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The Epiphany - Year C

Bridgeside Bulletin
The weekly Bulletin of the Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry
Proclaiming Christ to the communities of Forster, Tuncurry and the surrounding districts

Sunday 3rd January, 2016 The Epiphany - Year C

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Dear Parish Family,
So our Civil year begins! Happy New Year! I hope it is a good one for all of you.
There will be challenges along the way as well as some amazing opportunities.
Together as a Parish family we embrace whatever the year might bring with
prayerful courage and hope.

5 Mass at Estia,
Bonventi Close, Tuncurry 11am

6 Mass at Kularoo Gardens,

Kularoo Drive, Forster 11am

11 Baptismal Preparation,

If you are visiting our parish for a short or long holiday know that you are very
welcome. Forster Tuncurry Parish is a great place to spend time and to have a
restful holiday. I know that when you arrive you may be strangers to us but
hopefully you will leave us as friends. Communion time can be a tricky time for
visitors and as a community you will find us very helpful in making you feel like you
are at home. Do not be alarmed when the person sitting beside you introduces
themselves and is then helpful in pointing out our process.

Parish Meeting Room, Forster 7pm

12 Mass at GLAICA
Tuncurry 11am

19 Mass at Estia,
The Southern Parkway, Forster 11am

26 Australia Day
Tuncurry 11am

A short reminder to those who may in the communion process genuflect rather
than give a reverent bow. Whilst the GIRM in the Australian addition affirms the
bow as our sign of unity for our Dioceses, I simply ask that those genuflecting be
aware of the person following them who may not notice the action till it is too late.
So if you do genuflect please pause at the end of the aisle, hold the end of the seat,
genuflect before proceeding to communion. In this way you will alert the person
behind that you are doing something different.



WEEKDAY EUCHARIST (subj. to change)

AGED CARE MASSES (subj. to change)

Mary Star of the Sea, Tuncurry

Sat 6pm, Sun 7am

Mary Star of the Sea, Tuncurry

Tues 4:30pm, Sat 9am

Holy Name of Jesus, Forster

Sun 9am, *Sun 11am

Holy Name of Jesus, Forster

Wed 9am, Thurs 9am, Fri 9:30am

Estia Tuncurry 1st Tues , 11am

Kularoo Gardens 1st Wed, 11am
GLAICA House 2nd Tues, 11am
Estia Forster 3rd Tues, 11am

*Until 24th Jan



Mary Star of the Sea, Tuncurry

Saturday 8:30am

Holy Name of Jesus, Forster

Saturday 4:45pm

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The Epiphany - Year C

Ministers this weekend

.of the Word

of Communion


A: Frank Hayman
B: Monica Hunt
A: Lorraine Clark
B: Tony Knight
A: Barbara Dolahenty
B: Kit Hornibrook
A: Judith Shand

Pat Hooker, Jake Siddle, Margaret Smith, Maureen Stevens,

Ruth Pearson.
Edna Tucker, Genevieve Williamson, Maria Armitage, Mary
Greig, Cecile Malone.
Barbara Kermode, Lee Sullivan, Robert Moran, Shioney Neal,


B: Elizabeth Sciacca

Maureen Nicholls.
Greg Byrne, Natasha Brotherton, Josie Beech, Barbara
Dolahenty, Fay Harvey.

Ministers next weekend

.of the Word

of Communion


A: Lou Hope
B: Clare Moulder
A: Kay Griffiths
B: Cecile Malone
A: Judy Harper
B: Marie Keep
A: Peter Nicholls

Kathryn McCabe, Kay Hall, Maureen Pye, Michael Siddle,

Tony Stevens.
Cushla Drake, Graham Griffiths, Mark Mowbray, Norm
Chapman, Lorraine Clark.


B: Kyla Loring

Lorna Vidler, Maureen Visser, Sharon Fowle, Rob Temesvary,

Trevor Turner.

Alan McCarthy, Coral McCarthy, Elle Cairns,-Cowan, Maureen

Nicholls, Josie Beech.

Scripture ZoneThis Week

Next Week

First Reading
Isaiah 60:1-6
Jerusalem is exalted.

First Reading
Isaiah 42:1-4. 6-7
In the desert make ready the way of the Lord.

Responsorial Psalm
Response: Lord, every nation on earth will adore you.
Second Reading
Ephesians 3:2-3. 5-6
Paul declares the Gentiles co-heirs to the Kingdom.
Gospel Acclamation
Alleluia, Alleluia!
We have seen his star in the East;
and have come to adore the Lord.

Matthew 2:1-12
The Wise Men journey
to the infant Jesus.

Second Reading
Acts 10:34-38
God anointed Jesus with the Spirit and with
Luke 3:15-16. 21-22
The Holy Spirit descends on Jesus at his baptism.

Text: Excerpts from the English

Translation of the Roman Missal
2010, International Commission
on English in the Liturgy (ICEL);
Music:From the Mass of St Francis
2010, Paul Taylor. All rights
reserved. Used with permission.
Australian AgentLicenSing
Online Lic No. 624844.