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+< KsT ` s. 22000/` d+es

+< KsT `s. 1800/` Hd] yTT+
Send your tax-exempt donations to SewaUSA
Please mention Seva Bharathi, Hyderabad and project of
your choice as Kishori Vikas in the Memo.

ICICI Bank, Himayat Nagar Branch, Hyderabad
Account title: SEVA BHARATHI A/C. No.:630501065297 IFSC: ICIC0006305
Indian Donors will be provided with tax- exempted
receipt under 80G income tax act.
Make cheque payble to SEVA BHARATHI and mail it to
Seva Bharathi, 3-2-106, Nimboliadda, Kachiguda, Hyderabad 500 027

www.sevabharathi.org, www.kishoryvikas.blogspot.in ,
www.sevabharathitg.blogspot.in, sewabharathi@gmail.com
Ph: 040-24610056, 9949566499, 9618667939

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