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40th Year Celebration

29th Transcultural Psychiatry Conference
Cairo & Aswan
November 6 13, 2009

Post Conference Deluxe Nile Cruise
& Tours
November 13 16, 2009

Black Psychiatrists of America,
Inc. Conference & Post
Conference Cruise
06 November: Departures from USA
via Egypt Air from JFK New York
(Egypt Air is the preferred airline due to
negotiated discounts for flights to Egypt
as well as within Egypt)
07 November: Arrivals into Cairo
International Airport/ Clear Customs/
Transfer to hotel/ Welcome Reception &
Dinner in the evening with a Sound &
Light Show at the Giza Plateau. Stay
overnight in Cairo. (D)
08 November: Morning Tour of a Cairo
Mental Hospital/Clinic and meeting with
local psychiatrists and other mental
health professionals/ Afternoon tour of
Giza Plateau and the Pyramids. (B/L/D)
09 November:
Hotel check out
followed by transfer to the airport for
domestic flights to Aswan (Nubia).
Check-in formalities at the hotel
followed by some free time. In the
evening the conference opens with a
dinner and welcome by local dignitaries
and meeting with health officials.
Dinner will have a speaker as well. Stay
overnight in Aswan. (B/L/D)
10 November: Conference Activities in
the morning/ Delgado Luncheon &
Lecture/ Tour of local health care facility
in the afternoon. Return to your hotel
and have a visit to the Nubian Museum
in the evening. Stay overnight in Aswan.
11 November: Full day of Conference
Activities. The group will take a short

boat ride for a visit to Isis Temple for a

Sound and Light Show in the evening
after dinner. Stay overnight in Aswan.
12 November: BPA Business Meeting
in the AM/Free Afternoon or Optional
Tour to the UNESCO World Heritage
Sight of Abu Simbel in the afternoon.
The Awards Banquet in the evening.
13 November: GROUP OPTIONS
A. Conference Only Group Departures to Cairo for those
returning to the USA/
Overnight in Cairo with an
option for a Cairo City Tour
during the day. (B/D)
B. Conference
Embark on a 4 day/3 night
Deluxe (5*) Nile Cruise to
Luxor with stops at key sites
in Kom Ombo, Edfu and
Luxor. -Cruise covers B/L/D
14 November: Group A: Hotel check
out/ Airport transfers for return flights to
USA in time to make transfers for flights
to home destination.
15 November: Group B:
cruise itinerary and tours.


16 November: Group B: Disembark

cruise ship after tour and take a return
flight to Cairo. Stay overnight in Cairo.
17 November: Groups B: Hotel Check
out/ Airport Transfers/ Return to USA
with afternoon arrivals into New York in
time for home destination transfers
Note: Other optional tours available
upon request.

carriers and based on a minimum of 15 persons
traveling on the same itinerary departing from New
York/JFK Airport. Airfares are not guaranteed until
ticketed and are subject to change. Sebayit Tours is
not responsible for any deviations, stopovers or price
changes issued by the airlines.
BAGGAGE: Limited to two normal size suitcases
with no more than 50 pounds each and one carry-on
bag in addition to purses, briefcases, or computers.
Meals are served on board the
international flights. A daily meal plan is specified in
the full itinerary. Beverages are at the expense of each
passenger. The meal plan legend is: B = Breakfast; L
= Lunch; D = Dinner.
OCCUPANCY: All price quotes are per person
and based on double occupancy. A limited number of
single rooms are available for an additional fee of
$300.00. Single supplemental fees must be paid prior
to the departure date and are subject to a first come
CHANGES: Name changes are allowed. There is a
$50.00 net service fee for any and every change
involving names, departure cities, and/ or for any
changes made within 45 days of departure.
cancel space without penalty up to 75 days prior to
departure. A cancellation fee of $200.00 per person
will be assessed for reservations canceled between 7460 days prior to departure. A $300.00 cancellation fee
will be assessed for reservations canceled between 59
45 days prior to departure. A fee of $500.00 will be
assessed for cancellations made between 44 30 days
prior to departure. Cancellations made from 29 - 15
days prior to departure will be assessed $750.00.
Cancellations made 14 days or less from the departure
date and no-shows, receive no refunds. There is no
refund in the event of interruption or cancellations
made by guests after the start of the tour. We
strongly recommend the purchase of trip
cancellation insurance. Sebayit Tours can provide
you with high quality trip cancellation and trip
interruption insurance including medical coverage and
a Free to Go Plan in the event of any terrorist
incidents. Prior to receipt of the final payment, if for
any reason, accommodations or flights are not
available, Sebayit Tours reserves the right to substitute
such accommodations and/or flights of equal or better
quality or the best available. Refunds paid in 90 days.
SIGHTSEEING: As detailed in the itinerary, your
tour will use comfortable and convenient ground
and/or air transportation within the host country as
may be required. All of the guides are English
speaking and government licensed. All entrance fees
to tour sights, unless otherwise specified, are included
in the tour price when applicable.
TAXES: Service charges that are imposed by
lodging facilities, taxes by local administrations and

