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***** **Donald

DOB : 25/11/1975
Mobile: ***-***-1770
E-mail: ******@gmail.com


Address: ****, New York, NY ****, USA

Telephone: ***-***-0659
Nationality : American

Job Title: Managing Director (New York)
Activities and responsibilities: Head of RFQ platform

October 2014-

**********, LLC (Start-up)

Job Title: Main investor and advisor
Activities and responsibilities:
Built a product that utilized machine learning algorithms to predict market
Scout Trading
2013-September 2013(6 Months)
Job Title: Volatility Arbitrage (New York)
Activities and responsibilities: Launched a volatility arbitrage trading
JPMorgan Chase & Co
December 2010-July
2012(1 Year, 6 Months)
Job Title: Global Head of Electronic Market Making (New York-London-Hong
Activities and responsibilities:
-Developed a new global proprietary electronic volatility trading business,
a new venture for JPM
-Hired and managed team of 25 traders, quants and developers to work in
an integrated team across New York, London and Hong Kong
- Built and managed global options and cash market making and volatility
arbitrage revenue center.
- Increased firm profitability through leveraging ultra-low latency risk
dissemination capabilities and efficient price discovery mechanism of
-Reduced significant internal frictional trading costs by centralizing risk
management and execution.
JPMorgan Chase & Co
July 2007-December 2010
(3 Year, 1 Month)
Job Title: Head of Flow Derivatives Trading (North America)
Activities and responsibilities:
-Given the additional responsibility of running US Index, Light exotic,
Single Stock and Corporate volatility trading businesses
-Managed more than 25 traders and extensive risk portfolios.
-Chosen to manage the integration of Bear Stearns traders and risk
-Brought risks under control, upgraded desk talent and instilled trading
discipline across 3 business lines.

***** **Donald


-In charge of the day to day running of the desks alongside setting longer
term goals and budget targets.
-Responsible for all personnel, legal, compliance and regulatory issues.
Citadel Investment Group, LLC
January 2005June 2007 (2 Years, 5 Months)
Job Title: Director of Global Markets & Quantitative Strategies (Chicago,
Activities and responsibilities:
-Recruited to lead the European expansion of Citadel's US OMM and
volatility trading franchise.
-Reconfigured US trading system for European markets by hiring and
leading a team of traders, quants and developers.
- Developed and implemented market making and opportunistic volatility
arbitrage pricing strategies across European exchanges.
Lehman Brothers
2002-January 2005 (3 Years)
Job Title: Head of European Flow Derivatives Trading (London)
Activities and responsibilities:
-Remodeled Lehman's underdeveloped flow equity derivatives franchise by
recruiting traders and salespeople and proactively helping to build the
client base.
-Established Lehman flow desk to number 3 in Europe.
-Responsible for all risk management and trading
-Architected and built out electronic trading platform well as US electronic
market making capability.
Morgan Stanley
April 1997January 2002 (4 Years, 9 Months)
Job Title: Principal of Equity Derivatives Trading (London)
Activities and responsibilities:
-Head of Automated Market making trading launched first fully electronic
trading desk in Europe.
-Head of Eurex Options trading, managed DAX, SMI, German and Swiss
single stocks portfolios
Goldman Sachs
February 1990March 1997 (7 Years, 1 Months)
Job Title: VP/Executive Director of Equity Derivatives (London, New York)
Activities and responsibilities:
-As Head of European warrants trading, built significant and profitable
warrants business.
-Delivered efficient trading and risk
management platform by bringing on developers to desk.
-Traded US Index as well as European Index options and single stocks
trading books.
I have extensive global equity derivative trading and risk management
experience with in-depth knowledge of market structures and trading
architecture. Successful trader and trading manager with deep

***** **Donald


understanding of volatility trading and risk supervision across multiple

derivative products combined with a deep knowledge of building electronic
trading systems. Also consider myself a master team builder who wins
respect, loyalty and trust from colleagues, stakeholders and clients.
-Profitable trader and risk manager for 25+ years with Goldman Sachs,
Morgan Stanley, Lehman, Citadel and JPMorgan.
-Trading experience across Europe, US and Asia in all of the major equity
derivative products.
-Created first global electronic equity derivative trading businesses for JP
Morgan and Morgan Stanley from scratch.
-Turned around JP Morgan's flow trading derivative business through
upgrading all aspects of personnel, risk management and client service
and returned business to profitability. Managed large risk portfolio's across
full range of volatility instruments.
-Successfully integrated complete Bear Stearns volatility risk portfolio and
personnel into JP Morgan.
-Grew Lehman's European flow trading franchise into a top tier and
profitable market participant
-Repeated success in architecting and building electronic trading
businesses from ground up by handpicking and training developers,
analysts, quants and traders, setting the vision and strategy for the groups
and delivering on the implementation
Imperial College *****, Bachelor of Science with Honors in Biochemistry
Awards: Awarded Associateship of the Royal College of Science

Options Clearing Corporation Advisory Committee

American Express( ARCA/AMEX) Board Member
Boston Options Exchange, LLC Board Member
Chicago Board Options Exchange - Board Member
Derivix Corporation Board Member
Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) Market Making
JPMorgan Chase & Co Strategic Investment
New York Stock Exchange Board Member
Panel Financial Board Member

English: Advanced