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Health, Life,

and Prosperity
15 Years of Pete Therapy

Bambang Subaktyo EDV.F.T.

English Version, September 20, 2013

I have no THRONE1)
only a modest TREASURE
and INHERITANCE did not exist
Just 'CintaKasihSayang' (CKS)2)
and 'Ilmu Pengetahuan' (IP)3)
that I can give as heritage

Zulvia, my beloved wife,

Putri, Ratna and Eko, my loved kids
and their friends as the next generation.
This book of Pete Therapy is an embodiment of CKS + IP
Hopefully this pete therapy will bring
health, life, happiness and prosperity,
much better in the future.

1) THRONE = tahta, TREASURE = harta, INHERITANCE = pusaka

2) Sorry, I can't find any matching word in English for 'Cinta Kasih Sayang'
Cinta is LOVE to God, Kasih is Love to somebody (human, any God's creature), and
Sayang is Love to Environment.
If someone Sayang to the Environment, that's mean he/she Kasih to anybody.
If someone Kasih to anybody, that's mean he/she Cinta to God.
3) 'Ilmu Pengetahuan' (IP) = SCIENCE & KNOWLEDGE

Eating a pete does not stink!
Eating pete does not stink! ... Pee does not smell of urine after
eating a pete!?
I am sure, you would say:
No way!
People say pete stink, eat petes will produce and emit that bad smell (odor)!
Eating a pete will definitely smell, very unpleasant, pungent urine!
People called Pete as stink bean! In fact, some say 'evil smelling bean'!
That's what people say ... but for us (me & my family), eating pete does not
smell. There is absolutely no smell of urine, pee gives no bad odor!

Imagine! Eating pete, pee does not smell at all!?

I still dare to say that it does not smell after eating pete. There is absolutely no
smell of urine, pee does not smell of bad odor, also sweating does not smell of
pete, indeed it tasted fresh, the body feels healthier, even easier defecation
(provided by some participant of therapy pete!)
Urinating without bad odor is not impossible, miracles is present in pete fruit
(Parkia speciosa), a fruit that is often avoided because of the smell, which was
underestimated and considered plebeian. It had a secret hidden beneath the
odor that many people hated. The fruit has the ability to maintain health by
cleansing the blood/body of impurities/toxins/poison and a myriad of other

I am not lying! That eating pete, urinating gives no bad odor. I do not lie, even
thousands of participants already know about this. Pee gives no bad odor ...
after performing pete therapy!
Especially if I tell you, pete is 'slow-vixgrx'1), you definitely would call me a liar.
For this one, I also do not lie!
After 15 years of pete therapy, I get a direct sensational therapeutic benefit. I
want to share the experience and the enjoyment of pete therapy, to introduce
this therapy to people in the world, invite everybody to try this therapy, it
certainly will not bring any harm, almost no side effect, instead it will bring
direct and indirect benefits for everyone who perform this therapy.
There were a lot of people giving cynical comments when I offer this therapy.
Some of them were just silent, not saying sarcastically, but from the
countenance and gestures clearly visible, I just assume what I offered is
something that they might not receive. Some were laughing, some were
smiling, some were 'cool' but give the impression of "it's not important", some
seemed to be interested but had never tried, etc. Even when I say there is
some effect of 'Slow-vixgrx', they keep on mistrust, they don't believe it
This book 'PETE THERAPY' offers a relatively inexpensive healthcare solutions,
invites the public to try to perform pete therapy to get health, a better life, have
happiness and prosperity. The more people participate to perform this therapy
and managed to find the secret of the pete fruit will eliminate any misdoubts
about the ability of pete.

The First Version

When I wrote the first version book, in May-June 2012, there were about 600
people who performing pete therapy. They were relatives, friends, or people I've

just met, who had received my advice (directly or indirectly) to carry out pete
treatment. I have to say thank you, because without their willingness to try
pete therapy, the ability of pete fruit in health care or to cure disease will not
be visible.
The 2nd and 3rd Version just like the first version, but with a slightly layout

The 4th Version, September 26, 2012

As the 4th version, in September 2012 still in progress. I and 2 friends from
alternative medicine specialist ('ahli pengobatan alternative'2), Mr. Agung and
Mr. M. Nasro S.H.) estimate that in August 2012, there were about 2000
participants in the therapy. Over the last 4 months, socialization of the therapy
has been going pretty fast, I use several media: short messages (SMS), email,
blog, facebook (internet) or chatting directly, meanwhile, Mr. Agung and Mr.
Nasro provided this therapy to their patients who require treatment for various
diseases. Mr. Agung provide this therapy to allmost all his patients who come
to his practice, there are approximately 30-50 patients @ day and in the
meantime, until September 2012, Mr. Nasro successfully provided this therapy
to more than 100 people.

The 5th Version, July 30, 2013

We (I, Mr. Agung, Mr. Nasro and some friends as disseminator of the therapy)
estimated, that by March 2013, there were about 10,000 active participants in
therapy. And as the version 5 is written, would have been even more. In June
and July, 2013, was quite difficult to invite people to participate in therapy
because the pete fruit is hard to find, if there is any, the price could reach Rp.
25.000,- per linear (about 2,2 US$).
Based on my notes from the participants' experience of therapy, allmost all
participants felt getting health, got healing on some disease, having happiness
... etc ... therefore I feel this therapy needs to be socialized, not just in
Indonesia but to any foreign countries. Pete therapy answered many health

From the participants that I could reach, talk and hear, I noted their success
stories, PETE THERAPY is providing positive results for allmost every
participants, they have been cured of various diseases, getting back their
happiness in sexual relationships, thanks to SLOW VIXGRX effect, they got a
new chance in their life, full of spirit, full of confidence as they believe, to be
healthy do not need a high cost, it's easy to maintain health care, because pete
fruit is available and easily obtained.
Behind the success of getting people to join the therapy, there were also
several unsuccessful, some people still misdoubt the truth of this therapy. For
them, it's like a fairy tale therapy, how can PETE thats so stink (still hold a
priori and underestimated) can bring health? ... can bring and increase
Some people are so difficult to be assured, some need almost 2 months to be

convince to join the therapy ... until eventually he would try ... and what
happens next!? This guy is being addictive, he feels even hanging on pete!
After passed the 2 weeks therapy, he just continue eating pete everyday. Last
time I met him, he told me ... he found happiness in sexual relationship ... how
could that happen!?
Behind so many success story from the participants, I also found some
problems in the implementation of pete therapy, it is the improvisation in the
implementation. Some people are improvising in order to continue running this
therapy despite having to go to the office. Some participants modified the
recipes or the mode of the therapy which then caused abdominal pain,
lumbago pain and back pain.

The English Version, September 2013

This book you read is the English version, it's not just translated into English,
but also reduced, things that are not important for people outside of Indonesia,

will be removed. The section Pete Therapy Experience is also reduced, just a
summary of all testimonies, a summary of pete's ability to treat a variety of
diseases. The section Biography / Discography is removed.

Jakarta, September 14, 2013.

1) Slow-vixgrx, replace the letter 'x' with 'a', because I do not want to be blamed by the
manufacturer of the drug enhancer, that vixgrx

2) traditional healers, alternative medicine experts, alternative treatment specialist,

someone who have the capabilities of alternative treatments/medicines

Table of Content

- Eat Pete Does not Smell!

- I'm not lying!


- Pete Smell the Urine

- Pete Not Classy, Countrified, Lower Class!?
- Why Should the urine smell!?
- Eat Pete Not Causing Odor?
- Pete Initial Therapy
- Sharing My Experience
- Unknown, therefore unloved
- Background of writing this book
- Acknowledgements




The Book: Pete Therapy

Exploration of Pete

Prescription Pete Therapy

- Recipe / How to Consume Pete

- A. Major therapy
- B. Water Boiled Pete's Skin (POD)
- C. Pete refilling
- Relatively Low Cost
- My Expectations

Pete Therapy Experience

- Natural strength equal the power of the Almighty.

- Kelinci Percobaan
- 3) White Radish + Celery Leaves
- 5) Raw Pete Juice
- Warning!!!.
- Resume of Pete Therapy Experience
- Feel The Change
- Zulkifli's Testimony
- Pete Therapy Improvisation Experience


- Improvisation which cause Fatal


Additional Notes


Closing Messages
Reading List

- Skin Regenerative
- Obsessions, Addictions and Dependency of Pete!?
- Logic Pete, Pete Strength
- How To Store Pete To Make it Durable
- Further Research


The Book: Pete Therapy

PETE does not always cause odor

In September, 2013, as I translate the book of Pete Therapy into English,

almost all writing about pete, on various blogs or a lot of research in foreign
countries still refer to pete as 'Stink-Bean' or even refer it as 'Evil Smelling
Bean'. I am sure, they have not discovered the most secret of pete yet. I
assume, their experiment on laboratory still use mice to test the ability of a
pete, while I try it myself! They still have not found that after a few days of
eating pete, it will not cause odor anymore.
That unpleasant smell only exist in the first 4 days of therapy, after day 5, the
urine will not smell, the sweat does not smell, even when sweating will feel
different, feels fresh ..

Why and how?

Pete, as Prof. Hembing said, is a blood purifier. I tried myself, eating pete for a
few days straight. It turns out, at 5th day, the OUTPUT did not smell. For as long
as 15 years I have tried this pete therapy to discover it's possibilities. Results of
my research: when we eat pete, pete will cleanse the blood / blood vessels /
organs of the human body, destroyed the impurities / poison / toxin that exist
in our body, and excreted out from our body through urine, perspiration,
If you just eat pete once in a while, then pee (urine) will be greatly smell, which
is the act of the super-pete cleanseing the body. Then when we stop eating
pete, on the next day, that impurites / poison / toxin will accumulate again.
But if we run this therapy for at least 5 consecutive days, the body (blood,
organs, etc.) will be cleaned continuously, then on 5th day urination will give no
smell anymore! This is the secret power of pete.

