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Ancient Stellar Races Involved with Humanity

- The Melchizedek Ultra-terrestrial Family Lines

Let us bridge the gap of separation that seems to exist in new age circles,
by making the Cosmic & Universal Whos Who (or Who Created
Who) common knowledge. Humans and other species, as well as planets
and Stars are forms created for Consciousness of various frequencies to
explore the worlds of form existing in 5 Densities within our Time Matrix of
15 dimensions.
What I wish to say with this article is, that below you will find several of your
ancestral lineages.They are your ancestors you are your ancestors! Hence,
when you begin to integrate - and in particular when you embody
Soul/OverSoul (requires min. 6 strands of DNA in order to embody Soul), you
encounter these ancestral energies, as well as the issues of these worlds.
But before you can do that, there has to be a conscious awareness of your
life/lives in these worlds.
The information below is a free quote from AshaYana Deanes book,
Voyagers 2, where she writes extensively about this. This is merely to to
give you a brief introduction. For further information, visit the MCEO web
site (www.azuritepress.com).
Connotations such as terrestrials, Extra-terrestrials, Meta-terrestrials and
Ultra-terrestrials are mere terms of various levels of Consciousness
and Density - Consciousness projected by God/Source:
The First Collectives of Consciousness projected by Source/God to form
the primary Sound Light Fields beyond our 15-dimensional Time Matrix,
known as Ultra-terrestrials or Cosmic Trinity or Geomantic Etities
(The *Melchizedek Cloister Order of the Yunasai the Yunasai being The ONE
God/Source). Last seeded the current life-wave into our Time Matrix 950
billion years ago.
* There are many Melchizedek Orders, Priesthoods, Melchizedek Lineages,
and many of them are fallen lineages. Melchizedek Cloister Order/Families
are the unfallen ones Cloister is the important difference.
The emanation of the First Primal Sound Field the first individuation of
Source is known as the Emerald Order Yanas or the Blue Flame

The Second Individuation of Source is called the Gold Order Yanas or

Gold Flame Yanas.

The Third Individuation of Source is called the Amethyst Order Yanas or

the Violet Flame Yanas.

The Yanas projected three Gestalts of Consciousness to form the 3 Primary

Light Fields in dimensions 13, 14 and 15 also known as the Density-5
Ante Matter. These Gestalts are also called the Rishi, Solar Rishi,

They are referred to as The 3 Founders Races or the Universal Trinity.

The First Light Manifestation of Source Consciousness projected from

the Blue Flame YanasEckatic Energy Matrix Sound Field is the Emerald
Order of Elohei-Elohim, who seeded theAnuhazi Feline-hominid EloheiElohim (Christos Founders Race) 950 billions years ago on Density-4 (D-12)
pre-matter planet Lyra-Aramathena via Universal StarGate-12. (Royal
House of Aramathena Eieyani Grail Line & Oraphim/Turanusiam/AngelicHuman Grail Line Primary Founders).

Appointed by the Primary Guardians of our Time Matrix. Founders of the

15-dimensional Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW).

(The fallen Inyu Feline-Aquatic-Ape Hybrid Line (referred to below)

of dimension-11 planet Lyra-Aveyon became D11 Annu-Elohim Angelic
Fallen Angelic Race Line 250 mio years ago, creators of the many
Anunnaki Fallen Angelic (Anu Avenger) races of the Sirius Star System,
incl. Pleiadian-Nibiruan-Anunnaki-hominid and Bipedal Dolphin People of
Sirius A).

The Second Light Manifestation of Source Consciousness projected from

the Gold FlameYanas Polaric Energy Matrix Sound Field seeded the Cerez
Avian (Bird People), Aethian Mantis, Insect-Reptile-Dinoid SerapheiSeraphim (Christos Founders Races) 950 billion years ago in Density-4
(dimension 10) pre-matter planet Lyra-Vega via Universal StarGate-10.
(Royal House of Vega Eieyani Grail Line & Oraphim/Turanusiam/AngelicHuman Grail LineSecondary Founders).

Appointed by the Secondary Guardians of our Time Matrix. Charter

members of 15-dimensional IAFW. Appointed custodians of Fallen
Drakonian race habilitation.

The fallen D-10 Omicron (Dragon-Moth) and Odedicron (Reptile) line of

D-10 planet Lyra-Vega became the D-10 Drakonian Seraphim Fallen Angelic
Race line.

The Third Light Manifestation of Source Consciousness projected from

the Violet Flame YanasTriadic Energy Matrix Sound
Field seeded Inyu Cetacean (Whale People), Aquatic
Dolphins,Pegasai (Pegasus) Avian-Horse-Deer and Yonei Aquatic Ape
Bra-ha-Rama (Christos Founders Race) 950 billion years ago on Density-4
(dimension 11) pre-matter planet Lyra-Aveyon via Universal StarGate-11.
(Royal House of Aveyon Eieyani Grail Line & Oraphim/Turanusiam/AngelicHuman Grail Line Contributing Founders).

Appointed contributing Secondary Guardians of our Time Matrix. Charter

members of 15-D IAFW. Appointed custodians of Fallen AnnuElohim/Anunnaki race regeneration efforts, many of which
are orchestrated by the Great White Brotherhood.

Fallen Bra-ha-Rama race lines hybridized with both Annu-Elohim

and Drakonian Seraphim Fallen Angelic Races.

