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April 11, 2010
H is Life PA RK ( Ma nda laga n)
— breaker sunday —
Lots 19 & 20 Blk. 50 Sta. Clara Drive
Missions P reps!
HLLC—709-0131 ADMIN—4 7 6 9 4 8 4 -

OFFI C I AL NEW SLET T ER OF H is Lif e M inist ries M AI N hislif e. org . p h

Verses for the WEEK … where there is no vision,
the people perish ”
Philippians 1:20 Proverbs 29:18 KJV
"For I live in eager expectation and
hope that I will never do anything We welcome everyone
that causes me shame, but that I will
always be bold for Christ, as I have who participated in our
been in the past, and that my life will RE-ENCOUNTER!
always honor Christ, whether They are now qualified to be
Graduates of our LTS SOL
I live or I die.
Recognition, Graduation and
!From Pastor JR ... Awards Day will be on April 25
NEW preacher … here at Robinsons Cinema 5.
New Preacher today at HLM MAIN! GRADUATION proper will be at
Please welcome the ministry of brother the 21st Bar and Restaurant.
IAN Cabalatungan today. This is his first
time to preach to us! This is also a double Welcome back too to all
preaching schedule for him (the 830am Encounter Delegates
and the 10am). God is great in the life of from the YOUTH and
IAN. He is our volunteer worker at HLM ADULT Networks!
Cebu. Together with the Cebut TEAM CINEMA 6 robinsons God is good! God is great! We
there with Rocky as their Leader, God is Today is MYX at YX are set free to be fruitful for His
doing marvelous things! jr here:-) Preparing TEAMS for Glory!
Missions NOW!
DECEMBER 5 Post Encounter SEASON na!
AND Enrollment to SOL 2010 to
Victory Sunday 2011 begins!
Celebration at the USLS — our School for Leaders!
— believing God for more Small
Coliseum. Group Pastors! Go NA!

CINEMA 5 robinsons Prayer

Today with
Brother Ian Cabalatungan
His Life YX Cebu Missionary every Saturday,
CINEMA 4 robinsons AT the
Our His Lambs Children
“Blessed are those who are
generous, because they feed
hislife.org.ph the poor.” Proverbs 22:9
HLLC Summer Program
Starts at May 3 – May 14 ,2010
Arts and Crafts, Learning Musical Instruments, StoryTelling Time,
Reading and Writing Practice, Games and more!
Fee : 1,500.00 1 ½ hour session / day 9:30 – 11:00 am
PTI for Christian
RSVP (Greg)

Teacher Sabrina Teacher Claire Manong Michael Manong Greg

Enrollment for School Year 2010 – 2011 is now open!

April 14 and 15
MISSIONS IN YX Equipping (see page 3)
CALL NOW 7090131 --- look for Teacher Claire Garcia
Details there. See Gel Gallespen
Visit : www.hlmpre-school.multiply.com
WANTED: Teachers for HLLC and Volunteer Workers
Hand in your application letter , Resume with 2x2 pic addressed to The April 18,
President / Administrator , His Life Learning Center , or call 7090131.
- EAST Lopue’s 5 PM = MANJUYOD at Government
His Life East, 3rd Level SUNDAY
Aroma Beach
Directory - JOLLIBEE 9AM Open to all
Gatuslao 7AM = CAGAYAN DE ORO CANDIDATES running for public office.
= ORTIGAS at Robinsons - DOWNTOWN Araneta, at 2PM =
Galleria, Chowking 6PM Cineplex 930AM McDo Divisoria
= CEBU at Golden Peak Hotel, - HILIGAYNON, April 21
21st Flr 10 AM 4PM Missions Wednesday Night at
= ILOILO at Robinsons Sta Clara Ave
Cinema6 830/930 AM King’s Men Special
= TIGBAUAN at the Dreamers = TALISAY Spirulina COMING to
Valley 4 PM Office Hall 5PM Dumaguete, Bago at the HLM PARK
(Western Union) GUIMARAS, Topic: Men’s Health
- CENTRAL Street 9AM Manila, Talisay,
>HISLAMBS Cine 4 9AM = VICTORIAS at NEW Victorias, Sagay and
>MAIN Cinema 5 9AM Venue 4PM GAISANO Bacolod &
>YXMAIN Cine 6 930AM = LA CARLOTA 9am more!
April 25 Sunday
@ 7 Sisters Resto VBS, Graduation of LTS
- SOUTH at 10 AM
= SAGAY near Lopue’s Local Encounters, Awards Day of LTS
Robinsons Cybergate,
Sagay 9AM Baptisms soon!
near old Airport

WEGO Wave # 2 SUMMER EDITION April to May 2010 PAGE 2

SERVE the LORD Jesus … Full Time!
NEEDED for 2010 till 2012
Direct all Applications to Pastor Armin Ramos. Make sure you have PRAYED and
FASTED 1st. Bring your written Conversion Testimony as you apply.
• Must be an LTS Graduate or Enrollee.
• Must have at least 4 Prayer and Vision Partners.
1. His Lambs Children’s Pastor His Life WIDE.
2. His Life Prosperity Café COOK.
3. One His Life VOLUNTEER’S Coordinator.
4. His Life WIN Department Coordinator.
5. His Life MISSIONS Secretary under Ptr JR.
6. HLM Cagayan, Ortigas, Cadiz, Kabankalan, Dumaguete Pastoral Staff.


