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1. Sh. Ram Prakash Sharma S/o Sh. Satya Prakash Sharma R/o A113 Green Estate A
to Z colony, Roorkee Road, Modipuram, Meerut UP 250110
2. Sh. Godhu Ram S/o Sh. Khem Chand R/o Village Kulanjan Sardhana, Distt Meerut
3. Sh. Mohan Lal S/o Sh. Atar Singh R/o Village Machhari Post Daurala, Distt Meerut
UP 250221
Whereas to avoid further dispute if any, it deemed expedient to reduce it in to writing the
terms and conditions of partnership hence forth.
NOW THIS DEED OF PARTNERSHIP WITNESSES AS UNDER 1. That the Partners mentioned above have entered in to partnership firm w.e.f.
01.05.2013 and partnership business will be under the name and style of M/s.
Sunrise Bio-Farming Private Limited.
2. That the terms and conditions of partnership shall apply to present business
businesses hence forth and principal place/head office hail be located at Meerut and
it shall be shifted to any other place with mutual consent of both the partners.

3. That the business of the firm will be carried for the Products/services produced and
provide by the sunrise Bio Pvt Ltd. and such allied business! products or any general
business as partner decide from time to time.
4. That the capital of the firm shall be invested by the partners in their own capacity as
per share, in case capital may be raised according to requirement of partnership
business/ businesses by the partners or outside agencies. They will be entitled to
receive the, interest a per prevailing rate of market.
5. That the partners will be the working partner and also responsible for activities of
carrying business on day to day basis.
6. That the partners will be the working partners and will receive the remuneration /
salary as the provision U/s 40B of the Income Tax Act.
7. That the regular books of account of partnership business/ businesses/ activities
shall be maintained in regular course of business/businesses and will be opened for
inspection by partner at all reasonable time.
8. That the annual account will be taken in the end of the financial year i.e. April to
March every year.

9. That the Bank account! accounts of the firm will be opened in any bank and the same
will be operated under the signature of the first part is must with either the second or
third part with the seal of the firm or authorised signatory who will be appointed by
the partners.
10. That if the firm will be dissolved by the partners the assets and the liabilities a per
books, will be bared as per ratio of the profit/loss.
11. That if any partner is interested to withdraw himself from the partnership business if
other partner / partners will be interested to continue the business they will continue
the business by the name of the firm, outgoing partner will not object the same.
12. That the capital for the running business! businesses when required , will be











agencies/bank/financial institutions as the partners decided mutually.

13. That the branch/branches of the business will be opened/closed/ continue/
discontinue in anywhere in the world/India/State/District with the mutual consent of
the partners.
14. That the firm shall not be liable for the personal loan and debts! liabilities of the

15. That meeting of all the expenses, incidental expenses to the partnership business,
Net profit or Loss/losses as the case may be shall be allocated in the hands of
partners in the ratio as under.

1. Ram Prakash Sharma


2. Godhu Ram


3. Mohan Lal


16. That the partnership WILL BE "AT WILL"

17. That in the interest of partnership business the partners may add or alter and change
any clause of this deed with the mutual consent.
18. That all the disputes relating to the partnership business/businesses shall be decided
by an arbitrator who will be appointed by the mutual consent of the partners and

To bind the partners their heirs and successors the parties mentioned above put their hands
and signature on this deed ON THIS 17th Day of December 2015

1. .........................................

(Ram Prakash Sharma )


2. .........................................

(Godhu Ram)

3. .........................................

(Mohan Lal)