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Milford Industries (Part A)

1) Identify problems, if any, with Capital District and salespeople.

The area under study Capital District comprised of Delaware, the District of Columbia,
Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. According to studies led the areas under Capital
District had a decent potential for deals as the areas Buying Power Index framed 5.7 % of the
capability of the country. In spite of this the income created by Central district was low, the
normal deals per salesperson was just 62% of the normal deals per salesperson in the US.
Besides the normal development rate of Capital was 6.5% as against 12.05 of that region and
11.1 % of USA. This state was ascribed to the absence of appropriate control of the business
power by the forerunner of Oates. Harry has an extreme assignment to propel and sort out his
new group keeping in mind the end goal to perform at their potential. A portion of the
components mindful are:

Low morale.
High turnover, when Milford's turnover in low.
Lack of control.
Sales were lower than its potential, for occasion the area has a potential of 5.7% of
sales in the country, however the area just refined 4,8% of Milford's deals.
Sales Growth additionally didn't took after the nation or locale propensity: from 1980
to 1982 Milford's business' development was all things considered 11.1%, the area
normal development was 12% and the capital district reported only 6.5 %

2) Is the sales force organized and deployed properly?

The principle issue was that Oates forerunner Sam had not controlled/dealt with the sales
force appropriately bringing about absence of control and discipline.
In this situation Oates who has no related knowledge in dealing with a sales force has been
pushed onto the assignment to resuscitate the revenue of Central District. Additionally even
the regional sales manager is on his way out and required backing and direction. Indeed, even
the recently designated sales manager has given Oates a free hand to run the business. The
sales force of Central District is a blended pack of sorts with some potential winners and
some without the right demeanour. So the genuine issue is the manner by which an
inexperienced supervisor Oates with next to no help or direction aside from some data gave
over would turnaround the business income of Central District with the current pack of sales
3) Recommend what Mr. Oates should do to eradicate problems that you have
Since it is just about to perform or die kind of circumstance for Oates, for in the event that he
lets the condition to be as it is the revenue in the region would plunge perpetually. In this
way, Oates needs to rapidly get down to analyse the circumstance, the market and the sales

For this he needs to firstly dissect the arrangement of information given to him to get
an idea of the issue furthermore have a reasonable comprehension of the sales people.
Later he must visit broadly every market sector with individual salespersons. This
would give him an idea of both the market and the salesman.

Set targets for each sales person and jointly review their performance and find
reasons for the gaps and suggest measures best suited for the situation at hand.

Target potential of each region should be taken into account and the salesperson
should be assigned according to his/her capabilities using the data given for them.

Also Oates should focus more on improving the following sales people which are
problematic or low performers. They include following three:
i) Caplan: Not dedicated, to be directed for enhancing performance, should be put on
under supervision if there is no change in execution.
ii) Eaton: Good performer however old, spirit to be kept high and boost eagerness in
work to enhance deals.
iii) Furness: Good potential, facing personal problems not to be lost, needs

In case no changes are seen, such persons should be put on post-trial supervision and
be informed to be terminated if the performance level is not up to the expectation.