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Newsletter 2013
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Read on for some highlights of this years community

projects and activities. For more information on TSF
community outreach please look at the Programmes
section of our website www.tsfoundation.org

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TSF Outreach volunteers donate time, talent and energy.

They work continuously with our community partners to
assess critical needs in our shared neighbourhoods:


TSF Community Outreach 2012 - 2013

g to

TSF is a needs-driven charity.

We target our funds, volunteers and resources to
where they will make a real difference. In London
child poverty is double the national average.
Figures from the Literacy Trust show that 1 in 3 children
do not have any books at home.
At our partner schools, typically more than 45% of
pupils qualify for free school meals and for up to
90%, English is a second language.



TSF strives to ensure

that local London
children especially
those with the fewest
resources have
opportunities to
succeed in school
and life

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TSF builds on proven project ideas. Sponsored by

corporate partner Waterstones, TSF held the first
Kensington Readers Cup in 2012. Four local primary
schools competed for a handsome cup and a trip to
Waterstones to choose books for their school library.
This outstanding success will now be an annual event,
whilst the first Battersea Readers Cup was contested
in January and a Fulham Cup has been timetabled for
2013-2014. Congratulations! What a fantastic event the
Readers Cup was today. We havent stopped re-living
and talking about it. St Mary Abbots C of E Primary
In partnership with the PTAs at each of the four Thomass
Schools, TSF helps organise a Make A Difference
Day or Community Day. Thomass pupils, staff and
parents contribute to their local community by working
on a variety of projects for TSF partner schools and
community centres. TSF volunteers play a significant
role in identifying, planning and executing projects for
these days. Its been the best day. to see staff
and children (from both our schools) coming together
is something I have longed for Colette Morris, Head,
Christ Church Primary
Community partners sometimes come to our volunteers
with requests for donations of much needed supplies. In
the past year we have been asked for books, clothes,
sports equipment, musical instruments, drama
costumes and props, board games and more. These
drives are always generously supported by the broader
Thomass community and make a very real difference to
the recipients.

Our aim is to support the whole child

heart, body and mind

Heart -

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Holiday Singing

ir p

Working with In Harmony Lambeth, TSF provided an

Easter holiday singing programme for children from two
partner schools, Herbert Morrison Primary School and
St Stephens Primary School. As well as daily singing
practice, the project included taster sessions in samba
drumming and music technology and an afternoon visit
to the Gamelan at the Southbank Centre.





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From Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th June 2013 the Pump

House Gallery in Battersea Park will be transformed
into a vibrant hothouse of imaginative plants by the
Delicious Monsters exhibition. Supported by the
Foundation and the Friends of Battersea Park, this event
gives local schoolchildren the opportunity to work with
experts from the Royal College of Art and the Pump
House to create diverse and magical artworks.



Tr ump

Last summer TSF partnered with Fosters & Partners,

Sainsburys, Starbucks, Groundworks, local artists
and the Council to hold the Battersea Schools Art
Competition. There were over 300 entries! Selected
works were exhibited at York Gardens Library and
transferred to Sainburys.

Art Exhibitions

Trumpet Club

Drama Club

Trumpet is a core instrument for pupils in year 5 at

Colville School. TSF funds a weekly after-school
trumpet club to enable the most able pupils to
improve their skills further.

York Gardens Library, a TSF community partner,

provided the stage for a modern production of Romeo
and Juliet set in Battersea. All 40 actors, aged 4 - 13,
from the TSF-funded Women of Wandsworth Drama
Club performed. They are busy rehearsing for a new
performance in July.

TSF Music Scholarships

In partnership with Wandsworth Schools Music
Service, TSF has launched a scholarship programme
for deserving young musicians with significant potential
and commitment. Each scholarship provides up to 4
years funding for:
Sustained high quality instrumental
tuition in small groups.
Instruments and regular performance opportunities.
Individual mentoring and tuition.
Opportunities for progression to higher
levels of musical achievement.

Music Tuition
Music is at the heart of Falconbrook Primary School.
Recognising the long waiting list for music lessons,
particularly woodwind, TSF provides an hour of music
tuition weekly for 8 pupils, for flute and saxophone.
Falconbrook pupils are also encouraged to participate in
the school band, which performs at local public events.

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Fo ot

Glenbrook would like to express our sincere gratitude

to the Thomass Schools Foundation for their immense
support last year. The grant made an enormous
difference to the lives of those families who are on
benefits or have no recourse to public funds.
Glenbrook extended school team.

n d h e a l th

TSF supports football coaching or clubs at two partner

schools in Clapham: High View and Glenbrook. At
Glenbrook, funding from the Foundation allows pupils
without financial resources to participate in their
after-school clubs, which include cookery, dancing,
sewing and more, as well as the ever-popular football.
Often these children have no after school supervision.

ss a

Football Clubs

I like my sessions
with Steve because
every week I learn
something new.
This year I have
progressed so much.
I am so grateful.
Thank you.

