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An Introduction of

People Coaching Works Sdn Bhd

(Formerly known as Mobiletivation Sdn Bhd)

Contact Details

Mr. Murphy LUM CMC (Aust), DMS (UK), ITP (USA), TTT (Mal), ACB, ALB
Chief Executive Coach/Principal Performance Consultant
25-03, Jalan Kenari 19A
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47170 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA

Hotline: 016-
016-244 8530
Email: murphy@coachingworks.com.my
Website: http:///www.coachingworks.com.my
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property and copyright belonging to PCW. Proposal information shall be used only for the expected and agreed purpose(s)
and shall not be used for any other purpose or disclose to any third party under any circumstances whatsoever without
permission from PCW.


incessantly disappointed by the poor impact of
training in effecting positive change in
employee’s performance level. We have heard, we
have seen and we appreciate the concerns of
human resources practitioners in arranging the
next training sessions.

At People Coaching Works, we are an avid

believer in the potentials of organisational
development activities. We tasked ourselves to
decipher the learning application conundrum, in
order to produce comprehensive learning
solutions that really work for the business, the
team and the individual.

At People Coaching Works, we choose to become

our client’s learning partner to jointly understand
the business requirements, learning needs,
addressing the inconspicuous blind spots and
solving them simply, based on our diverse
experiences and research support in performing
the same process with our existing clients.

In conclusion, our purpose of existence is very

simple – to add impetus that drives
organisations to become best-in-class, visionary
and a market-leader through an integrated
coaching & learning solution.

Learning has been treated as an ad-hoc

event for far too long. Enough said! It
is about time that learning should be
treated as a process and be included as
a strategic purpose that can genuinely
help the organisation become great,
best-in-class, visionary and market leader!


People Coaching Works is committed to ensure that the learning initiatives are relevant to
the business and effective for its workforce. We have been studying the organisational
learning process since 2003 and the outcome of it is the PCW Learning & Development
Value Chain as described below. By having an in-depth understanding and knowing how
to extract value from it, we are able to design our learning solutions using the PCW LEARN
methodology, which has proven to be effective for our clients.

Stage Stage 1 – Competency Gap

1 Assessment

Stage Stage Stage 2 – Key Learning

Learning &
8 2 Development Objective(s)

Stage 3 – Integrated Learning

7 Stage 4 – Learning Readiness
Stage 5 – Pre-

Stage Stage Stage 6 – Learning Solution

6 4 Delivery
Stage Stage 7 – Applied Learning &
5 Follow up

Stage 8 – Track Efficiency &
Evaluate Effectiveness
People Coaching Works invests significant amount of resources to ensure real value is
added to support our clients’ agenda of effective workforce development. To fulfil that, two
key areas come to mind – aided understanding of the relevant skills & knowledge to be transferred;
and contextual application made easy in the workplace. This approach or methodology has since
been known as the PCW LEARN FRAMEWORK. A simplified explanation is found below;

Participants shall wrap up the learning

Teaching moments (also known as
Essential concepts relating to the process by formulating a pragmatic action
debriefing) is what this phase all about.
KLDO are collated and shared with plan (known as SKIP TM) to address
Participants uniquely differentiate and
participants via various means that pertinent, recurring and cancerous daily
prioritise what is important/relevant to
accommodates visual learners, work challenges. When they report back to
them and what is not, given the
auditory learners and kinaesthetic work, they would already have a solution to
issues/challenges they commonly
learners. The key focus area here is encounter. The more active the solve those challenges. They would be able to
RELEVANT knowledge, skills and participants are in this phase the more experience improved performance results
abilities acquisition. value they will benefit from it. faster than before!!


(concept (what (what's (create (action
sharing) happened?) important?) meaning) planning)

When the key concepts are duly An much neglected but essential
delivered, participants progressed to activity that allows participants to have
experiential learning setting to personal reflection time is required to
attempt working on either their own individually create the meaning within
cases/issues or generic cases/issues. the context of their unique working
The key focus area in this phase is to cases. This is where participants put
understand what had happened all the pieces together based on
and how did they their own work situations and conclude
reaction/respond to the situation.
how and when to apply their new-found
Manager, and manager
of managers, I was
PARTNER? looking for a program
that would make a
Business driven training significant difference in

programs based on the way my mangers

thought about improving
strategically aligned
the performance of their
learning needs diagnosis staff and their units
performance has a whole.

Consistent training The program put

together by Murphy Lum
effectiveness as a result of
made a significant
SMARTER objectives difference to the
being formulated performance outcomes
achieved by my managers;
with a particular highlight
Highly effective training
being the development of
delivery outcome via our coaching skills and the
tested and proven deployment of a coaching

LEARN framework approach to leadership.

