode is accessible, fast and versatile since the
large number of products can be delivered effectively.
According to Ports.com, from Sai Gon Port to Richard's Bay:
Transportation mode: cargo ship.
Distance: over 6,411 nautical miles = 11,929km
Time: 26.7 day at sea.
In terms of international trade, water transportation is mostly a top priority of customers in its
industry, especially low-value products. Therefore, we unanimously decided water carrier will
transport our product from Sai Gon Port to Richard's Bay. Positively, this kind of transportation
will save cost efficiently due to a large volume of product. Moreover, in the south of Vietnam,
very few people who do not know the prestige and quality of Sai Gon Port with over 150 years
of history. Therefore, set your mind at rest, the quality of our product will be guaranteed its
quality throughout the shipping.
The net shipping fee estimated is $540,000. The actual fee is over $573,000. However we have
cooperated with that agency for a long time, so they accepted to reduce the cost. You can refer
at this website: <https://translate.google.com/translate?
hl=en&sl=vi&u=http://vanchuyenhanghoaquocte.com/&prev=search >

According to rome2rio.com, from Richard's Bay Port to Johannesburg:

Transportation mode: Truck.
Distance: over 593.2 km
Time: 6 hours 37 minutes
We decided that, our company should use truck in order to transport the cargo because there
are no train stations in the area and the plan can not transport a large amount of goods. It is
more convenient for the truck to use the toll road because it clear and safe to use at night.
Moreover the cost of using toll road from Richards Bay to Johannesburg is just $1 USD and the
fuel cost is approximately from $55 to $80 USD. Therefore, it is the best way for our company to
transport goods to the customer safer and faster.
http://www.rome2rio.com/s/Richards-Bay/Johannesburg .

Export shipment procedures in Vietnam

According to Vietnam Briefing, it takes one day or a few hours to complete the exporting
procedure of goods.
Import shipment procedures in South Africa
International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa(ITAC) illustrated that getting
import permits usually spends 3 to 5 days.
= Cost of import to South Africa
2,080 USD per container in 2014 (WorldBank, n.d.)