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Module Name: Business and Commercial Awareness

Module Code: 6WBS0021

Module Leader: Hamad Khan
Local Tutor: Nigel Bhagwatsaran
Country: Trinidad & Tobago
Group Name: BCA Moguls
Group Members:
Melissa Baboolal - 14010835
Merwin Aleong - 13085399
Devika Bhaggan- Harry - 14182537
Tricia Moses- 14177554

This proposal by BCA Moguls to the Board of Directors of Eagles Nest accomplishes the
ultimate goal of bringing growth to the Eagles Nest Brand using the strategies of Technology,
Customer Service and New Products for Existing Markets. This will increase shareholders
growth by 20% as well as profits by 15% yearly as prices will become more competitive, as the
investment areas will bring sustainable growth, boost occupancy, shift the operational flow
within the company and revamp the Eagles Nest Brand making it synonymous to affluent
ambiance, even at the lower starred hotels and Mo Travel chain of motels. The Eagles nest brand
will become the first name to consumers, at all levels for away from home stays and will increase
shareholder benefits and restore confidence with the investment of US$125,000,000.00


Eagles nest started in 1952 and has had phenomenal growth since its inception but after 2009,
growth has tapered off and there has been no further expansion. This proposal aims to address
the negative factors currently being experienced by eagles nest, most noteworthy, its declining
profits and low occupancy rates. BCA moguls are challenged with turning these negatives around
in the soonest possible time to make Eagles Nest a trending global brand with expansions to new

The B.C.A Moguls, present to the board of the Eagles Nest chain of hotels the strategy to move
forward. Our overall strategy is growth and with the full cooperation from all stakeholders
involved this project will be delivered on time.

OUR AIM: To improve the hotel brand

Increase profits by at least 15%
Increase market share by 30%
Reduce operating costs by 20%
Improve room occupancy by 10% in peak times in the five star hotels and 30 - 50% in the other
hotels / motels by providing last minute bookings of previously un booked rooms at a lower rate.

1. Customer Service
Customer service is more than just the helpdesk agent that answers your questions when you call
an 800 number for help. Its grown to encompass every interaction that a customer has with a
brand. It includes phone, email, chat, web forms, and social communications, as well as selfservice support sites. And it happens before, during, and after a sale. There is an obvious link
between employee performance and customer satisfaction in any business. Part of the proposal is
the investment of customer service aspects such as training and development in areas such as
social etiquette, orientation, culture and business protocol in order to be fluent and efficient when

conversing with both existing and prospective customers. The customer service Eagles nest will
be offering will be of the highest quality.

2. New products for existing markets.

This incorporates Market Penetration and Development as well as Product Development and
Diversification. With our current market, we can increase market share by implementing
strategies such as loyalty promotions, advertise smartly, review and modify pricing policies as
well as Research and Development and innovation techniques. When completed, new markets
will immerge.

3. Technology
We intend to invest in the highest quality hotel technology. Recent studies indicate that in-room
technology is an area of high investment. Guest room technology is one of the avenues we intend
to also use as for customer tagging as all devices that customers carry will link directly to our
systems gathering vital customer information. Technological advancement is necessary to gain
competitive advantage as well as growth. We will be implementing an online site and app. to
provide customers with easy access to information, hassle free accommodation and the ability to
booked previously un booked rooms at the last minute at a discounted price. Stand-by rooms in
the lower end hotel and motel market will also be available, these are some of the services that
would be offered by Eagles Nest. Technology will also break existing barriers between suppliers
and the hotel to optimize smooth flow in transactions.

1. Preparation
2. Meeting Stakeholders

3. Acquiring materials
4. Research and Development
5. Planning
6. Design
7. Implementation stage
8. Staff training
9. Development of project
10. Verification

1. Preparation
2. Meeting Stakeholders
3. Acquiring materials
4. Research and Development
5. Planning
6. Design
7. Implementation stage
8. Staff training
9. Development of project
10. Verification


Our syndicate is committed to meeting all our objectives. Our overall goal for Eagles Nest is to
achieve and maintain a competitive advantage over our competition. Eagles Nest will become a
household name synonymous with first class customer service/ satisfaction, comfort, security,
best rates and an overall pleasant and memorable experience.


Our syndicate group researched the issue of improving hotel occupancy in peak times by 10%
and off peak times by 30 - 50 % for our growth strategy. We decided that the best approach to
solving this problem is to further boost the look, feel, design and overall quality of the rooms in
the 4 and 5 star hotels, provide new products and services for existing the markets. This
investment area will sit well with Joseph because of his concern with the hotel itself and his
drive for improving and developing the 4 and 5 star hotel brands. This approach does not only
appeal to the regular customers but also to a niche of customers that are not looking for
standardized hotel rooms but for a unique and special hotel room experience. This would be
achieved by catering to the individual taste and preference of the customers by using different

themes in each room combining historic details with chic elegance. Mina will especially be
interested in this because she was hired by Joseph to head up and revamp the Hotels sales and
marketing team due to her wealth of knowledge in sales and marketing. This should fall right up
her alley. Brenda and Bob will generally agree to what Joseph likes once the business plans align
with the overall business strategy and the data and figures add up. Jason is already on board as he
supports the vision of Joseph wholeheartedly. This was witnessed in his address and strong
opposition towards Nick Davis and the intended acquisition of Eagles Nest by Quality Hotels.
Jason is still passionate about the 3 stars hotels and his brainchild the Mo Travel chain of motels
that has been largely ignored since 2009. This means we need to get the CEO Joseph to buy into
our plans for the streamlining of the entire hotel chain from top to bottom. This will include the
revamping and improving the Mo Travel chain of motels. We can achieve this by applying the
same strategy we applied to the 4 and 5 star hotels so that the working class customers can get
the same memorable experience at a lower priced hotel. This venture will no doubt help boost
hotel occupancy as new products and services will be used to entice the existing market getting
them excited about Eagles Nest all over again. Jason will be extremely happy about this. Allan
will be totally satisfied as one of his major concerns is the improving of hotel occupancy across
the board. In addition, Glynn seems optimistic about company growth coupled with
refurbishment ideas and development. He is enthusiastic about similar approaches as he believes
it is necessary for a company to grow and progress. On that note, Glynn will agree with this
strategy since it is aligned with his background and skills i.e. operations and buildings.
Bilbar seems to be neutral in the decision making process but is tough on negotiations. However,
it is believed that once the strategy is well constructed and designed Bilbar will have no
objections and will agree. Bilbar is very technology-oriented and will opt for an investment
strategy that includes or is geared toward building and optimizing the technical aspect of Eagles
Nest once such an investment is technologically aligned and specific. Excellent customer service
acts as the backbone to the company's performance and reflects on the company's image. As a
team, we are confident that this service aligned with our business strategy will yield maximum
customer turnover. The idea is to adopt a more customer centric approach by training staff to be
more efficient, effective, differentiated and professional when it comes to offering services. This
will in turn create an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression before, during and after a
customer's stay at the Eagles Nest Hotel. Mina will definitely agree with this idea as she is keen
on improving areas where there is interaction with customers. Quality Hotels seem to be
confident about taking over but that is not to be allowed. We are the B.C.A Moguls are more than
confident that we can boost hotel occupancy on our end and increase the overall value of Eagle's
Nest Hotel. The Directors will all certainly agree with this idea since it is a straightforward and
broad investment approach that solves the major problem of occupancy.