During my 15 years of my own trials, I only prescribe this pete therapy to a

limited circle, only to my wife, my children, housemaids, and some close
friends. I spread the therapy just to a limited circle, so that I could observe the
reaction of pete. Once, I was confident of the pete's ability, then since the year

2010 - 2011 I offered to a wider audience, to a more broadly friends and

relatives, I wrote on facebook, I pass it on to many friends using short
messages (SMS), and if there opportunity, I told everyone I met.
From my experiences, I estimated that pete can help cure 'many' disease, this
could be seen on those participants of pete therapy, in general they have
experienced health changes . Based on my observations so far, I am confident
in the ability of pete.

Pete Therapy Socialization

Seeing that ability in pete, I came to an idea to spread this pete therapy

more widely, disseminated it to be known by the public at large, not only in

Indonesia but also abroad. All I need to do is eliminateing the negativ a'priori
against pete. Because everything on this earth, in our lives certainly has a
value, has an advantageous. We just need to find out where the benefits of
that 'something' is. In this case, related to pete, that underestimated, even very
usable, so beneficial. INCREDIBLE!
Pete help us get Healthy, is for sure, could bring happiness. Some said, eating
pete in a sufficient amount can keep us away from health institutions, will
keep us away from health professional practice. So obviously the funds for
health care could be save for other purposes.
Based on my observations over the 15 years of this, I dare to write this book
pete therapy, in order to disseminated this therapy, pete can be used by
anyone to get health, a better life, happiness and prosperity.
The Book: Pete Therapy consists of 5 section:
- the first section: 'Exploration of Pete'

- the 2nd section: 'Prescription Pete Therapy'

- the 3rd section: 'Pete Therapy Experience'
- the 4th section: 'Closing Messages'
- the 5th section: 'Reading List'
In the first section: 'Exploration of Pete' will tell the the readers about pete, its
a'priori that become an obstacle for many people to consume pete. Its bad
odor is a demonstration of it's ability to cleanse the blood / human body. If we
eat pete and the urine smell, that means there are impurities / toxins / poison
in the body, and when it does not smell anymore, that mean the body is clean.
And so on .... The most valuable of pete is its ability to cure Diabetes Mellitus.
In the 2nd section: 'Prescription Pete Therapy', contains recipes / ways to
consume pete for health care.
In the 3rd section: 'Pete Therapy Experience ', should contains a variety of
stories from the participants of pete therapy. But in this English version, I've
reduced the whole book into a minimal one. I give just some Experience of
utilization of pete, I just write a resume of all testimonies related to pete
In the 4th section: Closing Messages, I write messages about using this pete
therapy and matters related to pete.
In the 5th section: 'Reading List', contains some research addresses, footage
of their research or what they say about pete.
If reader believes this pete therapy, and wanted to try, please direct to the
'Recipes Pete Therapy'. But, if you still do not believe in the ability of pete, you
can read the whole book.
Just try pete therapy, welcome to a healthier life ... more ALIVE, more happy
and hopefully prosperous existence.

Exploration of Pete

Pete, petai, peteh, Parkia speciosa

Every time I say that pete therapy is good for health, good for life, can bring
happiness and prosperity, people would misdoubt/disbelief.

"How could a pete fruit that called 'stink bean' or 'evil smelling bean', could
provide benefits to health, good for life, can bring happiness and prosperity to
t h e p e o p le ? "
N o n se n se !
It could not be!
What's a nonsense, pete therapy!?
Are you dreaming!?
Imagine, pete, which causes a bad odor is said to bring health, life, happiness
and well-being? Dream time!?

Pete smell the urine

"Piss SMELLY, SMELLY PETE" is a statement most often spoken by the people
to whom I offer therapy pete. Smelly pete's statement, does not apply just in
Indonesia but also applies in foreign countries who know pete. That is why pete
called 'Stink bean' or 'Evil smelling bean', and in many areas/countries that
recognize pete, where petes grow or where petes are consumed, there may be
a variety of other names for 'pete that smell' in various language

Pete Not Classy, Countrified, Lower Class!?

So, no wonder that people turned down the offer of pete therapy, with the
answer: '...smell bad!'. They feel ashamed of eating pete, the odor sources,
countrified, rustic, lower class food, cheap, not classy .. etc. The impression

'PETE SMELLY' is a major obstacle to believe in the benefits of pete. When

someone says: not classy, countrified, rustic, lower class, etc, this guy is
definitely not update. Because the pete fruit (Parkia speciosa) is allready
observed in many countries, there are 44,100 pages (pages, websites) on the
internet that contains various writings about pete, pete research, the use of
pete for a variety of health-related activities .. etc. Indeed, in our own country
are a bit slow about research, especially on pete! So many researchers in other
countries want to know the efficacy of pete ... while we? Just as usual ... sitting

Why Should the urine smell!?

That's the greatness of PETE, if eaten once in a while, rarely, certainly produce
bad odor urination. When a person eats pete in small amounts and
occasionally, the substances thats present in the pete will destroy
impurities/toxins/poison1) (ITP) in the blood, the blood vessels, the body's
organ. ITP are destroyed and removed through the urine (pee, urine, urination),
through defecation, also through sweat. If it's only once in a while eating pete
with a long lag time, the cleaning process is not complete, not really clean and
the next day, ITP still exist, keep growing, stacked and accumulated again, so
every time someone eating pete will get the smelly urine (feces and sweat too).

Smelly piss, because petes have decayed (pulverize, crush) the ITP that is
allready in the body.
ITP is formed from lifestyle, from food, drink, drugs, etc thats we consume
everiday for many years, or maybe decades day after day, ITP then
accumulated to becomes a burden to the various organs of the body, the heart,
liver, kidney, brain, nerves ... etc.. finally comes a disease, causing organ
damage, organ that failed to function, pain, gout, arthritic symptoms, heart
disease, stroke, etc.
Well pete shed, destroy all ITP then released it through urine, defecation, and
also sweat, issued in an unpleasant odor. Run the therapy for 2 weeks to make

the cleaning process more asured.

ITP, chemical or pharmaceutical waste are stacked for decades (collected over
decades) from food, drink or drugs. So many food traders trying to make profit
by cheating, they do not use natural cooking spices (natural seasoning, natural
herbs) but chemicals food flavoring, such as mono sodium glutamate or MSG,
for sweetener they use artificial sugar, and make it worse, more extreme, they
put food preservatives. Some food merchants, vendors, and traders, are using
corpse preservatives such as formaldehyde or borax. And the doctors, they
prescribed so many chemical goods.

1) I use ITP as abbreviation of 'impurities/toxins/poison'

Eat Pete Not Causing Odor?

Eating a pete just once time, not in several consecutive days, surely will allways
cause an unpleasant odor, but if someone joined pete therapy, eat pete for 2
weeks or more (depending on the age, health condition and physical condition

or have any disease), pete will destroy ITP that have settled in the various
organs of the body. After the 5th day, pee, feces and sweat would be given no
odor. Run the therapy for 2 weeks, to make the cleaning process complete,
really clean ... then eating pete will not smell anymore, because ITP is already
destroyed, gone.
Try to participate in therapy pete, for 2 weeks eat 2 linear (board) pete a day, 1
linear at lunch, 1 linear at dinner (see Prescription Pete Therapy). Based on the
notes from monitoring the participants of pete therapy: the 1st day till the 4th
day, urine was smelly, after the 4th or 5th will not smell anymore. Well when
someone joined pete therapy, in a considerable period of time (at least 5
consecutive days, preferably 2 weeks!), then the body, blood, blood vessels will
be cleansed by pete. When you perform the therapy, do it until the odor is
gone, replaced with a fresh taste, and when we exercise physical jobs, sweat
felt smooth and fresh.

After completion of the therapy, if you take pause from eating pete, maybe a
week or 2, and you eat pete again, it should not smell. Although the lag time
between eating pete was long enough, the urine will not smell! With the
exception, if you eat some food full of ITP ... just the next morning feces and
pee will smell.
What matter happens in the human body, when a person eats pete in a row (a
few days), until the urine does not smell, can not be describe here, because I
do not have the capacity for it. Please investigate this further by any research

institutions. I know and can tell this condition, just based on my observation
and experience during performing pete therapy myself, also based on data
collection of the participants experience during their time performing pete
TRY ... and experience yourself the benefits of pete fruit.

Pete Initial Therapy

Before 1995, I did not particularly like the pete fruit, I never specifically looked
for pete, let alone eat it raw, unless it was served in foods such as 'sambal
goreng pete'2), I just took a little portion, but never separated the pete that's
present in the food.
Approximately more than 18 years ago, or about late 1995, I read an article
from professor Hembing who said: pete is able to clean the blood. I was
interested and wanted to try eating a pete. Since then I did a trial eating pete
for a few days. My body feel more fit, fresh, feels different. From the beginning
I started with boiled pete 2-3 minutes in water, because I did not like raw pete.
Then I encouraged my wife, who was already in contact with gout, to
participate in the therapy, and she gradually recovered, eventually recovered
and till now is free from gout, then she is free to eat anything, there are no
restrictions anymore. Previously she had to stay away from certain foods
assortment, sort of abstinence, just ate dietary food.

Several years after that, I read in the media/internet there are experiments in
America, giving pete (either in the form of capsules or pills) to school children.
They set up two groups of school children, one group was given pete
capsules/pills, another group was given a placebo capsule/pill (just regular
vitamins). It turns out the group of children who were given pete are
progressing much better than those given a placebo pill. The grasp of the
children who were given pete were much better than those just given placebos.
Arguably, the children's brain got more oxygen and blood flow to the brain
more smoothly, so ... the children would more easily digested the lessons. Too
bad I did not have the opportunity to record, or copy that article.