government authorities on lodging are included on all

services rendered to the group. Airport taxes and
international border taxes, where applicable abroad,
are included in the price of the tour.
cost of passports, laundry, room service, telephone
calls, faxes, computer time, beverages, transportation,
excess baggage expenses, and all items of a personal
nature are not included. Food items not found on the
approved menus of the meal plan are not included in
the price. Tips and gratuities for maid service to your
room, hotel porters, and other like services are not
included in the tour price. Tips and gratuities for tour
guides and drivers will be billed on the final invoice
sent to you. Costs for immunizations, medications,
etc. are not included in the tour prices quoted and any
other items not specified in the tour itinerary. Tipping
Fee is billed on final invoice.
RESPONSIBILITY: Sebayit Tours 1 E. Chase
Street, # 201 Baltimore, MD 21202, assumes no
liability or responsibility for any injuries, damages, or
loss of property, accident, delay, change in the
schedule or itinerary or incidental damages occasioned
by circumstances beyond the control of Sebayit Tours
or by any person or reason whatsoever, including any
third party providing services or facilities related to or
included in this tour or any part thereof, or in
arranging the same. The IATA carriers and other
transportation companies whose services are featured
in this tour are not to be held responsible for any act,
omission, or event during the time the passengers are
not on board their respective conveyance. The
passage contract in use by these companies when
issued shall constitute the liability or responsibility in
connection therewith. It is the full responsibility of
each passenger on this tour to notify Sebayit Tours,
prior to departure, of any medical conditions that may
limit full tour participation, any special dietary issues
or preferences, and any other health related
information that may interfere with or prevent
participation in some of the tour activities.
required to travel into Egypt. Citizens of the United
States are required to have a visa to Egypt. Citizens
from other countries should check with Sebayit Tours
or call the Embassy of Egypt for entry requirements.
Yellow Fever immunization is not required for entry
into Egypt. Malaria tablets are not recommended.
Other immunizations may be required for your
specific health condition. Check with your physician
or contact our international travel clinic at: (410) 7522943.
BOOKING & PAYMENT: Tour participants are
required to make a deposit of $350.00 in order to
secure passage on the tour. All payments must be
made in full at least sixty days prior to the departure
date of the tour. Payment may be made in the form of
cash, bank drafts, money orders, personal checks, as
well as MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit cards.
Make checks payable: Newton-Thoth, Inc./Sebayit
Tours. Mail all payments to: Sebayit Tours 1 E.
Chase Street, # 201 Baltimore, MD 21202-7402

Tour ID#: BPA11091
City__________________________________ State___________ Zip_______________
Phone (H)___________________(W)___________________FAX__________________
E-mail____________________________________ Special Meals__________________
(Please Specify Type)

