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Polo de Apoio Presencial de Juazeiro

Curso e Disciplina: Letras Habilitao em Portugus e Ingls
Disciplina: Ingls IV

Iara Tatiane Frana RA 436619
Lda Cristina Gonalves Gil RA 435313
Joana Darc Rodrigues da Silva RA 439974
Milton Shirakawa RA 434259


Professor (EAD): Profa. Ma. Glauce Soares Casimiro
Cidade: Juazeiro/BA Data: 17/11/2015

1. The city of london and its most remarkable climatic characteristics

Winter and summer
The city of London, the capital of England, has temperate oceanic climate type.
The average annual temperature is 12 c.
The climate is generally speaking there is no predictability, and can be claudy
and rainy weather during the day, so it is worth having a niece , rain is usually clear, as a
So the rain is intense, but not often. No the down pour of torrential rain the water like in
Brasil. But most often that little rain. The color of the sky varies, with a beautiful blue if
it is a sunny day, more often the sky is cloudy and white to be covered in clouds.
The city of London is marked by the presence of rainfall throughout the year,
and they occur with greater intensity between the months of October and December. Are
very weak rains and low rainfall. Thunderstorms are rare in the city. The rainfall in the
city is 700 mm annually.
Winters are usually cold winter with frosts, which occur, on average, twice a
week between the months of November to March. Snow falls on the city a few times
during the year by 5 times, usually between the months of December to February
(coldest month of the year). This time of year the temperatures stay between -7C and
8C. However, in most winter days the temperature is around 3 C to 6 C.
Comparing images exposed on ATPS, note that in winter the town is cloudy all
the time and it's very cold. In the summer the sky is bright and clean with to brighten up
temperatures and very pleasant walk. People are looking for walks and rides in the hot
weather, the plants are greener and the landscapes are more beautiful and lush providing
greater sense of pleasure and fun. It has a bigger amount of cars in the streets and a
bigger number of people making purchases and taking advantage of leaves to make
delicious snacks and to drink beer and soft drinks. The children take advantage of the
good time to play them parks and to make friendships and to find with the dated ones.
Although not opinion, also becomes sun in London. But in the winter the sun
does not heat, even though in the summer can be one day sunny, but when it beats the
wind makes a chilly one. Therefore the wind can be strong and with a cold front.
In the winter that goes of December the February the temperature can stay under
0 C.

It is not common to snow in London, but generally it snows some days in December and
January. The snow is light, with few centimeters of depth. Therefore it melts soon after
some days. Even so the children adore to play in the snow.
As it is not snowed very in London, the infrastructure of the country is not prepared for
the snow and generally it has disruption in the transport services. But nothing very
serious, only some delays of train and bus. After some days the snow in the soil
becomes ice. If you will be in snow England at the time, she has care not to slip in the
Traditional climate in London

Fonte: http://www.certaspalavras.net/em-lisboa-chove-mais-do-que-em-londres/
Spring in London
It's hard to predict what will be the spring in London. Can make an intense cold,
as well as a pleasant temperature. Nevertheless is a galore season, with lots of flowers in
various locations of the city. The wind can be cold, so it is advisable to make use of
thick clothes. It's good to take a tough umbrella, you may have sporadic rain and wind
can destroy guard weak rains. So it's a good time to visit the city.
As is the fall in London
This season begins with very slow climate activity, and only in late October the
leaves start to fall. It gets cold every day, but you can take to the streets with a simple
coat. The wind ~ are strong and always rains occur, so it's good to have an umbrella on
hand. Many people consider this the best time to visit London because there is a specific
color of yellowed leaves caidas the ground.