Then, I gave this prescription treatment with pete to close friends and family,
who had a variety of disease. I gave them advice to participate and to take the
benefit from pete, they did perform the therapy, then they became healthier,
more energetic, more fit than before the therapy. But on the other hand, there
were some people who did not accept my suggestion, just because of the
smell, or may be they had any other reasons. Some people did not believe that
the pete was efficacious, or may be not believe in me, someone who had never
undergone medical education. I'm not a doctor, nor a shaman!
A few days before I wrote the book Pete Therapy first version, in May 2012,
there was a lot of news about pete appeared, which describes pete as a fruit
that is so beneficial to health. The news circulated through short messages
(SMS), email, mailing lists, BBM and other media. I was inspired to do a search
(searching, googling) on the internet. At that time, I found 4,680 sites (blogs,
pages) related to the keyword "buah pete", 25,000 sites related to the keyword
"Parkia speciosa". So many sites, were about the research in research
institutions/universities abroad, about existing content in the pete fruit, about
how pete has been used in various countries, about to plant pete tree, about
how to grow pete, etc.. But, of the many articles, papers, thesis, researchs, etc.,
it is not/has not been told how to consume petes (way/recipe) as a
Recent data (July, 2013) from googling: 17,200 sites (blogs, pages) related

"buah pete", 44,100 sites related to "Parkia speciosa".

2) 'sambal goreng pete' just a cuisine or a dish in Indonesia

Sharing my experience

Why do I dare to try pete therapy, and dare to suggest it to others?

It's been a long time, I believe, for every disease in the world there must be a
cure, especially natural medicine, a kind of herbal. I am sure the Almighty has
provided herbal medicine from plants, or something else. So I am trying to
collect old books of medicinal plants on any occasion when I went to the flea
market or to the old book market. If there are any, I would buy the book. But
lately, it's appears very rare to find it, maybe, it have been eaten by termites, or
because of something else.
All this time, I see, there are so many people experiencing difficulties in terms
of their health. To be able to stay alive is allready difficult, how could they pay
for health care. Various difficulties of their health can be seen immediately,
some are so difficult to move, how they often mention difficulty in their sexual
life, had to undergo abstinence or specific diet, etc. And of course we know,
how hard to pay the cost of health care, drug prices are so expensive, until then
there was a sick person (even babies) taken hostage by the relevant
institutions, so that the patient or the family have to pay the cost of health
care. On the other hand, we can see the phenomenon of magical stones
(Ponari3)) or other supernatural things that invaded by the people to get relief
from their illness. We can see on television, so many alternative institution
offering alternative treatment or health aids that promise to cure some
disease. People trying to get health aids from the official health institutions,
anyhow it is still difficult and expensive, so the lower middle community trying
to find the unseen magic cure, just maybe they can get cheaper healing.
3) Ponari is a magic boy, he could cured any disease or illness with a stone

Based on my experience, 15 years performing pete therapy, and with

confidence in the ability of the super pete, I ventured to deploy prescription
therapy pete, I wrote this therapy in the form of a book, so that the therapy can
be reach by anybody, it can be spread more broadly. If to be healthy can be
made cheap and easy, it would be useful for many people, they have not to
choose the expensive and difficult one!

After a dozen years of testing pete, I managed to invite people to participate in

pete therapy. There are many experiences I have heard from the 'patients' who
perform pete therapy. The participants was varied, from 15 years old until 90
years old. On average they get positive results, got cured gradually from a
variety of chronic diseases, there are some who suffer from diseases that were
previously very difficult to cure, had frequent visits to health care, had to
purchase drugs that's so expensive, keeping the food rations, avoiding various
types of food (abstinence, diet), then they get healthy and fit again after
participate in pete therapy. There were some cases, this therapy successfully
restore the health of the participants who have previously suffered from severe
diabetes mellitus, one was not able to get up from bed, could not walk and one
of them had started to lose vision. They could move again, could walk, could
see ... they get an new life.

Unknown, therefore unloved

I am quite certain, that the Almighty surely provide a cure for any diseases,
medicine from the nature are allready around us, it can be a plant (leaves,
fruits, stems, tubers, etc.) or in other forms. Certainly there is any cure around,
just how we try to dig and carry out on trials and error. Well, one of the most
effectual, is the pete fruit, fruit that is considered unsophisticated, rustic, stink
beans, evil-smelling bean, etc.. With this book I want to introduce the super
pete capability so that people do not hesitate to consume petes to gain the
benefits contained in the pete fruit. => To be known, to be more cuddly!
Looking at the ability of the pete fruit, I even dare to mention the pete fruit as

'the fruit of life', as 'the fruit of happiness'.

Background of writing this book

Back to the article written by Prof. Hembing. The professor said pete cleanse
the blood, but did not say how? As well as many blogs or web-site that writes
about the efficacy of pete fruit, they just write about various properties and the
existing content in the fruit, but they did not say how to use the pete correctly.
Instead they continued to call petes as fruit with bad smell, as 'Stink bean' or
'Evil smelling bean'. Well I've tried it by myself, how the pete fruit has given

great benefit to the health. I know what happen after performing pete therapy,
eating pete will not cause the odor again. No more evil smelling bean or stink
bean, except in the first 3-4 days of therapy. I am quite certain, my trial
experience on pete fruit was much more 'up front' than the researchers or
research institution in my country and even from abroad. In this position, I was
stimulated to write this book PETE THERAPY.
Back to basic logic: every disease on earth certainly has its cure, it is already
available in nature, just need to be found and conducted research on existing
content in a wide variety of plants, fruits or the other, and run a self-test to use
it (but only the known one! Not the poisonous one!). These all could just
happen ... with provisions, that we believe in God Allmighty.
Well, I didn't want just waiting for somebody else did it, I should try something
and I found pete.
Sorry, I see the research and development of the health care institution about
herbal medicine only minimal, just a little efforts. So, rather than waiting, I
take the initiative to try some plants (fruits) as herbal remedies, such as betel
leaf, red guava fruit, guava leaves, radish + celery juice, mangosteen rind, pete,
pete's skin (pod), etc.
From some books of plants/herbal remedies do exist so many choices of
plants or herbs, but the plants is not easy to obtain, because I live in the city. If

I know the names and its properties or benefits, but it could not be that easy,
maybe I've never seen that plants in my life. So, I tried the herbs that's easily
available in the market of large cities, such as betel leaf, mangosteen fruit,
radishes, celery, pete, etc.
Next, I test it myself, with myself as the first experimental subject (as a guinea
pig), and then my wife, the maid in the house, my children, relatives and
friends who are willing to test pete, and continues to people I just met. The
result can clearly be felt immediately, it can be observed, it can be noted,
sometimes I ask them (participants in therapy), what they feel, how their
health changes ... and so on. For 15 years, I tried a variety of events (state), for
a couple of months where I was not eating a pete, I felt a decrease in
durability, stamina in sexual act, fatigue or soreness, etc. ... then I start therapy
again, I felt the change .. and so on. I tried it all myself!

While the researcher or health experts at some research institutions abroad

performed experiments on mice, on other animals as 'kelinci percobaan'4)
(guinea pigs) or other means, meanwhile I directed the trials on myself with
rational logical analysis, then gave the trials to my wife, my children, the
housemaid, relatives, friends and many people who I did not know before,
there were about 600 people (position in 2012). The result was clear, direct
benefits felt by the participants of the pete therapy. In rational logical this fruit
of pete do not carry excessive negativ impact, except if consumed too much in
a raw state!
Actually, there are many other considerations which strengthen the sense to
write this book, but by looking at the things described above, I think, it is
enough, obviously, I had to write the book Pete's therapy, to disseminate the
super pete.
4) kelinci percobaan => guinea pig, experimental object (subject)



To all readers of this book and everybody who enjoy the benefits of pete
therapy, please be thankful to those who have become pioneers (as 'patients')
in this therapy. Thanks to the 'patients' who have been willing to become a
'kelinci percobaan', who have tested the therapy. Also apologize, because I
never said anything about acting as 'guinea pig'. Thank you - thank you, you all
have helped proving this therapy. I am grateful to Mr. M. Nasro S.H. and Mr.
Agung (2 ahli pengobatan alternative5)) who has helped spread the pete
therapy, they have managed to pass on to hundreds (and thousands) of their
patients and their reports on the success of the participants.
5) traditional healers, alternative medicine experts, alternative treatment specialist,
someone who have the capabilities of alternative treatments/medicines.


Prescription Pete Therapy

Pete fruit for health
Pete, petai, peteh, Parkia speciosa

Recipes / How To Consume Pete

Pete Fruit

How to consume a pete for health and happiness,

use 3 recipes:
A. Major Therapy
B. Pete's Skin (POD) Boiled in Water
C. Pete Refilling

A. Major Therapy

Purpose: to cleanse the blood, the body, any organs in sustainable process,
discard / cleaning / decay / destroying impurities/poison/toxin that stacked
intentionally or unintentionally for years or even decades.
Duration of therapy: 2 weeks for those who are healthy, or up to 45 year old.
For those who are older or allready has the disease or even has various
diseases should take longer, be a month or several months.
Amount of pete required: 2 linear (board) each day, 1 linear at lunch, 1 linear
at dinner. Why should it be at lunch/dinner, not at breakfast? Because people
used to eat just a little at breakfast, while lunch is usually complete and a lot.
Tools needed: iron mug (stainless steel, aluminum) with a diameter of 8 cm or
small saucepan + lid, scissors/knife, bowl.
How: cook about 200 ml water in the mug, while waiting for water to boil, wash
pete (still with skin/pod), a linear of pete was cut as wide as 2 or 3 pieces of
pete fruit. When the water is boiling, put the pete pieces into the mug, boil

(cooked) about 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, remove the pete pieces, chill/soak
in a bowl of cold water. Remove the seeds/fruit of its skin. Seeds/fruit petes
ready to eat, can be eaten just like that or eaten with side dishes (lunch /
dinner). The 2 minutes boiling water can be drunk as well, mediocre taste
(bland, not bitter), in order that I can monitor, it is as a worm laxative.
Until the 3rd or 4th day, urination, urine (pee) still smelled of urine, may be the
sweat smells a little bad. BUT, entered the 4th or 5th day, urine will not smell
anymore! MAGIC right!? Day 6 and
subsequent urine, its does not smell
anymore! Body will feel refreshed,
sweat, stamina and durability will also
increase, better than before the therapy.

