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Exterior Panels Think Trespa

Unique and special:
Trespa Meteon®
Trespa Meteon architectural panels are available in a wide
choice of standard colors, effects and finishes – or they can
be customized to project needs. These panels have the ability
to transform, enhance or even add new dimensions to your
design. Literally thousands of applications around the
world bear testimony to the material’s versatility. Trespa
Meteon is not just beautiful – it is exceedingly robust and
durable so today’s vision will remain tomorrow’s reality.

Proprietary technology
Trespa Meteon is a flat panel, based on thermosetting resins,
homogeneously reinforced with wood based fibers and
manufactured under high pressure and at high temperatures.
The panels have an integrated decorative surface using
proprietary EBC technology.

Trespa Meteon is used for vertical applications like facade

cladding, balcony paneling and a wide range of other
Arch. Max van Aerschot, The Netherlands

exterior applications. Trespa’s proprietary technology

ensures that Meteon panels are unique in the market today.

Healthier buildings
Trespa Meteon is highly suited for rain screen cladding
systems. These “breathing” systems offer possibilities for
high insulation values and perfect building physics. In hot
conditions, excessive solar heat can be ventilated between
the panels and the insulation materials. This contributes to
a healthy indoor climate.
Arch. Renato Fornaciari, Italy
Design possibilities Easy to keep clean
Trespa gives architects an inspiring view of the future. Trespa Meteon is a low maintenance exterior application that
Its Perspectives platform provides a source of ideas, is easy to clean. The panels can be cleaned with non-abrasive
new techniques, colors and shapes. Themes like Character, household cleaning agents or strong organic solvents when
Rhythm and Depth provide new insights into facade design. used in accordance with Trespa’s cleaning instructions. For
complete cleaning instructions please visit www.trespa.com/na.
Trespa Meteon panels can be adapted, changed and fixed in
different ways. This allows the creation of aesthetically Tough
different facades. Changing the surface of the panels adds The modulus of elasticity and high tensile and flexural
interest, depth and movement and this is accentuated by the strength guarantee Trespa Meteon’s high impact resistance.
ever-changing play of sunlight and shadow. The use of LED The homogeneity and density of the core ensure that the
technology adds further dimension by illuminating the panel has a high pull-out strength for fixings or fasteners.
facade and creating a dynamic interplay of color and light. This is especially important when the panel is fixed with
concealed screws or inserts.
Thanks to their versatility, Trespa panels offer architects
near limitless design possibilities. The dimensional stability and workability of Trespa Meteon
are comparable to those of hardwood; however, Trespa
Weather resistant Meteon panels are moisture-resistant and are not
Artificial weathering tests demonstrate that both the susceptible to weathering, mold or rot.
UV-resistance and color stability of the decorative surface
show excellent Delta E performance when measured This combination of characteristics will ensure that Trespa
according to ASTM D-2244. For most regions this means panels retain their aesthetics for many years to come.
that color will not change significantly for at least ten years
when applied as vertical facade cladding or balcony paneling.

KOW Architecten, The Netherlands

Nicholas Burwell Architects, United Kingdom
Safe fire behavior
In a fire, Trespa Meteon does not melt, drip or explode and
retains its stability for a long time. Authorized testing bodies
throughout the world have confirmed that Trespa Meteon
Fire Retardant grade (FR) panels fall within one of the most
favorable fire classes. These panels meet the performance
requirements for a Class A material with regard to Flame
Spread and Smoke Development (ASTM E84).

Building certificates
Trespa Meteon panels in certain thicknesses and installations
have achieved Miami Dade County Notice of Acceptance
(NOA#08-0922.07). Meteon is also GREENGUARD Indoor
Air Quality Certified® and has achieved GREENGUARD
Children & SchoolsSM Certification.

Major European certification institutes which are members

of the “European Union of Agrément (UEATC)” have
certified both Trespa Meteon and its recommended fixing
systems. This makes Trespa a reliable partner and Meteon
panels an excellent choice for long-lasting buildings.

