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INTRODUCTION the photo on the back of the Character cards, made by

Welcome adventurer, to the Dragon's Castle. Your quest Paul Mutton, and the front of this booklet - created by
is simple enough but dangerous; get inside the castle, “astrokevin”.
take whatever treasure you find along the way, and then
get out before time passes midnight! Along the way you’ll Thank you Jeremiah for giving us such a wonderful game
encounter fierce monsters and treacherous traps, and and tool to play around with.
must find your way through locked doors and heavy
portcullises. And if you have any plans on getting into the Special thanks goes to “matildadad” for your excellent
Treasure Chamber - you’ll even risk facing its guardian; ZimP playaid, to BoardGameGeek.com for hosting the
the dragon itself! files of this game, to all of BGG’s members who
supported me and this game during development, and of
COMPONENTS course the makers of Drakborgen and Legenden: Dan
Glimne, Jakob Bonds and Gustav Bonds.
15 Labyrinth tiles
2 Catacomb tiles
1 Treasure Chamber tile
1 Entrance/Exit tile

6 Development Cards
5 Dragon Cards
2 Ring Cards
2 Amulet Cards
2 Character Cards
2 Character counters

1 Playaid
1 Quick Reference Card
1 Highscore booklet
1 Rule booklet
Should you have a torch, you only need discard a SETUP
Development card and may pick any one Stair tile to Begin by sorting out the Treasure Chamber tile and
emerge from. Entrance/Exit (that’s the big one). Now, set aside five
randomly chosen Labyrinth tiles and add the Treasure
If there are no Stair tiles on the table when you fall into Chamber. Shuffle these and place them in a pile, then
the Catacombs, then you wander around endlessly until shuffle the remaining tiles (leave the Entrance/Exit on the
you eventually die of starvation - regardless of whether table) and stack them on top of the other six. This is done
you have a torch or not. in order to prevent the Treasure Chamber from coming
into the game too quickly (who would build a castle
WINNING THE GAME where all the treasure is right next to the entrance?).
The game is won whenever you decide to permanently
leave the castle and time hasn't passed beyond midnight. Now shuffle all of the Development cards and Dragon
You may then record the total worth of all your treasure Cards, and place them somewhere in front of you within
on the Highscore booklet. reach. Also lay out the Playaid, Amulet Cards, and Ring
Cards somewhere on the table. Next is to pick a character
LOSING THE GAME and place him in front of you (put the other one away).
You lose the game whenever your character die or as
soon as time passes beyond midnight and you're still Get a pencil and a piece of paper for keeping track on
inside the castle. All your treasures are discarded and you your health and the value of any treasure you'll find. You
may not record anything on the Highscore booklet. should find yourself some small tokens as well, such as
drawing pins (placing them upside-down).
CREDITS Now you're ready to head out into the Dragon's Castle!
Dungeonquest in my Pocket is a game variant of Zombie
in my Pocket designed by Jeremiah Lee, and based on the MOVEMENT
Swedish board game Drakborgen and its sequel Every turn begins with movement. This is done by either
Drakborgen Legenden. Rules and card designs for this moving your character to an adjacent Labyrinth tile
variant belongs to Tomas Engström. Most artwork either already on the table, or by drawing a new one and
comes from Drakborgen Legenden, including characters placing it as you see fit.
and tiles, or random Internet sources such as
Note: You can only enter another room as long as it is Rope; grants safe passage through the Footbridge tile.
connected on both sides/tiles. E.g. if one tile shows a Cannot be lost.
door but the tile that it is connected to has a wall on that Potion; drink to regain 3 Health Points. One use only.
side, then you may not pass through from either side. Key; unlocks any one door and/or portcullis. One use
Note: When placing a tile, you may not put two doors or Torch; emerge from the Catacombs through any Stair tile
portcullises against one another unless forced to. you choose. Cannot be lost.
Plate gloves; grants the wearer +1 Strength. Cannot be
Once your character has moved onto another tile (except Elven boots; grants the wearer +1 Agility. Cannot be lost.
the Entrance/Exit), you must draw a Development card to
find out what encounter you have - by reading the text Amulets and Rings are the most powerful items available
that corresponds to what time it currently is. in the game and therefore not very easily obtained.
Whenever you manage to find one of these ornaments -
Note: Whenever you are required to "discard a card" due shuffle the two cards available and randomly draw one of
to some event or encounter, these are the cards to them.
discard - not the Dragon Cards or any of the other ones.
TIME PROGRESSING Whenever you find yourself in the catacombs and do not
Whenever the last Development card is drawn and have a torch, discard a Development card for each turn
resolved, regardless of what reason there is to this that passes rather than resolving it - but first look at the
(discards counts as well) - time may progress within the number in the lower left corner of that card. If there is a
game. Look at the icon depicted in the top left corner of Stair tile which corresponds to the number shown, then
the last card to be drawn to see whether time on the you find a way out and emerge here (but do not draw
Playaid progresses one step (a sun), two steps (two suns), another Development card, you have no encounter). If
or not at all (a cloud). Then reshuffle the deck and not, then you lose 1 Health Point as you stumble around
continue as normal. helplessly.
injuring you for 1 Health Point. You may make as many Each time this happens, your character recovers 1 Health
attempts getting through the rubble as you want. Point from resting up.