Figure 1) Mug iron (diameter 8 cm) and

the lid. To prevent that the steam does
not come out when boiled pete, closed
the mug with its lid. (Sorry, the mug lid
was not in the picture)

200 ml


Figure 2 & 3 When you cook using a mug with a lid, just use the water as
much as 2/3 cup (Figure 2), or 200 ml in pint glasses (Figure 3), but if you just
do not have a pot (mug) with a lid, use enough water, so that the pete are in
the water when boiled.
Figure 4 ... as the water is poured into the
iron mug. Turn on the stove, cook the
water until boiling. Meanwhile, prepare the
pete ...

Figure 5) Take (cut it with knife/scissors) 1

linear/boards of pete from pete's bunch.

Figure 6) Cut the pete skin's fringe around

1-2 mm. This is so that the existing sap in
pete's skin will be able to get out when
pete and its skin boiled in water.

Figure 7) When water is boiling, cut the pete

by 2 or 3 eyes immediately put it into boiled

Figure 8) Then, pete boiled for 2

minutes (about 2 minutes).
Figure 9) After boiling for 2 minutes. Pete
was taken from the mug.

Figure 10) Then soaked in a

bowl of cold water (to be

Figure 11) Pete fruit is separated

from its skin.

Figure 12) Pete fruit has been removed.

But still wrapped in the epidermis. Husk
(epidermis) wrapping the pete fruit may
be eaten, or discarded, it up to you. Some
people say, it could reduced the odor of
pete in your mouth.

B. Pete's Skin (POD) Boiled in Water

Goals: utilizing pete's skin, supporting the MAJOR THERAPY

Tools needed: same as MAJOR THERAPY, scissors/knife, iron mug.
Time needed: 2 minutes and 11 minutes (or 20 minutes).
There are 3 ways to use a pete's skin (pod):
B.1. That 2 minutes decoction of the pete's skin and pete inside the pod in
MAJOR THERAPY can be directly taken (drunk) as a (helminth) laxative.
Drinking the pete's skin herbal decoction, helping the process of cleansing the

B.2. 11 minutes (or 20 minutes) herbal decoction

Pete's skin as remainder from the MAJOR THERAPY, can be used to make 11
minutes herbal decoction. Do not dispose of the pete's skin, cut/slice the skin
with a knife (or cut with scissor) into small slices, put the slices into the 2
minutes boiling water from the MAJOR THERAPY. Boil it again for 11 minutes.
Then, that slices of pete's skin can be thrown away (there are some people
who also eat the slices, it up to you). After the water was cold, could be drunk
mixed with honey, sugar, tea or just so raw. Based on personal trials, 4 times
drinking this boiled water (2 +11 minutes) of pete's skin can heal gout,
arthritic symptoms that I suffered for many years. Some people who have
drunk the same herbal decoction, stating the same thing, the aching/stiffness
when moving the joints disappeared.
Figure 13-14) Pete skin cut into small


Figure 15) The sliced pete skin is

boiled for 11 minutes or 20
minutes. Wait until it's cool, add
honey if you like.

*) The 11 minutes water tastes much bitter than the 2 minutes, and the 20
minutes is less bitter than the 11 minutes. Whether you cook the pete's skin in
11 minutes or 20 minutes, it's up to you, the results are not so different, just a
different taste, biter or less biter. For anyone with hypotension, please use the
20 minutes one.
B3. Usually when cooking foods with pete as ingredients, such foods like
'sambal goreng pete', its pete's skin (pod) is not used. You can cook (boil) the
pete's skin, drink as a cure for gout or arthritis. For those who do not like to eat
pete but had symptoms of gout or arthritis, this is the cure, just boiled the
pete's skin (11 minutes or 20 minutes), no need to eat the pete fruit.

C. Pete Refilling

Purpose: cleaning blood/body between MAJOR THERAPY

After performing the 2 weeks primary therapy, we can pause the therapy. Its
up to you, how long you take pause or how often you eat pete in a week or in a
month. But, I suggest that we perform PETE REFILLING, by eating pete for 2 - 3
days every month, 1 - 2 linear pete a day, boiled 2 minutes as well. If the pee
began to smell the odor again, or feeling loss of energy/endurance, perform
the 2 weeks MAJOR THERAPY above. Without pete refilling, the decreasing of
body endurance occur after 1-2 years since last MAJOR THERAPY, so you'd be
better discipline to perform pete refilling every month and perform MAJOR

THERAPY at least once a year.

Relatively Low Cost

Performing pete therapy is still relatively cheap, the price of pete is relatively
cheap. We need pete for 2 weeks, 2 linear per day = 2 x 7 days X 2 linear X Rp.
3500 (price as of August 2012) = Rp. 98.000, - (ninety-eight thousand rupiah).
The cost for 2 weeks performing the major therapy is just a little less than 10
US$ to maintain our health. It's enough to keep us away from various diseases,
we can save the cost of health care in health institutions, the cost to pay
medical professionals. Its savings could be worth many times, tenfold or
maybe even more.

For those who have a chronic disease or are elderly, they need a longer
treatment time, could be a month to 3 months, and after the recovery, they
needs to run pete refilling once a month just like the other. Even, if you have to
perform this therapy for a month or more, the cost of this therapy is still
relatively cheaper than the cost of treatment with chemical drugs. Compare
the cost of the 2 weeks therapy (10 US$) with the insulin's price, about 20US$
for 3 to 5 days.

M y E x p e c ta ti o n s

Despite thousands of people allready participate in therapy pete, I still hope

there will be many more to participate in the therapy to overcome various
existing disease. Every success experienced by a participant will become a
promotional to the other. So many have succeeded! But there is still some
people say pete not classy, countrified, lower class fruit, rustic or insult others.
Please Repent! Pete has been tested in many countries in many health related
activities. Pete already go international! We are the one who are late going.
Don't wait too long, follow the pete therapy. For those who succeed - let's share
your stories with me and tell this good news to others. With so many great
experiences of many participants, then collected, we will establish a global
experimental system using pete for a low cost health care in Indonesia and in
the world.

From the search results (searching, googling, surfing) on the internet with the
keyword "buah pete" or "Parkia speciosa", I got a lot of blogs or pages in so
different languages from many countries. There are blogs that stated there are
many benefits of pete, ranging from healing or treatment of diabetes through
care or treatment of cancer. While, what I can test on myself is limited only on
a few (symptomatic) disease, that is easily observed or that I can experience
myself directly, such as gout, rheumatic symptoms because I am (thank God)
in good health over the years, and never had to visit a health professional
institutions. Obviously I might not be able to do a trial on my own body with a
disease that I do not naturally possess. From so many 'patients' that I can
observe, the process of health care is easily seen or analyzed based on their
reports (from their testimony), on various illness such: diabetes, heart disease,
weak potential, hypertension, hypotension, migraine, impotence, etc.
I still need a lot of cases of testing this therapy. I hope there will be more
people who want to know the therapy, who want to try, to explore the ability of
the pete fruit, especially those who have an acute illness or compilation
(collection, complication) of disease. With more participants of pete therapy,
the more types of diseases attempted to cure (to treat) with pete, more
success stories, then the truth ability of pete will be proven. This is one of my
If this true, that pete has highly efficacious curing power for various diseases,
then the participants of pete therapy became pioneers in the achievement of
public health care, that's cheap but also effective, that's so useful for the
people of Indonesia, and for all the citizens of the world.


Pete Therapy Experience

In this section, I write down my experiences with pete therapy, some positiv
experiences from participants of pete therapy, some negative experiences
because of misperception or misunderstanding of the therapy prescription.
Besides experiences with pete, there are also the experiences of using other
herbs, such as: guava leaf, betel leaf, white radish + celery leaf, cayenne chilli
pepper, mangosteen rind, and the latter one is eggplant purple (aubergine).
Before 1995, there were several herbs I've used for some occasion of specific
illness, such as guava leaves shoots used for abdominal pain, diarrhea
powdered ginger red and white turmeric powder can be directly brewed and
drunk to get stamina, brotowali4), 'beras kencur'5), and some others.
4) brotowali and 5) beras kencur are herbal in Jawa

Natural strength equal the power of the Almighty

I believe, there are a lot of herbal plants or fruits that each can be used as a
remedy for specific disease. I believe, that the Almighty has provided various
medicine for various diseases, that the medicine are already exist in the
nature: in the forest, in the mountain, in the ocean, and maybe in your garden.
Of course it is very rare to get a herbal plant (or fruit, tubers) that could be used
as a cure for many diseases in general. While, so far I know, the pete fruit is
the only one that could be used to cure many kinds of diseases. Indeed, to be
cured, is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, there is no guarantee
that a person that perform pete therapy will immediately get healed. It will
take time to be able to nourish a person who suffered from a particular
disease, especially when it's a complication of heart disease, diabetes, gout
and other disease already entrenched in a long time and deep in the body. But
it seems, if it is permitted by the Almighty up there, with a maximal effort, and

keep performing pete therapy, can gradually get healthy.

