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Global Capabilities

Better Air is Our Business

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Better Air is Our Business

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A i r

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t r a
t i o

P h a s

t i o n
F i









Who We Are
AAF International traces its roots to Bill Reed, a skilled engineer and clever entrepreneur who recognized
in 1921 that cleaning the air was critical to the growth of society, the development of technology, and the
protection of human health. He developed the Reed Air Filter which represented the initial step in building
an international company that globally dominates the air filtration industry AAF International.

One of the original AAF air filters.

Today, selling under the AAF and AmericanAirFilter brand names, AAF clean air products and systems
offer the most comprehensive clean air solutions available in the the world. Our products are the industry
benchmarks for quality and performance, from simple
roughing filters, to air pollution control, to gas contaminant
removal, to the highest efficiency filters used in the most
stringent clean environments.
From its world headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, AAF
maintains operations in 22 countries with more than
2,600 employees worldwide and has sales offices in 260
countries. AAF is supported in its international ventures
through the resources of its parent company OYL
Industries Berhad, based in Malaysia. OYL, in turn, is
owned by Daikin Industries, Ltd., Osaka, Japan, a
diversified international manufacturing company
and a global leader in air conditioning.
AAF offers the most comprehensive global
manufacturing capabilities in the air filtration
industry, and each facility is specifically
designed to manufacture and test the most
complex clean air solutions. Additionally, each
facility manufactures to the
appropriate international quality and performance standards. Our goal is excellence
in each product we make. Our corporate quality policy best states the AAF
commitment: Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are our highest
priorities and product quality cannot, and will not, be compromised.
As you read these words, AAF filtration solutions are cleaning air around the
globe making us more productive, protecting processes that produce technology
and products that improve our lives, and providing protection from airborne
threats that damage our health. Through more than 85 years of innovation
and leadership in air filtration, our motto has not deviated from that stated by
Bill Reed those many years ago - Better Air is Our Business .

BioCel M-Pak

VariCel VXL

Our Approach to Providing Clean Air


Our approach focuses on careful planning and design, state-of-the-art

engineering and manufacturing, and a continuing dialog between our
project management teams and our customers. These are the reasons
why so many OEMs, end-users, and system packagers have chosen
AAF as their single source for air filtration.

Clean Air

The Future

Marking its commitment to the future,

AAF moved to its new Corporate
Headquarters in May of 2000.

Looking to the Future

AAF is taking on the challenges of this new
century with the same energy and
entrepreneurial spirit that characterized our
business during the last century. We've been
to the moon, providing innovative air filtration
for one of man's greatest technological
achievements. We are ready to return there
and travel beyond, as we look to a bright future
with experience, knowledge, and commitment
that is unmatched in our industry. We will
continue to meet the universal challenge of
fulfilling the demand for clean air.

AAF was the first choice to develop special filtration for the initial lunar landing.

Air Filtration

Air Filtration for Where We Work, Play, and Gather

AAF was the first air filtration company to emphasize the need for clean indoor air and to acknowledge its
impact on human health and well being. Advertisements touting the benefits of using American Air Filter
products to clean the air in occupied areas began in the 1920s. Today, clean indoor air is even more critical
as most of us spend approximately 90% of our time indoors. In addition to protecting expensive ventilating
and air conditioning equipment, we know that protecting human health is even more important when
selecting air filtration solutions to
meet the ever-increasing demand
for clean air. AAF manufactures
air filters in varying efficiencies
and designs to fit any air handling
unit and to meet the most
stringent clean air requirements.

AAF filters clean the air in the magnificent

Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz in
Berlin, Germany.

AmericanAirFilter brand filters are

at work in Reliant Stadium in
Houston, Texas, USA.

We Work,
Play, andFiltration

Total Solutions


The transportation industry relies on AAF for engine filtration to keep diesels running
efficiently and smoothly.

Air Filtration for Industry

Industrial processes and equipment require clean air to protect
equipment and to ensure productivity. AAF manufactures a complete
line of air filters to meet the specific needs of industrial processes.
From refining raw materials to protecting finished products, AAF has
a clean solution for every step of the process.

Manufacturing plants rely on AAF

air filters to provide clean air for
people and processes.

Air Filtration for

Ultra-Pure Processes
Cleanrooms demand the highest filtration efficiencies
to protect people, products, and processes. From
protection against chemical, biological, and
radiological contaminants to manufacturing
environments where pharmaceuticals and computer
chips are produced, AAF has a full range of air
filtration products and systems for cleanrooms
including: PTFE and conventional HEPA filters,
ceiling modules, lighting, and duct housings.

AAF high purity filters are used in

contamination-controlled cleanroom
environments around the world.

