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DEC/O7/2015/MON 03:45 PM FAX No, P. 001/006 WALLER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Sheriff R. Glenn Smith 703 Calvit Street, Hempstead, TX 77445-4669 Phone: (979)826-8282 ~ Fax: (979)826-7667 INCIDENT / OFFENSE REPORT CALL INFORMATION paar T[ieue aca Cat eho z use, Sara Bargany Motr Venice Pd Rang ened ia a Raped By ‘fea inated A.Giamn Seth, Salt Gras Stak House Hempstead Tx 77445 21855 Katy Freeway Katy Tx 77480 RRS en EET a0 Pa ZisPH Resor ee 'NCIDENT FORMATION Tn [Rass ae Compe ars Coury Tooe Ts eR ae ae Tate oe = See ee = =| eee = : See ; Se : se | oe met tee tet te To ; a = St eo = : = Sona va =. zl is See = E =i Too = | Set het ot = = Sn a =, : DBC/07/2015/MON 03:46 PM FAX No. P. 002/006 WALLER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE VENICLE PROPERTY INEORALATION fae ae Ls ee oe Trg ame oT We de a 700 Fone F20 Beck Faroasies TFFSWaiPasECIROe | @ Handguns And? Riles oe | amaved From Tis Vee During Bursary. at Bae) Ran Fed ORT OMRIZICSGTERTET |Z Hanigans Removed Fear insie Ts Vetide Dang 17/2015/MON 03:46 Po FAX No, P. 003/008 WALLER COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE Casemrisoiote OFFENSE REPORT MACE, BRYAN DECEMBER 05, 2015/ 2:43 PM INTRODUCTION ‘On Saturday December 05, 2015 1, Corporal Mace was contact by Caplain Hester via telephone who advised that Sheriff R. Glean Smith's county issued vehicle was burglarized and several guns were stolen. I ‘was instructed to meet with Sheriff Smith at the Waller County Sheriff's Office and complete a report. SCENE SUMMARY ‘Waller County Sheriff's Office - 701 Calvit Street in Hempstead Texas, 77445. NARRATIVE ‘On December 05, 2015 I met with Sheriff R. Glenn Smith at the Waller: ‘County Sheriff's Office in reference {o his county issued vehicle being burglarized, Sheriff Smith stated that his black in color 2006 Ford F250 bearing TX LP - FDGS165 was parked in the rear parking lot of the Salt Grass Steak House located at 21855 Katy Freeway, Katy TX. 77450. Sheriff Smith stated he arrived at 1100 hours and departed the restaurant at 1325 hours. He advised while entering his vehicle he noticed thatthe drivers side door lock had been tampered with and appeared to be pushed in. He then entered his vehicle and noticed several guns missing from inside. The list of missing guns is as follows: 1, Heckler and Koch UMP45 5 Caliber S# 163-005252 - County Issued 2. Springficld TRP .45 Caliber S#.NM393333 - County Issued 3, Heckler and Koch Compact 45 .45 Caliber S# 216-015780 - County Issued 4. Smith and Wesson 686 .357 Magnum S# CXP0627 - County Issued 5. Sig Sauer PM400 300 Blackout S# 291030357 - Personal 6. Sig Sauer 1911 .45 Caliber S# 548085254 - Personal 7. Bond Arms Derringer .45 Caliber S# 116280 - Pessonal 8, Heckler and Koch P30SK 9MM S# 214-005246 - Personal ‘Sheriff Smith also advised that his issued Sheriff's Office windbreaker jacket was also taken; no other property is missing at this time. Contact was made with the on duty manager al the Salt Grass Steak house ‘identified as Wade Wilson - Phones 281-647-9400. Mr. Wilson stated there are cameras in thet area of the paring lot however the camera system is currently not working, Mr. Wilson stated the system will not pec/07/2015/0 FAL He P. 0047006 record and they have contact a service company to repair he camera system. All items that are missing have been entered into NCIC/TCIC as stolen and all supporting paperwork is attached to this report. Photographs of the vehicle and its damage were also taken, they are also attached to this report. DEC/07/2015/MON 03:47 PM PAX No, P. 006/008 WALLER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Case 51507018 ‘SUPPLEMENT REPORT MACE, BRYAN DECEMBER 06, 2015/ 1:12 PM NARRATIVE ‘On 12/06/2015 | received a callvia my personal cell phone from Sheriff Smith advising that Waler County Precinct 4 Commissioner Justin Beckendovt?'s vehicle was also burglarized while parked at the Salt Grass. Steakhouse located at 21855 Katy Freeway, Katy TX. 77450 on 10/15/2015. Sheriff Smith provided me with Mr. Beckendortf's cantact information and advised me to make contact and complete a report. CComtact was mate with Mr. Beckendorff via telephone and he advised that his vehicle described as 2008 Dodge Ram pickup red in color was also burglarized white parked at te Salt Grass Steakhouse Restaurant on 10/05/2015. Mr. Beckendorff stated he did not realize his vehicle had been burglarized until spesking with Sheriff Smith thls morning (12/06/2015). Mr. Beckendorff stated that his lock on his vehicle was broken and he betieves that how the suspects were able to gain entry. He advised that 2 guns were stolen out of his vehicle and they are as folows: 1. Glock 19 9mm $# MNM289 2. Keltec P-32 32 Caliber S# CKCBS Mr. Beckendorff stated that no other iterus are missing at this time, He advised that he has been in and out ‘of his vehicte Several times therefor no attempts to lilt latent fingerprints were conducted. Both weapons ‘have been entered into NCIC/TCIC as stolen and the paperwork s attached to this report. Photographs of Mr. Beckendorff's vehicle and it's damage were taken and they ate also attached to this report. DBC/O7/2015/MON 03:47 PM FAY No, P, 005/006 WALLER COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE Casee 1501098 SUPPLEMENT REPORT GREEN, SCOTT LT. DECEMBER 05, 2015/ 11:14 PM. NARRATIVE (On Saturday, December 05, 2025, | was advised of the Theft of the below listed firearms. I contacted Chief John Laine with Pet.s Harris County Constables Office by phone an Email and ATF Agent Jason Bean through Email providing both with the Firearms Information. "than sent out an Email through the intel List Serve of Montgomery County Sheriff's Office along with forwarding an Email to the TXICIC “Texas Joint Crime Information Centee” with all firesrms information. 1 ‘had Walter County Communications send out a Regional Teletype regarding the Stalen Firearms. | received an Email from TXICIC advising me they've sent out a “Situational Awareness Email” in reference to the Firearms.