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Joyous learning through Melas

Its all the season of Melas in Gulbarga DI, We fellows here had an opportunity to observe, participate and
contribute in these melas at two different places at Hallikheda (B) and Kalgi, which enormously added to our
Concept behind mela is all about creating an environment/platform like a fair for the school children where they
prepare models, present activities, discuss, interact about the subjects/topics based upon the curriculum.
Melas which we visited were organized at the cluster level, which had the participation of 15-20 Schools with
Science and Mathematics as main subjects of learning for the children.
Our Mela visits were not just limited to observation, but to participate in the process of preparation and following
up with the participating school. In the process we had lot of interaction with the Teachers and Students, which I
would like to reflect here.
Team here at Gulbarga had worked very hard for creating a conducive atmosphere in the schools which were
participating in the mela, when we followed up with schools most of the activities were ready and student were
going through the process of joyous learning through the activity in which they were involved, we had an
opportunity to observe how science & Maths are being taught at schools. We observed how students are working
with their models, exhibiting their zeal to learn more about it, think of the subject interventions to improve and
fabricate the model with the help of their teachers.
One of the major things we observed and learned in this process of mela preparation was students getting
involved in the activity is infectious to other students who express their desire to participate with their fellow
mates and Teachers from one school getting infectious with teacher from another at the cluster level, which
indeed enabled maximum participation leading to maximum learning through these beautiful events.
Another important thing we observed was teachers getting involved in lot of hard work to prepare their students
by referring internet, reading a lot of books to make their students help them understand the concept.
Now, on the day of Mela it was like a festival atmosphere in the host school, lot of excitement around. Student
getting their models from the far off villages with all enthusiasm creating learning atmosphere in open space land.
We observed students deeply getting involved with their activities and Spectator students asking them the
questions, an interactive environment was created which enabled learnings at high level beyond classrooms
creating a sense of scientific temper among them.
We observed Melas indeed create a connect between the Community and School, the participation of Parents,
Gram Panchayat leaders and School Management Committee members which indeed will create a conducive
environment for the proper functioning of the school and also the visit of Education Functionaries instilled the
confidence among all the stakeholders
Indeed, Melas were not joyful learning platform for students alone but also teachers, all stakeholders to get
connected with the system also very important joyous learning for all us fellows.

Syed Khamaroddin
Fellow Gulbarga DI