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5800 Deerfield Lane Hickory, NC 28602

(910) 551-2133 / wsmvle@earthlink.net


Supply Chain and Project Management providing Customer Support & IT Planning

Supply Chain/IT: Familiar with Six Sigma & CPIM concept with over 28 years Logistics/
IT Experience (18 Years Active duty Army & National Guard and 10
years as a Senior Logistics Analyst with Lockheed Martin.)


North Carolina Army National Guard, -Raleigh, North Carolina 06/2003- Present
Federal Civilian Technician Program and Active Duty Guardsman
Production Controller – (Active Duty Guard) – Home Station Field Reset
Established plans, scheduled, and controlled the maintenance records for the repair of a
variety of vehicles and equipment per returning unit Density List. Monitored the progress
of maintenance projects as they applied to battle damaged equipment. Applied
Development Project Design and Planning using Logical Framework Approach.
Provided status of equipment, maintenance actions in progress, and location of
equipment. Supervised the Input of data regarding work order information, status
changes, supply updates, and other pertinent information. Performed on-the-spot
adjustments to repair priorities on routine or re-occurring processes necessitated by
unscheduled maintenance requirements, assisted supervisory personnel in determining
impact of these requirements on the Maintenance Team's ability to complete the job as
required. Modified production planning to accommodate requirements. Provided
assistance to ensure that Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTO&E)
reportable Line Item Numbers (LIN) (Average Cost Per LIN Report) are properly
managed, reported and accounted for with respect to weekly readiness reports,
property accountability reports and system management. Ensured that CL IX Parts are
funded, budgeted, via IMAP and performed demand analysis on Shop Stock to sustain
mission requirements.
Information Technology Specialist (INET) GS-11 Webmaster
As the Web Master for the North Carolina Army National Guard, my duties were as
Maintain the NCNG Public Web Site by validating and publishing all approved content,
created new web pages and sites, created and administered current NCGKO (North
Carolina Guard Knowledge Online) which is a Windows SharePoint Services Team Site
on the Guard Knowledge Online Web Portal.
I served as the Administrator for The North Carolina National Guard's presence on AKO
(Army Knowledge Online). My primary duties were to manage permissions down to the
MACOM level. (Major Army Command)
Assisted in training users to manage their sub-site areas in Windows SharePoint
Services (NCGKO) and Army Knowledge Online (AKO) J6 Help Desk Administration
was an additional duty.
Consulted with several Officers and Technicians to implement an ERP that had the
ability to allow the Personnel Dept. and Finance Section to share data on a single bank
of Blade Servers.
Logistics Management Specialist – GS09 CSSAMO
Responsible for providing customer assistance for the North Carolina National Guard's
STAMIS(Standard Army Management Information Systems Instrumental in Managing
the receipt, providing review, ensuring validation, distribution, and implementation of all
CSS software received in the State, providing proper installation, testing and evaluation.
Oversaw the Customer System Support resource library and the retrieval and disposal
of Customer System Support software. Analyzed requirements, managed, and
coordinated STAMIS automation hardware systems and peripherals pertaining to the
receipt, distribution, installation and replacement of systems. Installed, tested and
evaluated STAMIS systems hardware. Managed the state/territory CSS automation
hardware stock controlled exchange (SCX) (aka equipment float) program and ensured
the accountability of exchanges. Performed organizational and direct support level
STAMIS hardware maintenance as required. Determined systemic problems during
maintenance of hardware or in the application of software and initiates corrective action
as needed. Provide operator level assistance on STAMIS systems and Automated
Logistical Programs.
Supply Technician – GS06
Maintained an accurate automated accounting and reporting system of property book
equipment for the Aviation Flight Facility. In coordination with the Director of Logistics
(DOL) I monitored on hand assets and recommended actions to improve logistical
readiness to the Logistics Manager. Participate in segments of management studies on
the distribution of equipment assets and makes recommendations based on analysis.
Monitors and participated in the redistribution of unit excess by recommending transfer
and turn-in of property book items as appropriate. Performed lateral transfer of
equipment as recommended by the Logistics Manager. Reviewed disposition
instructions of outgoing major end items to validate excess status prior to shipment.
Monitors/reviews transactions that update property accounting balances of the Standard
Army Management Information System (STAMIS) to isolate errors and provide
guidance to correct deficiencies. Maintained the state STAMIS catalog data file,
assignment of State assigned line item number (SLIN) and non-expendable
management control numbers (MCN). Conducted property book reconciliations.
Reviewed document registers, document files, suspense files, and account records to
verify postings and consistency with automated/manual property book balances.
Prepares reports on the condition of records, shortages, excesses, corrections, and
actions recommended to improve property accountability in accordance with regulatory
guidance. Maintained a suspense file of reconciliations, pending actions and other
pertinent data pertaining to property accountability. Maintained the logistical file to
support property book reconciliations.

West Care Health System, - Sylva, North Carolina 12/2002-03/2003

Systems Administrator
Administration and maintenance provided to operating systems: Windows NT Terminal
Server, Windows 2000 Server and Citrix MetaFrame xp Feature Release 3. Upgraded
to Active Directory from NT Policy Editor. Modified System ADM file to accommodate
new GPO’s. Provided user support to newly installed and upgraded homecare billing
software. Helpdesk support as needed.

