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The Nativity of the Lord, Year C

Bridgeside Bulletin
The weekly Bulletin of the Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry
Proclaiming Christ to the communities of Forster, Tuncurry and the surrounding districts

Friday 25th December, 2015 The Nativity of the Lord, Year C

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Dear Parish Family and you, our very welcome visitors,

No weekday Masses this week


New Years Day Mass

Forster 12am (midnight)
plus Forster 12pm (noon)

Weekday Masses resume

Tuncurry 9am

Mass at Beaumont
Tuncurry 11am

Mass at Kularoo
Forster 11am

11 Baptismal Preparation
Forster 7pm

12 Mass at GLAICA
Tuncurry 11am

26 Australia Day
Tuncurry 11am

Christmas is such a very blessed time. Christian churches worldwide

regardless of denomination will gather to celebrate our ongoing story
together in faith. The birth of Jesus changed history forever and gave us a
real chance to be better, to be more loving people. And at Christmas we
always welcome Jesus as a welcome guest through the other guests who sit
with us.
For some churches, in some parts of our world this time of celebration will be
done with fear and trepidation. These are the churches in war torn places or
living as persecuted minorities. They run the risk as they gather of literally
dying for their faith. As our brothers and sisters we keep them in our prayers
and at the forefront of our hearts. We know that when one member of the
family suffers we all do. Some of you as you gather will have family
members in some of those places and your gathering will have some anxiety
and some worry attached to it. There are no easy words to offer comfort
except to say Jesus is with you.
I know some families are estranged, some families separated by distance,
some families will not gather because of work commitments or a myriad of
other reasons. We as a family stand with you and we are called to be your
family. There are no easy words to offer comfort except to say Jesus is with

Sunday Masses (27 Dec to 24 Jan)

Dont forget to give thanks this Christmas as you gather as families.

Remember the blessings and the good times. Have a very joy-filled and
happy day.

Vigil 6pm


Celebrating the birth of the Saviour,








Holiday Mass Services

The Parish office is closed

and will reopen on
5th January


This week and right throughout the summer period The Journey Catholic Radio program will
continue to bring you weekly Gospel reflections, great music and wonderful inputs from the
likes of Sr Hilda Scott, Bruce Downes, The Catholic Guy, Dr Byron and Francine Pirola, Fr Dave
Callaghan MGL, Trish McCarthy, Pete Gilmore, Sam Clear and Marilyn Rodriguez. What a
great way to prepare for 2016 and the Year of Mercy. Tune into Rhema 99.7 FM Sun 6.30pm

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The Nativity of the Lord, Year C

Christmas Day Lunch 2015

This year marks the 30th year in succession that Christmas Day Lunch has been held in
our hall. Each year between 40 and 50 people gather to share a meal and enjoy each
others company. Although the event was originally instigated to cater to those who
would otherwise be spending Christmas Day alone, in past years many families as well
as singles have joined us to celebrate the day together. There are no costs involved
for attendance and everyone is most welcome to join us. Although it is not necessary,
you may like to bring a small contribution to the meal. The function is a very informal
gathering where everyone plays a part in preparing and serving the meal and sharing
in the family atmosphere of the day. This year the hall will be opened from 11am and
lunch will be served at 1pm. Everyone is welcome to come along and join us. For more
information contact Greg Byrne on 6554 8045 or 0427 918 568.

The Year in Review

Diocese has published a Year in Review 2015 booklet, containing reports of the
many works of the Catholic Diocese of Maitland Newcastle. A copy of the book may be
perused at the rear of both churches. Please do not take the booklet - it is available
online at www.mn.catholic.org.au/yearinreview.

Recently Deceased
Sr Clare Tobin rsj.

Sick in the Parish

Emily Wroblewicz, Marie Jackson.

Srs Louise and Kathryn wish all our

dear parishioner friends joy and
peace as we celebrate the birth of
our Saviour. We thank you all for the
love and support you have shown us.

Christmas Chant
Sing in joyful praise, a Saviour has come,
Jesus Christ the Light of the World;
Sing in joyful praise, a Saviour has come,
Welcome to the Word of God!