Multi Sports Club

At Langford Primary School in Fulham TSF funds a Multi
Sports After-School Club. Long-term community partner
London Sports Trust, a not-for-profit organization
that promotes exercise and healthy living, runs the
programme. Activities, including futsal and handball,
develop strength, balance, coordination, confidence and
teamwork and are linked with tips on the importance of a
healthy lifestyle.
A ll Star Yout
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Rashard Henry

Tennis Coaching

My kids really enjoy Capoeira as its fun and it keeps

them fit and healthy. Its a brilliant activity for the kids to
do. Parent, Admire Martinez.



TSF continues to sponsor a weekly Capoeira Club at

York Gardens Library. Children from three different
schools take part in this Brazilian combination of martial
arts, percussion and dance, which develops fitness,
musicality and discipline, as well as friendship and
teamwork. Regular attendees are able to further their
skills through performances, group activities and
grading events.

Ca po

Capoeira Club


TSF works with the All Star Youth Scholarship Tennis

Trust (ASYTS), which runs sessions in targeted schools
to talent spot children with promise who would not
have the financial resources to play tennis, and provides
weekly coaching for children from low-income families.
One 8-year-old participant has excelled and has recently
been selected for training by the Surrey LTA.


- I n s p i r e yo u




l ov

e le

Volunteer Reading Programme

a r ning

Across our four boroughs TSF has developed an

extensive Volunteer Reading Programme, where a
volunteer develops the reading skills of a child on a
weekly basis, by listening to them read at school. This
one-on-one mentoring has proven highly successful
in helping children to improve their literacy skills.
This programme continues to expand with over 100
volunteers currently. The impact and reward on both
readers and volunteers have been immense.

The Kusuma Trust UK

is delighted to support
the Thomass Schools
Foundation to run
homework clubs we
wish the Foundation all
the best as you continue
to develop childrens
skills in areas such as
computer technology

ICT Homework Club

Thanks to generous funding from the Kusuma Trust,
TSF has worked with St Thomass and Colville Primary
Schools and the ClementJames Centre to develop
weekly ICT homework clubs. The Clubs are tailored to
each school or Community Centres objectives, such as
programming, spreadsheets, graphing, animation and
maths achievement.

Dr Balwant Singh,
Chief Executive, Kusuma Trust UK

Science FOCUS Week


Sponsored by TSF, an exciting Science FOCUS week

was offered at Avondale Park Primary School. The
timetable included on-site activities and off-site trips to
scientific venues. On the final day, following a tour of the
campus, the children had a Graduation Ceremony at
Imperial College.

I have learned
to make my cat
turn around
using code, I
am so excited
St. Marys Pupil

Homework Club
For children who have no quiet space to study at home
the TSF sponsored Homework Club at York Gardens
Library is an invaluable support. Plans are in place to
provide an extra weekly session to meet demand and
to add volunteers to help some of the younger pupils
with reading. TSF has also identified a need for providing
support for parents in reading with their children, as
English is often an additional language.

The Doorstep Library Network

With support from TSF in Fulham, the Doorstep Library
organises teams of volunteers who pay weekly visits to
families with children to read stories and lend books for
the week. These visits help children to become familiar
with books and bring home the importance of reading.



Arabella Finch, Head of English at Thomass Battersea,

champions literacy at Christ Church Primary. She works
weekly with a small group of children helping to develop
reading and writing skills.


Literacy Support




TSF Bursaries

Charity of The Year - Thomass Fulham

TSF funds means-tested bursaries for children to attend

a Thomass London Day School. The TSF Bursary
Committee works tirelessly and in strict confidence; they
carefully study each financial assessment, conducting
interviews and home visits, and reviewing all relevant
applicant information. Their diligent work has resulted
in very successful students, who benefit greatly from a
Thomass education and have:
Served as prefects.
Represented the school in debating.
Starred in drama and dance performances.
Excelled in sport.
Led the school orchestra.

Over this academic year TSF was Thomass Fulham

Charity of The Year. Susanna Glassey, Kitty
Kershaw and Alex Maltzoff from Year
6 were appointed Charity Prefects.
Alongside staff representatives Mrs
Houghton and Mrs Panhorst
they have kept the School actively
informed of TSF projects
and activities.

The school has

been nothing
but warm,
nurturing and

The core values and

mission statement of
Thomass Battersea
and Thomass Schools
Foundation have
contributed to my sons
success in gaining a
place at Charterhouse
to further his studies

Snapshot: TSF 2012 - 2013

3000+ annual pupil participants
30 community partners
50 community projects
50+ TSF volunteer committee members
100 reading volunteers

Community Outreach Spending

TSF is committed to providing community activities that
will make a critical difference in the learning experience
and life of local London children. The programmes
supported by TSF are those our community partners tell
us are most needed:

