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Multimedia Writing & Rhetoric

Audio Narrative

Overall, I felt that the writing process worked

well for my audio narrative. While I hit many
roadblocks along the way, this type of work was
very enjoyable. I began by brainstorming what
ideas I could write about, and once I chose my
idea, I then did more brainstorming and went
further with that idea. I then wrote a really long
worded, confusing essay. I waited for a few days,
and then went back in and edited it myself. I then
used the class peer editing activity and I also had
some guys from my residence hall edit it. This was
very helpful to have multiple perspectives viewing
my paper. By having different people read/edit it, I
was able to read it as a member of an audience
rather than the writer/speaker.
Once my edits were made, I did over 10
recordings. I practiced in the sound booth one
night at the library, however I didnt do an official
recording because I had more edits to be made
after doing a practice recording and I just wanted
the quiet space to read it. The next day I shortened
and edited the narrative one last time, and then
went to work on my recording. By the end of my
recording session, I had over 10 recordings of the
same narrative, however they were all read in
different ways. This turned out to be helpful
because I was able to understand/learn how a
speakers voice, the voice inflections, and the
mood and tone are affected.


Multimedia Writing & Rhetoric

Audio Narrative

Overall, this was probably one of my more

enjoyable writing assignments due to its
uniqueness and complexity. The prompt itself was
very unique however it provided me an opportunity
to choose what I want to write about rather than
forcing me to write about something that I didnt
really care about. Brainstorming

Details of Main
Idea is below.
My writing process for this assignment
Main Idea

Writing Process for Audio Narrative:

Rough Draft/Word Jumble
Written Rough

Edit Draft

Edit it myself

Peer Edit

Final Draft

Read/Final Edit

Practice Recording

Edit after recording

Final Recording