Let us take a look at the two lines involved the Elohei-Elohim and
the Seraphei-Seraphim. Both lines are DNA Progressive (Unfallen)
and DNA Digressive (Fallen) as written in Angelic Realities The Survival
Handbook, by Ashayana Deane of the MCEO.

But let us begin with the Elohei-Elohim Lines (First Light Manifestation
of Source Consciousness):

Harmonic Universe-4: Elohei Emerald Order, Emerald, Diamond Sun

DNA Progressive
30 48 strands of DNA
Elohei Avatars

Emerald Sun DNA

Harmonic Universe-4: Fallen Annu-Elohim, Ruby, Templar, Belil Sun

DNA Digressive

11 Strands of DNA
Lyra-Vega, Aveyon

Ruby Sun

Harmonic Universe-3: Lyran-Sirian Anuhazi, Emerald Sun

DNA Progressive

24-48 Strands of DNA

Emerald Sun DNA

Light ArchAngels

Arcturians, Leonines, Cetacean, Aqua-Hominids, Etheric Avian Hominid

Harmonic Universe-3: Annu, Ruby Sun

DNA Digressive

11 Strands of DNA

Ruby Sun DNA

Hyborneans, Andromies, Pleiadian Etheric Ape

Harmonic Universe 2: DNA Progressive

Sirian & Pleiadian Azurites (Blue Hominid) 12-24 Strand Double Diamond

Pleiadian Nordic (Blonds) + Queventellier (Hominid Ape/Big Foot): 11 Strand

Azur Sun DNA

Emerald Order Oraphim: 30-48 Strand Emerald Sun DNA

Oraphim: 24-30 Strand Double Diamond DNA

Turanusiam-1 (T-1) Humans: 12 Strand Diamond DNA

Harmonic Universe-2:

DNA Digressive

Arcturian, Draco-Anunnaki: 10 Strand Belil Sun DNA

Nordic Anunnaki Alcyone: 9 Strand Ruby Sun DNA

Beli-Kudyem T-1, Draco-Anunnaki mutated: 9 Strand Ruby Sun DNA

Harmonic Universe-1: DNA Progressive:

12 Tribes T-2 Humans

7 Root & 5 Cloister Races
Rama & Shambali
T-2 Cloister/ET Hybrids Indigo Children (Return of the Emerald Order)

Harmonic Universe-1: DNA Digressive:

Anunnaki mutated T-2 Humans

Nephilim-Nibiru, Sirius A
T-2 Cloister/Anunnaki Hybrid: 9 strand Axius Sun DNA

The Seraphei Lines:

Harmonic Universe-4: Golden Sun DNA Progressive

Seraphei Gold Order


24-30 Strand Gold Sun DNA


Harmonic Universe-4: Black Sun DNA Digressive

Fallen Seraphim

10 Strand Black Sun DNA


Harmonic Universe-3: Gold Sun DNA Progressive

Serres, Cerez
12-30 Strand DNA
(Mantis)/various benign insect/Reptile/avian/Dinos

Harmonic Universe-3: Black Sun DNA Digressive

Orion Winged Drakon

10 Strands DNA


Reptilian Anunnakis/Malevolent Dinos/Insectoids/Gargoyles/Zephelium

(Azriel/Drakon) Avian, Annu-Draco
(Dark Angels)

Harmonic Universe-2: Gold Sun DNA Progressive

Azurite-Seres Hybrids

30 Strand Gold Sun DNA

Avian Nordic Hominids

(Rieophetoria Light Angels)

24 Strand Gold Sun DNA

Harmonic Universe-2: Black Sun DNA Digressive

Azriel Avian Hominid

10 Strand Black Sun DNA

(dark Angels)
Orion/Arcturian Zeta Races
Reptilian Insect Hominids

Harmonic Universe-1: Golden Sun DNA Progressive

Serres enhanced T-2 Cloister Human Lines

Harmonic Universe-1: Black Sun Digressive DNA

Dracos (Drakon/Humans)

Kurendara-Nibiru (Nephilim-Dracos Hybrid)

Nephedem-Nibiru (Drakon-Nephite mutation)
Nephilim Pleiades
11 Strand Templar Sun DNA

To those who are well versed in Egyptian Mythology it may give rise to
thoughts among other Thoths various appearances (bird/Ibis,
ape/Baboon), and to when the Egyptian History was defiled and altered by
the Anunnaki. But that is a long story beyond my purpose for this article.
You may wonder what happens to the hybrids or the fallen ones are they
lost? Are they left behind?
No one is ever left behind there is as always support given in terms of
rehabilitation programs, where digressive DNA can be cleared of distortions,
and much effort has been put into such bio regenesis programs.
All DNA Matrices can be upgraded to a 12-Strand DNA Matrix, which is
required in order to ascend biologically .. to ascend out of form, which
happens when all 12 DNA strands with all their sub strands have been
activated and cleared of distortions and Fire Letter reversals.
One word of caution, though: Unfortunately it is still so much a part of
human nature to judge, and to create enemy pictures. It is wise to recall,
that when one creates enemy pictures and goes to war against/fight the
enemy, one often ends up becoming/applying means like the enemy.
The words friends and enemies implies polarity, and both requires that one
engages in either. To me the solution is a basis of resonance - learn
to engage/interact only where there is resonance.

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