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1) What is your occupation?

a) Service
C) Unemployed

B) Business
D) Transportation

2) Specific the age group to take finance

a) <18 years

B) 18-30 Years

C) 30-45 Years

D) 45- 65 Years

E) > 65 Years
3) Which account do you more preferred in bank
A) Kissan Credit Card

B) cash credit

C) Current Account

D) Savings Account

E) Other Account
4) what is your monthly income
A) Less than 5000

B) 5001-10000

C) 10,000-5,000

D) 15000-20000

E) More than 20000

5) What rates levied by the bank for Agri-funding
A) Depend on the type of funding
C) 2% Flat monthly
E) More than 2% Flat Monthly

B) 1% flat monthly
D) No idea

6) Does the bank provides funding to multiple family members and how
many are allowed. If yes
A) Yes and 2 maximum Allowed

B) No Allowed

C) Any one Allowed

D) Depend on Bank criteria

E)None of these
7) Which insurance you are taking from institution
A) Loan Insurance
C) Crop insurance

B) Equipment Insurance
D) All of the Above

E) None of these
8) What repayment period of crop loan
A) Depend on crop loan

B) 6 months

C) quarterly

D) Yearly

E) None of these
9) On an average how many days does it take to grant loan
A) 15 days

B) 1 month

C) 45 days

E) 60 days

10) What limit of Agriculture financing do you considered

A) <1 Lac

B) 1-3 Lac

C) 3-5 Lac

D) < 5 Lac

E) No limit
11) Maximum amount of loan availed from finance institutes?
A) Less than 5000

B) 5001-8000

C) 8001-10000

D) More than 12000

12) Purpose for which loan amount is used?

A) Business

B) Education

C) Housing

D) Crop

E) Any other
13) Which type of relationship of you with banks/ Financial staff
A) Poor

B) Good

C) Very good

D) No Relation

E) None of these
14) what type of service provided by the bank to you
A) Loan Service

B) Banking Account Service

C) Funding Services

D) Training Services of Farming

E) Knowledge of banks etc..

15) Time lag after application
A) Less than 1 month

B) 1-2 months

C) 2-3 months

D) More than 3 months

16) Which banks are authorize for agriculture credit to rurals

A) Nationalized

B) PVT sector Banks

C) co- operative Banks

D) Rural banks and

17) What are the charges by the banks for resolution for any compliant

B) 1000

C) 2000

D) 500

E) 1200

18) To get agriculture loan from bank farmer should be

A) Genuine Farmer
C) Provide Securities

B) Non Defaulter
D) Should have bank Account

E) All of the above

19) In which maximum funding is done in which crop
A) Sugarcane

B) Paddy

C) Cereals

D) Banana


F) Other

20) What type of training is provided by SACCO

A) Diary
C) Crop

B) Pesticides
D) None

F) all of the above

21) In what Way collection for non-payment of loan on time is done by
officer/collection officer
A) Bank staff reaches to farmers for payment
B) notice given to farmers
C) Called at bank for time of payment
D) 30 days relaxation
22) Minimum land area required by bank for credits
A) 0-10 acres

B) 10-20 acres

C) 20-50 acres

D) 50-100 acres

E) More than 100 acres

23) Does Finance help farmers in improving the standard of living
A) Agree

B) Completely Agree

C) Strongly Agree

D) Disagree

E) Strictly Disagree
24) What objectives of setting up microfinance activity
A) Save security
C) Employment for women

B) independence
D) Profit Earning

E) Others
25) Are you satisfied with the interest rate
A) Highly satisfied

B) Satified

C) Partially Satisfied

D) Dissatisfied

E) Highly dissatisfied
26) What source of financing were you using before present Source
A) Money lenders

B) Banks

C) cooperatives

D) Friends

E) Relatives
27) What changes do you want in your MFI in following Aspect
A) Documentation

B) Collaterals

C) Credit Delivery mechanisms

D) Recovery Mechanisms

E) Amount of loan ( Loan Size )

F) Type of Loan

28) How have SACCOs Motivated You to Save

A) Prize giving

B) Promotion

C) Reasonable Interest

D) Safety

E) All of the Above

29) What are the challenges faced by you for lending micro finance financial
A) Infrastructure

Lack of innovation

C) Competition

D) credit Risk

E) Political Risk
30) What are the features provide to the customer from bank
A) Loan

B) Trading Account

B Internet Banking

D) Insurance

E) All of the Above