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Part - I

Devising Strategies
1. Believing Game: The believing game is the mirror image of the doubting game or critical
thinking. It’s the disciplined practice of trying to be as welcoming as possible to every
idea we encounter.” It helps to underestimate the loopholes present.
Strategies which make believing game are:
1. It posses with three main thinking notions of believing factor like from where the
information got outsourced, is the factor reliable, Is it easy to believe the information
2. Believing game is processed when things get awry and proper judgment and commitment
is required.
3. Ideas are accepted which are tempted for not to reject.
4. Stories, allegories and metaphor try to estimate the thinking capacity.
5. Language at times plays a common role estimating the believing factor.

Doubting Game: “the doubting game represents the kind of thinking most widely honored and
taught. It’s the disciplined practice of trying to be as skeptical and analytic as possible with every
idea we encounter.
1. When the doubt is introspected it is methodological, provisional and conditional.
2. Doubting person always gets intrigued with every doubt represent.
3. Doubting always leads to better conclusion and result.

Having discussed the various types of signs. If we look back to the different types of signs we are able to draw correlations between the sign. the signifier is an exact representation of the signified.Once a person has viewed a signifier they attach meaning to it. An example would be an image of a snowflake implying snow or cold weather. The signifier for example a word. signifier and signified. In other words. Indexical Sign – signs that carry some form of casual relation or cause and effect. Iconic Signs – these can best be described as the most direct signs. However there is a language and literacy barrier when it comes to arbitrary signs in relation to words as it is acknowledged that the viewer needs to understand the written language. These signs often culturally determine or universal for instance the sign of red circle with a horizontal white line through the middle is a sign known for no entry.This type of sign bare no similarity to the signified. This meaning is known as the signified. dependent on their frame of reference. it should be noted that it can be quite tricky to categories the signs into one sign type. Arbitrary Signs . will not be able to comprehend meaning. However because of learned association and language commonality a person recognizes the word for as the physical item. but again if a person has not person exposed to it prior of have knowledge of it. as they reflect the signified and bear near exact similarity to the real object. ‘money’ has no physical resemblance to the actual money a person uses to pay for goods. If we look at the indexical sign example of the . Symbolic Signs – are viewed as being trickier as there is no obvious correlation between the signifier and the signified. One associates the signified object with an even or action.

diabetes and heart diseases. and more recently. . Visual Devices found in this article are 1. We could also place it under a symbolic sign as a representation of Christmas as many countries that snow over the festive season associate snow with Christmas and this has seemed to become somewhat universal even in countries where it does not snow. they will consume less. Identifying Visual Argument Advocacy Advertisement: Visual Article .snowflake. Repetition . (b) Served smaller portion sizes of sugary drinks. gain less weight and be healthier 3.Michael Bloomberg: Big sugary drinks yield big waistlines. we could quite easily pair it with being an iconic sign as it bears resemblance to the physical object. Antithesis – (a) It also says that people are allowed and still choose to drink as much soda as they want If its 16 ounces. (b) This change in the society is not possible for him to make it as a practice by people soon because many people are addicted to it. 2. Parallelism – (a) Increase in sugary drinks consumption has led to increase in weight gain and obesity. So before analyzing it is important to be aware that not only does meaning vary with signs but also sign type.Consumption of sugary drink.

Mayor of New York is a person who itself is a health conscious and want its district to be protect from hazards of several modern food and methods by which people have been encountered with several diseases. appeal and persuasion has been done to the readers mind. Bloomberg’s main motive is to make people aware of the negatives of all the modern food and drinking practices and safe guard their lives. Pathos – Emotion of strongly suggestion and assertive to abstain sugary drink is mentioned. Impact of the Visual devices have upon the articles This article’s writer Michael Bloomberg. Sit Less Visual Devices found in this article are 1. Parallelism – . Logos – Facts figures are taken from 1950 to present. Magazine Article – Play More. As US is the highest consumer of these drinks and which has led to increase in obese population in US. Ethos – Bloomberg has also abstain himself from these drinks so he is also emoting the same from the people. 3. to remove obesity epidemic and to improve lives of residents.Visual Strategies Used in this article are 1. In this article he is discussing about the sugary and aerated drinks and its impact upon the health of citizens of US. Repetition – Presence and Improvement of “Screen Time” 2. 2.

When guiding children to make decisions and choices what is our duty of care and responsibilities (consider in your answer health and safety). This playful activity is required in all age groups of children. 3. Impact of the Visual devices have upon the articles In this article the basic summation I can do are “all work and no play. figures and the activity performed by child belongs to each age group need not to be sedentary and this will help child in being and promotes and suggested to be more social and interactive.(a) As much as child would be awake he would develop his sensory organs socially and physically. Antithesis – (a) Children who are below 2 years screen time is not recommended for them. (b) More activity provides greater benefits in child’s life. (b) Pathos – Modern values and outlook as family will give broad outlook towards society and can give attention upon extracurricular activities (c) Ethos – Bloomberg has also abstain himself from these drinks so he is also emoting the same from the people. make a child a dull”. Visual Strategies Used in this article are (a) Logos – Facts. to remove obesity epidemic and to improve lives of residents. So to make active child need to be playful in his activities and approaches. When guiding children to make decisions it should be promoted and appreciated according to the age level of a children an d extra care need to be taken little ones so that they don’t hamper .

their while eating anything and with few older children decision need to be taken to engross them in active and exercising engaging activities. .