A Book Drive in February

highlighted the generosity of
Thomass Fulham families.
Nearly 2200 books were
donated and distributed
to eight of our community
partners. With a focus on
literacy, funds raised for TSF in
Fulham have gone to the Read &
Relax Programme and the Little Learners Library at
Rays Playhouse, the Talk Box programme at Langford
Primary School and the Doorstep Library Network on
the Fulham Court Estate.
Fundraising events have included Dads Football
and Rugby, extreme reading, tennis and rounders
competitions. In December, the pupils and 20 members
of staff proudly displayed their paintings in a fantastic Art
Exhibition, and raised over 4,000 for TSF. Many thanks
to Jane Burke who put a huge amount of time and effort
into making these events such a success. On June 13th,
the Fulham PTA held an amazing 80s themed party
for all parents at The Worx. A team of 20 parents, coheaded by Jane Hunter Walsh and Rebecca Walters,
did an outstanding job, arranging raffle and auction
prizes, securing sponsors to underwrite the entire event,
and making it a truly fun evening. We are awaiting the
final tally, but it is estimated that the evening will have
raised over 50,000 for the Foundation. As you can see
a good time was had by all.

Our sincere thanks to all of the Fulham parents, staff and

pupils who have made 2012-2013 such a special year for
TSF; it was wonderful to work with you - we wish we had
room to name you all!!
From September, it will be the turn of Thomass
Kensington to fly the flag for the Foundation, and plans
are already well under way.

Local Business Support for TSF

The Unicorn Fund

Savills is now a formal TSF Corporate Partner in Fulham

this year, and the relationship will extend to Kensington
next autumn. Savills is supporting TSF by:

In May 2013, TSF successfully launched the Unicorn

Fund. TSF has in the past relied on annual donations
from our generous supporters but the children we
support have multi-year needs. TSF therefore needed
to address our ability to commit for the longer term and
to ensure that established programmes are sustained,
expanded and scaled to maximise impact. The Unicorn
Fund will allow for multi-year commitments to our valued
partners and, more importantly, to the deserving children
they benefit. For information on how to make a donation
to The Unicorn Fund, please contact

Helping to underwrite the Fulham PTA fundraiser

on June 13th.
Donating 1000 to TSF for each house bought by,
sold or 500 rented to a Thomass London Day
School Parent or TSF Volunteer.
Volunteers from their Fulham office staff for TSF
events and projects.
Ongoing support as a corporate partner.

TSF is helping all over town!

On March 4th, TSF hosted a lunch at the home of

Joanna Thomas to launch Heidis Fund. This fund was
the brainchild of former Thomass parents, headed by
Margaret Conklin and TSF volunteer Mala Soni, who
wanted to create a lasting memorial to the life of
Heidi Hoeller, a beloved Thomass mother and friend.
Heidi had a great belief in the power of education to
change peoples lives, and her memorial fund will invest
in TSF projects to educate children with the fewest
resources, and also provide TSF funded children with
ad hoc educational needs, such as musical instruments,
learning resources and books.
To learn more about Heidis Fund, or to make a
donation, please visit the TSF website or

With increasing local needs, TSF projects have

significantly expanded in all of our local boroughs and

Heidi Hoe


Heidis Fund

But we need help too! The success of TSF depends

crucially on the time and talents of our many volunteers.
We are busier than ever so if you would like to help in any
way please contact us or visit the Support Us section of
our website and click on Get involved.

Paralympic Fun

Farris Candle Shop

Arranged by TSF volunteer Caroline Haas, Visa

sponsored 120 TSF school children to spend a day at the
London 2012 Paralympic Games.

In November, Farris Candle

Shop in Battersea kindly
hosted TSF to a Christmas
Shopping evening for all
with Father Christmas in
his Grotto, a Gisela Graham
Christmas decorating session
and delicious food and wine.
Organised by TSF volunteer
and Events Manager Jennifer Spink, the event was a
wonderful way to bring together old and new friends of
TSF in the festive season, and raise funds at the same
time. Many thanks to Jennifer and her team who made
this event possible!

I would like to thank you for the opportunity presented

to our pupils to visit the Paralympics. The pupils (and
staff!) really enjoyed the day - they watched the Goal
Ball and the Wheelchair Basketball, as well as having the
unforgettable experience of visiting the Olympic Park as a
whole. Thank You!
New Kings Headteacher, Miles Chester

Triathlon Man

TSF Annual Expenditure 2012/2013

Jeff Hawkins is going from Marathon Man to Triathlon

Man! Having raised over 3,600 for TSF by running the
Brighton marathon last year he is now taking part in the
Outlaw Triathlon on July 7. You can support him, and TSF
at justgiving.com/jeffhawkinsoutlawtriathlon

Thanks to our volunteers

Getting Involved

And a big thank you to all our volunteers! Hundreds

of supporters work unbelievably hard to make the
Foundation a powerful force in our communities. Their
dedication is extraordinary and inspires more and more
people to help us achieve our aims.

Details of how you can get involved, volunteer or

donate to TSF can be found on our website. If you
are considering a donation, please remember - many
corporations now run generous Matched Giving
Programmes, and Gift Aid, which significantly increases
the financial impact of your gift by 25%! Of every pound
donated, 92p directly benefits our local schoolchildren.

Keep In Touch

You can find out more about everything the Foundation is doing...

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