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AV-1500 DSP Power Amplifier

The AV-1500 is a new lightweight Power Amplifier that combines enormous power output with light-weighting
and audio surveillance. The AV-1500 combines perfectly with the Ates concept for Voice-Evacuation
systems. Its networking and digital signal processing makes it an ideal product for heavy-duty audio
performance where Live-Music applications are to be combined with live-safety systems.

Thats what we call flexibility!

No matter what the requirements are, the integrated powerful digital signal processor (DSP) and controller
stands for a trouble-free and ease of adjustment to any acoustical environment. Wear-free digital
potentiometers, sequential remote power on, A-live contact and line monitoring makes it the right choice for
any fixed installation and gives the user full supervision.

Dual-channel DSP-amplifier at max. 2 Ohm operation load. Class-H, extremely lightweight (only 14kg), power
pack. Build in 2HE designer housing, operation and remote control via laptop. Integral Audio DSP for each
amplifier channel with 2x10 band EQ (fully programmable), delay, variable high/low pass filter and dynamic
processor. Ideal for both, mobile and fixed install applications. Wear-free digital potentiometers for volume
control are located on the back. Temperature-controlled fans and noise gate.
Important features for system integration as per EN 60849 / DIN 0828 Regulations on Places of Assembly
(alarm sound systems). Sequential remote activation via control voltage, fault message contact for
simultaneous evaluation of the operating status, monitoring and intelligent evaluation of all important device
Dimensions are 2 HE / 19 483 x 88 x 454 mm.

APR-A2 and APR-P are products of Ateis International

Chemin du Vallon, 26 - 1030 BUSSIGNY - PRS-LAUSANNE Switzerland
Office: +41 (0)21 881 25 10 - Fax: +41 (0)218812509 - www.ateis-international.com

AV-1500 DSP Power Amplifier

The AV Series amplifiers are equipped with the A live contact. The contact is located on the rear panel of
the amplifier and is a GPI contact closure that indicates the general operation mode of the amplifier. It is
designed as a 3-pole contact closure that can be used in the open mode or the closed mode:
A live contact active: indicates that the amplifier is working in normal conditions A live contact inactive:
indicates that the amplifier is not working properly: it is shut down by the protection circuit, overheated etc. or
AC power cord is unplugged.
This contact closure is the simplest form of remote system monitoring of the amplifier without establishing a
remote control network and provides easy system surveillance at a very economically level. The A live
contact is also used to indicate any signal level faults on the incoming audio that carries the 18 or 20 kHz
surveillance tone coming from The Ates IDA system. The dynamic impedance surveillance software, surveys
the loudspeaker lines and the loudspeaker drivers. Any failure will also activate the Alive contact. The output
can also be integrated into a media control network as a GPI contact closure to trigger eventually needed
other control procedures like backup amplifier (spare amplifier) switching, etc.
The AV-1500 amplifiers monitor input/output values every switched-on channel. All of the vital values are
available via the RS-485 interface. Av-1500 monitors:

Input level
Output peak voltage
Load impedance (Output signal at least 30dB under nominal power must be [resent)
Output peak current
Output power
Heatsink temperature

Detected are: Protect, Clip, Output Open and Output Short conditions. When the external control is
connected, Open/Short threshold in ohms can be defined by user. Via RS485 interface vital monitor/detectors
are available protect, temperature, load impedance.

APR-A2 and APR-P are products of Ateis International

Chemin du Vallon, 26 - 1030 BUSSIGNY - PRS-LAUSANNE Switzerland
Office: +41 (0)21 881 25 10 - Fax: +41 (0)218812509 - www.ateis-international.com

AV-1500 DSP Power Amplifier


Number of Channels
Power at 8+8 Ohm (1kHz, 0.1%THD
Power at 4+4 Ohm (1kHz, 0.1%THD)
Power at 2+2 Ohm (1kHz, 0.1%THD)
Power at 2+2 Ohm (1kHz *Burst, 1%THD)
Frequency Response Full Power, 0 / - 0.5 dB
THD + N (%) @ 1kHz
Input Impedance
Input Sensitivity
Input Clipping
Minimal Load Impedance
Channel Separation
Signal to Noise Ratio (20Hz 20kHz)
Installation Height
Installation Depth


2 x 430 W
2 x 720 W
2 x 1000 W
2 x 1260 W
20Hz - 20kHz (dB)
electronically balanced
12 kOhm
+ 6 dBu
+ 14 dBu
2 Ohm
> 70 dB
102 dB
13.5 kg
2 HE
454 mm


A-live Contacts

: Contact 1 to 3 of a 7-pin PHOENIX connector.

Function can be used as open or closed contact.

PHOENIX connector
Audio Inputs
Loudspeaker Outputs
Remote Power On

DIP Switch with 5 switches

SXL Dataport
DSP Dataport

: 5-pin PHOENIX connector

: SPEAKON and high current 4-pin PHOENIX connector
: Contact 4 to 7 of a 7-pin . +12V switches
the amp on, -12V switches it off. The incoming voltage
is forwarded to the next amp after a delay to create a daisy chain.
: Switch 1 to 3: Sets the address of amp if connected
to an external Hot-Swap unit. Switch 4 to 5 set the
mode of amplifier channels: STEREO,
: 5-pin Sub-D Connector
: RS-485, 2 RJ-45 jacks (8-pin) paralleled
2 LEDs Rx and Tx
Power switch, pluggable 230 V cord, fuse


High Tech SMT Design, Digital Signal Processor, Excellent sound and superior impulse response, Protection
Circuits: DC, LF, HF, Thermal, Short Circuit, Current, Limiter, 3 ms Muting Delay, PHOENIX/Speakon, HighEnd Switched Power Supply with PFC (not XR4000), LED Indicators for SIGNAL, CLIP, PROTECT, POWER,
Temperature controlled, variable, speed low noise fans, Digital wear-free Volume Controls (can be operated
manually) Stereo/Bridged/Parallel Mode, Soft start, Sequential Remote Power On Alive Contact Paging Input,
Monitor Output, RS485 port, Perfect Weight-to-Power ratio.

APR-A2 and APR-P are products of Ateis International

Chemin du Vallon, 26 - 1030 BUSSIGNY - PRS-LAUSANNE Switzerland
Office: +41 (0)21 881 25 10 - Fax: +41 (0)218812509 - www.ateis-international.com