Footbridge; passing through this tile requires a great MONSTERS

sense of balance not to fall into the abyss beneath. After Although most of the castle's foul residents are sleeping
resolving the Development card, pass an Agility test to during this time of the day, some can still be found
make your way to the other side of the room. Failure wandering the halls. Not everyone will attack you on
means that your weight suddenly tips over and you crash sight though; whenever you have the opportunity to
down into the darkness - taking 2 Health Points as you "turn back", you may discard a Development card instead
land. of attacking and move back to where you came from.
Furthermore, you are now lost in the Catacombs.
Note: If there's a portcullis or door between your current
Stairs; two tiles contains stairs which leads in and out position and the tile that you arrived from, then you
from the Catacombs. The number is used for when trying cannot escape - even if you have a key.
to find your way around in the darkness (unless you have
a torch). COMBAT
Whenever you are forced or choose to fight a monster, a
Treasure Chamber; for as long as you remain in this game of rock-paper-scissor begins. Pick an attack out of
room, discard a Development card for each turn rather these three: Sweep, Slash, Stab. Then use the Random
than resolving it, and then pick one of the five Dragon Attack Table at the back of this rule book to see what
Cards to see whether you manage to steal some treasure your opponent does.
unnoticed or if the dragon wakes up.
Sweep beats Slash
You may not re-enter this tile once the dragon has Slash beats Stab
awakened (if you are still alive at this point). Stab beats Sweep

Here's a complete list of usable items within the game
and their purpose:
Every successful attack inflicts one wound on you or your DOORS AND PORTCULLISES
opponent. If you both pick the same attack, that round is Whenever you enter a tile that has a door or portcullis
a draw. depicted on it, you may either spend a key to open it or,
if you lack this piece of equipment, pick the door lock or
Combat will continue like this until either one of you lift the portcullis and walk through it.
drops dead, or you may choose to discard a card to flee
after three rounds of combat. You may only escape back To picklock a door, make a test against your Agility.
to where you came from. If that route is blocked by a To lift a portcullis, make a test against your Strength.
door or portcullis, you cannot flee from combat.
Two doors or portcullises that are back to back counts as
Consult the Monster Chart below to see how many only one obstacle, thus they only require one key to open
Health Points each monster has: or one test against the corresponding attribute.

Drow 1HP Note: Every door and portcullis passed through is locked
Giant Spider 1HP once you've moved through it.
Skeleton 2HP
Wraith 3HP Apart from the usual rooms and corridors where nothing
Werewolf 3HP but the event on the current Developer Cards occur,
Vampire 3HP some tiles work a little differently and have their own
Minotaur 4HP rules.

TESTS Pile of rubble; passing through this tile requires some

Whenever you are asked to make a test against a certain brute force to get through all the junk inside the room.
attribute (Strength or Agility), draw the next After resolving the Development card, pass a Strength
Development card and look at the number in the lower test to make your way out of the room (pick any exit).
left corner of the card. As long as it's lower than the Failure means that something heavy knocks you over -
attribute that you're testing against, you succeed at
whatever it is that you're doing.

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