If I measured the success
of the program in terms of
Success via a common changed behavior and
framework & language for business outcomes, I
busy executives to apply reflect on the program as
new learning via SKIP being a complete
framework success.

Lewis C F
Learning accountability is
General Manager
promoted due to increase in
performance and productivity A multinational telco
measured by improvised based in Cyberjaya

method of evaluation
CMC(Aust), DMS (UK), ITP (USA), TTT (Mal) ACB, ALB

MR.MURPHY LUM’s lifelong mission is to continuously learn from life experiences,

to consistently create exciting learning activities & programs based on personal &
borrowed wisdom; and to perpetually share them with others through his
coaching, mentoring, consulting & counselling skills & experiences.

Murphy is also known to be a passionate life-long learner, explorer & practitioner by his
peers and clients. He graduated from many world-class institutions including the prestigious
Behavioral Coaching Institute of Sydney. He earned a prestigious accolade as a Certified
Master Coach (Behavioral Change), where he was personally coached & supervised by the co-
founder of the Institute, Dr. Suzanne Skiffington, who is recognized for many years as the world’s
leading authority and educator in behavioral-based, professional leadership coach!

Murphy has also contributed immensely to the community. He was a member of the Young
Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (PUMM); the Technopreneur Association of Malaysia (TeAM); the
National Business Director for the Junior Chamber Malaysia from 2001/2002; the 48th President for the
Kuala Lumpur Junior Chamber; the Vice President – Education of Sunway Toastmasters Club from
2005/2006. Murphy was unanimously elected as the President of Sunway Toastmasters Club and led it
to be the President’s Distinguished Club by achieving every single growth KPI set by Toastmasters
International, USA!

Career-wise, he started out as a cost accountant in a Tumasek Pewter Sdn Bhd in 1992 and
in 1994; his entrepreneurial spirit led him to become the understudy of a top management
consultant in this region. Being a quick learner, Murphy set up his practice own consultancy
practice, 4i Resources in 1996, focusing on business process and systems optimisation. In 1999, he
was head hunted to be a principal consultant for Cybertouch Sdn Bhd. In 2003, he was headhunted
again to be the Managing Director of Agiga WorldCom Sdn Bhd,. In 2004, he started his own human
potential development company known as Mobiletivation Sdn Bhd and changed its name to People
Coaching Works Sdn Bhd in 2005 to reflect its core competencies in leadership coaching.

These are international clients that has benefited from Murphy’s work.

Telecommunication Electronics Others

Automotive Manufacturing

MBA – Training & HRD (USA), BBA, CIM-UK, Dip – Training Management (UK)

Raj, the ‘connoisseur in Sales Training is a much sought after trainer and a stand on motivator.
He brings life to the stage with his inimitable style of facilitation, which disallows a moment of
dullness even in after lunch presentation.

Raj is a licensed and accredited facilitator in Occupational & Behavioural Psychometrics (S&H
Australia). He holds various qualifications such as MBA – Training & HRD (USA) and also a
Member of American Management Association, Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
(UK), Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration.

Raj has more than 20 years experience in diverse sales disciplines and sales management
designations. After being exposed to different sales positions, his inherent passion for training
was ignited when he was seconded to Will, Sydney – the only Asian in a team of international
trainers who successfully developed 40 modules which is now used globally in BAT companies.

These are various clients that has benefited from Raj’s work.

MBA (Organization Behaviour) Australia, BBA (RMIT) Australia, D.I.M.P (MIM), L.T.C.L (London)

Timothy holds an MBA, specializing in Organization Behavior from the University of Newcastle,
Australia. The combination of his academic background and vast corporate experience made
him a sought after facilitator in disciplines such as strategic team enhancement,
communication skills, strategic human resource development and customer service.

Citibank, Deutsch Bank, Maybank, B Braun, Schering-Plough, Concorde Hotel, Prince Hotel,
Siemens, Pantai Medical, Kompakar Group and institutes of higher learning.

One of Tim’s greatest aspirations is to be able to develop and nurture the potential of younger
generations to create a brighter future for themselves. He has already begun this journey in
his involvement in non-profit work as a speaker for youth conferences in Malaysia and in New
South Wales Australia.

These are various clients that has benefited from Timothy’s work.

As you would probably have found out by now that our passion, inspiration and
commitment lies in what we do. The reward we are seeking for is a satisfied client
because the objectives set for the learning and development interventions have been
fulfilled. And that, we know we can do, based on our methodologies.

Please feel free to contact us on your people performance issues and needs on the
details found below and we look forward to becoming your organisational learning
and development partner!

Mr. Murphy LUM CMC (Aust), DMS (UK), ITP (USA), TTT (Mal), CTM, ALB

Chief Executive Coach/Master Trainer

People Coaching Works Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Mobiletivation Sdn Bhd)

Hotline:- +6016 244 8530

Email:- murphy@coachingworks.com.my