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Good Evening,

We welcome everyone tonight as we celebrate [insert event or occasion].

Tonight is a exceptional evening - I am so glad that so many special people have been
able to join us this evening.
As, always, to absent friends - we still miss you.
But, tonight is all about celebrating!
It brings to mind the all too true words, that at times, we should "dance like noone is watching"!
And tonight is one of those nights!
Let's capture some magical moments, let's create happy memories andlet's surround
ourselves with laughter and friendship as we celebrate this special occasion.
Have fun, thank you for joining us and go ondance a little...like no one is watching!

Script for a corporate event (EagleBurgmann) (Annual

An organisation called EagleBurgmann required a script for their annual day, they wanted their employees to
host the show however, they wished to procure a script from an experienced Anchor and hence, I was called
upon for the job.
To be honest I rarely ever write scripts because I usually work on an on the spot basis or improvisation,
however, as these were not experienced Emcees, I wrote down not only a script but in between tips to help them
on stage.
Hope you find it helpful too...

The following event schedule was provided:1.


Lighting the Lamp
Prayer Dance Mumbai Unit
Speech by Mr.Panthaki
Address by Foreign Delegates
Comedy Act
Game and Interaction
Dance by Pune Unit
Act by Singapore Unit
Games and Interaction
Japanese Act


Raga Theme Act

Lucky Draw and Consolation prizes
Vote of Thanks

The Script
One emcee to go on stage 5 mins before the show begins and make the announcement in
English and Marathi
Good evening everyone, we would like to inform everybody to kindly make yourself comfortable in
your seats and please turn off your mobile phone as were going to begin the show in just a while now.
Namaskar! Amhi sarvana hey kadun iccetoh ki krupya apli seat var aramat basave ani karyakram
chalu astana phonecha vapar karu naye. Kripya aple mobile phones switch off karun theva.
Karyakramacha aarambh aamhi thodya vedane karnaar aahot. Dhanyawad!
Emcee 1- Suswagatam Suswagatam, Suswagatam,
Agatam Swagatam, Suswagatam
Emcee 2:- Namaskar! Adab! Satsriakal!
Emcee 1:- A very good evening ladies and gentlemen!
Emcee 2:- This is your host ________ and Co-host _______, welcoming you all this evening to the
annual gathering at Eagle Burgmann.
Emcee 1:- Today were celebrating the 4 year completion anniversary with Eagle Burgmann.
Emcee 2:- While some have been with us since the beginning, and some others joined us later in the
journey, Everybody over here knows what we do, why we do, and how we do.
Emcee 1:- So, Weve decided that were not going to bore you with the details.
Emcee 2:- Because today is the day for celebration! Fun! Joy! And Laughter! So everybody let your
ties loose!
Emcee 1: And all the ladies, you can let your hair down
Emcee 2:- Youve worked hard all year round and now is the time to party!
Emcee 1:- Well, Why are we having the celebration today _________?
Emcee 2:- Were having this celebration today because weve been doing a great job! I mean look at
me, how Im two timing as a _________(Say your designation) and as an Emcee and saving costs to
the company?
Emcee 1:- I think we deserve a pat for that!
Emcee 2:- Yes! Absolutuly! And not only us but I believe every single person present here at the
Eagle Burgmann Annual Gathering deserves a Pat
Emcee 1:- I agree But how do our bosses, go around patting everyone?
Ah! I have an idea! Okay!
I want everybody to pay attention this once!
I want everybody to follow me
Put your right hand up in the air.
Can I see everyones right hand?
Okay very well!
Now I want you to put your right hand on your left shoulder and pat yourself
Pat yourself!!!
Let me see you do it!
Emcee 2:- Ladies and gentlemen!!! Youve been all outstanding performers so one loud round of
applause for each and everyone over here!!! For yourself!!!!
(Audience applauds)