We warmly welcome our visitors to Forster Tuncurry. We pray you have

a safe and happy visit to our bountiful region and that the season of
good will is evident as you engage with the people of our towns.

Scripture ZoneChristmas Masses

Vigil Mass

10pm Mass

First Reading
Isaiah 62:1-5

First Reading
Isaiah 9:1-7

Responsorial Psalm
Response: Today is born our Saviour,
Christ our saving Lord.

Responsorial Psalm
Response: Today is born our Saviour,
Christ our saving Lord.

Responsorial Psalm
Response: Today is born our Saviour,
Christ our saving Lord.

Second Reading
Acts 13:16-17, 22-25

Second Reading
Titus 2:11-14

Second Reading
Hebrews 1:1-6

Gospel Acclamation
Alleluia, alleluia!
I bring you news of great joy, joy for
all the nations; for today is born our
Saviour, Christ the Lord.

Gospel Acclamation
Alleluia, alleluia!
I bring you news of great joy, joy for
all the nations; for today is born our
Saviour, Christ the Lord.

Gospel Acclamation
Alleluia, alleluia!
I bring you news of great joy, joy for all
the nations; for today is born our
Saviour, Christ the Lord.

Gospel Reading
Luke 2:1-14

Gospel Reading
John 1:1-18

7am & 9am Mass

First Reading
Isaiah 52:7-10

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Ministers today (24/25 December)...

.of the Word

The Nativity of the Lord, Year C

of Communion

A: Maria Armitage
Holy Name School B: Adele Brotherton

Sharon Fowle, Natasha Brotherton, Jake Siddle, Pat Hooker, Genevieve



A: Greg Byrne
B: Fred Liackman

Kathryn McCabe, Owen Carroll, Ruth Pearson, Greg Byrne, Fred Liackman.


A: Bronwyn Morse
B: Edna Tucker

Cushla Drake, Graham Griffiths, Kay Griffiths, Lorraine Hely, Peter Wicks.


A:Barbara Kermode
B:Trevor Turner

Lee Sullivan, Lorna Vidler, Maureen Visser, Elle Cairns Cowan, Anne

Ministers this coming weekend

.of the Word

of Communion


A: John ODonnell
B: Michael Siddle

Tony Stevens, Maureen Stevens, Pat Hooker, Carolyn Olliffe, Frank



A: Anne-Marie Green
B: Kay Griffiths

Cushla Drake, Fred Liackman, Graham Griffiths, Mark Mowbray, Norm



A: Kris Koch
B: Judy Harper

Alan McCarthy, Coral McCarthy, Elle Cairns-Cowan, Michael Amato, Fay



A:Chris Waters
B: Lee Sullivan

Michael Amato, Sharon Fowle, Barbara Kermode, Trevor Turner, Lorna


Ministers next weekend

.of the Word

of Communion


A: Frank Hayman
B: Monica Hunt

Pat Hooker, Jake Siddle, Margaret Smith, Maureen Stevens, Ruth Pearson.


A: Lorraine Clark
B: Tony Knight

Edna Tucker, Genevieve Williamson, Maria Armitage, Mary Greig, Cecile



A: Barbara Dolahenty
B: Kid Hornibrook

Barbara Kermode, Lee Sullivan, Robert Moran, Shioney Neal, Maureen



A:Judith Shand
B: Elizabeth Sciacca

Greg Byrne, Natasha Brotherton, Josie Beech, Barbara Dolahenty, Fay


Scripture Zone This Weekend (27th December)

Next Weekend (3rd January)

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph

The Epiphany of the Lord

First Reading
1 Samuel 1:20-22, 24-28

First Reading
Isaiah 60:1-6

Second Reading
1 John 3:1-2, 21-24

Second Reading
Ephesians 3:2-3, 5-6

Gospel Reading
Luke 2:41-52

Gospel Reading
Matthew 2:1-12

Text: Excerpts from the English

Translation of the Roman Missal
2010, International Commission
on English in the Liturgy (ICEL);
Music:From the Mass of St Francis
2010, Paul Taylor. All rights
reserved. Used with permission.
Australian AgentLicenSing
Online Lic No. 624844.