2. Expressing the future in the english language, and practice yourreading skills

The adventures of Severino and Mary boarding for a vacation trip:

Severino a great man works in Mango plantations at the Perimeter of Manioba,

owner lot 131 since January 1982. He is married with Mary and has two sons who also
work on the same activity. The names of his sons are John and Charles, they are married
and each has a son, who they are the proud grandpa Severino.
After a hard year of work, where Severino worked very hard, he got a great crop
of beautiful mango fruits which sold for an expressive pressure, having leftover money
to walk with his wife Mary.
They decided to travel to Rio de Janeiro. Severino never traveled by plane and
therefore does not know what procedures for the purchase of tickets and also how to
make the payment of rates. The clerk directed the double as it should be their behavior
to make the shipment correctly and within the safety standards at the airport, and also
prevent all the baggage not astray to other locations.
After making the Lord Severino travel recommendations decided to buy clothes
to be worn in the city of Rio de Janeiro, although he had a climate vague notion of his
fate, he bought coat and sweaters for the winter when the river the weather is warm and
heavy clothing is of no use.
This is a normal occurrence trip that anyone could have, what matters is the will
to take the good things, we have and enjoy in our lives.
2.1 Exercise proposals
Solved Exercises
1. Mark the correct answer according to the order that the adjectives should be placed
before a noun:
a) Big and cheap bicycle.
b) White and valuable apartment

c) Beauty and old woman.

d) New and mysterious book.
e) Young and hard boy.
2. According to the position of adjectives, select the correct alternative.
a) She lives in a apartment new.
b) We know that girl skinny.
c) She looks poor.
d) I had a headache terrible yesterday.
e) She has a problem difficult today.
3. Select the alternative INCORRECT:
a) We have greats friends.
b) I am happy.
c) My car is new.
d) Last month she saw an intersting movie.
e) The teacher is angry.
4. Among the adjectives below, which one only, or most often, is used AFTER linking
verbs?a) rich
b) awake
c) fat
d) big
e) old
5. Check the correct alternative:a) This book is very intersted.
b) I was so tiring last night.
c) He was very depressing after his wife died.
d) The result of the election was surprised.
e) The trip to Boston was very exciting.
Answers: 1. C, 2. C, 3. A, 4. B, 5. E
2.2 Choose the best word to complete each of the following sentences

1. Check the time and date of __________.

2. Arrive an hour before the_______, to check in with ease, without rush.
3. Identify your______ and luggage.
4. Remember your__________, including those of children.
5. If you do not have a____________, bring birth certificates.
6. Be aware of the______________ required for those under 18 years, traveling without
7. Do not forget to take the__________ plan's portfolio and try to find out which
company provides.
8. Do not forget to bring coats and ___________ if you go to cold countries.
9. Find out how are the most traditional__________, where you go.
10. Study the language of the country you will visit and select__________ words.
Alternatives to choose: passage, flight, bags, documents, driver's identity, health,
scarves, foods, key.
2.3 As to be proceeded in trips, tourism and transit in airports, emphasizing the
use of compativos and superlative in English
Planning a journey should be determined by comparison with others made trips
or through consultation to friends about the best options. Know what are the
requirements of each country, showing the round trip tickets and declare the amount of
money at your disposal.
You can also make comparisons of the best lodging options, which are the best places to
visit and especially the prices of products offered by travel agencies.
You can choose to travel insurance, they are offered by credit card, but can also
be contracted separately, both safe as the advantages can be offered in contracting
agencies as well as traditional insurers. Anyway, currently the policies can be issued by
the internet immediately.
It is important to know how to proceed before the employees at airports, as
should be the boarding and landing procedures and traffic rules in and around airports.
Travel to place of accommodation must be made by qualified and licensed drivers to
drive in big cities.
At some airports all baggage must be are passed by x-ray, especially in countries
like England, France and the United States because of the threat of extremist groups, so