There are many enjoyable experience, but also some unpleasant one. Nice if
the people I offered this therapy would immediately believe, seriously want to
try, and after a few days of therapy they immediately feel the changes taking
place, and they want to continue the therapy until completion. Especially when
they managed to get a cure, there is a sense of pleasure because my efforts
are not useless. this happened once, in Yogyakarta, in November of 2011,
when I was attending a relative's wedding. There was a married couple, the
husband is my cousin, but he is much older than me, they've recovered from
gout, rheumatic, hypertension and some others, they felt healthy, much
healthier than before they run the therapy. Also there was a nephew, who
already participated in therapy and truly believe in the efficacy of therapy pete.
These three people told their stories to relatives, that they got healthy thanks
to pete therapy. Everyone who attended the wedding was so eager to ask and
ask, they wanted to know and wanted to participate in therapy. In one
occasion, there were more than 20 people wanted to perform therapy. Wow ... !

Kelinci Percobaan

Since a long time, I've tried to collect the books on medicinal plants. I've
already collected some ... but it is hard to know what kind of plant that was
written in those old books, because I live in a big city, far away from the
possibility of finding such plants. Even if I know the function certain medicinal
plants, I may not know the physical characteristics of the plant. So I have to
limit myself just to use herbal plants or fruit or tuber that are easily available in
urban areas.
There are several herbal medications that I often use for myself or my family,
such as guava leaf shoots for stomach pain, white radish juice mixed with
celery to treat inflamed cough, starfruit for hypertension, aloe for heartburn,
betel leaf for nose bleed (nosebleed).
For years, I tried any herbal medicines when there is a chance. If I got attacked

by a disease, then there is a new opportunity to try herbal remedies. If I'm

healthy, clearly I do not know the benefits ... right!?
I became the first guinea pig to try any herbal I know, then came my wife, my
children, relatives, anyone in my house.
From some experiences of dealing with some diseases, guava leaves help us
the most. This herbal medicines are very important because it frees us from
the attacks of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) ... and it was already
recognized as a medicine for DHF in the Philippines, but not in my own country,
it is not accepted or acknowledged yet.

I've tried a various plants or fruit or leaves as herbal medicine and here is the
list of that herbal fruit/leaves:
1) Therapy pete since 1995
2) Guava leaves for dengue fever from 2005
3) White radish + celery leaf about 2006
4) Cayenne (chilli) pepper therapy about 2008
5) Raw Pete Juice in 2010
6) PETE for diarrhea in May 2011
7) Mangosteen rind decoction in 2011
8) Water boiled pete's skin (11 minutes) in early 2012
9) Water boiled pete's skin (20 minutes) in midst 2012
10) Eggplant purple in the 1st half of 2013
From the list above, just 2 experiences will be listed in this book (item 3 and 5),
the rest will be listed in a new book: Test & Testimony.

3) White Radish + Celery Leaves For Cough or Sore

When my children or myself get cough, usually we still trying to take a cough
medicine. But if the cough is persistent, after a week that cough does not go
away, then the decision was made to make white radish + celery juice, then I

ask them, should I make radish juice!? Usually they will not refuse it. The juice
can be given 1 times or 2 times a day, for 3 or 4 days, then the cough got
Why not make the juice right from the start?
It tastes so strange, bitter and hot like chilli.
Recipe/method I used: white radish 5-7 cm diameter, cut width (thickness) 3
cm,and 2 celery stalks. Radish and celery will be cut into small pieces then
blended. The mixture could be filtered before drinking, but you can drink the
unfiltered mixtrue right away.

5) Raw Pete Juice

In 2010, I did this trial, I do not remember for sure when I tried to make a raw
pete juice. Some day, I made radish juice for one of my children who got
coughing. Once filtered the juice, the remaining radish pulp was pretty much.
So I thought, why not try making a pete - radish juice. So I took 4 grains of raw
pete, I put it into the radish pulp, once again, I turn the juice maker (blender)

I drank the pete - radish juice straight, but slowly, because I want to know the
feeling / sensation of this mixed juice. Within seconds, I felt the whole mouth,
tongue and gums feel thick / numbness, as if the teeth will fall out (off). This
sensation is similar as a dentist did before surgery molar tooth extraction, after
being given an injection of anesthesia to eliminate pain. I immediately drank a
lot of water, gargle mouthwash in order to eliminate the sensation of heavy /
numb in the mouth. I suspect it is not the act of radish but the act of pete!
To make sure that it was the act of pete, I tried again a week later, to make the
juice of pete, only 4 grains of raw pete and a little bit water, and then drink it
slowly, apparently, the thick sensation / numbness as if the teeth will fall out,
came back again.

Still not convinced yet, I repeat to make the juice in a week later!
And the same sensation came back again.
Enough, 3 times drinking raw pete juice! I know the power of raw pete, I'm sure
pete could soften the meat (gums), this is the power of pete. I also believe the
power of pete over papaya leaves, which are commonly used to soften the
meat before it is cooked or made as satay. But I did not dare try the papaya
leaf juice, it was definitely more uncomfortable than a raw pete juice.
Definitely bitter!
From these experience of raw pete juice I was more convinced of the power of
pete to cleanse the blood, cleanse the body, destroying granules in the blood
vessels, or destroy existing cholesterol in the blood. I'm thinking to downgrade
the strength of the pete but have to increased it's ability more optimally and
efficiently: pete boil 2 minutes to downgrade its strength, the volume is
doubled for each day and eat it more frequently, acquired: eat 1 linear at
lunch, 1 linear at dinner, and do it for 2 weeks. The result: this PETE THERAPY.


When we eat pete, urine will smell of bad odor, stink! It's because pete
cleansing the blood, blood vessels, and so on. Pete in a raw state has a strong
'destructive' power, stronger than papaya leaves that often used to wrap the
raw meat for tenderizing it. The meat, before it is cooked, serve as satay or
other dishes, wrapped first with papaya leaves or dusted with powdered
papaya leaves. Buffalo meat, that is tough (hard) will soften after wrapped in
papaya leaves for about 30 minutes. PETE has more power than papaya.
1) Do not eat too much raw petes let alone for a few days in a row. It could
caused abdominal pain, lumbago pain and back pain. Reduce its power, boil it
for 2 minutes, consumed on lunch or dinner.
2) 2 minutes boiled pete still has a large enough power! Moreover, in a raw
3) So is the pete skin boiling water 2+11 minute or 20 minutes! Boiling water

(13 or 20 minutes) is just taken once a day, preferably after lunch not after
breakfast in the morning. And for those who have symptoms of hypotension
needs to be careful, please use the 20 minutes one, and don't drink it at once
to prevent the blood pressure to drop too quickly, drink just a half portion then
after 2 hour drink the rest.

Resume of Pete Therapy Experience

The experience of the participant of pete therapy depend on their state of

health, if a person is healthy would have a different experience than a person
that have severe diseases. In this cases, the participants are divided into 4
1) healthy person
2) a person, rather sick with just one disease or just at the beginning phase
3) sick person with some disease at once
4) person who has suffered paralysis, either partial or whole body
1) Participants still in healthy state
Healthy participants varies especially in terms of age, there is a 15-year-old
(Eko, my son), until about 40 years old. Above 40 years old, they usually starts
to have a disease. So often I find people at that age are already stricken with
an illness.
2) Participants who are sick, just one illness but not serious yet
Participants in this category are the people that actually looks healthy, or just
beginn to recognize the symptoms of any disease, such as the early symptoms
of gout, started tingling, fatigue, loss of power (energy), etc. Based on my
observation,, they are in between the ages of 35 and over, but there is one
man who apparently healthy at the age of 67 years, he just feel the early
symptoms of deterioration of his health, if you see him, he looks healthy.
3) Participants sick with some disease
Pparticipants in this category are the people who clearly visible suffering some
disease, serious but not severe yet. From the look on his face, physique form,

and how he walk alone can be seen that the person was already stricken with
some disease. From my point of view, they are above the age of 40 years.
4) Participants are seriously ill until the lame
Participants in this category are the ones with a total paralysis or partial
paralysis of the body. Indeed I had never met in person these participants, I do
not know where they live. I know them from other participants, the brother and
the son of these sick person. My own friends, named Zulkifli, was paralyzed in
partial, just the left side of his body. When he was young, had an accident in a

judo match in a free class competition. He fought against a judo athletes from
a class far above, he slammed so hard and felt on the left side, until the hinges
off the left shoulder, left knee shell shifted out. About Zulkifli and his pain will
be continued in the next paragraph ... Some participants are those who already
suffer from a compilation of disease, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac paralysis,
gout, rheumatic ... etc.
Some disease with symptoms that are easily visible to others

Some symptoms are more as a physical barriers, these symptoms can be seen
immediately by others, from a person's movements can be attributed to the
state of the person's body that he is suffered a disease, he is not healthy. E.g.:
rigid part of the body or almost the entire body, difficulty moving, goes limp,
the fingers can not hold, the arm can not be moved until behind of the back,
legs can not be bent, or total paralysis, etc. These symptoms can be perceived
differently in just 2 days of therapy. Even total paralysis as a result of diabetes
takes 7 days to really get moving, get up out of bed, but to be free you really
need up to 2 weeks or a month.

Feel The Change

Participants can feel the change in their health on a relatively short time, the
average are within 4 days, they have gotten a difference in their health, but
there are cases, where they got it more quickly, just like Zulkifli, in 2 days of
therapy was able to start to bend his arm more then before and after 7 days of
therapy he was able to move freely!