Air Filtration

Air Filtration for Healthcare Facilities

Air filtration for healthcare is an AAF core competency. Quite simply,
AAF's highly-trained air filtration experts offer products and support
for healthcare applications that are unmatched in the industry. Our
understanding of hospital air filtration standards and guidelines
ensures that any healthcare facility relying on AAF for clean air will
always be compliant with the latest regulations.
Our Product Development Team is focusing on advancement in
air filtration for healthcare environments that offer higher levels of
particulate efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and effective
removal of gaseous contaminants.
Exciting new innovations in media development and new filter designs
are being emphasized. Only AAF has the commitment, financial
stability, and global research facilities to maintain a consistent research
and development effort. Every minute of every day an AAF R&D team
member is improving the art of air filtration for healthcare applications.

AAF is a leading provider of air filtration for healthcare facilities.

AAF residential air filtration products

clean the air for the most important
people in your life your family.

Air Filtration for Your Home

AAF applies its expertise in commercial air filtration to the products
it manufactures to clean the air in your home. Available in leading
retail stores and the AAF Website (www.aafintl.com), AAF residential
air filters are manufactured to the same exacting standards as our
commercial and industrial products.

Gas-Phase Filtration
Innovations in



AAF gas-phase filtration solution SAAF Side Access Housing

with SAAF Cassette gas-phase chemical filters.

Innovations in Gas-Phase Filtration

AAF has reinvented Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) filtration.
Taking an industry-leading position, we are enhancing existing particulate
and gas-phase filtration products by offering new methodologies that
provide unique and innovative air purification solutions.
AAF is regarded as one of the founding fathers of the NBC air filtration
industry. For more than 30 years, we have filtered contaminants from
air streams in nuclear plants. We designed and manufactured the first
air filter for capturing anthrax in 1973. We also designed and developed
a totally new filtration device for Apollo 11, the first spacecraft to land
on the lunar surface. AAF has become the company of choice for
mission-critical, fail-safe NBC air filtration applications.
For the past five decades, product technology in commercial NBC
products has remained unchanged. AAF now brings to market

advanced, next-generation commercialized NBC filtration

technologies that leverage AAFs high-tech designs employed in
critical military and global safety applications.
Until recently, it has been cost-prohibitive to adapt
these advanced technologies for commercial
applications. AAF has revised this model by deploying
its Global Research & Development, Engineering, and
Design teams to invent commercial NBC air filtration
solutions that are fail-safe and operate at efficiencies
and performance levels unattainable until now in
these applications.
SAAF AMC removal media and catalysts
provide high-efficiency filtration for effective
removal of AMCs encountered in air streams.

Powe r a n d In d u s t r i a l

Global Capabilities
These two words global capabilities define the power in AAFs
Power & Industrial Division. Manufacturing facilities, engineering, and
application expertise, backed by years of experience serving the
process industries, coupled with our support network throughout the
world, underline our commitment to serving our customers on a global
basis. We are continually adding manufacturing and engineering
capabilities with the goal of providing quality equipment and clean air
solutions that can be counted on time and again to meet our customers
stringent performance standards.
AAF XLC FabriPulse dedusting kiln/raw mill gases at a Cimpor cement plant.

System Design and Fabrication Around the Globe

AAF Owned
AAF Licensee
AAF Subcontract

The AAF Power and Industrial Division manufactures its products and provides support globally.

Meltshop ventilation, Bayonne, France.

AAF engineers support our customers globally.


Products and Services for the

Power Generation and Process Industries
AAF International has been designing, installing, maintaining, and upgrading air
pollution control equipment such as baghouses and electrostatic precipitators for
over 25 years. We work directly with owners/operators to
determine their specific needs. Our process begins
with a thorough inspection of their AAF or other OEM
pollution control equipment, followed promptly with a
detailed written report of our findings. We can also
analyze and troubleshoot opacity problems that can
plague many operators, helping to avoid costly fines
or shutdowns.

Global Capabilities
Power Generation
and Process Industry

Air Pollution Control Systems

Power Generation and
Filtration and
Auxiliary Systems
AAF Nuclear
Filter House.

AAF International has ASME Code S, U1, U2,

U3, and PP Certificates, and has a National Board R
Certificate allowing our qualified service technicians to operate in any area of a
power or process plant. From boiler repair to high pressure vessel design and installation, AAF has the
resources and expertise to handle any task. We can also assume project management responsibility, from
first inspection to re-commissioning of the plant, using our own labor or supervising plant maintenance staff.
AAF is a leader in nuclear power plant control room intake and reactor exhaust air filtration and cooling.
AAF installations can be found in over 90% of the generating facilities in North America. We continue to
provide ASME N stamp coils and BIBO housings, along with HEPA filters certified to ASME N509, NQA-1,
and AG-1 to many of these plants today.

AAF Vitoria, Spain.

AAF Gasny, France.

AAF precipitator unit in Eastern Kentucky, USA.

AAF Wuhan, P.R. China.


