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Executive Summary

Ever wonder what the statistics are on how many people succeed in
Network Marketing? I mean, do a lot of people actually make this
thing work? Lets look at why the Network Marketing industry is
exploding and the numbers that explain it. Since the beginning of
the MLM industry in the 1950s, there have been six recessions in
the United States of different degrees. With each recession, the
MLM industry has experienced significant growth because as the
economy goes, Network Marketing goes the opposite. Currently, our
economy is just coming out or going into another official recessional
period, depending upon who you ask. Once again, indicators are
showing that the MLM industry is beginning another growth trend
here in the United States. Many MLM companies, large and small,
have experienced record growth in overall sales and sponsoring in
the last year. Furthermore, with the start of the New Year many of
those same companies are seeing even greater growth from month
to month. This report summarizes the statistical modeling and
analysis results associated With the (MLM) multilevel marketing
company study of Total life Changes (TLC). The purpose of this
report is to document both the implemented sampling design and all
corresponding data Modeling and inference techniques used during
the later statistical analyses.
Target Population: The population that I am mainly interested in
studying TLC is the people who have decided to join. Total Life
Changes whether they are working the business on the part-time or
full-time Biases. I would also look at the members who joined but
are no longer work the business. Doing this gives me the most
exact numbers for the study. Sampling Strategy I used the clustered
sampling method and not the single method. The population divides
into subgroups, known as clusters, and select, to make a choice
these are randomly selected that I will be including in the study. I
would also use quota sampling as well. When it comes to the
clustered method is the best due to the population groups being

separate and access to all can difficult in many distant cities. Quota
sampling is another method used by market researchers.
Interviewers are given a quota of subjects of a specified type to
attempt to recruit. For example, an interviewer might be told to go
out and select 20 adult men and 20 adult women, 10 teenage girls
and 10 teenage boys so that they could interview them about their
movie viewings. There are a few flaws with this method, but most
importantly it is not truly random. It is difficult for a person to put
together needs, attitudes, and opinions about products if they have
never used them before. It would be difficult to understand what
use within the community is not in common, or that have never
been available. For example, someone who has never had the
benefits of a distributor will be unable to express true feelings or
give any reasonable information about purchase intention, likes or
dislikes about a new weight loss package. The more complex the
concepts, the more difficult it is to design research that will help the
respondent communicate important opinions and reactions. Under
these conditions, the creative abilities of the marketing researcher
are difficult.
Survey Questions: Six survey questions for this study were
developed. These questions were the best questions to use because
many people want to know why the Network Marketing Industry
increases during down economic times. These questions revile there
are more people looking for another stream of income. There are
more potential business partners in a recession because of the
uncertainty of their current and future financial situation. Many have
lost their jobs, had their wages or overtime cut back or simply are
concerned that they may be next in line for being laid off or cut
back. For those that are financially stable, they realize that they
may no longer be safe and that more income wouldnt be a bad
thing. The fist question that is asked was, does the company offer
great support tools. Null Hypothesis was 0.5 the Number of people
of Interest was 21 and the Sample Size was 39 and did not reject
the null hypothesis. The second question that was asked was how
you earn your money. The Null Hypothesis was 0.5. The number of

people of Interest 25 and the sample Size was 39 and did not reject
the null hypothesis. The third question that was asked is the
products or services of personal interest to you. The Null Hypothesis
was 0.5. The Number of Items of Interest was 23 and the Sample
Size was 39 and did not reject the null hypothesis. The fourth
question that was asked was what type of training is offered in the
beginning. The Null Hypothesis was 0.5. The number of people of
Interest was 15 and the sample Size was 39 and did not reject the
null hypothesis. The fifth

question was, In 2014, how many families did the company help
earn a six figure income The Null Hypothesis was 5. The sample
Size was 39 which rejected the null hypothesis. The sixth question
that was asked was What amount of (realistic) income per year are
you expecting to make with this company the null Hypothesis
was 250 and the sample Size 39 Which rejected the null hypothesis.
The Total life changes within the MLM Industry gives the average
person the ability to create residual income, the king of all income,
meaning that it comes in, month after month, for work that one did
once in the past. It also provides this opportunity with a smaller
investment than what it would take to build a brick and mortar
business. There are many that are able to build a large income in
the TLC MLM Industry that can give full financial freedom, but for
most people, the average bonus check is between $500 and $1,000
per month which equates to supplementary income for mass
amounts of people. Because of this ability to generate extra income
for the average person, there will be a rush into this Industry over
the next several years. People will need alternatives. Conclusion If
you are looking at the Network Marketing Industry to increase your
cash flow, the most important decision they will make is choosing
the right MLM Company to join. Well, of course, I have one for you!
In our opinion, Total life Changes (TLC) is the best Network
Marketing, MLM, Home Business company you could choose.
Reflection Statement Knowing my particular learning style, I was a

bit apprehensive when the only workable section of Business

Statistics for my schedule was offered on-line. I usually do best in a
traditional class environment. The combination of an on-line class
and the challenging nature of the material to be covered contributed
to my nervousness. I found, however, that it was not as bad as I
had imagined. Do not get me wrong, there is a lot of work involved,
but with the detailed lecture notes, assigned readings, homework
problems, E-labs and computational tools, and most importantly Dr.
Ar shams encouragement you can succeed in this course.The third
reason is to further develop critical and analytic thinking skills. Most
students completing high school and introductory undergraduate
coursework have at their disposal a variety of critical thinking and
analytic skills. The study of statistics will serve to enhance and
further develop these skills. To do well in statistics, one must
develop and use formal logical thinking abilities that are both high
level and creative. The fourth reason to study statistics is to be an
informed consumer. Like any other tool, statistics can be used or
misused. Yes, it is true that some people do actively lie and mislead
with statistics. More often, however, well-meaning people
unintentionally report erroneous statistical conclusions. If you know
some basic statistical concepts, you will be in a better place to
check the information you have been given. The fifth reason to have
a working knowledge of statistics is to know when you need to hire
a statistician. Most of us know enough about our cars to know when
to take it into the shop. Usually, we don't attempt the repair
ourselves because we don't want to cause any irreparable damage.
Also, we try to know enough to be able to carry on an intelligible
conversation with the mechanic (or we take someone with us who
can) to make sure that we don't get a whole new engine (big bucks)
when all we need is a new fuel filter (a few bucks). We should be
the same way about hiring a statistician. Conducting research is
time consuming and expensive. If you are in over your statistical
head, it does not make sense to risk an entire project by attempting
to compute the data analyses yourself. It is very east to compute
incomplete or inappropriate statistical analysis of one's data. As
with the mechanic discussed above, it is also important to have

enough statistical savvy to be able to discuss your project and the

data analyses you want computed with the statistician you hire. In
other words, you want to be able to make sure that your statistician
is on the right track. Statisticians are in demand in all sectors of
society, ranging from government to business and industry, to
universities and research labs. As a statistician, you can be involved
with the management of with manage. New lifesaving drugs in a
pharmaceutical, the shaping of public policy in government, the
planning of market strategy in business, or the management of
investment portfolios in finance. Not only are there a variety of
exciting opportunities for statisticians, but careers in statistics
generally can be quite lucrative, with statisticians of enough often
experience able to earn six-figure salaries. To summarize, the five
reasons to study statistics are to be able to effectively conduct
research, to be able to read and check journal articles, to further
develop critical thinking and analytic skills, to act an informed
consumer, and to know when you need to hire outside statistical
help. It was exciting to be able to apply certain concepts learned in
the course to an actual work assignment I was doing when. The
ability to apply one concept in the "real world"
encouraged me to look for ways to join the other concepts