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2nd Division (Iraq)

The 2nd Division is a formation of the Iraqi Army. It

is headquartered at Mosul. The 2nd Division is one of
the most experienced formations in the Iraqi Army. The
division is today engaged in totality in the city of Mosul
to assure its security.

Three battalions from what was then the Iraqi armys

4th Brigade graduated basic training in a march-on
ceremony at the Al Kasik Military Training Base west
of Mosul, Oct. 15, 2004.[2] Reports from 2005 indicated that the then 4th Brigade was a former Peshmerga
It was certied and assumed operational responsibility for formation. The 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division was formerly
counter-insurgency operations in the city of Mosul on De- known as the 7th Brigade, IIF before the re-organization
cember 21, 2006.[1] The 2nd Divisions battalions are for- of the Iraqi Army. The 2nd Brigade of the 2nd [4]
mer Iraqi National Guard units, and most are manned
predominately by Kurdish troops, some being former As of March 2008, the 2nd Divisions headquarters was at
Peshmerga militia units. Some of the divisions soldiers Al Kindi Base, and the division was commanded by Brig.
frequently fought the former Iraqi army, which caused Gen. Mutaa al-Khazraji.[5]
some problems to begin with.
Before being disbanded in 2003, the previous 2nd DiviIts subordinate formations include:

sion had been one of the four original divisions of the

Iraqi Army, being active in 1941. Under Saddam Hussein's rule it fought the Kurds in 1961-70, being able to
5 (Citadel) Motorized Brigade (formerly 4th Bde)
reverse most of the Kurdish gains of their initial oensive
6 (Scorpions) Infantry (AAslt) Bde (former 2nd of autumn 1961. However it began to suer from desertion. In 1963 it was concentrated in eastern Kurdistan and
Brigade, 2nd Division)
probably took part in later oensives. The rst Kurdish
war ended with the Kurds being granted autonomy. (Ken7 Infantry Brigade
neth Pollack, Arabs at War, 2002, p. 156-158) The division was later present in Kuwait during Operation Desert
8 Infantry Brigade
Storm. It was initially assigned to 2nd Corps in the Qasr
2nd Motor Transport Regiment
as Sabiyah area, in mid January 1991,[6] but had moved
to just north of Al Jahra on 24 February 1991. (Pollack,
2002, p. 241)

1 Notes
[1] 2nd IA assumes control of security operations in Mosul.
22 December 2006. Retrieved 11 October 2014.
[2] Globalsecurity.org; The Al Kasik Military Base appears
to be located near Kisik Kupri -- PPL 3628'31"N
04240'01"E [variants: Kisik, Kisik Kpr, Kisick Keupri,
or Kasik Kubri]. Al-Kasik is 50 kilometres (31 mi) north
and west of downtown Mosul.
[4] Globalsecurity.org
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in the Gulf War, Brasseys, London/Washington, 1997,
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The 2nd Division was located in the Qasr as Sabiyah area in mid
January 1991 and by 24 February 1991 was in the al-Jahrah

Kenneth M. Pollack, Arabs at War: Military Effectiveness 1948-91, University of Nebraska Press,
Lincoln and London, 2002, ISBN 0-8032-3733-2

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