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In choosing a place(s), I tried to align my interests with the themes of this project, namely People vs

Human Beings distinction. Initially learning about this in lecture, I became fascinated by this difference and
its relevance to my place of interest. Art/human expression, gives a lot of insight into this insight of human
beings and human experience. I look forward to discovering these and how they integrate into my chosen
place over the course of the semester.
- Where will this experience take place? This experience will take place in the Rowe Art gallery on campus.
- When will you do this & what is the schedule? I will be following the venue /art show schedules and planning
my entries in accordance with this schedule. The Rowe art shows will follow this schedule: Verve 2015
Alumni Biennial Exhibition (Aug 31-Sept 25), The McCoys: Priests of the Temple 2015 (Oct. 5-30),
2D/3D/Graphic Design BFA Student Exhibition (Nov 9-20), Art of Student Teaching Exhibition (Nov 30Dec 8). I will be attending each event during its duration, and making several entries on each installation.
- What specifics about conventions have been settled? In terms of conventions, I will film on site (artwork and
Rowe), I will , if I deem necessary, interview viewers of the exhibition. The interview will help me to see
what they thought/ felt about the artwork, what kind of effect it had on them etc. During interviews I will
make sure to dress in accordance with how others are dressing. If a dress code is required for the events I
will be sure to follow it.
- -> Why do you want to do this? I chose the Rowe Art Gallery, because the ability of artwork to be an
expressiveness of an individual greatly interests me. In their work artists can convey and elevate each
individual (viewer) differently. This reality about art is the reason people appreciate it so (and prices are so
exorbitant!). With each stroke of the artists brush, each viewer can see a story being unfolded (Art can often
say what words cannot). Art can be a revelation to some; viewers can often be inspired/ elevated to a
higher self. In this case, an artist is our definition of a human being; one who improves himself and
elevates those around. Without art it could be said, that many of the greatest artists, from Da Vinci to
Picasso, would just be persons. They would be content with the world around them. This is because many
great artists have their beginnings, in their inspiration, and desire to improve. It is in this inspiration that
they are able to do great things (the elevation to human beings). An example of an artist improving
another, is that of young Michelangelo. Early on Michelangelo became so inspired by the legendary artists
at the time, from Donatello to Verrochio, that he sought to improve himself, thus becoming one of the
greatest sculptures of all time. Due to this unique impact artwork has on each individual, I would be
fascinated to find out how people are engendered by the art at Rowe. I would test this by interviewing the
viewers. I look forward to finding out how it impacts them, in contrast to how it impacts me. In sticking to
the idea of unique interpretation and inspirations of art, I would also be fascinated by the student side of the
Rowe Gallery. I would be excited to explore how their experience and working in Rowe, motivated their
- Alternates? Why would they be suitable? As an alternate I chose: The Botanical Gardens, and Starbucks. I have
interest in the Gardens, because of meditative / healing it provides to the human psyche. I believe this is
significant to the projects topic, because in this meditative state we are able to reflect on on our lives, our
existence , our future. The natural context of the garden allows us to understand the embracing of the
human experience, and becoming more of a human being then we previously were. I chose Starbucks
(on campus), because to me it provides the illusion of busyness, as if it is situated on a busy metropolitan
street. I believe this urban vibe is very important to the assignment, because in this fast paced environment I
am reminded greatly about success. We can link success to human elevation. I would be fascinated to
interview the busy bodies at Starbucks. To asses how they are engendered by this place as human beings.