Emcee 1:- There is so much to thank everybody here for! Without people there is no organization!
And, without your contribution there is no EagleBurgmann! So, we thank you very much for being with
us in all our thick and thin, like a family! And helping Eagle Burgmann be what it is today! Thankyou so
much everybody!
Words are less to describe the gratitude which we wish to express, hence once again, can we get a
round of applaud to this relationship?
Emcee 2:- Thankyou so much everybody! So without further ado, Im going to tell you, what are we
doing here today
Weve planned some dance performances, that will make you too wanna shake a leg with us
Emcee 1:- Weve also planned the Raga theme Act, to mould all our various cultures together in
Emcee 2:- And we shall not forget the hilarious Stand-up comedy act thats going to leave everybody
in Fits Of laughter
Emcee 1:- So what say _____Emcee 2s name? Let the show begin?
Emcee 2:- Absolutely!!!
In traditional Indian Culture , if we wish to begin any ceremony, then for the luck and goodwill of it, we
first take blessings from the lord by lighting the lamp, which is a symbol of warmth, and happiness
Emcee 1:- Hence, for lighting the lamp, I would like to call _________________ on stage!
Huge round of applause!
Jordar taliya!
(Encourage the audience to clap for everyone who is coming on stage and, call them one by one to
give them importance i.e. only after one person is on stage call the next)
(After the ceremony and photos of it are done)
Emcee 2:- Thank you so much gentlemen! I would now request you to kindly go back to your seats so
we can start the performances
Emcee 3:- Now that the lamp is Lit, its now time to have a small prayer in the lords name.
(If the prayer dance is on Ganpati)
In Indian tradition, out of all the gods and goddesses, we always pray to lord ganesha frst, and there
is a reason for that Does anybody know the reason? (Rhetorical)
The reason for this is in Lord Ganeshas name
Lord Ganesha/ Ganpati as we call him fondly is also called as the Vignaharta
The meaning of Vighnaharta is the one who destroyes obstacles
Hence, to make sure we do not encounter any kind of obstacles our way, we too today shall begin our
annual gathering by remembering Lord ganeshas name
And for this, we shall have the the Mumbai team, from the capital of Maharashtra and the place where
every second house has a ganpati Idol, please come on the stage
So Everybody, Please put your hands together, up in the air, and welcome the Mumbai team as loud
as we can!!!
Cmon everybody!!!
Important tip;- The emcee needs to have complete energy while welcoming anyone on the stage and
Its okay to be loud to bring about the energy in you, also all Emcees to remember to hold the mic
extremely close to your mouth, it can be as close as almost touching your lips. This will help the
Emcee to attain maximum clarity. It is also recommended that the emcees try the mic and check it
once before going on stage so that the speakers dont come as a surprise to them when they talk.
Mumbai Teams dance performance
Emcee:- Wow! What an outstanding performance! Audience! Sitiyan bhi allowed hai!
Aaj ki sham ki shuruvat hi itni jordar hui hai toh aaj ki sham kitni jordarr hogi???
Were going to have an extremely fun filled evening, and the first speaker of todays evening is also a
very fun loving person,
(Emcee to talk about Mr. Panthakis achievements and designation but dont take his name, use He)

Do you know who Im talking about?

(Wait for an answer from the audience)
Yes! It is Mr. Panthaki Please put your hands together and Welcome Mr. Panthaki on stage!
Mr. Panthaki, I would kindly request you to address the gathering today. Thankyou.
(Pass Over)
(Once Mr. Panthakis done, say what you liked the most about his speech or you will take so and so of
his advice etc, Its quite impromptu)
Address by foreign Deligates
Today on this beautiful evening of 17th June 2015, we also have our foreign delegates here, who have
traveled a real distance to attend our gathering today. We would like to thank you for the time that you
have given us today.
Today with us we have ____________ (again give the life achievements here of the next speaker)
Mr/Mrs. _______ We kindly welcome you to India and would like you to please come on stage and
share with us a few words
(Pass over and repeat what you did for the first speaker)
Emcee introduces the comedian:- Hasi ke phuvare udane aur aap sab ko bina chuye gudgudane
aa rahe hai stage par ____________, jordar taliyan ho jay eek baar audience!!!
(Once the comedian is done)
Emcee:- aap ne hum sabhi ko itna haasaya ki humari aakhon mein se khushi ke aasu aa gaye!
Thankyou so much _______,
Time for Game 1
Okay ladies and gentle, I wish to tell something to everybody here today I have been working with
Eagle burgmann since the past ___ and I believe that it is one of the best places to work!
Eagle Burgmann is not just a 12 letter word!
(looks at the logo and acts like counting and Says) Because Its a 13 letter word!
So today here I would like all our eagles in the audience to tell us what Eagle burgmann feels like to
them, but in 1 word!
And that word shall begin from the letter E, A, G, L, E.
Example:- E for Energetic, Ecstatic, Elemental etc
(Send one person in the audience with the mic)
If you have a word then just raise your hand and we will bring the mic to you
(Explain the same in hindi)
(For the game the emcee cannot have a script to stick to but must improvise on the spot and create
humor by his/her words. Don not forget to mention the reason why we are playing this game, i.e.
though our top management from Eagle Burgmann know what to tell everybody, they also wish to
hear from everybody what they think about their organization. So this is your chance to directly tell
your boss what you feel like and what the Eagle Burgmann Family means to you.
Usually in an organization there are different levels of communication and those really low down in the
pyramid cannot express themselves to those who are extremely high up in the pyramid. So do it now!)
(At the end of all the letters ask the employees to cheer hip hip hurray! And dont forget to thank
them for their kind words and valuable feed back)
Emcee :- This was your host _______, I would now like to call upon the next host of todays evening,
_________, round of applaud for him everyone!!!
Intro for Pune Dance:- (by emcee good with Marathi)
Today I feel glad that we have all gathered here today in the Marathi capital of Maharashtra, Pune!
The place where the brave shivaji maharaj lived most of his life!
The place where you have the worlds richest ganpati Dagduseth Shrimant Gnapati!
The place which is also know as the oxford of the east,

