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Chikamso Udonsi

Period 2
Sailor Moon
(IC cc ICC) Sailor Moon is the thrilling story of a girl who is called to action by a talking cat named
Luna, but she is very quick to turn down her new destiny. As part of the characteristics of a narrative
romance, there are already instances of a narrative romance, such as a talking magical cat, this deals
with a scenario that cannot exist in the world we know. Sailor Moon deals with sadness, loss, love,
and the discovery of identity, and the magical adventures of a young girl.
(IC;IC) One thousand years ago on the ancient Moon Kingdom which was ruled in prosperity; But
quickly things changed one the Negaverse attacked, a kingdom of evil warped humans with evil
powers and strong warriors of darkness swept over the kingdom and killed it's soldiers. The four
guardians of the inner planets Sailor Mercury,Mars,Jupiter, and Venus tried to protect the princess but
were defeated. Prince Endymion the Princess' true love died trying to defend her, and was killed
herself trying to hold him refusing to let him go. The Queen then realized the doom of her Kingdom.
She used the power of the Crescent Moon Wand, and the all powerful Silver Moon Crystal to banish
the Negaverse into the future as well as to reincarnate all life excluding herself on the moon kingdom
so that when the time came they could all fight evil again. (IC cc IC) This shows the characteristics of
the abyss, but in this scenario the villain is cast into the abyss. The tragedy of this show already has
become present.
Sailor Moon is an Japanese animation, and Japanese animation can be construed much more in
depth than western animations. Japanese animated shows or Anime can be so in-depth the shows can
follow tropes of Narrative Romance. Sailor Moon is given a brooch that transforms her from her
regular school girl life, Usagi Tsukino into the evil fighting champion of love and justice! Sailor
Moon. This leads into her crisis of identity. Sailor Moon struggles between fighting evil, but wanting
to return to her life as a regular school girl, more often than not she feels trapped in her heroism.
Sailor Moon at one point is on the final wing of her final battle, her friends have died and she
now has to defeat the Queen of the Negaverse with the Silver Moon Crystal. When her power begins
to fade she feels the life energy of her friends spirits giving her extra strength the destroy the Queen
but at the cost of herself. Not only is this aide from the Supernatural but also an example of Mortal
Combat which she has been in before, four evil creatures single-handedly destroyed the other four
Sailor Scouts as they try to protect Sailor Moon. Another example of tragedy.
Sailor Moon in the end destroys not only the antagonist, but her self, the area she was fighting
in, and the bodies of her deceased friends. But. The Silver Moon Crystals energy resurrects the Sailor
Soldiers and their memories are taken away so they can live as regular girls until evil approaches
again. Now the cycle can potentially continue. Sailor Moon is a Narrative Romance that covers themes
that also delve into the supernatural.

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