Name of Preferred Roommate______________________________________________

 I am requesting a single room at the additional fee of $ 300.00
 I (we) want details regarding an individual payment plan
I (we) need flights to JFK from____________________________________________
I (we) need handicap accessible room_____. I (we) request a smoking room (Y) (N)
Airline Seat Preference (Aisle) ______ (Window) ________ (No Preference) ______
I am enclosing the $350.00 Deposit Fee (Y) (N). Free Visa Processing if paid by 3/1/09
I prefer to pay by credit card. Please specify amount to be charged $________________
(MasterCard) (Visa) (Discover) Card#:________________________________Exp_____
(Circle One)


Make Checks Payable To: Newton-Thoth, Inc./Sebayit Tours


Mail Payments To: Sebayit Tours/ Newton-Thoth, Inc.

1 E. Chase Street, # 201 - Baltimore, MD 21202 - 7402

(Signature Denotes Acceptance of Tour Conditions)

For More Information:

Phone: (410) 752-2943 Fax: (410) 752-2223
E-mail: Sebayit@aol.com or newtonthothinc@netscape.net
Web: www.newton-thoth.com

Travel Documents Cannot Be Processed Until This Form Has Been Received


November 12, 2009
ASWAN/ABU SIMBEL: Afternoon transfer from your hotel to the airport for the short
flight to visit the historical ancient temples of Ramesses II marking the hallmark of the
Nubian campaign. Both temples are UNESCO World Heritage Monuments and are
magnificent sites to behold. There will be some time to visit the monument shops before
taking your return flight back to Aswan and transferring to your hotel in time for the BPA
Farewell Dinner in the evening.


November 13 16, 2009
DAY 01: ASWAN Embark on your deluxe 5* Nile cruise ship excursion after checking
out of your hotel and transferring to your cruise ship. Check-in formalities onboard and
lunch served before you take a felucca sailboat ride around elephantine Island with a
possible visit to the Botanical Gardens. Visit the Unfinished Tekenu (oblisque) at the
ancient granite quarry discarded after only one single flaw was found. Visit the High
Dam that was constructed by flooding the Nubian Valley creating Lake Nassar. (B/L/D)
DAY 02: KOM OMBO/ EDFU - Sail to Kom Ombo, the ancient medical healing
temple dedicated to the twin gods of Sobek and Haeoeris. Return to your ship and sail to
Edfu where you will visit the temple dedicated to Horus. Sail to Luxor in the evening.
DAY 03:
bus ride to the west bank of the Nile River to visit the great Necropolis of the ancient
kings and queens. Take a rest stop and learn the ancient art of the making of alabaster
and have some time to shop. Return to your ship for lunch and in the afternoon visit both
Karnak Temple (Ipet Isut) and Luxor (Southen Ipet) Temples. Return to your ship in the
evening. (B/L/D)
DAY 04: LUXOR/CAIRO Following breakfast, disembark and transfer to the Luxor
International Airport for the return flight to Cairo. Arrive into Cairo and transfer to your
hotel for some R&R, last minute packing and attend a Farewell Dinner. Stay overnight in
Cairo. (B/L/D)
DAY 05: CAIRO/USA - Breakfast and then check out of the hotel for transfers to the
airport for your return flight home. Arrive in the afternoon in time to make transfers for
home destinations and the end of a glorious KMT experience. BON VOYAGE!


Tour ID#: BPAOT11092
City__________________________________ State___________ Zip_______________
Phone (H)___________________(W)___________________Fax___________________
E-mail____________________________________ Special Meals__________________
(Please Specify Type)

I am requesting to share a cruise cabin with_____________________________________

Please Write Name of Roommate

 No, I do not want to take the post conference cruise.