On average it takes 4 days of therapy, but the changes of symptoms of

physical barriers can be felt even within 2 days of therapy such as Zulkifli's
condition. For those who have severe illnesses such as diabetes with high
sugar level, can also feel the difference in body condition within 4 days of
therapy. This happened to Troy, another friend, his sugar level had reached
340, after 4 days therapy, he felt the difference while playing golf 2 X 9 holes,
noon under the hot sun, he just felt fresh, no loss of energy, a different feeling
than before performing the therapy.
When the participant is healthy, has no symptoms of physical barriers, then
perform this therapy, he would not going to feel the changes, except when he
is doing physical work, just then he would realized that there is a change, the
power provided could reach relatively longer than before the therapy. For the
married men, they immediately feel the difference in their body strength within
4 days of therapy, more durable (stamina) and more energetic while having sex
with their wive. Some of them even say, power and stamina increased to 3fold. This is what I call a Slow Vixgrx effect.
For those who look healthy but actually having a bit of physical deterioration or
health, is often not aware of their health conditions that are not in prime state.
They are familiar with the situation, and when participate in therapy would not
seen much change, except when doing physical work, then they are aware of
any changes in their bodies. The 67-year-old participant, Mr. Soleh, after the
7th day of therapy, when he wakes up in the morning feeling his vital organs
arise, which actually have not happened for long time.
For those who are aware of their poor health, already know the existence of
some diseases, already understand the symptoms that they face daily such as
difficulty moving, tiredness, insomnia, could not sleep well, not easy to wake
up from sleeping in the morning, moving heavy, feet can not move fast as if
there are loads bound on leg, the body was tingling ... etc.. After 2 days
participate in therapy, they usually know the symptoms decreased, after day 4,

the change is usually very pronounced, ... and so on ... and so on.
Those who already severe once, like some lame old lady, one had allready lost
sight. They participate in therapy, after day 7 they were able to wake up from
its slumber, can move, freely moving after 2 weeks, the one almost blind can
see clearly again after 6 months. But maybe it just one exceptional?

Zulkifli Testimony

In this English version, I just gave one testimony, the last one that I received,

from a friend named Zulkifli. At a young age, he's a tough Judo athlete, he
competed in a match of free level, faced with an opponent of a level far above
him, Zul slammed hard on the left side, arm joints - shoulders up off, knee
shell also shifted. At that time he made through the hard times. He did not feel
the pain thereafter, but not in recent years of his life. The left hand can only be
raised to 90 degrees, it is painful if imposed, and he walks a little limp.
Difficult to wear shirt, more difficult to wear a t-shirt, had to get help from his
wife or child. The left arm can not be bent to the right or toward the back. Zul,
had sought treatment from a variety of modes, from official health institutions,
got pharmaceutical drugs, going to some massage shaman, got some herbal
medicine, etc. ... all effort got no effect, he still felt the pain, if there any
change, are only a little while, not lasted for a day let alone a few days.

He actually does not like pete, so he uses pete's skin boiled 20 minutes in
water. Just after 2 days, the arm can be raised up to 180 degrees, it can be
bent to the right, began to be bent behind his back, was able to wear a t-shirt
without assistance. And after the 7th day, he felt no pain, free from obstacles
so far, arms - hands free to move to any point no hindrance, even to practice
push ups is going well, walking as normal people, straight upright and flat, and
the power continues to flow without exhausted, when he walk in the rain and
get wet, he just feels normal, not become ill, all changed within 7 days!
So, in general, pete therapy provide solutions for a variety of diseases or
symptoms of life barrier, it bring new life, especially for those who have been in

worse situations in health, it bring happiness to many men for gaining extra
stamina and power in the form of Slow Vixgrx ... etc. Especially for diabetes,
this therapy does not only reduce and stabilize blood sugar, but actually heals.
After a month of therapy (for severe one), the person can have a pause in
therapy, he will be free to eat anything, got a healthy, fresh, strong, happy life ...
it is.
I do not need to show other examples ... trust me, this pete therapy is health
solutions for all citizen of the world. If you do not believe ... test it. If you don't
believe, don't want to try ... I don't lose anything, but you are the one who lose
... If you want to try and then get healthy .... I don't get material benefits, you
are the lucky one who get it, free of disease, free from any treatment costs,
free from medicines cost ... farthest I only get the reward from the ALMIGHTY.
Some diseases/illness were successfully treated:
- gout, rheumatism, paralysis, sore and fatique
- heart disease, kidney, hypertension, hypotension
- impotence
- diarrhea
- migraine
- etc-etc.


Therapy pete answered many health problems, it gives you a relative cheap
healthcare to cure many diseases. It's mean, many people in the world can get
the benefits from pete.
With the book 'THERAPY PETE' I offer a relatively inexpensive healthcare
solutions, invites the public to try to run a pete therapy to get health, life,
happiness and prosperity.
... be healthy
... be happy.

Pete Therapy Improvisation Experience

A participant of pete therapy, about 34 yars old, he ate pete and drank boiled
petes 'skin 3 times a day, in the morning before breakfast, at lunch and at
dinner. He argued that it just the same as other normal herbal. After a few
days, his stomach got sick, pain, he had to go to the doctor. I have said to him
not to drink that boiled water in the morning, because the boiled pete's skin
(13 minutes) was very bitter and can cause stomach acidity got high enough,
can cause acute gastritis. He got pain in his stomach. Then when I met him, he
told me that I have given that prescribe for 3 time eating and drinking the
herbal, of course I refuse that. I never ever prescribe eating petes 3 times a day
let alone to eat pete in the morning. I remember, I've writen the prescription on
a piece of paper in front of him, and extra read the recipe for him ... It turns
out, he improvised so far and still insisted that it was the recipe I gave. I asked
him to look over those notes / recipes that I have ever given.

Improvisation which cause Fatal

There is another improvisation, that cause fatal. Mas Min, a drinks vending in
Manggarai, Jakarta. Every morning he had to buy all the merchandise in the
market, put it in the vending cart, and later he had to push the cart to the place
where he sell drinks to school member. He wanted to try the therapy, but he
had no time to cook the pete in the morning, so he just eat half linear raw pete
at lunch and half linear raw pete at dinner.. He did eat pete this way for a week
or two weeks. It's stil ok, just eating half linear raw pete each time. For that he
had asked if he could eat it raw petes in the morning. Of course he can do it as
long as the number is limited, at most half linear each meal time. I explained
that the raw pete is DANGEROUS! so just be a little bit in the morning. At night,
he should have had a longer time than in the daytime, he should give some
time to boil the pete first. Maybe because he is just so lazy to cook the pete, he
ate the raw pete at dinner.
Improvisation continues. While in Jakarta, he had no time to cook the pete, so
he could just eat raw petes half linear at lunch, another half linear at dinner.

But when he returned home to Solo in vacation, there's a lot of pete and so
cheap (or just take it down from the tree in his land!?) ... then, he was
determined to continue the therapy pete in his improvised version ... He had 1
linear RAW pete at breakfast, 1 linear RAW at lunch, and another 1 linear RAW
at dinner! Finally, he got pain in his stomach so hard, so intense. He should be
treated for 2 weeks in a hospital in Solo. I heard this from another trader ... I
said to him, I have never given a prescribe to eat 1 linear RAW PETE each meal
time, and I said, just twice a day not 3 times a day ... I am quite sure, because I
know the true strength of pete. This improvisation cause a bad fatal situation.
Please run the therapy as the prescription, just eat 1 linear cooked pete each
meal time!
Once again I say, do not eat raw pete in large quantities and for a few days.
You could get pain in your stomach, your waist will be sore, could get aching
backs ... uric acid will attack!


Closing Messages
What I did with my life, my health or my family, is definitely entirely my
personal responsibility. So, it is the same for other people in this matter, also
for other people/families anywhere in the world. And as citizens of a country
like Indonesia, we have to fulfil the cost of living, the cost of health care by
ourselves. So do the other cost, like education, administration, ete etc. We
can not expect 'THE SOCIAL SYSTEM' to be applicable here, at least not
now, maybe in 3 or 5 years later. It's clearly seen with my own eyes,
because until now the social security system not really running! Your life is
entirely on your own responsibility.
Costs of living is allready high, let alone the cost to stay alive when a person
has a certain severe disease and should be hospitalized. Usually, before
being treated, then the sick person (or his/her family) must pay a deposit for
the first treatment, and its value is certainly high enough, burdensome for
most people (ordinary people, middle low class people). Especially if
he/she got severe cancer and must undergo chemotherapy (chemotherapy).
He/she could got a real KANKER (KANtong KERing it means empty pocket,
losing money)! Well, speaking about chemotherapy, not just about the
exorbitant cost, the risk is also pretty, it can damage other healthy organs, or
be bald from hair loss!
About the cost and the risk of the health system is not only a scourge for
ordinary people who became ill! Even the quality of health care in this
country also doubted by the state officials itself! We can see, so many of the
state officials who went in search of personal health care to overseas,
including the former Minister of Health that already deceased, or our lady
who recently sought health care to overseas. These officials flew to
overseas although there is no guarantee for them to get cured from their
diseases. There are a lot of 'dead' in their efforts to find a cure in other
country. That happened to the late former Minister of Health who, after a few

months of treatment in China, could not be recover as well, and we know

the end result, she had to go to San Diego Memorial Park for good.
It is clear enough, not only upper or middleclass officials / leaders who do
not believe the health system of this country! Even some of the president of
Indonesia also do not believe in the health system themselves. HOW CAN!?
If you have just a little attention, you could see those presidents always
bring ambulance contains expert doctors, nurses, medicines and a complete
emergency equipment's, wherever the president move the ambulance get
When it should be in an emergensy, if that president got any kind of disease,
he could go into any nearest hospital ... but why? He bring his own
ambulance along!? ... Could it be, that the the president did not believe on
his health system himself!? What about the poor people!?
What, why, how I am looking for a herbal medicine, is my own business,
based on my belief in the blessing of the Almighty, and I trust that there's
drugs from herbal provided by the Almighty to any illness we have. What I
tell here is my own experience and also a collection of experiences from
people who have participated in pete therapy. BUT, to be cured from any the
disease or not, is inseparable from the Almighty's permits. SO, if anyone
wants to try this therapy, go ahead, as long as it do not rely solely on this
healing therapy, or when 'it' does not go away please do not blame me
anyway, because it could be, you got no blessing. And certainly, this book
has no guarantee to cure various diseases. Do not sue me or blame the
therapy as a source of problems when a disease could not be healed.
When I say (tell) somebody (someone) that pete therapy was good for
health, one can reject my proposal, he/she can ignore me, even able to
laugh at me or humiliate me. So what I have written in this book, will also
apply equally. What someone did to his life, is his personal responsibility, do

not blame others if he get no healing, because it is his own choice.

