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Homes Table Of Contents

By Tim Packman
Photos By Richard Rudisill
June 2007

If three times is the charm, then Bo and Paula Quickel are set for
life. The Quickels built their third dream home right on the Lake
Norman channel in Mooresville.

Bo Quickel, a statewide homebuilder and international resort developer, and

his wife bought six acres in the fall of 2003. He figures that after building
more than 1,000 houses for others in the area, his should be just right.

He studied the sun, built on a peninsula to take advantage of it, linked inside
to outside, and installed a spectacular window.

The 8,500-square-foot house in Pinnacle Shores is two stories tall with an

additional 2,000 feet of porches and patios. There are four bedrooms, five
full and three half baths, a media room that seats eight in cushiony leather
chairs, a wine room to rival those of some local restaurants, a spacious
billiards room and a complete gym, plus a children’s wing that includes two
of the four bedrooms, with baths, and a common area with a spiral staircase
that descends to the kitchen.

The brick walls at the front door flow under a stone archway into the entry.

“The same brick and stone molding outside is what you find inside,” Bo says.
“I came up with the plans in a draft paper form. Then I sat down with Eric
Warner of IF Studios and he came up some very imaginative ideas that really
made this house come to life. He was the one who came up with the bricks
extending from the outside to the inside to give that outdoor courtyard

View to the lake

The view from the entrance – across the circular main salon and out a glass wall across an infinity pool – goes all the way to
the lake.

“I paid particular attention to the main salon between the open kitchen and master bedroom,” Bo says.

The room rises 28 feet to the flat ceiling portion and 35 to the top of a solarium dome. He focused on making that room
special to give the feeling of still being outside.

The master bedroom was built to catch the sun rising, moving across the sky and setting each day.

“Before we even turned a shovel of dirt, I spent three months just coming out to the property to see what views were like
at different times of the day,” Bo says. “From that, I was able to see where the sun’s path went, how the breezes flowed
and designed rooms accordingly.

“I love to wake up to the sun in the morning. My wife enjoys sitting in the master bedroom with our kids, McKenzie (11)
and Cooper (8), watching TV with them or helping them with their homework.”
“You can sit in the master bedroom and watch the sun rise and set, boaters and everything else on the lake,” Paula adds.

Center of design
The bedroom was the keystone. “The planning of that room came out just perfect,” Bo says. “From there, we started to
design the rest of the house to go along with the piece of land. A lot of people don’t build to their land. They just build
because they have land.”

Bo also enjoys a personal outside amenity. A red brick alcove outside the master bedroom has a chest-high opening facing
the lake. That’s where he enjoys his morning shower – almost year-round – in the great outdoors.

“I’m sure the bass fisherman wonder where the bad singing is coming from some mornings,” Bo says.

The staircase outside the master leads up to the media room, guest bedroom and billiards room. A balcony that follows the
circular design of the main salon connects to the children’s wing.

“I love the media room because it’s a great place to watch TV or any movie with the family,” Paula says.

“Our house is that it is a direct extension of us,” she says. “We like people to feel warm and comfortable in our house. My
favorite part was designing the sculptured ceiling that accentuate the kitchen, master and family rooms.”

Inviting outdoors
Outside, the inviting atmosphere continues. Their infinity pool, which measures 18 by 50 feet, has a 140-square-foot
tanning deck that sits in 4 inches of water. There also is a hot tub for 10.

Separating the pool and the main salon is the glass wall, actually one large window, measuring 20 feet tall, 10 feet wide
and 3 inches thick. It weighs 5,600 pounds and is hurricane- and bulletproof.

“I had a company out of Rochester, N.Y., that did the window,” Bo says. “It was a custom deal, and they said it’s the first of
its kind in North America. It was also the largest of its kind and, as of right now, it still is a record breaker.”
Trouble was, it was also the second one the company created. The first one made it to Mooresville with no problems. It was
removed from the truck, rotated and placed against a tree so special machines could place it in its new home. That’s when
the crack heard around the neighborhood occurred.

“We later discovered it was put in the crate backwards,” Bo says. “I had to hire these special installers with special
equipment out of New York City for the project. It had to be turned around after we saw what the problem was in shipping.
As it was leaning against the tree to be spun, it shifted and cracked from the bottom right corner up toward the middle.
Heartsick is a nice way to put how we all felt. I’m sure everyone around us heard our collective groan. So it was back to
Rochester to make another one and get it back down here to try again.”

At the lake itself, the peninsula is flanked by a boat dock and a natural sandy beach for more enjoyment.

There are also his and hers garages with room for two cars on either side of the main entrance.

Feels like home

The 3,600-square-foot guest house sits atop another four-car garage. For the nine months leading up to moving into the
main house, the Quickels made their home in the guest house.

“We had to build the guest house first because we sold our other home in Grand Bay (off of Perth Road in Mooresville)
quicker than expected,” Bo says. “We moved into the guest house in fall of 2005, and it was June the following year before
we got into the main house. We actually were kind of sad moving into the main house because we just enjoyed it so much
in the guest house.”

“But,” he adds, “we grew accustomed to the main house pretty quickly.”

© 2007 Lake Norman Magazine

Volume 25, Number 6, June 2007

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