Environmental considerations Warranties

Trespa International was one of the first producers of panel Thanks to practical experience over many years and the
material to be certified according to ISO 14001, awarded by high quality of Trespa Meteon panels, warranties are
Lloyd’s Register. The ISO 14001 standard describes the steps available both for the product range in general and for
required for setting up, implementing, maintaining and specific projects. More information can be obtained from
improving a completely integrated environmental your local Trespa office or representative.
management system.
environmentally sound products
Trespa has developed a method for converting paper into
an attractive, durable, moisture resistant and low
maintenance material. Simply by applying heat, resin and

The important environmental characteristics of Trespa’s

products are:

Arch. Fred Montijn, The Netherlands

> Trespa’s facade system allows for insulation material and
therefore lower energy costs.
> Meteon is durable and long lasting, allowing the need for
fewer products over the life of the building.
> Meteon can be affixed on existing walls, allowing the
builder the freedom to redesign the building without
> Meteon can contribute to US Green Building Council
LEED® credits.
The environmental performance
of Trespa in a building
Maintenance, cleaning and flexibility Life span of buildings
> Easy to clean, little maintenance required > Old buildings can be upgraded or renovated (aesthetically
> No rot, no decay and/or with extra insulation) with little impact on the
> Demountable construction or foundation. The inner shell can be protected
> Easy to modify against aging by overcladding with Trespa materials.
> No need for sealants, few joints > Trespa is durable.
> No painting required > Rain screen cladding protects the inner shells of the
building from water damage and deterioration.
> In the event of unforeseen damage during the life of
a panel, replacement panels in the original color can
usually be made available, even after several years.

Life span of used materials

Arch. Cabinet Vigier, France

Trespa panels have an extensive life span. No painting is

required, only annual cleaning with mild cleaning agents,
such as water and detergents. Graffiti is easy to remove with
more severe water-based cleaning agents, without impact
on the quality or performance of the product. Meteon is
termite resistant and is not affected by microorganisms.
The panel properties withstand moisture and freeze-thaw
cycles and will not decay.
Whole life costing of the building
In most cases, especially in demanding interior applications
and in exterior applications, Trespa offers solutions with
low operational costs and better whole life costs. Costs for
maintenance are low. Trespa Meteon is resistant to many
kinds of abuse.

Studio Arch. Mair & Dorfmann, Italy

Arch. Adnan Drnda, Bosnia and Herzegovina
System elements of rain screen cladding

7 8


1. steel stud (not by Trespa) 6. aluminum rail

2. sheething (not by Trespa) 7. panel rivet
3. waterproof membrane 8. rail anchor
(not by Trespa) 9. 3/8 in Trespa Meteon panel
4. aluminum J - channel 10. aluminum J-channel anchor
5. adjustable bracket

Tried and trusted: Rain Screen Cladding

Today, rain screen cladding is applied worldwide because the inner layers of the construction, thus reducing the demand
it enables architects to meet the demands of a variety of for cooling energy.
climates. By creating a two-leaf construction for the
external wall, the ventilated air space between the Insulated and dry
cladding and the structure serves to maintain a healthy Rain screen cladding has a space between the cladding and
indoor climate. the outer wall – an ideal location for insulation materials.
Rain water and condensation are removed naturally by air
Rain Screen Cladding helps to control flowing through the cavity – so that the insulation material
moisture – in any climate remains in good condition and remains effective over time.
No matter what climate you find yourself in, moisture is
always an issue and can seriously affect the overall For more information on the free air ventilation cavity,
performance of a building. The answer is rain screen please check our specific AutoCAD® drawings on
cladding, which is designed to breathe. Penetration of rain www.trespa.com/na.
is minimized and condensation is ventilated. The ventilated
air space serves multiple functions. The air in the designed
cavity will circulate due to air pressure differentials and
thermal differentials over the height of the building. In a
cold climate this causes the condensation at the rear of the
cladding to dry. In a warm climate the moving air will cool
Arch. Michele Sfregola, Italy
Comfortable and healthy
Residents and users not only find themselves in a
low-maintenance environment but also in a healthier
indoor climate as a result of the principals of rain screen
cladding system. All these elements can make a positive
contribution to the overall comfort of the end user.

A perfect fit
Trespa International produces Trespa Meteon – an
architectural panel ideally suited for rain screen cladding.
Durable and weather resistant, the panel’s surface and core
are impermeable and therefore not affected by rain and
condensation. Moreover, the unique Trespa Meteon
decorative surface is extremely resistant to exposure to
sunlight, making this panel a perfect fit for facade
fixing systems
Use Trespa Meteon to create stunning facades or highlights. To suit your special requirements, versatile Trespa panels
can be applied in a number of ways, using exposed or concealed fixing systems. Trespa has developed a number of
proprietary systems. Installation is easy and fast, delivering significant savings in time and costs. For more information
on Trespa Fixing Systems, please visit our website www.trespa.com/na.