Cruise Excursion Fee $ 700 per person (double occupancy) Total Fee $ ____________
 I prefer a single cabin (Y) (N) at the additional fee of $200.00 $__________
 Please add afternoon excursion to Abu Simbel @ $220 per person - # of persons_____
 No, I do not want to take the Abu Simbel Excursion.
I prefer to pay by credit card. Please specify amount to be charged $________________
(MasterCard)(Visa)(Discover) Card #________________________________Exp______
(Circle One)


Make Checks Payable To: Newton-Thoth, Inc./Sebayit Tours

Mail Payments To: Sebayit Tours 1 E. Chase Street, # 201-Baltimore, MD 21202-7402

(Signature Denotes Acceptance of Tour Conditions)


JULY 31, 2009

Excursion Tickets Cannot Be Processed Until This Form Has Been Received


(Please Read Carefully)

Deadline dates must be strictly adhered to in order to avoid late fees of 5% of the unpaid balance and/or
increases by the airlines and other suppliers.


Fares are not guaranteed until ticketed; Airlines are subject to change fares without notice.


Your deposit fee guarantees you a seat. It does not guarantee pricing should there be changes imposed by
the airlines and the hotels.


Payments may be made by: check, money order, bank draft, wire transfers or credit cards. We are
accepting MasterCard and Visa only for the land packages and any credit card for the airlines but
MasterCard and Visa are preferred. Credit cards incur a processing fee of 5% of the charges made on the
card. Wire transfers incur a fee of $35.00 for domestic banks and $50 for international banks.


Checks written for payment must clear the bank on first presentation. There is a $35 fee assessed on all
checks that do not clear. This will be in addition to your conference tour package fees.


Price quotes are based on double occupancy (two persons sharing a room). There are a limited number of
single rooms available at an additional fee of $450 per person. Single room supplemental fees must be
paid in advance of the trip. If you would like a roommate and do not have one identified, an attempt will
be made to place you with someone of the same sex as a roommate. This is done on a first come basis only
and if you pay late and there is no one to assign to you as a roommate, you will be charged the additional
fee for the single supplement room. If, however, you know the name of the person with whom you would
like to share your room, please submit it prior to the final date for payment of the tour.


A document questionnaire will be sent upon receipt of the initial deposit. This must be completed in order
for us to have the required data on file with respect to Homeland Security requirements.


A passport and visa are required for travel to Egypt. Visas cannot be obtained without a passport being in
your possession. Likewise, if your passport will expire within six months of your tour departure date, you
will have to get a new one. International travel regulations presently will not permit travel by a U.S.
citizen outside the USA in countries where a visa is required, if that passport will expire within 60 days of
your departure date from the USA.


Sebayit Tours will secure your visa for Egypt. There is an additional fee for visas of $15.00 for which you
will be billed on your final invoice. You will be notified if the Egyptian government changes its fee
structure and billed accordingly.

10. Children under the age of 18 years old must travel with an adult. If a minor child is traveling on this tour
without either a parent or a guardian, then there must be a signed and notarized statement from the parent
or legal guardian identifying the adult with whom their child is traveling on this tour. Failure to do so,
will automatically cancel any minor from traveling on this tour.
11. If you have a medical condition, please check with your physician to guarantee that you are medically able
to take this trip. There is a considerable amount of walking on the excursion tour and cruise. Please
insure that you are physically able to climb steps and walk short distances. Please notify us of any medical
conditions prior to travel as we may require a statement from your physician prior to the departure date
indicating your ability to travel on this tour.
12. No specific immunizations are required for this tour. However, if you have a particular medical condition
where your immune system may be compromised, your physician may advise immunizations to be given.
Please check with your health care provider for details of what will be required for your personal needs.
13. Basic travel insurance including trip cancellation and trip interruption is not included in your tour
package. Forms will be supplied to each person for these as well as for medical evacuation, medical
transportation, lost baggage, delayed baggage and missed connection coverage. We highly recommend
that you consider trip protection insurance.

