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How to Fold Paper Into a Secret Note Square

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Want to fold a note in a compact and unique way? Folding a piece of paper into a secret note
square is very fun and easy, and is a simple way to pass the time in class. Secret note squares are
a great way to pass along a secret message to one of your friends during class and to impress
your friends with your folding skills.


Use a letter-size piece of paper. Letter size is 8.5" by 11". (If you're outside the US, use
A4. You need to cut it or else this doesn't work.)


Fold the paper hot-dog style, along the vertical axis. Make sure the side with writing
on it is facing the inside, so you can't see it.


Fold the paper hot-dog style a second time. Now you have a long, thin piece of paper.


Fold the ends into triangles by folding them over diagonally. Make sure the two edges
of the triangles are parallel; not like a trapezoid, (two parallel sides and two non-parallel
sides) but like a parallelogram (two pairs of two parallel sides).


Fold each triangle over diagonally again, forming a thin parallelogram on each end.
Make your fold so that the edge of the triangle that's closest to the center of the rectangle
moves up so that it's parallel to the long side of the rectangle. If you do this with both
triangles, you will create something that looks like an "S" turned 90 degrees
o If you fold the triangles inward, you will get a rectangle, and this is wrong.


Fold the edges of the parallelograms facing the center straight over. You should have
two triangles making a square shape in the center, with an equally-sized triangle sitting
on each side.


Grab the triangle sitting on top of the square, and fold the edge beneath one of the
triangles in the square.


Grab the triangle on the bottom of the square, and slide it beneath the edge of the
other triangle in the square.


Enjoy your note square.



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Don't just write any old secret on this piece of paper. Even though it's folded, doesn't
mean someone can't open it.

If the teacher starts looking, quickly shove it in your desk and pretend you are taking a
pencil or pen out so they don't get suspicious.

If you are going to pass notes in the classroom, learn how to make this note quickly, or
already have paper pre-folded. You have to be quick and sly if you want to keep the note
out of sight.

Ensure that your creases are nice and smooth. This makes it look nicer and also makes the
paper look more professional. You can take the paper with you, without taking up too
much space.

Be patient at first. Everything doesn't have to be done right for the first time.

To use an A4 sheet of paper (210 x 297mm) you can shorten it to 210 x 271.76mm to
retain the US letter proportions so this still works.

If a teacher does catch you and opens up the note, it would be handy to have the message
written in some form of code or cypher. The teacher won't have a clue what you're talking

You can slip small pieces of paper inside the "pocket" on each side of the square. These
can serve as distractions or you can hide the real note inside them.

Give your friend a way to crack the code at your break then send the note and the teacher
won't see or understand it.

Be careful if you are in school! If the teacher catches you, you will be in trouble!

Show 2 more tips


Remember to make sure the receiver of the note understands how to open the note, or
else they'll be very confused.

Write on the top half of the paper. Some areas on the bottom portion are visible after the
square has been folded.

Be careful when passing notes in a classroom; some teachers get really upset about it and
you might get in trouble.

These instructions were designed for 8.5 x 11 inch paper commonly used in North
America. To make it work with the A4 paper, you should trim the paper 3 centimeters. If
you don't cut the A4 sheet, after step 5 you will have a rectangle instead of a square. Fold
a little concertina in the middle of this to form a square.

Always be patient, and dont get frustrated. Remember, always write the notes in code.

Things You'll Need

A sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper (or A4 paper cut to 210 x 271.76mm)

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