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The Nativity of the Lord, Year C

Fr Greg BarkerParish Priest


Emergency Contact 0417 321 209

Mr Greg ByrnePastoral Associate
Mrs Sharon Fowle
Bridgeside Bulletin
Items for inclusion should be
received by midday on

Loretta Heffernan
SRE Co-Ordinator

Office Hours
Tues, Wed, Thurs
The Parish office
9:30am to 1pm
will be closed until
10am to 4pm
5th January

Novena to Our Lady of

Perpetual Help
Every Wed, 11:14am at Forster.
Shioney 6554 9468.

Sacramental Preparation
Greg Byrne 6554 6304

Pastoral Team
First Wed, 4:30pm at Forster.
Greg Byrne 6554 6304
Finance Council
Second Wed, 5pm at Forster.
Greg Byrne 6554 6304
Pastoral Council
Third Wed, 5:30pm at Forster.
Greg Byrne 6554 6304

Christian Meditation
Every Tues, 9am and 5:30pm.
Bob 6555 5914.

Holy Hour
Every Tues, 3:30pm at Tuncurry

Womens Bible Study Group

Every Thurs, 7pm to 8pm.
Natasha 0407 589 935.


menALIVE Groups
Day group meet second and
fourth Wed after 9am Mass at
Forster. Evening group meets last Thurs of
the month at 7:30pm at Forster. Michael
Amato 6554 5284
Social Justice
Last Wed, 5:30pm at Forster.
Tim Prescott 6555 8517.
Singing Practice
Every Tues, 5:30pm.
Ken Heffernan 6557 6569.
Intercessory Prayer Group
No meetings required.
Bob Cashman 6555 5914.

WEEKDAY EUCHARIST (subj. to change)

Mary Star of the Sea, Tuncurry Mary Star of the Sea, Tuncurry
Sat 6pm, Sun 7am
No Masses until Saturday 2nd January @ 9am
Holy Name of Jesus, Forster
Sun 9am, *Sun 11am

Childrens Liturgy of the Word

First and third
Sunday at 9am Mass.
Natasha 0407 589 935.




Maintenance & Gardening Group

Third Thursday of the month.
Howard 6557 6826.

Rite of Christian
Initiation of Adults
(RCIA) Parish Office 6554 6304

Sr Kathryn McCabe
Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

Mary Star of the Sea
15 Peel Street, Tuncurry
Holy Name of Jesus
33 Lake Street, Forster

Baptismal Preparation
on 2nd Monday of each
month @ 7pm in Forster
Church Hall. Parish Office
6554 6304.
Celebrated by arrangement
and with at least three months
notice. Fr Greg 6554 6304


Parish Office
Located at the
rear Of the Parish
Hall Forster:
33 Lake Street, Forster
NSW 2428
PO Box 67
P: (02) 6554 6304
F: (02) 6554 6425

Secular Franciscan Fraternity

First Wednesday of the month
after 9am Mass at Forster.

Celebrated most Sundays.


Holy Name of Jesus, Forster

No Masses this coming week

*until 24th Jan

Holy Name Parish School (K-6)

Mr Chris Waters (Principal)
41 Lake St, Forster
PO Box 243
P: (02) 6554 6504
E: admin@forster.catholic.edu.au
W: www.forster.catholic.edu.au
St Clares High School
Mr Peter Nicholls (Principal)
Davis Street, Taree
P: (02) 6552 3300
E: admin@tareesc.catholic.edu.au
W: www.tareesc.catholic.edu.au

For details on local and diocesan

events, please review our notice
board at the rear of the church

AGED CARE MASSES (subj. to change)

Beaumont Terrace 1st Tues , 11am
Kularoo Gardens 1st Wed, 11am
GLAICA House 2nd Tues, 11am
Barclay Gardens 3rd Tues, 11am


No reconciliation until Saturday 2nd January


Mary Star of the Sea, Tuncurry

Saturday 8:30am

Holy Name of Jesus, Forster

Saturday 4:45pm