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Implementation of SOAP to JDBC Synchronous scenario


This document will explain you the SOAP to JDBC communication using SAP XI. At
sender side SOAP adapter is used and JDBC adapter is used to update the record in the
data base table. If the record is updated we can know the response as the record is
successfully updated or not.
Here we are going to update the record in the data base table. The company name should
be updated based on the Id, which the Soap client provides.


SQL Server 2000 is the DB Server used in this scenario.

Data base table Employee with the Id, Name, and Company
Using the data base name as AccPayDBV2

Integration Repository

Import the software component.

Create the namespace.
Data Types

Create 4 data types.


SOAP Request ---DT_Sender

SOAP Response DT_Receiver
JDBC_Request DT_Employee
JDBC_Response DT_Employee_response

Create data type for the SOAP Request

Create the data type for the soap response

Create data type for the JDBC Request

Create the data type for the JDBC Response

Message Types
Create the message types for the above data types
Message type for the SOAP Request

Message type for the SOAP response

Message type for the JDBC Request

Message type for the JDBC Response

Message Interfaces
Create outbound synchronous message interface for the SOAP

Create inbound synchronous message interface for the JDBC

Message Mapping:

Request mapping to update the record in the data base table.

Response mapping whether the record is updated in the data base table

Interface Mapping.
Create one interface mapping. Click on read interfaces and select the corresponding message

Activate all the IR objects. Integration Repository part completed.

Integration Directory
Business Services and Communication Channels

Create Business service and select the sender and receiver interface

Create the sender communication channel. Select the adapter as soap. Enter the Sender
interface and the namespace.

Create the Receiver JDBC communication channel

JDBC Driver: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver


Replace host name with the IP address of the SQL Server. Check whether you are using
the correct port name
Specify the username and password for the connecting to the database.

Sender Agreement

Create the sender agreement for connecting to the sender communication channel

Receiver Determinations:

Create the receiver determination as shown below

Interface Determinations:

Create the interface determination. Interface mapping is specified here.

Receiver Agreements:

Create the receiver agreement

Generating the WSDL file:

In the Integration Directory, from the menu bar, select the Tools----Define Web Service

Click on continue

Click on the propose URL and click on the continue

Select the Sender interface and namespace.

Specify the sender interface, sender namespace, and sender service.

It will display all the sender details. Then click finish.

Save the generated WSDL file.

Executing the Scenario in Microsoft Info path:

Open the Microsoft info path from startprograms---Microsoft office---Microsoft office

info path.

Click on the design a from template

Select the Web Service icon and click on ok

Select the radio button receives and submits data and click on next.

Enter the path of the generated WSDL which you have saved and click next.

Select the interface and click next.

Click next

Click next

Select the interface and click next.

Double click on the parameters

Double click on the parameter (material). Then click on the query field and click ok.

Click next. And click Finish.

Now drag the query fields on the data fields to the left side. And click preview.


Before updating the table, the Company name is Wipro for the Id =3.

After the updating the record

Runtime Environment:
Messages in MONI

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