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Albert Enstein successfully invented a time machine in 1954.

With this machine,

he travelled back to 1906. Using his natural born intelligence, Einstein managed
to gain Hitler entry to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Enstein once again
wrap himself to Versailles 1918 after World War I had ended, adjusting the treaty
of Versailles, preventing heavy penalty towards Germany after the war.
Einstein returned to current time in 1954, and jumped for joy after discovering
that World War II never happened. In order to make sure no such horrible war
would ever happen again, he destroyed his fellow scientist and his own work on
nuclear power during his travels. Germany had been accepted as part of the
Allies thanks to their efforts in making peace after the war. What Enstein failed to
realize, was that Russia, under Joseph Stalin, had became a massive military
power. The Soviet slowly amassed themselves with millions of troops, allying with
China, ready to launch a world revolution.
On the 28th October 1980, in the council of the 12 Soviet War Commissars in the
Kremlin, Moscow, a plan to invade the entire world has been developed. A class
war is simply inevitable, we must prepare ourselves for the conflicts to come,
and victory shall be laid in the hands of the proletariat, those were the words of
premier Sapunar, successor of Stalin himself. 4 Commissars will launch into
Europe to reconquer Poland, Belarus and the Ukraine, whom had been
independent since 1918 due to Russias war with Germany. The Soviets were
determined to gain back what was part of their nation. These countries will then
be used as base for further conquering. 2 Commissars will be launching to the
Middle East and Northern Africa, where the Soviet assumes that resistance will
be minimal due to their overwhelming warfare technology, of which they had
kept in secrecy for almost 50 years. 2 Commissars will be launching attacks to
retake China, which is now divided in half, and from there the rest of Asia. 2
Commissars will command the Latin Confederation in South America, which had
been successfully brought into a revolution through a bloody conflict right 60
years ago. The remaining 2 Commissars will be launching attacks toward
America, 1 will attack across the Pacific and one across the Atlantic Ocean. The
Soviets concentrate most on the American and European theatre as they belief
this is where the main Allied powers and military forces are located. The Soviet
Union had never been readier, the World Revolution shall be brought upon the
proletariats of the world on Christmas Eve, when the capitalists are least
expecting it! says premier Sapunar before dismissing the council for the day.
When the other 11 Commissars had left, one remained, Commissar Voskovet, 1
of the 3 who will be in charge of attacking Europe, brings news to the Premier.
I have something to report, Premier, a recommendation, to the thirteenth
Commissar position, a brilliant officer to fight in this upcoming glorious
revolution. said Commissar Voskovet.
It was at that moment, you walked in, stunned due to the amazing architecture
of the Council Meeting room and its grandness.

I cannot yet promote you to the position of a Commissar yet, commander, as

you have not yet proven yourself to be worthy. The Premier paused for a brief
moment. I will however, consider Commissar Voskovets request if you have
proven yourself worthy enough in battle. As the plans for the Revolution had
already begun, you may choose of to which front you wish to battle in.

You have a look at the available fronts and decide you will be fighting in...

Middle East Africa