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DFLL Bilingual Glossary

Personnel Affairs


Associate Chair

Faculty Quota

Faculty Promotion

Faculty Evaluation

Evaluation Exemption

Professors Sabbatical


Initial Employment

Renewed Employment

Temporary Transfer

Return to Post





Consolation Funds (compensation for death of

faculty members in the course of their employment
and paid to their dependents)

Paid Leave

Unpaid Leave

Salary Raise

Leave of Absence

Sick Leave

Personal Leave

Official Leave

Maternity Leave

Parental Leave

Parent-care Leave

Health Checkup

Civil Servant and Teacher Insurance

*This Insurance includes disability insurance, old-

aged insurance, death insurance, dependents

funeral insurance, and parental leave allowance.)

Labor Insurance

Health Insurance

NTU Providence Society (Medical Cooperation


NTU Faculty Public Fund

NTU Co-op

Elected Committee Member

Ex-officio Member

Work Permit

Alien Resident Certificate

NTU Faculty ID

Certificate of Current Employment

Certificate of Employment (for employees who

have retired or resigned)

Faculty Merit Pay

Office Space Allocation

Academic Affairs

Faculty Teaching Relief

Curriculum Mapping

Educational Objectives

Core Capabilities

Office of Academic Affairs

Graduate Program

MA Program

PhD Program


General Core Courses

General Electives

Liberal Education Courses

Required Courses

Elective Courses

Online English Program

Distance Learning

Summer Session


Course Selection System

Course Description


CEIBA Course Management System

Course Reserves

Course Questionnaire

Open Course Ware

Teacher Education Curriculum/Program

Inter-collegiate Course Taking

Second Foreign Languages Module

Linguistics and Language Teaching Module

Undergraduate Degree Requirement Checklist

Undergraduate Degree Requirement

Course Withdrawal

Online Course Registration

Course Add & Drop

Authorization Code

DFLL Double Major/ Minor Certificate

English Oral Training I Placement Test

Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation


Translation Track

Interpretation Track

Foundational Language and Culture Courses

Practicums (required for both translation and

interpretation track students)

Specialized Options

Core Competence Courses (Required)

NTU GPTI Degree Requirements

Specialized Knowledge and Skills Test

Professional Translation Practicum

Specialized Studies

Specialized Course Selection Proposal

Teaching Assistant (TA)

NTU Center for Teaching and Learning

Development (CTLD)

Student Affairs

Advisor Add & Drop

Student General Leave Request Form

NTU Online Student Leave Request System

DFLL Student Association

Composition Learning Plan

International Degree Student

Exchange Student

Double Major Student

Minor Student

Transfer Student

Undergraduate Transfer Exam

Department Transfer Test

Academic Achievement Award

NTU International Graduate Student Scholarship

NTU International Student Scholarship

NTU International Graduate Student Support Fund

Credit Transfer



International Degree Student

Overseas Chinese Student

Research and Grants

NTU Academic Research Award

National Science Council (NSC)

NSC Funded Research Projects (NSC-funded

projects, NSC Projects)

Humanities and Social Sciences Book Writing

NSC Short-Term Program to Conduct Research

NSC Domestic Visiting Researcher Program for

Liberal Arts College Grant for Attending

NSC Program to Invite International Visiting

NSC Subsidy for Attending International

NSC Subsidy for Hosting International Academic

NSC Outstanding Research Award

NSC Ta-You Wu Memorial Award

Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholars



Scholars of Humanities and Social Sciences

International Conferences (for new teachers)



Conferences in Taiwan

Program and Visiting Fellows Program

Fulbright Program Awards for Taiwan Applicants

Faculty Exchange Program

Principal Investigator (PI) / project director

Final Report

International Travel Report

Mid-term Report

Financial Closeout (of research project)

NTU Office of Research and Development (ORD)

(Aiming for the) Top University Project

(CTLD) Teaching Improvement Research Project

Additional Merit Pay for Excellent Teachers and


Graduate Program Affairs


Degree Examination/Thesis (Dissertation) Defense

Thesis Proposal Review

Dissertation Prospectus Oral Examination

Qualifying Examination


MA Thesis Supervision

PhD Dissertation Supervision

Independent Study Course

Second Foreign Language Exemption Test

DFLL Publications

NTU Studies in Language and Literature


Editorial Committee

Advisory Board

Editorial Assistant

Business Assistant

Chung Wai Literary Quarterly



English Editor

Executive Editor

Business Assistant

Editorial Board



NTU Literary Translation Award


Authorization Approval Form

DFLL Committees

DFLL Department Affairs Meeting

DFLL Curriculum Committee

DFLL Teachers Evaluation Committee

DFLL New Faculty Recruitment Committee

DFLL M.A. and Ph.D. Admission Committee

DFLL Undergraduate Admission Committee

DFLL Freshman English Committee

DFLL Advisors Affairs Committee

DFLL Oral Training Committee

DFLL Composition Committee

European Languages Division

Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation


DFLL Research Resources Committee

DFLL Space Allocation Committee

DFLL Faculty Colloquium

DFLL Safety Officer

NTU Studies in Language and Literature

NTU Studies in Language and Literature Editorial


Chung Wai Literary Quarterly Editorial


Liberal Arts College Committees

Collegiate Affairs Committee

Collegiate Teachers Evaluation Committee

Election Affairs Committee for Representatives of

Intramural Affairs Committee, Collegiate Affairs

Committee, Teachers Evaluation Committee

Committee on Dean Election Regulations

Collegiate Curriculum Committee

Collegiate Faculty Evaluation Committee

Collegiate Awards Committee

Collegiate Spatial Arrangement Committee

Collegiate Academic Evaluation Committee

Collegiate Scholarship Evaluation Committee

Humanitas Taiwanica Editorial Committee

Collegiate Books Committee

Center for Taiwan Research

University Committees

University Teachers Evaluation Committee

University Affairs Committee

Sex Harassment Prevention and Resolution


Sex Harassment Complaint and Arbitration


Faculty Member Complaint Deliberation


Faculty Housing Allocation Committee

Committee for the Creation of an English

Speaking Environment

Gender Equality Education Committee

Committee on Student Affairs Regulations

Student Assistance Committee

International Affairs Promotion Committee

University Affairs Development Planning


GPTI Committees

Graduate Program in Translation and

Interpretation (GPTI)

GPTI Program Affairs Committee

GPTI Teachers Evaluation Committee

GPTI Curriculum Committee

GPTI Admission Committee

GPTI Advisors Affairs Committee