Abbink X de Haas architectures, The Netherlands

Arch. Mr. Carles Francesch de Herralde, Spain
Trespa International B.V. number 24270677, and appearing Copyrights
Trespa International B.V. specializes on the website at www.trespa.com. © All rights reserved. No part of
in high quality panel material for The text of these General Terms and this publica­tion may be reproduced,
facade cladding and interior use. Con­ditions will be sent to you upon stored in a retrieval system, or made
Trespa has both the expertise and request. public, in any form or by any means,
the means to develop prod­ucts for either graphic, electronic or
specific segments of the market. Responsibility mechanical, including photocopying,
Trespa is continually looking for We believe all information in this recording or otherwise, without the

Worth Group Architects, USA

ways to protect the environment publication to be correct at the time prior written permission of
even more effectively. of printing. It is intended as Trespa International B.V.
information concerning our
Trespa guarantees quality of both products and their application Projects on cover:
products and services. We offer our possibilities and is therefore, not Arch. Atelier Jean Nouvel,
customers optimal technical intended as any form of guarantee France.
support as well as straight­forward with regard to any specific product Arch. Eberhard Wurst,
documentation. Proof of this characteristic. Germany.
approach is the award of the Abbink X de Haas architectures,
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. Colors The Netherlands
The colors in this document are
printed, and therefore, may vary
slightly from the original Trespa panel www.trespa.com
colors with respect to gloss, color
shades and surface texture. Original
Conditions of Sale samples are available on request.
To all our offers, quotations, sales,
deliveries and supplies and/or Registered trademarks
agreements, and to all related ® Trespa, Meteon, Athlon, TopLab,
services and activities the Trespa TopLabplus, TopLabeco-fibre, Virtuon,
International B.V. General Volkern, Trespa Essentials and
Conditions of Sale apply, filed at the Mystic Metallics are registered
Venlo Chamber of Commerce on trademarks of
11 April 2007, registered under Trespa International B.V.

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Arch. Cabinet Salvador, France

Distributor Mexico Tel.: 44 (0) 1952 290707

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Your Trespa distributor:

version 03-2010 copies 1,000
TOM-code 411023/V9520
code V2451

Please visit www.trespa.com/na

for the most current version
of this documentation


= Texture available: see = Texture available: see = Texture available: see = Texture available: see = Texture available: see = Texture available: see

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= Varitop (colored on both = Varitop (colored on both = Varitop (colored on both = Varitop (colored on both = Varitop (colored on both = Varitop (colored on both
­sides, one side always ­sides, one side always ­sides, one side always ­sides, one side always

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standard white A 03.0.0). standard white A 03.0.0). standard white A 03.0.0). standard white A 03.0.0). standard white A 03.0.0). standard white A 03.0.0). Wood
uni colors metallics naturals Decors
Satin rock Gloss Satin rock Gloss Satin Satin
M 21.3.4 Azurite Blue NW01 Loft Grey NA05 Erosion A 11.4.4 English Red A 24.4.1 Steel Blue A 04.0.2 Pale Yellow
Panel size
3650 x 1860 mm (143 x 73* in) 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防
2550 x 1860 mm (100 x 73 in) 防 防 防 防 防 防

Exterior Panels
color collection
M 18.7.2 Amethyst NW02 Elegant Oak NA06 Patina A 10.4.5 Sienna Brown A 28.2.1 Aquamarine A 07.1.1 Sand 3050 x 1530 mm (120 x 60 in) 防 防4 防4 防4 防4 防4
Panel thicknesses
6 mm (1/4 in) 防
M 21.8.1 Graphite Grey NW03 Harmony Oak NA07 Deep Blue A 09.6.4 Mahogany Red A 30.3.2 Verdigris A 05.1.2 Champagne 8 mm (5/16 in) 防 防 防 防 防 防
10 mm (3/8 in) 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防
13 mm (1/2 in) 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防
M 35.7.1 Malachite Green NW04 Pacific Board NA08 Sierra Red A 08.4.5 Rusty Red A 32.2.1 Translucent Green A 05.1.4 Sun Yellow
colored on one side 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防
colored on both sides 防 防 防 防
Varitop3 防 防 防 防
M 51.0.2 Urban Grey NW05 Loft Brown NA09 Oxidation A 12.6.3 Wine Red A 03.4.0 Silver Grey A 04.1.7 Gold Yellow Fire retardant (Fr)/black core 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防