Basketball for Boys and Volleyball for Girls (14-19 years old only)
Registration fee for each Church P 1,500. 15 Players only per team.
His Life Team Color: DARK BLUE. Game Schedules BELOW:
April 24 1pm to 5pm Saturday MANSILINGAN (Opening Day)
April 30 1pm to 5pm Friday COSMOPOLITAN CHURCH
May 2 1pm to 5pm Sunday IKTHUS Ground (Lacson Street)
May 9 1pm to 5pm Sunday MANSILINGAN—MCA
May 16 1pm to 5pm Sunday COSMOPOLITAN CHURCH
Cosmopolitan (Malaspina), Cosmopolitan (Circumferential road), Pastor Ranty Camponion.
Basketball and Volleyball Coordinators
IKTHUS, HISLIFE, BCC, MFBC, Living Hope, Kabalaka Team.

Njttjpot!jo!Zpvui!Yusfnf!Usbjojoht!Tdifevmf !

April 14 WEDNESDAY — HLM PARK, Sta Clara, Mandalagan

2-3pm Worship Team — taught by Nang Tin
3-4pm P.E.P. Course and Water Baptism — taught by Nang Gigi
4-5pm V.B.S. and Children’s Vision — taught by Nang Juvy
5-6PM Multimedia Preparations — taught by Nong Robie

April 15 THURSDAY — HLM PARK, Sta. Clara, Mandalagan

2-3pm One to One — taught and demonstrated by Nong Jeff
3-4pm Practicals — taught and demonstrated by by Nang Gel
4-5pm Ecube — taught and demonstrated by Nang Jacky
5-6pm First aid — taught and demonstrated by Nang Erika

This Newsletter is personally prepared by Pastor JR for HLM and Partners PAGE 3

SUMMER Missions 2010

I prayed, "Lord, if you ever call me to minister in
Sent into the Harvest another church, I promise it will be a sending church."
a borrowed article from John Wimber
Jesus trained his disciples to be just like him, to reflect his
Jesus said, "Ask the Lord of the harvest...to send out nature and do his Father's works. This meant they were
workers into his harvest field." men and women of action, sent out to demonstrate and
But how many of us actually pray this way? proclaim the kingdom of God. "Jesus went through all the
towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues,
About twelve years ago I attended a Christian funeral that preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing
changed my life. The funeral was unique in several every disease and sickness" (Matt. 9:35).
respects. First, it was quite large: about 20,000 people During his earthly ministry Jesus was a man on the move
mostly of Puerto Rican descent—representing 56 with a purpose: to teach, preach, and heal, starting with
churches gathered to weep, rejoice, and worship as they the people of God. In Matthew (9:35-38), Jesus tells the
reminisced over a lost friend. disciples there is a great need for more workers to go out
Second, the deceased was a church. That's correct, a into the harvest field (v. 38). However, most readers often
local church! And those at the funeral were her spiritual miss the motivation for going out, having compassion for
descendants. sinful and hurting men and women. "When he saw the
Third, they loved the church! None of them had split off crowds," the text says, "he had compassion on them,
from it. They had all been equipped, encouraged, sent out, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep
and supported in their new works. without a shepherd" (v. 36).
I remember an older gentleman— the pastor of the "He had compassion on them...." These words capture
church—at the front of the meeting who cried through it all. Christ's heartbeat. His love for the people caused him to
It had been his vision to start churches, and for him this endure the cross and send out the disciples. That same
gathering was the fulfillment of his calling. He could go love and compassion should motivate us to go out.
home to the Father knowing he had accomplished what Charles Van Engen, in his book God's Missionary People
God had placed him here on earth to do. reminds us that "the Church exists for humanity in that it is
Pastor after pastor and elder after elder stepped up to the the spiritual body of Christ, and—like Jesus—it is sent to
microphone to give homage to the mother church, be a servant. As the Father sent Jesus, so Jesus sends his
describing how the church's generosity and vision were disciples into the world for the sake of the world."
responsible for the planting and flourishing of their
churches. One of the speakers pointed out that the All Christians are called as workers in the ripe harvest
previous year the church had started eleven new fields that can be seen if only we open our hearts to the
churches, and as a result of that "childbirth" the mother world. For all of us this work begins at home. Some are
congregation had died. It had given away all its leaders, called to minister in our churches, encouraging fellow
workers, and people. There was now only a handful of Christians to turn more wholly to God in faith and
people left, so they decided to lay it down. obedience. All are called to evangelism, no matter where
we live or work. A few of us are called to extra local
A passion in my soul ministries—missions, renewal groups, even church
That day God burned a passion into my soul for renewal planting teams.
and growth. Whatever God called me to do, I knew it had What part should you play? "Ask the Lord of the harvest,"
to be marked by a willingness to give everything away. and he will show you.