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Arun Mathew Cherian


AP Psychology
Ms. Prisco Donati

It has been debatable over what truly shapes human behavior. Some believe the natural qualities
we are born with contribute to how we behave, and what we do with our lives. Others believe
that we are a product of our environment, and that our behavior is acquired from what we learn
through our surroundings or the environment. Others argue it is a mixture of both nature and
nurture that decides human similarities and differences. While both nature and nurture
significantly influence traits of our body and mind, nature most commonly affects the future of
your physical stature, and nurture affects more of your personality.
Nature utilizes the genetic coding necessary in physical development and it also provides several
positive and negative attributes to a single person. Nevertheless, it is nurture which can be used
to enhance positive qualities and decrease the impact of negative characteristics in a person.
Without a doubt, nurture assumes a larger part in human advancement. Nurture can accelerate an
individual's ability to study and learn new things; because the concept is assimilated with
upbringing and encouragement which in turn, increases many positive aspects of human
development. Thus, an individual can enhance their learning by practicing to adjust to specific
circumstances or environment.
Despite the fact that I have physical traits common to my mother, I share more personality traits
with my father. I believe the prevailing cause to this is growing up in the same environment as
my dad, as well as his hand in being more involved in my life than my mother. My father and I
both grew up in the same environment, playing sports and having a large social atmosphere. My
mother, on the other hand, lived in a more family and school dominated environment. Although
my mothers straight hair were more dominant than my dads curly one, they only affect my
physical appearance. I grew according to his influences more than my mothers influences.
Despite the fact that nature allowed for my physical development, it was not nature that formed
me into an individual of intelligence, athleticism, and talents. The abilities have been given by
nature; however, they can only be developed through the diligent work of nurture, such as my
father encouraged me to play football and my mom with playing multiple musical instruments.
In conclusion, I believe nurture dictates the development of who we have grown to be today.
Although nature sets the guidelines of how we are to develop physically, it does not completely
affect our personality traits, values, and beliefs. Rather, nature, without nurture, we would not
have the capacity to carry out such potential.