corner profile2
3650 x 300 x 300mm, radius 20mm 防 防1 防 防1
M 51.0.1 Aluminium Grey NW06 Montreux Amber NA10 Titanic A 14.7.2 Deep Red Brown A 03.1.0 Pastel Grey A 06.3.5 Ochre 143 x 11 x 11 in, radius 3/4 in
corner profile thicknesses
8 mm (5/16 in) 防 防 防 防

M 12.4.2 Garnet Red NW07 Montreux Sunglow A 08.8.1 Dark Brown A 21.1.0 Winter Grey A 10.1.8 Red Orange 10 mm (3/8 in) 防 防 防 防
Minimum order quantity
1 panel 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防

M 53.0.1 Copper Red NW08 Italian Walnut A 34.8.1 Forest Green A 22.2.1 Bluish Grey A 12.3.7 Carmine Red 1
Texture on one side (outside face)
Colored on both sides
Varitop: colored on both sides, one side always standard white (A 03.0.0 Satin)
On request
M 53.0.2 Copper Yellow NW09 Wenge A 20.5.2 Lavender Blue A 32.7.2 Dark Green A 22.3.1 Ocean Grey A 17.3.5 Cyclam
* Due to conversion from metric values, ANSI values provided are approximate
Please note:
> Wood Decors: the wood grain is in the length of the panel.
M 40.4.3 Mustard Yellow NW10 English Cherry A 22.6.2 Dark Denim A 33.3.6 Brilliant Green A 16.5.1 Mauve A 18.3.5 Plum Blue > the Wood Decors and naturals are not available in all worldwide areas at this time. For further information, please
consult your local trespa office.
> Metallics: trespa Meteon Metallics panels feature a directional colored surface. See technical documentation or
installation guidelines for further information. the full quantity of trespa Meteon Metallics sheets required for a project
M 06.4.1 Amber NW11 Santos Palisander A 20.7.2 Dark Blue A 36.3.5 Turf Green A 13.3.1 Heather A 20.2.3 Light Viola
should be ordered and supplied as a single instruction.
> Gloss texture: trespa Meteon panels with a gloss texture are delivered with a protective film, which must be removed
immediately after installation. For more information on installation see special installation guidelines.
M 05.5.1 Titanium Bronze NW12 Natural Bagenda A 90.0.0 Black A 40.5.1 Moss Green A 08.3.1 Stone Grey A 23.0.4 Mineral Blue > Fire retardant grade: trespa Meteon single-sided decorative Fire retardant grade will be faced with an identification
print on the reverse of the panel in addition to the panel sticker. trespa Meteon double-sided decorative Fire retardent

grade can be clearly identified and distinguished on the basis of the panel sticker.
> leD solutions - to realize a facade design with artificial light please consult your local trespa office.
M 04.4.1 Titanium Silver NW13 Country Wood A 25.8.1 Anthracite Grey A 37.2.3 Spring Green A 08.2.1 Mid Beige A 30.2.3 Brilliant Turquoise

All trespa samples and all trespa panels are produced within the specified tolerances. Samples and production panels
do not originate from the same production batch. the color perception is by nature influenced by slight variations in
Color your

CM 26.4.2 Mystic Green NW14 French Walnut A 25.7.1 Iron Grey A 36.4.1 Agave Green A 05.1.1 Stone Beige pigments used as well as by the angle of observation.

