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eShiksa : Education Service Portal

Expand your Institute through your own Education Service Portal

eShiksa Vision

We started eShiksa in 2013 with

a Vision to become the default
service Provider for the
Education Industry and provide
cost effective digital solutions to
Education Institutes covering
entire ecosystem of an
Institute. eShiksa wants to be an
organisation, which through its
unique and innovative solutions
& services brings technological
economical benefits to its
customers globally.

Pravin Sharma
Founder & CEO

About Us

eShiksa was founded in 2013 to provide

innovative and cost effective solutions to
education Industry.
We are an Angel funded company by
active Investors who are keen on the
Education Sector and have huge amount
of experience in realtime solutions and
transaction Business.
eShiksa team is comprised of wellexperienced and competent professionals
possessing the right knowledge and
expertise in the service industry, bringing
about a quality upgrade in serving and
catering to the changing needs of clients.

Expand your Institute through your own Education Service Portal

Why Us?

Single Platform for Education Institute for managing the entire ecosystem of the Institute.
Centralized data repository for trouble-free data access for the Institute.
Pay as you go model which makes eShiksa a cost-effective solution for the Education Institute.

Various Payment Solution Pre Integrated which requires no paper work and integration required with Payment providers.
Students/Parents can make Online Fees Payments. No need to handover Cash or Cheques to the student. All major debit
cards, bank account, credit cards accepted for Fee Payments.

Multiple Campus management through single window.

Complete update on child's performance, attendance and fee payments to Parents.
User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills.

Multiple Dashboards

Staff Login

Admin Login

Staff Dashboard : Staff

Dashboard enables the staff to
perform various activities
according to the roles defined

Admin Dashboard: This allows

the Administrator to manage
different aspect of the Institute.

Student Login

Parents Login

Student dashboard gives the

freedom to the student for
getting various reports and
performing various academic

Parent Dashboard : Parent

dashboard allows the parent to
track the academic performance
and activities of their ward 24*7

Student Module

Fees Module

This module enables the Institute

to manage Student's details
including admission management
and getting various MIS reports
with various filters.

Fees Module allows the Institute

to create various categories of
Parents/Students can also Pay
online using Fees module.

Transport Module

Transport module will allow to

department including stops
and route maps, time table and
students, teachers travelling etc.

News Module

Using News Module Institute

can circulate real time news,
circulars and intimations to
various categories of the users
in the system.

Library Module

This module enables the

Institute to manage the library
online without using the books
stock register. An easy way to
Issue books on their availability

Chat Module

Homework Module

Hostel Module

This feature allows the users to

chat among themselves in a fast
and user friendly way. The
Chatting module works only for
the users within the Institute.

teachers to assign Homework to
students online. Parent/Students
will get the details about
assignments on their dashboard.

Hostel module will enable the

Institute to manage the hostel
using the ESP where the room
allotments and management can
be done completely online.

Messaging Module

The messaging Module enables

the Institute to broadcast
messages to different categories
of users in the system over SMS
and Voice channel.

Attendance Module

Teachers can manage attendance

of the student daily, monthly,
subject wise without having to
maintain physical register. Alerts
are send to parents instantly.

Examination Module

Examination module allows the

Institute to manage exams as
per their needs and guidelines
set by different boards with
updates to Parents/Students.

Finance Module

Finance Modules allows the

Institute to manage expenses,
earnings, donations, discounts
etc. and get various MIS reports
related to finance department.

HR Module

HR Module provides the

flexibility to add and manage
staffs for various departments,
designations, leave, generate pay
slips etc. completely online.

Email Module

Inventory Module

Document Module

eShiksa EMP will send Email

on various events like when
student is created, examination
schedules, fees alerts, events,
books are allotted in library etc.

Institute can manage stocks,
vendors, billing details and can
have variety of reports on the

This Module allows the Institute

to store & manage various
important documents and share
them with various users as per


Mobile App

eShiksa EMP provides Institutes

branded Mobile APP to the
Institute which works on
Android phones as of now for
Parents and Students

Events and Gallery

Event Modules allows the

Administrator to create and
manage events and share the
photos with the users using
gallery module.

Online Test Module

Alumni Module

Using Online test Module the

Institute can schedule online
tests wherein the Students can
give exams from anywhere with
instant results.

Alumni Module allows the

Institute to connect with old
students and create a user
friendly Alumni environment
with logins to old students.


Payment Modes

Online Payment

Campus Card

The Parents/Students can pay fees/charges

to the Institute online using Credit/Debit
Cards and accounts using Net Banking from

The Students will be able pay for various

services and fees using Campus cards which
works as a wallet in association with our
Payment Partners

Collection Services
In partnership with providers, we bring the
convenience of getting Cash/Cheque
collected from the house of the


Email Service

SMS and Voice Messaging Services

Attendance Automation

Promotion Management

Cash Management Services

in Partnership with Banks

Student ID Cards
with Printing


eShiksa Mobile App

Useful for any type of

Institute .

Real time Internal Messaging

Pay your Fees anytime.

Online Support

Buy Product and Services Online

On the Move

Institutes Branding

Secure and Multi

featured app.

Attend PTMs over the app


360 Degree Analysis

eShiksa provides detailed reports

on various dimensions of the
performance, Academic Result
Analysis, Skill Analysis, Teacher
Analysis. The analysis tool allows
the teachers to act on strengths
and weaknesss of Individual
students. The reports are also
available to the Parents on their
finger tips which gives them the
information on their childs
performance on various aspects.






Our Offices

Phone:- 0141-5113123 - Mobile:- +91-7726000206/209 info@eshiksa.com

Jaipur Office
311/312, 3rd Floor , Unnati
Tower, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur.

Kolkata Office
Third Floor, 951, Motilal
Gupta Road, Kolkata

Mumbai Office
Room No. 223, Unique
Industrial Estate, Prabha Devi
Marg, Mumbai .

Indore Office
202 , Satguru Parinay, Plot-5,
PU-3, Near Pakiza Mall, A.B.
Road, Indore