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LESSON PLAN for Mathematics 8

Prepared by: John Michael S. Cariazo & Gia Pastor


At the end of the lesson, students are expected to:
A. Define and explain the meaning of probability
B. Differentiate the difference between Dependent and Independent Variables;
Mutually Exclusive and Non-Mutually Exclusive Events.
C. Apply Multiplicative Rules of Probability, Additive Rules of Probability and
Complimentary of Events in different problems and situations.
D. Appreciate the usage of probability in different concepts and applications.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Probability (Additive Rule of Probability, Multiplicative Rule of Probability and
Complimentary Events)
References: Elementary Statistics by Carmela O. Zamora-Reyes and Lorelei B. LadaoSaren 2003
Powerpoint Presentation
22 Different Pictures
2 Sets of the following: Deck of Cards, Jar of Marbles, 3 one-peso coin, 2 pairs of
dice, group-task cards, Answer sheet and Marker
Jar of Questions
Answer sheets
Big Book of Probability
A. Daily Routine
1. Prayer
Start the day with a gospel from the bible, a small reflection from the gospel and
a short prayer.
2. Classroom Management
Instruct the students to pick-up the pieces of trash under their tables and chairs
and arrange their sitting arrangements.

3. Greetings
Greet them lively and ask them hows weekend.
4. Checking of Attendance
Let the class secretary to report whos absent for today.
B. Priming
1. Recall
Ask a student about the topics that was discussed last meeting.
2. Motivation
Game: Secret Passages
a. Group the students into 2 teams. Group A will be the Blue team and Group B
will be the Red Team
b. In 1 minute let the 2 teams to roam around the classroom to find 11 pictures
assigned to them.
c. After finding it, let them decode the pictures in 3 minutes.
d. Once they finish it, they should tape it on the board and recite the word they
have decoded.
e. They should explain it also on how they decode the pictures.
f. The first group that will finish the task correctly will receive a prize.
C. Activity
1. On the same team, give them a Probability Kit containing a Deck of Cards, a Jar
of Marbles, 3 one-peso coin, 2 pairs of dice, a group-task cards, an Answer sheet
and a Marker
2. They should answer all the items on the group card in 5 minutes
3. After 5 minutes, their answers would be posted on the board.
4. After this, proceed to Analysis
D. Analysis
1. Ask the students what is connection of the given items to the questions from the
group task
2. Ask the students from what they have noticed on the given probabilities.
3. Ask them also if the formula theyve use in the first question is the same as the
succeeding questions.
4. Proceed to Abstraction

E. Abstraction
1. Define what Probability is.
2. Show the two types of Addition Rule of Probability which is Mutually Exclusive
Events and Non Mutually Exclusive Events then use the question numbers 2(R)
and 2(B) from the activity lately.
3. Give other examples.
4. Show the two types of Multiplication Rule of Probability which is Dependent
Events and Independent Events then use the question number 3(R) and 4(B)
from the activity lately.
5. Give other examples.
6. Discuss the Complement of an Event then show its connection to numbers 5(R)
and 5(B) from the activity lately.
7. Give other examples.
Summarize the topics by showing the table below:
Symbols used
Probability (A
priori probability)

Addition Rule
of Probability
Rule of
Compliment of
an Event

%, X/T,


- union read
as or
- intersection

read as and

X number of ways of an event may occur
T total number of elementary outcomes
Mutually Exclusive Event


B) = P(A) + P(A


B) = P(A) +

Dependent Events

B) = P(A) P(A


( A )- prime read P(A) = 1- P(A)

as compliment of
the event A

Application of Probability in Real Life Situation:

Grades in Math

P(B) P(A and B)

Independent Events

F. Application


Non-Mutually Exclusive Events


B) = P(A)

G. Assessment
Game: Race against time
1. On the same team, they need to assign a team leader and a secretary
2. The Team Leaders responsibility is to pick a question from the Jar of Questions.
3. The secretarys responsibility is to write the question on the Questionnaire
4. If they answer it correctly, plus 1 point for their team. If they answer it wrong,
plus 2 points for the opposing team.
5. In 5 minutes, the two teams will do this simultaneously.
6. The team who will get the most number of points shall win and get the prize.
H. Assignment
Choose 3 among the following probabilities and draw a Venn diagram
corresponding to your chosen probability.

P(A B)
P(A B C)
P(A B)
P(A B C)
P(A B C)