14. We recommend that you carry a mixture of cash, credit cards, and travelers checks for your tour. You
can exchange money at the many banks in the country. Most hotels have banks in them. Our guides can
assist you in this process. The exchange rate fluctuates daily and hourly. To get a general idea of what
the exchange rate will be, go to our website at: www.sebayit.com and scroll down to the page marked
Links. There you will find a currency exchange converter to assist you with your money calculations.
15. Trading is a viable process in Africa. In exchange for some US goods, you can barter for handicrafts,
cloth, art, etc. But cash is still king when working out deals. So, test your haggling skills accordingly.
In the seouks (markets), always plan to bargain for goods.
16. You can use credit cards to get money from ATM machines in the country. You will receive the currency
of the country and not US money. On occasion, some banks will give you exchanges in U.S. dollars.
Please note that Visa and MasterCard provide you with more shopping options than American Express
and Carte Blance or Diners card. Discover cards are not accepted in the country. Visa is the preferred
card in Egypt.

Purchase your film or digital camera discs in the USA before leaving. Photographic film and other items
are extremely expensive in the country.

18. Cotton clothes are essential and cooler in tropical climates than polyester, etc. Dont over pack. You will
need room for all of those items that you are going to purchase. Otherwise, be prepared to pay for
overweight luggage or extra bags. These fees begin at $150 and go upwards.
19. Purchased items can be shipped by air cargo, UPS, or Federal Express. However, this is quite expensive.
It might be cheaper to just take one empty suitcase when you go so you can fill it up for the return trip.
Your ticket will permit you to have #2 checked bags and one carry-on. Anything in excess of that will be
charged an extra fee. This extra luggage often is not taken on the same flight as the one on which you are
departing but arrive on a later flight. We recommend taking one bag filled with pens, paper, school
supplies, clothes for trading, etc. so that once you empty it, you can then fill it with your newly purchased
20. When it doubt, always ask first. Our guides are excellent resources and are there to assist you with your
inquiries and requests.
21. Please do not discuss politics and religion despite your driving urge to do so. You are a guest in another
country, dont wear out your welcome or cause unnecessary notice to yourself.
22. Protect your passport at all costs. Do not pack it or other important papers and medications in your
checked luggage. Put these documents in carry-on bags and keep them with you.
23. Drink only bottled water and do not brush your teeth with tap water either. In addition, we recommend
that you do not use ice in your drinks. You can get cold water, sodas, and juices. You do not have any
immunity against these bacteria and viruses in Africa.
24. Wash off with bottled water all raw foods. Do not cut into food with a knife that has been washed with the
local water supply. Wash off the knife or other cutlery and wash off the fruit or other vegetables before
you slice them or peal them.
25. Negotiate all taxi fares before you sit inside the cab when you are traveling on your own. If you are in
doubt about what to pay, ask the hotel concierge about fares, etc. They are invaluable resources.
26. There are many Internet cafs in the country. Their rates are generally cheaper than those of the hotel.
Should you elect to use one, make sure that you log out of your ISP when you are finished. Otherwise,
you will begin to get a lot of e-mail requests for money or offering you participation in numerous money
schemes as those coming behind you will have access to your e-mail address and data. Likewise, erase all
messages from the hard drive that you delete so that they are not readily accessible to curious eyes.
27. Optional side tours are available if you elect to stay longer. Contact us for details. However, your tour has
a set itinerary and requires all persons to be ready to actively participate. Any deviations, stopovers, etc.
will create undue hardship on the part of the organizers and will cost you additional monies.

