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What do you mean by MOSS?

- MOSS stands for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

- It is the complete version of a portal-based platform for collaboratively crea
ting, managing and sharing documents and Web services.
Explain the following: a) SPSite b) SPWeb
a) SPSite 1) It is a site collection and an be represented as SPSite class in the object m
2) SPSite object is a primary entry points to the server object model.
3) It is used frequently in SharePoint application development.
b) SPWeb 1) It is a specific site under site collection in Sharepoint.
2) It is represented as SPWeb class in the server object model.
Explain the following:
a) Site template 1) Site template provides the basic component and layout of a new site to be cre
ated in SharePoint.
2) It contains specific design information about a site which includes - The list that is part of the site,
- Web part pages used in the site,
- The site s themes and borders,
- Changes to the quick launch bar,
- Some site content like document libraries
3) It allows to build the SharePoint applications to be instantiated time and ag
b) Site definition 1) Site definition is a collection of XML or ASPX files which contains all the n
ecessary components.
2) It contains three files - webTemp.xml, onet.xml, default.aspx.
3) It contains information of web parts, lists, libraries, features, and navigat
ion bars to be included in the site which are packaged in SharePoint solution fi
les (.wsp).
4) Everything packaged into a single file makes the transportation of everything
easy .
c) ONET.xml 1) Onet.xml file specifies all the components contained in a site. It is conside
red as the core of a site definition.
2) It is present at following location:
%SharePoint Root% \TEMPLATE\SiteTemplates\XML\Onet.xml
What are the various classes in Server Object Model from development point of vi
Following are the classes in Server Object Model from development point of view:


Which class is used to retrieve data from multiple lists?

- SPSiteDataQuery class is used to retrieve data from multiple lists.
- It queries the data from multiple lists across different sites in a collection
- Usually it is used in list aggregation, where list data from team sites or oth
er subsites is collated and presented in a single interface.
- It aggregates the data from SharePoint lists only while ignoring data from ext
ernal lists.
What do you mean by WSP?
- WSP stands for Web Solution Package. It is a cabinet file that contains assemb
lies, resource files, features, images, application pages, site definitions etc.
into single file.
- Whenever any customization or upgradation or updation is carried out in ShareP
oint, various items like assemblies, resource files, features, images, applicati
on pages, site definitions etc. are required to deployed.
- It becomes difficult to deploy these items separately in development, staging
and production. This called for a powerful deployment tool in the form of WSP.
How is AllowUnsafeUpdates used?
- When a developer updates the content database without requiring a security val
idation AllowUnsafeUpdates property is set to true.
- One the operation is carrried out, the property is again set to false .
What is CAML?
- CAML also called as Collaborative Application Markup Language is the custom XM
L language in SharePoint.
- It is used to define key objects such as lists, columns, and content types.
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