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Our lungs plays a major role for gas exchange between our blood and the air. The inhaled air goes inside
the lungs through the pipe called bronchus. The bronchus again divided and subdivided into numerous
small air pipes called bronchioles. Those bronchioles are ended with sac like structure called alveolus.
Through the alveolar wall the exchange of gas taken place between blood and inhaled air.
In asthmatic condition the bronchioles are constricted due to the inflammation of inner bronchial wall
by the stimulating effect of various trigger factors like dusts, pollens, infection, chemical irritants, side
effects of many drugs effect. When the bronchioles get constricted unable to supply adequate amount
of gas or oxygen to the blood so the person try to pull air forcefully to fulfillment his requirement. Due
to inflammation of the inner space of the bronchioles it is filled up with mucousplugs that secreted from
the bronchial mucous membrane. When the air flows through this constricted mucous filled narrowed
air tubes it creates a wheezing sounds. This is the brief pathology of bronchial asthma.
The common symptoms of asthma are - frequent attack of cough, cold, fever, tightness of chest,
shortness of breath with wheezing sound on respiration, easy fatigue and loss of appetite
The common treatment of asthma use of inhaler act as a bronchodilator that dilates the bronchial tubes
for smooth air flows, anti allergic and steroid treatment to control the allergic and inflammatory
condition of bronchial tube, antibiotics to control the infection. After the treatment though patient get
relief but for a short period of time. The same symptoms again reappear after a few days or weeks of
gap and again the same treatment regimen is given to manage the symptoms. In the course of time the
gap is gradually reduced and more frequently it appears.
This pathological change in the air tube does not occur in every person but in few people. There are
many things enter our lungs that our immune system usually views as harmless. But in some person our
immune system by mistakes looks these harmless substances as a potential threat and starts reacting.
So the reason is some people are very hypersensitive to some substances, their airways are more
hypersensitive than normal person so they react vigorously in little adverse situation. So it is highly
required to give such a treatment which can able to desensitize their hypersensitive airways so they can
get long term cure from the asthma.
Homeopathy treatment for asthma can change the hypersensitivity of the person. When the
hypersensitivity or the hyper susceptibilities of the person improve he will not then react
adversely to the harmless substances which he was reacting before. This can only be possible by
a proper constitutional homeopathy treatment for asthma.
Homeopathy treatment for asthma can well manage the acute symptoms of asthmatic condition
like difficulties in breathing, cough, fever, etc effectively and more safely.
Homeopathy treatment in asthma consists of homeopathy medicines as well as homeopathic
nebulisation to give a rapid relief to the patient
Homeopathy treatment for asthma can control the allergic condition of the asthmatic patient
more rapidly and effectively.
Homeopathy treatment for asthma give a long lasting cure to asthma which are clinically
verified in thousands of patients
Homeopathy is very safe and without having any drug side effect. Asthma though can occur at
any age but the Child hood asthma or children asthma is the most common health problem in
the present day society. So homeopathy treatment for the asthma provides a safe and long term
cure to the small kids.


Homeopathy reduces the airways
hypersensitiveness so in long run give a
long standing cure
Reduces the bronchial inflammation
Controls the allergic condition
Controls the infection

Virus infection
Cold air

Induces Inflammation of
airways to hypersensitive