The place that adorns the MH 12,

So, I would like to ask you all in this typical Marathi syle!
Kasa kai Pune? (really loud and energytic)
Tumhi punri team chya performance sathi ready ahot?
(Lets hear the audience yell!!! You can also occasionally add lines such as, jevan nai khalay vattai?
Cmon jorani tumchi aavaz aiku dya!!!)
Okay then!!!
Aajcha hya Annual gathering sathi aamchya puneri teamne, tumhi sarvansathi, ek katakir chya missal
sarkhi masaledaar, pune chya katta kattatlya chai sarkhi kadak, ani, Pune chaya pavsa sarkhi
aavadnari performance taiyaar keli aahe
Tumhi Taiyaar ahat?
Tar amchya teamla aamhi bolvu stage vaar???
Humari team keh rahi hai ki jabtak jordaar taliyan nahi bajengi tab tak who stage paar nahi aayenge
Tar chala tyana he deyu ya!!!
Cmon audience!!!
Jordaar Taliya!!! Joordarr Sitiya!!!
Singapore Performance:
Greeting everybody!!!
Or should I say Ni Hao (Nee How)
For everybody whos wondering what that is
I would like to share with you all that I am trying to learn Mandarin, one of the languages spoken in
Singapore, because we have so many in our Eagle Burgmann Family from Singapore.
So, As I said, Nee hao mean Hello
I wish to teach this to everybody who doesnt know how to greet someone from Singapore, so follow
Nee hao!
(Audience says Nee How)
Wonderful, now you know what to say to someone you meet from Singapore, and yes with that, dont
forget to bow.
(Emcee bows slightly)
Wonderful Then!
Ladies and gentlemen!
Today we have our Eagle Burgmann Family coming in all the way from Singapore, and as if that
wasnt enough, they have now decided that today here at the gathering in Pune, they are going to
showcase a little bit of their culture.
We would very much like to see what they have to present to us today on this stage and hence,
audience, too welcome our atithi, can we have a great round of applaud!!!
(Emcee exits the stage and the dance troupe enters)
Wow!!! What a performance by our Singaporean counterparts!!!
We just cannot thank them enough!!!
Their performance surely left everyone in the audience Spell- bound!
Thank you so much for taking the time and efforts to do this for us
Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, as every TV seriel, every movie has an interval, or a break, it is now
time for or non-commercial Interval, which means, were not going to try to sell anything, so you now

