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The Company offers One year wafianty for this product for repai ng or rcpladng parts, free ol (ost against
defuct in manufacturlng fuflctional pan subject to the following tems aid conditions.

l.Thls warranty


valid only ifthis card is duly signed and stamped by our dealer and is produced along with the
copy ofthe purchase bill.


2.Wafianty period sta(s from the date of purchase of product.
3,The Appliance has to be used with allnormalcare and maintenance and in ac(ordance with instructionsfor use,
recommended by the company, as enumerated in the instruction manual,
4.,The Appliance sho!ld not be repaire4 tampered oraltered byanyagency or person other than an authorised
company petsonnel or their service centets.
5.The warranty shall not apply to replacements parts,
Plasticand glass partr,which are breakable,are noi covered underthi! warranty.
7.The Appliances subject to normalwear & tear, misuse, negled, ac(ident including technical breakdown etc. or
non compliance of the instructions qiven in the instauction manual,improper installation is not covered by this



responsiblefor bringingthe defective producttothe service centre/manufacture for seruicing
hither own (ost.

nd col{ecting the same at

9.The Appliance is meant for domestic use only.
10. Parts

repaired or replaced under this warranty are warranted only for the remainder of the
is no fresh warranty pedod shall commence for the said replaced/repaired pan.


ginal warGnty


. Liability under tems of wa lnty is limited to the value of the repairrreplacement of the partr found to be
defective with in the waiianty period.Allparts may have been replaced thall become
the property of the company.
1 1

Under the term! of warranty, installation,free service will be provided only within the municipal limits of the
cities/towns where the company has its bhnches or authorized representatives. Service outside the municipal
limits specified above will be prcvided aftercharging the actualto and fro tlaveling and incidental expenset as
prevailing frcm time totime.
l3.Thedeckion ofthe company h final and binding on allmatteE arising out ofthls warranry
14. This wadanty i5 issued at Delhi, and courts at Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction over matters by or
following from this warranty.In case of any dispute,arGing out ofthis the same shall be rettled by an Abitrator,ln
accordance with the provisions of Arbitration and (onciliation Act, I 996.

I5- Any claim must be fled with in the waftanty period.6le a claim, the firsi end !ser must presentthe copy of
the wallanty card along with original purchase recelpt showing the purchase and/or delivery date and the
prodlct identiication totheservice centre listed in the servicecentre directory

Model No G S -'l

00 Serial No.


C.M.No. ............... Date of Sale. .............
Owner's Name &Address. ............................

;;;ilil. ".:--:......';;;;.'



Made in China


lmported and Marketed by:

lvlaharaja V\hiteline lndustries Pvt. Ltd., A-25,1st Floor, RearTower,
l\/ohan Cooperative Industrial Suite, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044

Service Executive:
Maharaja Whiteline lndustries Pvt. Ltd., A-25,1st Floor, Rear Tower,lvlohan Cooperative lndustria Suite,
l\,,lathura Road, New Delhi110044, Tel; 1860-180-4111, e-mailicuslomercare@maharajawhiteline.com