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Meagan Bens

Narrative Script

The moonlight was reflecting off the black pavement, the basketball chains swung in the
wind, and hip hop music was blasting through a speaker. It was only 10 p.m., plenty of time to
stir up mischief while playing basketball at Citizens Park. After 20 minutes of shooting, running,
and laughing at Justin swinging on the rim, I was deemed the champion of the game Knockout.
After some sassy remarks and laugher, I decided to sit the next game out and be the permanent dj
on Davids iPod.
Sitting against the chain fence, I watched my friends play and occasionally yell in
triumph as one was knocked out of the game. With college around the corner, we spent every
waking minute together, hoping the strong bond between us would overcome the distance in the
future. At least two nights of the week, my friends and I came to this park to play basketball or
soccer. Every time we came here, Justin always found something completely horrifying to do.
Sometimes, he scaled the light poles like a monkey, sitting on top, perched like a bird.
Sometimes, he climbed across the fence chain like it was Mount Everest, occasionally shouting
out nonsense as we played basketball. It was only 11, and of course, Justin had to continue the
streak of shenanigans.
All of my friends and I were sweaty, exhausted, and ready to head home once the lights
turned off at midnight. We dragged ourselves and our equipment to our cars, until we realized
that one of our accomplices was not with us. Not shocked, we rolled our eyes realizing Justin
was gone.

Seriously, Justin cant go a day without surprising us. Anybody know where the ninja
disappeared to?
With that comment, David made eye contact with everyone in the circle, hoping someone
had a clue.
Well, he mentioned something about a treehouse while he was sitting on top of the
fence, Eoin said. But I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. Half the time he speaks
Eoin then pulled out his iPhone and decided to call Justin. The rest of us laid on top of
Davids car, throwing and catching our water bottles in the air as we waited in boredom.
Hey, Justin. I got one question. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?
Dude, I told you. I went to check out the treehouse.
What are you, a 3 year old? Where?
It is right behind the building with the picnic tables.
On that note, Eoin forcefully ended the call and we all immediately started walking past
the building until we reached the forest. We looked at the path that led through the dark, ominous
woods, and then looked at each other. Instead of worrying about our friendships lasting
throughout college, we were all worrying about just surviving that night.
He thinks he can get us to go through the creepy woods, at 12:30 at night, to meet him at
the treehouse, where most likely, well all get murdered?
Ha. Got to say, this is one of Justins best.

All of us looked up through the path, following the bridge, up to a tree house, resting in
the darkness, inviting thoughts of fear. We all realized that this tree house was a master piece of
some serial killer, strategically placed with no escape besides going down the path you went up.
Birds flew out of the windows, as if on cue, and the wind howled through the cracks of the wood.
I decided to phone Just to give him some insight.
Hey, Meagan. Lovely night, is it not?
Get out of there before you get stabbed. Got it?
Tempting. But I think Ill just stay here.
And with the click of a button, Justin hung up. I looked up and everyones eyes pierced
right through me, waiting for answers. After explaining that Justin was being unreasonable, the
usual, we heard noise coming from the treehouse. It sounded as if someone was using a hammer,
an ax, or some instrument to inflict pain. All of our imaginations were racing with horrifying
images as we stood there at 1:00 a.m.. Immediately Dani picked up her phone and called Justin.
Get down here. Its 1 a.m. and we want to go home. NOW.
Through the phone we heard crackling and Justins voice fading. With adrenaline rushing
through us, we asked for him to talk louder.
I . . . I . . . need . . .
All of us stared at the phone, waiting on every word he said . . . but the phone call ended.
At this point, we were all creating nightmares within our head. Worse than losing our
friendship, we were actually going to lose our friend, the comedian who infamously died trying
to amuse us. Then, as we looked at each . . . THUD! At this point, despite all our fears of the

treehouse, all of us sprinted up the bridge. David kicked the treehouses door open, finding Justin
lying at the opposite corner. Covering his side, which appeared to be wet from some kind of
liquid, Justin rolled over and said . . .
I . . . I need . . .
All of us frantically stared at him, watching him close his eyes.
I . . . I need . . . a burger.
Immediately I jumped five feet into the air and screamed.
During that moment, David threw his hands up in the air, Eoin yelled at the wall, and
Dani just stood there gaping. I, on the other hand, just started hysterically laughing. Everyone
else stared at me, and then, after smiling, all of us burst into laughter.
To fulfill Justins desire, we all went to McDonalds, watched Justin buy a burger, and sat
down at a table.
I know tonight was borderline crazy, but I realized that things will never be the same
after we leave. I didnt realize how creepy that tree house was . . . Oh and how much that could
have scared you guys. But hey, at least I gave you something to remember, right?
So I retaliated with, Yeah, I mean, how can you forget an event where you almost had a
heart attack?
Justin, youre pretty lucky cause I dont think I could ever find someone even remotely
similar to replace you with.

With Davids comment, we laughed and were reassured that college would not break
what we had.

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