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Level :3ASS

March 2014
Second Term English Exam
Time: 02h
Read the text carefully then answer the questions below.
People today eat more than they used to and more than they need to. This means that they are constantly
taking in more calories than their bodies ca ur . U fortu ately ,lots of us do t realize that ere eati g too
much ecause e e eco e so used to seei g a d eati g large portio s.
The price of such o era u da ce is high. Its common knowledge that people who constantly overeat are
likely to become overweight. But they also risk getting a number of medical problems, including highblood
pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, breathing and sleeping pro le s Later i life, people ho o ereat are at
greater risk for heart diseases.
So what can you do to take back control? A good place to start is knowing about two things that can help
you eat smart: varied food and small amounts of different foods. The best way to eat healthy is to eat a wide
ariety of e ough food to eet the odys eeds. The Aim is to eat more food that contains fibres and more
fruits and vegetables. You should cut back on meats high in fat, greasy fried foods, and sweets and drink more
water instead of sugary drinks like sodas.In short, you need to improve your eating habits and practice
Sport exercise.
-A/-Reading and interpreting:(8pts)

Put true or false to the following statement according to the text: (2pts)
People used to eat more than today.
People do t k o that o ereati g leads to o esity.
Overeating causes heart diseases when old
Drinking much soda is healthy


Answer the following questions according to the text: (3pts)

Why people are not aware they are eating too much today?
How much should anyone eat?
Which drink is healthy for you?


Complete the table according to the text: (1pt)


Healthy food
Unhealthy food

What do the following words refer to in the text: (2pts)

They (1)
They (2)
You (3)

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Choose the suitable title to the text.(1pt)

Medical problems caused by overeating.
The way people eat today.
Eating safely


1/- Match the words with their definitions in the table below.

a unit for measuring the quantity of food
to eat unhealthy more than you need
too heavy and fat
having good health and not likely to become ill

2/-Pick from the text opposites to the following words:

Insufficiency (2) exceed (3) .
Worst (3)..
low (3)
3/-Rewrite se te es
so they ea the sa e as se te es a .
a/-Medical research will eradicate many diseases.
b/-Ma y diseases.
a/-I regret having eaten that junk food.
b/-I Wish
a/-You should eat healthy food.
a/-He eats fatty and sugary foods,as a result he puts on weight.
4/-Join the following sentences using the right connector between brackets:
_We will get enough energy.Weeat healthy food. (provided that, due to, as a result).
_ Many people have developed unhealthy eating.The fast food advertisement. (as a result of,because of
5/-Mark the stress on the correct syllableof the following words.
-advertisement consumerism- genetic consumption.
C/- Written expression:(5pts):
Choose one of the following topics to write a coherent paragraph.
Topic one
1/- Write an article for your school magazine and try to convince your mates to give up negative habits like
eating too much and smoking.Then,develop arguments to persuade and encourage them to eat healthy food
and practice sport
Topic two
2/ -The next decades are likely to bring about radical changes in our life styles. Fast food and junk food are
invading our houses .In a short paragraph ,say why this happens and what consequences of such changes are.

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Level :3ASS

March 2014

Correction of Second Term English Exam

Reading and interpreting: ( 5pts)

1. False False True
2. A) People are not aware that they are eating too much today because they are used to
seeing and eating large portions.
B) A yo e should eat ide ariety of e ough food to

eet the todays eeds .

C) The healthy drink is water.

3. Healthy foods: vegetables, water
Unhealthy foods: fat greasy, sweets
4. They------------------people
That-------------------two things

Text exploration:( 7pts)

1. Complete the table:



a unit for measuring the quantity of food


to eat unhealthy more than you need


too heavy and fat


having good health and not likely to become ill

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I sufficie cy overabundance
Worst best
Exceedcut back
2. Grammar
Many diseases will be eradicated by medical research.
I ish I had t eate that ju k food
You had better eat healthy food
He puts on wright because he eats fatty and sugary foods
Join the sentences with the right connector:
We will get enough energy provided that we eat healthy food
Many people have developed unhealthy food , because of the fast food advertisement
Advertisement consumerism genetic consumption

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