Eliassen Group, Inc., - Raleigh, North Carolina 04/2001 - 02/2002

AIX UNIX Administrator
Performed long term-contracted services to Hill-Rom as a Field Service Installation
Technician and Customer Support Specialist. Primary responsibilities include Operating
System and Application upgrades, installing new servers and optical library devices,
training onsite IT personnel. Installed and configured Ethernet & Token Ring hubs, re-
defining and verifying network continuity. Conducted required performance monitoring,
fine-tuning, Logical Volume Maintenance and crash dump analysis of remote servers.
Collaborated with Development and QA departments creating solutions to problems
associated with migrating applications prior to upgrading Operating Systems
Ensured security and disaster prevention/recovery capabilities of fielded main and
redundant servers, thereby safeguarding archived patient data. Performed
hardware/software validations and creating a protocol test case and traceability matrix
in accordance with current quality standards.
Drafted troubleshooting procedures. Installed and configured workstations, loaded
emulation application and configured HL7 interface engines for communication with
local mainframe.
While not on travel, Daily responsibilities included telephone support of end-users (Help
Desk Support), troubleshooting software and hardware problems. Assisted Project
Managers in scheduling future server/optical unit installs and upgrades. On-Call 24/7.

Arsenal Digital Solutions, Inc., Durham, North Carolina 01/2001- 03/2001

IDC Supervisor/SUN Administrator
Primary responsibilities are maintaining backup utilizing Veritas NetBackup & Media
Manager and restore utilities for managed and collocation customers. Perform daily
administration of Service Maintenance Systems, updating backup media,
troubleshooting problems and reporting backup tracking figures to accounting for billing
purposes. Additional duties are assisting the install team with configuring RAID
supported servers, FastIron/Brocade switches, terminal servers and tape robots.

Eliassen Group, Inc., - Raleigh, North Carolina 06/2000 - 01/2001

AIX UNIX Administrator
Contracted to Hill-Rom as an AIX UNIX Consultant responsible for the technical support
of RS/6000 Servers and the IBM Optical Library that provides the patient record
archiving capabilities. Other responsibilities include participating in project meetings as
a technical advisor. Assist in providing customer support with answers to technical
questions regarding the medical equipment purchased by the hospital. Assigned
responsibility of creating and formalizing a Technical Support Reference Manual to
coincide the current Hardware Installation Manual. On-Call 24/7

Metro Information Services - Virginia Beach, Virginia 02/2000 - 04/2000

AIX Senior Systems Administrator
Contracted to The Finance Company (TFC Enterprises) as the interim Senior Systems
Administrator, responsible for day to day administration of Service Maintenance
Servers: 7 IBM RS 6000 servers utilizing AIX Unix as primary platform and 2 Windows
NT 4.0 servers supplying network traffic to over 325 desktop PCs, workstations and
Tivoli Distributed Monitoring. Responsibilities include administration to corporate wide
PBX and telecommunications vendor selection. Alternate duties include contract
reviews and project proposal generation. Supervised helpdesk utilizing Remedy. On-
Call 24/7

Eliassen Group, Inc., - Raleigh, North Carolina 11/1999 - 1/2000

AIX/SUN UNIX Administrator
Contracted to MCI/WorldCom Global Network Operations Center as an AIX UNIX
Consultant providing support to the TME 10 team (Tivoli Management Environment).
Primary responsibilities included SNMP Trap monitoring, performance monitoring and
fine tuning of 7 Domains supported by a variety of servers...ie IBM, SUN, and HP
NetServers. OS platforms are AIX, HP-UX and Sun Solaris. Performed hardware
support as needed. On-Call 24/7

The Body Shop, - Wake Forest, North Carolina 06/1998 - 09/1999

Project Manager Technology Services/ AIX UNIX & Logistics Planning Scenarios
Tasked with creating and maintaining a comprehensive Management Information
System that would improve the in-house client/server infrastructure that supported the
business initiative for all North American operations, which consisted of 360 shops in
major airports and shopping malls. Additional responsibilities included project planning
for Unix systems, telecommunications, hardware support, point of sales systems,
overseeing website design and publication, Exchange Server Administration network
design and systems administration. Participated in yearly department budget analysis,
supplying facts of costs to upgrade systems, soliciting vendors, and reviewing RFP's in
collaboration with The Gardner Group. Assisted in the administration of BPICS,
operating on an AS/400 platform prior to the introduction and installation of SAP/R3
Configured network routers, hubs, switches, terminal servers, CSU/DSU, Frame Relay,
computer repair when needed and ISDN dialup services.
Conducted an assigned feasibility study in the costs associated with migrating present
LIS from a server with a Novell NetWare operating system to an AIX UNIX platform
server. I also monitored the laboratory supply procurement processes, laboratory
chemical and substance inventory management and tracking. This was not a medical
laboratory. The lab was primarily used to test product prior to being released to the filing
Negotiated contracts for the procurement of hardware and software from selected
vendors. On-Call 24/7
Orchestrated beta test scenarios utilizing Linux.
UNIX Systems: Relocated Mail Order System (RS/6000) from New Jersey to North
Carolina. Participated as Project Lead in the plans for "out-sourcing" through a third
party, all of the catalog sales transactions with the exception of accounting. Closed
down the northeastern Distribution Center. Supervised the installation of Exchange
Servers and the installation of Mac’s for the design and marketing department.
Telecommunications: As Project Manager, utilizing PERT/CPM, I planned and relocated
a Lucent Definity PBX from New Jersey to Wake Forest and one from Hayward,
California to Burlingame, California. Contracted a DCS link between Wake Forest and
Burlingame via T-1. Negotiated with AT&T and MCI on the installation of a Frame Relay
and Fractional T-1 for Video Conferencing.
Network: Designed and contracted the installation of the present Ethernet topology
utilized by The Body Shop Corporate office in Burlingame, California.


BS - Business Administration Strayer University - Washington, DC

MSBA – Operations & Production - Strayer University – Washington, DC
APICS Membership