If you want to try therapy pete, it's also your own choice, I do not say this
therapy is the most accurate way out to various diseases. Just as those who
choose to go to the overseas's treatment, ready to pay for an expensive
healthcare ... anyway do not heal (cure) instantly or even die. Remember ...
if you want to pay the expensive fees, or want to use a pete therapy, it is
your own personal responsibility. If you are healed, healthy, got a happy life,
or prosperous, is a choice of your own, give thanks to the Almighty who has
given blessing, permission for it all. If you're healthy, at most, I just got the
reward from HIM, there is no material gain. Those who already cultivate the
pete trees will get the benefit from selling pete. Sharing knowledge is my
Some countries in Europe have replaced chemical drugs with herbal
remedies or using a treatment or cure a'la oriental like shiatsu, acupuncture,
akupressur, massage, oil therapy, hot and cold therapy, vibration therapy
(resonance) etc.. While we continueing to use those chemical drugs that
were found by the experts from Europe, even though the ingredients of
herbal medicine, the plant / fruit / tubers etc exist in our country! Why don't
we use it ourselves. Several years ago the replacement of chemical drugs
with herbal medicines in Europe had been more than 50%, but I forget
where I save this article.
Smart people said: "Nobody's Perfect". I believe, nothing is perfect, maybe
not all problems can be tackled by pete alone, maybe not all diseases can
be cured only with a single drug! That way, I am assured, that pete is not
everything. Pete is not an antidote to all diseases, but that does not mean
we should not try to use pete to treat a disease that attacks us. We must try,
try and do not forget to pray to in order to get healing or blessing from the
Allmighty. That is clear, let's try this therapy, we prove it together the efficacy
of the pete fruit.

For health professionals in the world, I do not mean to take over their
business: caring for the sick ... This therapy will only take a little portion of

their patients and could be none, because the rich and wealthy citizens who
become customers of those professionals, and pete therapy is directed
essentially to the underprivileged citizens, or those who just love to herbal
medicine. Those who are already addicted to expensive drugs or high costs
will remain a customer of those health professionals, they will keep looking
for a cure to any foreign country, to China, to Europe, or to the land of Uncle
Sam. While the poor and penniless that can not afford it, is certainly not their
customers, this is the only target of this therapy. If then there is any capable,
rich and wealthy people try the therapy to get their health. Please, do not
blame me yaaa! Blame them! It's their decision!
For those who already believed in pete fruit, do not forget to plant pete
trees, a fruit with a promising future. In addition to get a medicinal fruit,
planting pete trees become part of greening the earth. Pete trees can be
used as shade trees for other commercial crops, because the leaves do not
monopolize sunlight, so while waiting for the petes to grow and bear fruit,
you can still organize (farming) the land among the pete trees. I'm sure, pete
could be an export commodities to foreign countries in the future.
That's all and thank you.
If anyone wants to contact me, please email: subaktyo@yahoo.com
I wrote articles about Pete and Diabetes mellitus:


Reading List
This section is not a list of references to write this book. I began this therapy
trial in 1995 without a single reference except on one article of Prof. Hembing
which stated that 'Pete can be used to cleanse the blood'. That's it. During the
fifteen years of trial and error of this therapy, I did not find or did not see any
articles / research on pete. Just in May, 2012, I began to search for
information on the internet about 'buah pete' or 'Parkia speciosa'.
In May 2012, after receiving a message from Hasan, then I try to search about
buah pete and Parkia speciosa on the internet. When googling (surfing /
searching) with the keyword buah pete, Google or any other search engine
displays thousands of pages. Those pages tell the benefits of pete, the super
abilities vitamin to fight cancer, and so many other things. But they did not
write down how to use the super-pete. Furthermore with the keyword 'Parkia
speciosa', the Latin name of pete, there were thousands of pages (at the end
of July 2013, there were 44,100 pages), articles, websites, or blogs. There
were a lot of writing, a lot more complete articles and more serious, a lot of
research on Parkia speciosa in many universities / research institutions from
some foreign country.
From so many pages on the internet, I found a lot of information about the
benefits of pete, pete possibilities for treatment. There were many blogs that
mostly look like a copy-paste from another blog or translation from other
English blog.
The results from pete therapy trial that I did, indeed justify some of that
possibilities, but still a small part of so many benefits of pete, because the trial
I did still limited in terms of the number of participants (subject / object) and
of course the time limitations and opportunities to be able to interact with the
participants that are scattered in many cities through out the island of Java
and other island.

Of course I could not include all the pages / web-sites / blogs related to pete,
there are thousands of pages related to buah pete and Parkia speciosa.
Readers can look it for his/herself, see and read it directly on the internet
using the keyword "buah pete and Parkia speciosa.
Some addresses blog search results from searching 'buah pete' ('pete fruit')
1) http://www.thecrowdvoice.com/post/khasiatpete2695041.html
2) http://www.febrinastevani.com/2012/05/buahpetai10000kalolebihkuat
3) http://chatterlight.blogspot.com/2012/05/petedapatmembunuhsel
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11) http://anaksolsel.blogspot.com/2009/07/khasiatpetepetai.html
12) http://salamsalim.com/blogs/6/3985/manfaatbuahpetebagi
13) http://askepaskeb.blogspot.com/2010/02/manfaatpete.html
Laboratorium / LITBANG Cahaya Nusantara Yogya Karta
Some addresses blog search results from searching 'Parkia speciosa'
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Parkia speciosa (bitter bean, twisted cluster bean, or stink bean) is a plant of
the genus Parkia in the family Fabaceae. It bears long, flat edible beans with
bright green seeds the size and shape of plump almonds which have a
rather peculiar smell, characterised by some as being similar to natural gas.

Uses: The beans or other Parkia species (Parkia javanica and Parkia
singalaris for example) are popular as culinary ingredient in Indonesia,

Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, southern Thailand, Burma, and northeastern

India, and are sold in bunches, still in the pod, or the seeds are sold in
plastic bags. Pods are gathered from the wild, or from cultivated trees: they
are exported in jars or cans, pickled in brine, or frozen.
Culinary use: It is known as petai, pete or peteh in Indonesia, Malaysia, and
Singapore. In marketplace, depending on the country of origin Parkia
species may be labelled peteh, petai, yongchaa, yongchaak, Zawng?ah
(pronounced Zongtrah). They are best when combined with other strongly
flavoured foods such as garlic, chili peppers, dried shrimp or shrimp paste,
as in sambal petai. When young the pods are flat because the seeds have
not yet developed, and they hang like a bunch of slightly twisted ribbons,
pale green, almost translucent. At this stage they may be eaten raw, fried or
pickled. Young tender pods with undeveloped beans can be used whole in
stirfried dishes.
Agroforestree Database: a tree reference and selection guide
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Filipino (upang) Indonesian (pete, petai papan, peuteuy) Javanese (petai
gede,pete,segobang,petai pare) Malay (chou dou, petai, petah, patai,
patag, nyiring, cong dou) Thai (sator, sataw, sator dan, sator kow, to dan, to
Essential oil: Seeds of P. speciosa contain cystine.
Medicine: The seeds are known to be hypoglycemic (reducing blood sugar
level), and is used traditionally for treating kidney pain, cancer, diabetes,
hepatalgia, oedema, nephritis, colic, cholera and as an anthelmintic also
applied externally to wounds and ulcers. The seeds are also valued as a

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A Patent was registered to PatentGenius.com

6004558 Methods for treating cancer with legume plant extracts

Date Issued: December 21, 1999

Application: 09/030,704
Filed: February 25, 1998
Inventors: Huang Li Jiu (New South Wales, AU) Thurn Michael Joseph
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Natural Cancer KILLER 10,000 times stronger than Chemo and more.....
CANCER Natural Medicines & Humor Theraphy
MYSIGBIOTECH Malaysia SIG Biotechnology
Penggunaan Sirsak (Durian Belanda), Pete (Parkia Speciosa), Spirulina,
dan NIGELLA SATIVA (HABBATUS SAUDA) menggantikan Chemo
An essay about pete plants/trees, suitable regional / temperature, and pests
that interfere with pete trees....
Orwa C, A Mutua, Kindt R , Jamnadass R, S Anthony. 2009 Agroforestree
Database: a tree reference and selection guide
Does Petai Really Help People Stop Smoking To Prevent Stroke?
.... But the news emerged petai can help people quit smoking up to prevent
a stroke. Can petai really help people quit smoking and prevent a stroke?
... plants (peteh) are very popular in the region of Southeast Asia countries
such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Laos. The fruit is
known by the scientific name of Parkia speciosa (petai) has a biological
chemicals that are beneficial to humans more than expected so far.
It was said petai contain fiber, sucrose, fructose, glucose, tryptophan, a
protein that is converted into serotonin. Serotonin is a substance that

relaxes a person and vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 is what he said could help people quit smoking. But until now no
one has turned out to prove the link of vitamin B6 in the petai with quitting
smoking. The claim that Vitamin B6 and B12 they contain, along with
potassium and magnesium help the body to heal faster from the effects of
nicotine has not been proven medically.
Although research has not found a valid prove, some people found the
efficacy of eating petai. Those benefits include:
1.Reduce depression
2.Streamlining the menstrual
3.Overcoming anemia
4.Reducing high blood pressure
5.Overcoming constipation
6.Controlling blood sugar levels
Journal of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering, Special
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Additional Notes

As time goes by, there are new developments, emerging various matters
related to this PETE THERAPY. Some are positiv also negativ. There are
things that I have found results by myself or got some input from so many
participants of pete therapy or from some questions. Some supplementary
information is already inserted into several parts of this book, partly will be
listed here in the additional notes.