Powe r a n d In d u s t r i a l
Industrial Air Pollution Control
Products, Systems, and Services
For more than 85 years, AAF International has been providing solutions
to improve the quality of air to ensure environmental protection for
people, products, and processes worldwide.
As the worlds leading manufacturer of air pollution control products and
systems, AAF markets its air pollution and machinery intake products
and systems globally under the AAF brand name. Our global presence
enables us to act locally, utilizing the resources and cross-border
experience with product sourcing and engineering services, resulting in
air pollution control systems currently operating in almost every nation.
AAF has an unmatched understanding of complex air pollution control
issues, and has developed a strategy for finding and implementing
clean air solutions from concept to final installation.

AAF baghouse on a cement plant

in Colorado, USA.

AAF can supply a wide range of air pollution technologies and

ancillaries such as air-to-air heat exchangers, evaporative coolers,
fans, instrumentation and controls, and erection supervision and
commissioning. AAF upgrades Electrostatic Precipitators to meet the
stringent emission standards of today.
AAF pollution control systems clean gases up to 260 C (500 F) and
inlet dust concentrations up to 1000 grams/m3 without upstream
separators, and handle gas volumes in excess of 2,000,000 m3/hr.
(1,200,000 CFM).
Our customers can rest assured that in AAF they have a partner with
the resources to solve virtually any air pollution control challenge.


AAF OptiFlo cartridge collector system outside of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

AAFs Type W RotoClone

is legendary for performance
and durability.

Machinery Filtration and

Acoustical Systems
Machinery Filtration
Our reputation in the global Gas Turbine and Diesel engine markets is
second to none. We offer a complete range of products and services to
meet the most stringent requirements for machinery intake cleanliness.
Extensive experience in the design and application of gas turbines
and other high-performance rotating machinery, plus our global
manufacturing capabilities, position us uniquely to deliver total
systems and top-quality products including:

Global Capabilities
Products, Systems,
and Services
Power Generation
and Process Industry

Air Pollution Control Systems

Machinery Filtration
Gas Turbine Filtration and
Auxiliary Systems

Inlet Filtration
Chilled Water Coils
Anti-icing Systems
Evaporative Cooling Systems
Inlet Ductwork
Inlet Silencers
Expansion Joints
Acoustical Enclosures
Exhaust Silencers
Support Structure
Ventilation Systems

This 300-ton, single-lift 2XLM5000

installed in the Middle East includes an
intake housing, inlet silencer and
ductwork, turbine enclosure, vent and
bleed systems, exhaust stack and
silencer, and a generator enclosure.

Installation of a FRAME 9 Evaporative Cooler.


Powe r a n d In d u s t r i a l

Acoustic Systems

Trent Acoustic Enclosure

A worlds first an acoustic enclosure manufactured for Rolls Royce in our Wuhan, China, manufacturing facility.

Photo courtesy of the engine business of Rolls Royce.

As a single-source supplier, we are able to offer customized total

clean air and noise attenuation solutions. We are able to execute all
phases of engineering intensive projects. Working closely with our
customers project managers, AAF filtration, structural, and acoustical
engineers ensure that all systems and products meet specifications
and arrive at the job site free of defects and on schedule. We can also
assist with equipment arrangement and help accommodate limitations
in physical layout.
Expertise in structural design and manufacturing sets us apart from
our competition. We couple expert design with the highest quality
manufacturing processes and engineering expertise, to ensure that
the final product is world-class in quality and satisfies every customer
Noise Attenuation
Reducing noise levels from high-speed rotating machinery is critical in meeting
environmental standards in populated areas. AAF has designed and manufactured
acoustic systems for a variety of applications and world renowned companies.


Acoustic Systems

Ancillary Products, Systems, and Services

Ancillary Products,
Clean Air
and Services


3D-model of a Gas Turbine intake filtration and acoustic system.

Performance-Enhancing Retrofits
We specialize in retrofitting aging gas turbines and compressors to
enhance performance. Our engineers are technically proficient in a
variety of industries and understand the challenges of designing
cost-effective retrofits. We have representatives located around the
globe which means that we can handle all requests for retrofits quickly
and efficiently. We can also support retrofits with start-up supervision,
key personnel training, and a complete line of
replacement filters and parts from us or
any of our affiliated companies.

AAF employs Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis

tools in system designs.

Our state-of-the-art engineering

capabilities provide the support to
maximize the impact of our
retrofits. We excel in the use of
Computer-aided Engineering,
Computational Fluid Dynamics
(CFD), and Finite Element
Analysis (FEA) to provide power
augmentation, lower toxic
emissions, increased component
life, and improved fuel efficiency.

AAF chiller packages and evaporative cooling systems have improved

power output for gas turbines located around the world.


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Regional Headquarters

Regional Headquarters

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Better Air is Our Business

Regional Headquarters

ISO Certified 9001:2000

AAF has a policy of continuous product research
and improvement and reserves the right to change
design and specifications without notice.
2007 AAF International
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