28. There will be opportunity for you to purchase tailored mens and womens clothing items both custommade as well as from the rack. If buying custom items, it is customary to leave a deposit upfront and the
balance paid upon receipt of the items in case that exchanges will need to be made.
29. Of note, is the fact that all human interactions and transactions are carried out with the right hand, even if
a person is left-handed. Please get in the habit of passing food, shaking hands, etc. with the right hand
exclusively. This is true all over Africa no matter what country you visit. If you find yourself, using your
left hand despite warnings, just apologize Excuse my left hand and move on. The African sentiment is
to forgive you and they know that you are from the USA and will often laugh it off.
30. Please do not forget to bring along school supplies and plenty of ballpoint pens and pencils for distribution
to the children (pencils for elementary school children and pens for older youth). These are precious items
in Egypt and most of Africa. Please do not attempt to give these items out on your own while on tour. You
will be swarmed with youth who are often very aggressive. All items will be allocated for distribution. At
the various villages, your tour guides will handle the distribution of these supplies.
31. In addition, you may want to bring some old clothes for trading (good quality, please) and bartering or for
donations to villages.
32. Remember, you are a guest in another country and things are not as they are at home. Be respectful and
mindful of the fact that you came to visit Egypt for a new and different experience. Do not keep reminding
people there of the way you do things here in the USA. You are not in the USA. Of course, if they inquire
about how things are done in the USA, then by all means, feel free to answer the question(s). But please
do not keep referring to the way things are done or business is conducted back home. This is bad taste and
makes you appear like the Ugly American who is always trying to force your views and culture on
everyone else.
33. The conference package and post conference excursion cruise and tour packages are all with five (5*)
accommodations. Your plan is all inclusive and includes all meal functions at no additional charge to you
unless you order room service and does not include alcoholic beverages except at the Welcome Reception
on opening night. Beverages are at your own expense regardless of type.
34. Finally, plan to enjoy yourself with a new a different cultural experience. We at Sebayit Tours and
Newton-Thoth, Inc. are here to help you do that. Please follow our instructions carefully as they are
designed to facilitate this process and make your trip and conference experience as hassle free as possible.
In that vein, feel free to contact us should you have questions. But please read all materials that you are
sent first before calling so as to not waste valuable time on your part and that of our staff.

Thank You!
Enjoy Your Conference Experience in Kmt.
CONFERENCE PACKAGE INCLUDES: Roundtrip International Airfare from New York,
Domestic Flights Inside Egypt, Roundtrip Airport Transfers in Cairo and Aswan, Ground
Transportation, Three Meals Daily, Networking Receptions, Sound & Light Shows, Nubian Museum
Entrance Fees, Guide and Driver Tips, Hospital/Clinic Tours, Conference Coffee Breaks and Tour of
Giza Complex.
CONFERENCE PACKAGE PRICE: $3,275.00 pp (Double Occupancy)

An advantage is defined as a factor
favorable or conducive to success. Here
is why the 2009 BPA Conference is a

ONE Stay professionally up-to

date. You will have access to some of the
best leaders in the field and gain valuable
knowledge to assist you in managing the
mental health effects of trauma and natural
disaster relative to the African community as
well as for those who are the caregivers.

BPA with its activities. Here you can also

learn about upcoming events being sponsored
by BPA as well as renew your membership.


Enter to win a get-away vacation. Your attendance and

participation will guarantee you an automatic
entry to win a weeks vacation at Hilton Head,
SC at the lovely time-share that is owned by
the Black Psychiatrists of America.

Two - Earn continuing education

credits. This is an opportunity to acquire
valuable continuing education in medicine
and several health related fields: nursing,
social work, psychology, education and

Three Take the opportunity to

network. Be prepared to share your ideas
and experiences with speakers, your
colleagues, and others on an international
level. Bring business cards and know that
staying in touch with other interesting
professionals is always a very smart move.

Four - Learn in a relaxing and

beautiful setting. The land of the
mystery and wonder is the perfect place to
enjoy while you learn. The peaceful Nile
River, the great amenities of your conference
hotel, and the historical relevance of your
conference and post conference experiences,
all equate to the ultimate meeting experience.

Abu Simbel

Five Enjoy the special events.

From the networking reception and the
hospital tours, meeting and trading with the
locals, seeing the exciting sound and light
shows and experiencing the richness of the
culture, you will be rewarded with sights,
sounds, tastes, and feelings that this country
offers for relaxation, rejuvenation with full
sensory and intellectual stimulation.


Visit the resource center to

find valuable materials. Stop by the

resource center where your colleagues will
have various publications on display as well as
the BPA journal on DVD. Purchase needed
resource guides and with each purchase a
donation will be made by the authors to assist

For More Information:

For BPA Conference Registration Forms: