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Shadow Pokmon

Dark Pokmon, better known colloquially as Shadow Pokmon, are Pokmon that have had the
doors to their hearts shut, often via forcing them to experience massive emotional trauma. This
leads to Pokmon that only have a desire to fight and nothing else. To most trainers, they seem
to be exceptionally violent Pokmon that prefer one or two of their moves to all others in all but
the most extreme cases. To trainers with the correct abilities, Shadow Pokemon have a dark
violet or black aura. In extreme cases, Shadow Pokmon may be mistaken for shiny Pokmon,
as at this point, the Pokmon undergoes a shift in coloration to black and blue.
The only known Shadow Pokmon to undergo a coloration change was a Lugia, and it was
believed that it was captured and restored by a young man in the Orre region.
Detecting a Shadow Pokmon.
To a trainer without Aura sight, most Shadow Pokmon appear to be completely normal.
However, they react to certain abilities or actions in a way that may belie their tormented nature.
As stated above, Pokmon or trainers with the Aura Sight or Pulse Capability can see the
special aura of Shadow Pokmon. Trainers or Pokmon with Aura Pulse cannot read or
communicate with a Shadow Pokmon regardless.
Shadow Pokmon cannot be charmed or coerced into raising their disposition, nor will they join
the party unless captured or stolen.
Any attempt to read the mind of a Shadow Pokmon simply fails.
Attempts to channel a Shadow Pokmon require a DC 20 check instead of a DC15 check.
Failure cause the channeler to injure themselves with a shadow-typed struggle attack, and
become confused. Success allows a short term channel, that breaks on the end of the
Pokmons next turn. The Pokmon also enters Reverse mode.
Certain devices can utilize specialized sensors to detect a Shadow Pokmons aura.
Limitations and Advantages of Shadow Pokmon.
Shadow Pokmon have some limitations compared to normal pokemon.
Shadow Pokmon cannot:
Evolve. Shadow Pokmon have been shown to not evolve, at least until they return to
being normal Pokmon.
Level up. Shadow Pokemon can not be given experience until Pure 4, nor do they level
up from gaining experience. They will retroactively adjust to the appropriate level once
Eat Vitamins. Shadow Pokmon will not eat any vitamins, including rare candies or PP

Learn or Forget moves. Shadow Pokmon may only relearn moves via Purification.
Be given a nickname. While some trainers who purify Shadow Pokmon swear by trying
to give them a nickname, Shadow Pokmon do not respond to them.

Shadow Pokmon:

Know at least one Shadow Move, a typeless variant of one of their Level up moves,
usually their lines signature move. These moves are resisted by other Shadow
Pokmon, and deal Super Effective damage to all other creatures.
Have Shadow typed struggle attacks.
Resist Shadow Moves by one step.
May enter Reverse mode.
Have no real nature. Until they reach Pure 4, their base stats are not affected by their
nature. This may lead to Pokmon with illegal level up points until they reach Pure 4.

Reverse Mode
Shadow Pokmon in the process of being purified have a very unstable mental state. Brought
somewhere between coping and not being able to cope, this mental state leads to outbursts of
emotion and misplaced anger, leading to what has been called either Hyper or Reverse mode.
This mode is the most dangerous for the trainer attempting to help their Pokmon, as it may
attack wildly.
Anytime a Shadow Pokmon uses a Shadow move, roll 1d10. If the result is equal to or less
than their Pure Points, they enter reverse mode.
In reverse mode Shadow Pokmon resist using any move other than Shadow moves as if they
had Loyalty zero and at the end of its turn, the shadow pokemon loses half a tick of hit points.
Trainers may attempt to calm a Shadow Pokmon down by calling to it, or using a cologne.
Reverse mode cannot be removed via extended rests or any ability that can end status effects
unless it specifically mentions it can.

A trainer can call to his Pokmon to try and calm it down as a Swift Action on their turn, or as a
Free Action while using an order. They use charm or the equivalent skill, and the DC is 20Pokmons Pure Points. If they make the check by more than the Pokmons current Pure
Points, the Pokmon gains a Pure Point.
The Purification Process
Shadow Pokmon that spend time with a trainer that cares for it will eventually begin to recover.
This process, known as Purification, causes Shadow Pokmon to become less stable during
battle, and eventually, at its height, allows for a Pokmon to be reverted to normal.

A Shadow Pokmon starts out with zero Pure Points, and gains Pure Points through interactions
with its trainer. The following is a list of known triggers for a Pokmon to gain Pure Points.

A Pokmon always gains a Pure Point if it would gain a Loyalty Point.

When a Shadow Pokmon is sent out into battle, roll a d20, if the result is equal to or
less then one more than their pure score, they gain a Pure point.
Collonges, in addition to their soothing effect on Pokmon in Reverse Mode, can also
cause a Pokmon to gain a Pure point, depending on the progress of the Pokmon, and
the type of cologne.

The Pure point milestones are:

0- Default state of Shadow Pokmon: It only knows Shadow Moves.
2- The Shadow Pokmon relearns one Level-Up move that it could learn, selected from its
Level-Up List or a prior evolutions Level-Up List.
4- The Shadow Pokmons Nature is revealed, and it begins to gain experience. The Pokmon
also relearns a second non-Shadow move
6- The Pokmon relearns a third non-Shadow level up move.
8- The Pokmon relearns a fourth Non-Shadow move, if it can without forgetting a move.
10- The Pokmon is capable of being Purified.

Purification is a process that can be undergone when a Pokmon has 10 Pure Points.
Purification requires either a chamber, specially prepared for the purpose of Purifying Pokmon,
or some sort of hallowed ground.
Either way, once the Pokmon and the Purifier are at the location, They may, as an Extended
Action taking at least one hour, make a DC 12 Occult Check, or a Technology Check if they are
utilizing a purification chamber. If the Purifier has at least one gift from Celebi, they will
automatically succeed. It is said that Celebi can also instantly Purify pokemon.
Shadow Pokmon that are purified have all their Shadow moves return to their normal versions,
gain an extra Ability or learn two Moves not in their move-pool, and are considered natural as
okayed by the GM.
Joy Scent- As an Extended Action, the targeted Pokmon exits Reverse Mode. If it has 1 or less
Pure Points, it gains one Pure Point. 600 PY
Excite Scent- As an Extended Action, the targeted Pokmon exits Reverse Mode. If it has 3 or
less Pure Points, it gains one Pure Point. 800 PY
Vivid Scent- As an Extended Action, the targeted Pokmon exits Reverse mode. If it has 5 or
less Pure Points, it gains one Pure Point. 1200 PY
Aura Scanner: When worn, the Aura Scanner gives the user the Aura Sight Capability. It is
designed to be able to be hooked onto other equipment easily. Head Slot. 5000 PY.