have 10 mins to go visit the relieving sanctuary, as I like to call it, and maybe also go and grab some
refreshments. But, please do be back here in another 10 mins, because we have a lot more yet to
come and many exciting things yet to happen on this stage that you cannot afford to miss.
So your host __________ will see you back here in another 10 mins!!!
See you soon!!
After the interval Game:Welcome back everybody!
While some of you got the chance to grab the refreshments, maybe some of you didnt so here, we
have our game, in which you all can participate, only on one condition:Your name and surname both combined should have all the four letters of Eagle Burgmanns Eagle
i.e. E, A, G, L
Get 5-7 people up on the stage for the game..
The emcee asks them their names and hands each one of them a cookie and asks them not to eat
the cookie until she says to do so
Instructions:- all the players will keep the cookies on their forehead, and at the count of three they
have 1 minute to get the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. All you
can do is tilt your head sideways, make facial expressions or whatever you feel like
If you drop the cookie, you are out..
The first one to eat the cookie wins
Another fun game:- give each one 5 balloons, they have to blow up the balloons and sit on them and
burst them, the first one to finish all 5 balloons is the winner!!!
In case of a tie you can arm wrestle or ask the two to do maximum push ups in one minute!
And the Emcee says Sayonara
Japanese ActFemale emcee suggested
Okay ever6ybody this is _________, and now its time for a little Japanese, and Konichiva, means
Hello in Japanesse, so can I get a Konichiva everyone??? (Audience says Konichiwa)
Now everybody knows a bit of Japanese too!!!
Well, you have to know some because EB also has an extended family in Japan, and they are here
today to show us a little about their culture!
And I am totally excited to see what their act is all about!
Are you all???
If you are then let me hear you applaud for them, Cmon!
Lets welcome a bit of Japan here on this stage with us!!!
(Emcee exits Japanese act enters)
Raga theme Act:
Music is one thing that connects people all around the world, because music knows no language,
music knows no religion and it goes straight to the heart.
Most people when asked what is their hobby, would definitely have listening to music or playing an
instrument in their list, thats how deeply music touches us.
For me, I believe music is no different from breathing,
Because I cannot live without breathing ,
And I definitely cannot live without music.
This lovely evening, lets breath together, lets dance with joy together!

Uptill now weve had a dance performance, an act by our singapoorean and Japanese counterparts
that we deeply enjoyed, a stand up act with ___________, so now Its time for some music.
The history of Indian music is simply beautiful and weve had some really talented artists since
centuries who have been born here and given their beautiful gift of music to this world
Yes,,, Im talking about meera bai, with her Sitar, lost in Krishnas thoughts
Or imagining Tan sen in the royal palace,
Or Lata mangeshkar with voice like a nightangle,
Or A.R. Rehman with his Oscars.
Let us welcome the Raga Act, full of music, Full of Life!
Lets begin by listening to the encouraging music of some claps from the audience.. Can we?
Lucky Draw and Consolation Prize
Vote of thanks
Ladies and Gentelmen!!!
This may be the end of todays evening but it is the beginning of a new year here at EB, I hope
everybody had a lovely time this evening and enjoyed all the performances here on this stage.
I would like to thank everybody for making time and coming and attending our annual gathering here
today. Once again, I, ___________, on behalf of EB would like to thank you for your contribution to
the growth of our organization. We ;may not have reached this height, had it not been for you.
Thankyou for being a part of this journey. And we hope you shall be a part of this wonderful journey,
for years to come.
I would now request everybody to kindly proceed for dinner, and I would also like to request
everybody not to go home without having dinner.
Thankyou so muc everyone!!
Good night! Shub Ratri! Shabba Khair! Oyasumi Nasai! Wan An!
Further Tips:The emcees can check out various videos on youtube of other emcees hosting corporate shows
Even though this script exists and I have taken time to write this down, I would suggest that all the
willing emcees come forward to bring content into this or change content in this script according to
their style and preference. The true talent of an Emcee is how creative they can get with the content.
And once what to say has been decided, then the next thing to focus on should be how to say it.
Usually in events, there are last moment changes and the emcee should have to good presence of
mind to tackle last moment changes accordingly. Even if last moment changes are not there, every
time the response the audience provides is different and the next sentence of the emcee depends on
how the audience responds to the previous one.
To sum it up in one sentence:Be yourself , be energetic, and just focus on what you can say best Impromptu.
Even if you dont remember that poetic line and you know whats coming next, Introduce and leave!
Its always better to not say much than to say something wrong on stage.
And As far as possible try not to look at the script and read it out, try to work without it, by which I do
not mean that you learn the thing by heart, but just know what to say and say it in your own words.