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Compliance Checklist

01 Management Executives, management & staffs are aware of legal rights & duties of
legal legislation
02 Documentati All licenses related to the legal & machinery (Boiler, fire-fight) are
renewed on regular basis. Factory has comprehensive service rule. All
employees are provided with appointment letters, Identity cards &
regular pay slips
03 Working

The working time is strictly maintained through automatic attendance
software. The employees are provided with personalized chips built in
their Identity cards and these ensure proper attendance system all
the year round.

04 Compensatio Employees are provided with all the facilities while they resign or are
terminated from the company and all the relevant documentation is
recorded. Maternity benefits are given to all eligible employees.
05 Child labor

No child labor is allowed in the factory.

06 Forced labor No forced labor is allowed in the factory.
07 Freedom of

The labor participation in the management is encouraged in the
factory and for all crucial decision making process, the engagement
of the labors is welcome.

08 Discriminatio As per the labor laws, there is no discrepancy in terms of designation,
wages, benefits & compensation.
09 Working

The factory ensures the open area between sewing lines in the
sewing floor, cutting table area, sample room & finishing area. The
evaporated water cooling system is perfectly designed for the highest
level of working comfort to the employees.

10 Health &

Drinking water facility is every corner of the factory & within the
reach of each employee. Adequate male & female toilets. Full time
cleaning facility provided by a reputed cleaning company. Cleaning
area is adequately ventilated. First aid facility is every corner of the
factory & within the reach of each employee. First aid boxes are all
visible and are they clearly identified. First aid boxes adequately
stocked. Full time doctor and nursing facility available at the working

11 Fire Fighting A firefighting team is available with proper training & documentation.
All fire exits are clearly identified and free from obstruction. All fire
extinguishers are clearly visible, checked and approved by the
relevant independent fire authority.
12 Occupational All signs & warnings are posted in the corresponding areas. Machine
health &
operators have adequate training & knowledge regarding safety
measures. All broken needles, any used and broken blades and any
other metal objects are disposed of safely. All new needles held in a
safe and restricted area. Appropriate action is taken when a needle is
missing or fragments cannot be found Maintain machine maintenance
schedule and record Eye guards are fitted to button hole and bar tack
machine. All sewing machines have drawers and are they free from
needles, trimmers, scissors, screw drivers etc.

13 Counseling Counseling facility available at the working hours for dealing the personal problems related with social complicacy & hygiene matters. .