Skin Regenerative

The result of surfing on the internet, there is information on the ability of cellpete perform regenerative, renewing dead cells with new cells more quickly.
Further Information: Skin Regenerative, and not independent organ possibility
is also updated. In general, every cell will aging, and need renewal
(regenerative). Associated with aging, regenerative cell will decrease its ability.
In general, you can see such skin aging, wrinkles and loss its elasticity. So is
the ability of the body's organs, reduced ability of certain organs means less
ability to produce hormones, or a decrease in the ability of a particular organ
performance. Pete could encourage cell regenerative capacity. So the therapy
participants will look fresher, healthier, more energetic than those who do not
participate in therapy. On this subject, I got feedback from some participants.
But, it just not enough input on this capability, still needs further verification, a
further research has to be done.

Obsession, Addiction and Dependency on Pete!?

Based on my monitoring of the therapy participants, some of them are

obsessed with this therapy, they do not stop the therapy after 2 weeks or 1
month, but instead as 'addiction' or even they themselves refer to it as
'dependency'. They tried to eat pete everyday. One participant eat 1 linear at
dinner, the other 1 linear anytime they got the opportunity, but there is also
one who eat 23 linear everyday. They said, since participate in pete
therapy, it's maintained their health, full of energy all the day, tiredness is

gone, one feels his heart health continues to awake ... it feels good. Some
of them eat pete everyday because they fear their strength faded away ...
it's the Slow Vixgrx effect!

Actually, you don't need to eat pete everyday, just a refilling each month, eat
pete for 2 or 3 days. But if you want to eat pete everyday ... it's up to you.

Logic of Pete, Pete's Strength

1) Prof. Hembing wrote, pete cleanse the blood ... I told you, not only cleanse
the blood, but also cleanse the blood vessels, also cleanse the stomach
2) before / without treatment, every time a person eating a pete then the
OUTPUT definitely smell (urine, feces). Today eating a pete, a few hours later
(or tomorrow) urine will be smell of bad odor, then a few days later, when
he/she eat pete then OUTPUT would smell again
3) if you participate in the therapy, for 4 days: 1 linear at lunch, 1 linear at
dinner, then at 5th day, the OUTPUT does not smell anymore, even after
completed the therapy then make a pause for a week or 2 weeks, and later we
eat pete, the OUTPUT could still no smell.


1) There were 2 participants of therapies, just after the 7th day, the OUTPUT
did not smell anymore, because, before performing the therapy, he did have to
take a 'handful' of medication, and the other already had several diseases at
once time.
2) Even if you've performed the therapy, then made a pause of eating pete, its
a situation where you are just building, stacking, saving ITP from a variety of
foods that contain various synthetic substances / dangerous chemicals such
as preservatives (borax, formalin) agent, flavor enhancer (MSG etc), textile
dyes, artificial sweeteners, expired materials, damaged materials, rot, etc.. So
when you eat a pete again, OUTPUT would smell. This is the purpose of PETE

How To Store Pete To Make it Durable


Pete is usually not quickly broken, not quickly decay, but the pete skin will turn
black within a week if it left in the open space. But if stored properly, it can last
up to 2 weeks and more. If the price of petes is not expensive, and are
available in the market near the house, we can buy 1 or 2 linear every day or
some for a week needs. Sometimes, you could get pete cheaper if you buy a
lot at once at the market near the pete plantation. A lot means 50 or 100
linear in a bundle, the price could just 10 15 US$ a bundle. Then, pete should
be stored to survive for a week - 3 weeks. Usually, I put my pete in a plastic
bag, wrap it in 2-3 layers, wrapped it in such a way that moisture can be
maintained, if necessary tied ... then put it into the vegetable section in the

Further Research

Research on pete has been done by many researchers in foreign institutions.

There are about thousands of pages / pete research web-sites on the internet.
Researchers have known that a variety of substances contained in pete fruit.
What its substance can be read in various posts / paper / report / thesis them.
I would be very grateful to anyone (the researchers) who want to continue the
research benefits using my PETE THERAPY PRESCRIPTION.
I hope, there is any researcher willing to continue my research with more
scientific, with laboratory tests, to figure out why and how:
- why after 4 days eating pete pee not smell,
- why after the 7th day, the male organ can wake up from a long sleeping,
- why pete can lower the blood sugar levels, helps cure diabetes (diabetes),
- Why water boiled pete skin can cure gout and rheumatic symptoms,
- why this therapy could help cells or skin regenerative, restore muscle / nerve
that had already reached aging stage (old), fatigue being refreshed, back
bending hindrance can be moved easily, free of symptoms of rheumatic,
- why pete provide power for physical labor (the workers), power always
available, not easily tired, do not get sick because of the weather ... etc
- and lastly, why pete therapy can help the heart.

The Latest: Diabetes melitus, disease number 7 in the world

I'm sure, pete can cure Diabetes melitus. Some participants got cured from
diabetes melitus. However, pete are much cheaper than chemical drugs for
diabetes, and not only lowers blood sugar levels or simply stabilize blood sugar
levels but can cure diabetes mellitus. This should be proven any further.
I would be very grateful to anyonee who want to prove it.
Please notes: 347 million people worldwide suffered from diabetes!
Source: http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diabetes_mellitus
Source: http://diabetesmelitus.org/#ixzz2RTtkd5zY
Source: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs312/en/
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diabetes_mellitus
WHO and IDF say there are 347 million (and 360 million) people with
diabetes in the world and there are many more who were never diagnosed.
A variety of diseases, syndromes and simtoma can be triggered by diabetes
mellitus, among others: Alzheimer's, ataxiatelangiectasia, sindrom Down,
penyakit Huntington, kelainan mitokondria, distrofi miotonis, penyakit
Parkinson, sindrom PraderWilli, sindrom Werner, sindrom Wolfram,[3]
hipogonadisme,[5] dan lainlain.
347 million people worldwide suffered from diabetes. In 2004, approximately
3.4 million people died due to high blood sugar levels. More than 80% of
diabetes deaths occur in countries with low and middle income levels.
WHO estimates the number of deaths due to diabetes will increase twofold
during the period 20052030. The DM would be the 7th largest disease
which causes death in 2030.

Source: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/info/diabetes/
Complications linked to badly controlled diabetes:
Eye complications glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and some
Foot complications neuropathy, ulcers, and sometimes gangrene which
may require that the foot be amputated
Skin complications people with diabetes are more susceptible to skin
infections and skin disorders
Heart problems such as ischemic heart disease, when the blood supply to
the heart muscle is diminished
Hypertension common in people with diabetes, which can raise the risk of
kidney disease, eye problems, heart attack and stroke
Mental health uncontrolled diabetes raises the risk of suffering from
depression, anxiety and some other mental disorders
Hearing loss diabetes patients have a higher risk of developing hearing
Gum disease there is a much higher prevalence of gum disease among
diabetes patients
Gastroparesis the muscles of the stomach stop working properly
Ketoacidosis a combination of ketosis and acidosis accumulation of
ketone bodies and acidity in the blood.
Neuropathy diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage which can lead
to several different problems.
HHNS (Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome) blood glucose
levels shoot up too high, and there are no ketones present in the blood or
urine. It is an emergency condition.
Nephropathy uncontrolled blood pressure can lead to kidney disease
PAD (peripheral arterial disease) symptoms may include pain in the leg,
tingling and sometimes problems walking properly
Stroke if blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood glucose levels are
not controlled, the risk of stroke increases significantly
Erectile dysfunction male impotence.
Infections people with badly controlled diabetes are much more

susceptible to infections
Healing of wounds cuts and lesions take much longer to heal
USA 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet
How many Americans have diabetes or prediabetes?
8.5% of the US population have diabetes 25.8 million children and adults.
Researchers from the Jefferson School of Population Health (Philadelphia,
PA) published a study which estimates that by 2025 there could be 53.1
million people with the disease.
18.8 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes
About 7 million people with diabetes have not been diagnosed.
Even though type 2 diabetes rates in the USA have risen sharply, Timothy
Lyons, MD, who is presently Director of Research of the Harold Hamm
Diabetes Center in Oklahoma City says that the disease is still not being
detected promptly. He added that the lag in diagnosis involves both patients
and doctors.
About 79 million people have prediabetes
1.9 million people aged 20 years or more were newly diagnosed with
diabetes in 2010
215,000 (0.26%) people younger than 20 years have diabetes
Approximately 1 in every 400 kids and teenagers has diabetes
11.3% of people aged 20+ years have diabetes a total of 25.6 million
26.9% of people aged 65+ years have diabetes a total of 10.9 million
11.8% of men have diabetes a total of 13 million people
10.8% of women have diabetes a total of 12.6 million people