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First lesson: The Verb to be in the affirmative negative and




Long form

Short form

Long form

Short form

I am a student.
You are a student.
He is a student.
She is a student.
It is a cat.
We are students.
You are students.
They are students.

Im .
Youre .
Hes .
Shes .
Its .
Were .
Youre .
Theyre ..

I am not
You are not
He is not ..
She is not .
It is not .
We are not ..
You are not ..
They are not ..

Im not
Youre not .
Hes not ..
Shes not .
Its not .
Were not .
Youre not .
Theyre not ..



Negative answers

Am I ..?
Are you ?
Is he ..?
Is she ..?
Is it ..?
Are we ..?
Are you .?
Are they ..?

Yes, you are.

Yes, I am.
Yes, he is.
Yes, she is.
Yes it is.
Yes, we are.
Yes, you are.
Yes, they are.

No, you arent.

No, she isnt.
No, you arent.

No, I am
No, he isnt.
No, it isn
No, we arent.
No, they

A. Fill in the blanks with the right form of
the verb to be (affirmative or negative).
1. My aunt isnt a teacher, she .. a clerk in
a bank.
2. .. a new
student in this high school?
3. The weather in Dakhla .. very hot.
4. Mustapha and Aziza .. married.
5. Hey Omar! We . her waiting for you.
6. The car ., in the garage.
7. How .. you today?
8. Sun Lee and Zing Tong from
Thiland, they .. from China.
9. This tall animal . called the giraffe.
10. There a dog in the garden.
B. Complete the questions and answers
am\ am not;
is\ isnt.
... Souad and Zahra sisters? Yes, they


.. this you pencil case? No, ..

I your friend? Yes, you .
you 18 years old? No, I .
.. today Monday? Yes, it

C. Make the positive sentences negative:

1. The exercise is easy.
. 2. The
children are in the classroom.

3. Im fine, thank you.

4. You
are responsible.
. 5. It is
five oclock.

D. Make correct sentences with:

1. This not be my book.
.. 2. My
teachers be nice.
3. The film
interesting be.
. 4. I be not today happy.
5. The cats not be sleeping.

The second lesson:
articles a and an
A and an are called indefinite articles in
English. They are always used with singular
countable nouns and adjectives.
use an before vowels (a e i o u).
Omar is an intelligent boy.
We use
a sofa.

a before consonants.

Example: It is

A. Fill in the blanks with a; an; or zero article.

1. There is . Umbrella on the table. It is ..

black one. 2. . Jabal Toubkal is big
mountain in Morocco.
3. My friend Aziz
is .. honest person.
There is no life on . Mars.
B. Put each word in the right place:
famous, actor, hen university, identity
card, animal, hour, home, house, cup a:


C. Underline the right answer:

1. I need (a \ an) blue pen and (a \ an) white

2. I have (a \ an) new mobile
phone. It is (a \ an) smart phone. I take with it
(a \ an) excellent picture this morning.