this time the monitoring should be considered so that there are no delays in the
movement of tours.
When one of the country is not part of the Schengen area as the UK and Ireland,
for example, the rule is different. If the connection is made in such country, there will be
no immigration on arrival. At on set of landing, the passenger will remain within the call
from the airport transit area and will proceed to the gate following the flight and will
only make immigration at the destination. If the connection and destination countries
are part of the Schengen area, immigration is made in connection parents. If one country
is not part of the Schengen area, immigration is only made in the destination country.
My baggage is usually heavier than that of the people who travel with me, but I
always try to have enough discretionary items than others. I prefer big ice cream that my
wife and with large strawberries than my fiha like, these ice creams are usually served
in the cafeterias on the scales of international air-flights. Also like to take a guitar on
trips, my wife sings much more than me and moreover it has a beautiful voice.
I prefer to travel to warm weather countries, with very beautiful beaches than
places where you can not bathe in the sea. It is a delight to take soft drinks and coconut
water in a wonderfully beach than enjoying the cold winter in large European cities.
3. Possible consequences of global warming and air contamination.
3.1 Five major melting of the consequences of glaciers
1. Increased migration of animal species north to cooler regions.
2. Flooding of coastal cities mainly from the northern hemisphere.
3. Reduction of fishing arividade for cold characteristic species.
4. Increasing temperature of the planet and make less pleasant human condition.
5.Tremendous environmental imbalances over the years with serious damage to
3.1 What will happen to the planet due to global warming?
What we call global warming is a phenomenon that characterizes by climate
change with a sensitive gain of the average earth temperature, caused by natural or
made by human factors, it has already triggered several environmental disasters, and in

the future could hamper the conditions of our lives. The consequences of global
warming will be diverse and complex, and may cause irreversible damage to humanity.
The defrost will be one of the most remarkable consequences. Since the most
affected regions will be the Arctic and Antarctica. Current research shows that Arctic ice
layer became 40% thinner and its area was reduced by about 15%. Antarctica lost more
than 3000 square kilometers. As well as Greenland has also suffered from global
warming, a worrisome development since its melting could cause a rise in sea levels of
up to 7 meters.
According to recent research, the North Pole could be ice-free in summer in just
two decades. Experts emphasize that a temperature between 3 C and 5 C already
trigger sudden changes in ecosystems in the region. With the rapid melting of ice there
will be a shift from own animal species of the region to the north.
The melting of glaciers will generate enormous environmental disorders and
people's lives. The likely there will be increased water temperature of the oceans. This
may cause tremendous causing environmental imbalance and affecting mainly the
marine species. Rising sea levels requires that the population living in coastal areas to
migrate to other places, it is estimated that at least 200 million people are affected by
rising sea levels.
We may have other consequences of global warming are: desertification,
changes in rainfall patterns, intensification of droughts in some places, water scarcity,
abundance of rain in some localities, storms, hurricanes, flooding, ecosystem changes,
loss of biodiversity , loss of fertile land for agriculture, plus the spread of diseases such
as malaria, schistosomiasis and yellow fever.
So we can say that global warming will have very negative consequences and
affect the lives of all of us, all living species will be affected. Therefore if we want a
better world for future generations will require drastic environmental protection
measures such as reduction the emission of gases that enhance the greenhouse effect,
because this is the main factor of change in our environment.
4. Narrative some of my family memories.
It is very common in family conflicts, especially in adolescence phase, due to
discoveries of life and existential conflicts, a very difficult period for everyone, as there
are risks of death

I was born in the city of Suzano state of Sao Paulo in September 1958. My
parents are of Japanese descent, so I was brought up as Japanese customs. I was raised
within the obedience patterns of older and repect to all older family members.
I had very few conflicts during my teennager, perhaps the most difficult stage,
mainly because of the uncertainties of life.
My parents always demanded that I and my brothers we form ourselves in
upper-level courses, making hence the legacy for our whole life. I believe that the
Japanese have a very distinctive way of life, and always think the simplicity of the
things that surround us. So my education was for me to look for have a good and simple
life, taking advantage of the best opportunities and always obeying the chiefs and
I while it may have had some disagreements with my parents, I have always
considered their opinions and advice, as it always had much reason and and were
always right in the end.
I'm 57 years old and two teenagers, now try advises them to have a simple life,
but a lot of strength to overcome obstacles and succeed in obtter achievements is
required. Never forget the teachings, there were no conflicts or disagreements with my
So our life is marked by our development, but each year we grow and learn,
there will always be conflicts and if we leave our opinion prevail sometimes be a bad
thi, because we have not always sure what we think. I believe that everyone should
obedience to parents with absolute certainty they know more than we do.


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