CM 22.4.1 Mystic Silver

NW15 Milano Sabbia A 21.5.1 Mid Grey

A 28.6.2 Mid Green A 05.0.0 Pure White


Trespa Meteon architectural
The colors in this document are printed, and therefore,

NW16 Milano Terra A 10.6.1 Taupe A 26.5.4 Pacific A 03.0.0 White panels are available in a wide
may vary slightly from the original Trespa panel colors with
respect to gloss, color shades and surface texture. Original choice of standard colors and

code V2450 version 12-2009 copies 4000

samples are available on request.
effects. To create facades that are Please check www.trespa.com/na for the latest version of the material properties
NW17 Milano Grigio A 10.3.2 Old Rose A 22.6.3 Midnight Blue A 05.1.0 Papyrus White
even more individual and and delivery program.
expressive, Trespa Meteon

A 08.2.3 Salmon A 21.5.4 Cobalt Blue A 04.0.0 Cream White Panels can be custom-made in Please check www.trespa.com/na for the latest version

Projects on cover:
Studio Arch. Mair & Dorfmann, Italy
special project colors. of the material properties and delivery program.
Arch. Enrico Massagrande, Italy
Arch. Cabinet Vigier, France
EGM Architekten, The Netherlands A 10.3.4 Terra Cotta A 22.4.4 Brilliant Blue A 04.0.1 Pearl Yellow
The finishing

Think Trespa
Properties Value Unit US Value* Unit Standard The Meteon range of colors can be
Physical properties
­complemented by a choice of finishes
Dimensional Stability ≤ 2.5 mm/m ≤ 0.3 in/ft EN 438
Density ≥ 1,350 kg/m3 ≥ 84.27 lbs/ft3 ISO 1183/ that provide a highly tactile and ­

ASTM D792-91 aesthetic finish for your facade. Trespa
Resistance to wet conditions EN 438 Meteon is available with 3 textures:
in water of 65°C (154°F) after 48hrs
> Satin - stylish and elegant
Mass increase ≤3 %
Appearance ≥4 Rating > Rock - steady and strong
Optical properties >M 51.0.1 Satin, > Gloss - shiny and bright
Color stability 4-5** Grey scale ISO 105 A02 A 20.7.2 Gloss > M 51.0.1 Rock > M 21.3.4 Satin
(Xenon test - EN 438 - 2:29) > Arch. Renato Fornaciari > Arch. Enrico Massagrande > EGM Architecten B.V.
Mechanical properties
Modulus of elasticity ≥ 9,000 N/mm2 ≥ 1,300,000 psi ISO 178

Tensile strength ≥ 70 N/mm2 ≥ 10,100 psi ISO 527-2
Flexural strength ≥ 120 N/mm2 ≥ 14,500 psi ISO 178
Resistance to impact by large EN 438
diameter ball
Drop height 1800 mm 71 in
Diameter of indentation ≤ 10 mm ≤ 0.4 in
Chemical properties > Various colors
SO2-resistance 4-5 Grey scale DIN 50018 > CJ&S Architects
(50 cycles; approx. 0.0067%)

Fire behavior
Class A*** ASTM E84

Available certificates
North America Miami Dade County Notice of Acceptance NOA#08-
0922.07**** > A 20.7.2 Rock
GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® 947-5 > Various colors > NW04/NW07/NW09, Satin > Various colors > Architektenburo
GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM 947-5 > Van Aerschot Architectenbureau > Alsop Architects > Arch. Fred Montijn Zijderhand

Disclaimer: All data is related to the products mentioned in the standard Trespa Meteon delivery program.

Not all colors are available in all locations. Please check with your local Trespa representative regarding availability.
Please visit www.trespa.com/na for the most current version of this Property Sheet.
* Due to conversion from metric values, the US values provided are approximate.
** For more information on Delta E values, please contact our Technical Services Department at 1 (800) 487-3772.
*** Laboratory test results are not intended to represent hazards that may be present under actual fire conditions. For multi-story
applications, where local or national building codes may require full-scale fire testing in accordance with NFPA 285(U.S.) > Various colors
or Can/ULC-S134 (Canada), please visit our website at www.trespa.com/na or contact our Technical Services Department > Burger Grunstra > A 06.3.5/A 08.4.5, Satin > A 12.6.3 Gloss
for installation information at 1 (800) 487-3772. Architecten Adviseurs > Arch. Stuckey Constructions > HS-Architekten
**** Available for certain panel thicknesses and installations only.
The front of this brochure shows ­
which colors are available in these
specific ­finishes.

> NW04 Satin > A 12.6.3 Satin

> Myard-Raoult Architectes > Matrix Architekten

code V8001 version 12-2009

Please check www.trespa.com/na for the latest version

of the material properties and delivery program.
> NA10 Satin > M 53.0.1 Rock > NW08 Satin
> Arch. Eberhard Wurst > Arch. Walsh Bishop > Nicholas Burwell Architects