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Neelabh Katte

Contact Information: Personal Information:

Address–2701 Ridge road Email -nkatte@berkeley.edu
Apt # 202. Cumulative GPA- 3.389
Berkeley, CA- 94709 Phone -510-859-3151
WebSite: http://www.nkatte.com
University of California, Berkeley (EECS B.S) expected to graduate in Aug 2010
Special blend of technical, interpersonal, and communication skills and experience.
Hardworking, creative, articulate, able to work with others to get the job done.
Computer Skills
Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Scheme, Assembly
Web Development: HTML/XHTML/CSS/JavaScript, SQL,PHP
Operating systems: Unix, Solaris, Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS9/OSX
Applications: Word, Excel, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, MAYA, Logisim
Artificial Intelligence - Implemented the important concepts of AI through Pacman projects such as
Search, Multi-Agents, Reinforcement Learning, tracking, classifiers, BNs and HMMs,
MDPs, RL, and Probability.
Operating Systems- Projects concerning with actual implementation of topics such as Threads,
Multiprogramming, Caching and Virtual Memory, Networks and Distributed Systems.
Audio Equalizer - I and my partner won the 1st prize in a project contest for our Audio Equalizer.
MIPS - Processor - Simulation of a basic Processor using the simulation tools of Logisim.
Interpreter - was written in C. I also wrote CAL-16 Assembler in C as well.
Assembly- I wrote snprintf function in assembly as a project.
Java - I Implemented UNIX File System and Sliding Block Puzzle in Java.
DataBases - Buffer Replacement Strategies - Employment of LRU, MRU, and CLOCK buffer
replacement strategies for PostgreSQL Database management system in C.
Query executor-Unary Hashing for different aggregation strategies for PostgreSQL in C.
Graphics – I had projects involving Transformations, Bezier and B-Spline Curves, Real-Time
Graphics:OpenGL Scene, Simple Raytracer, Animation aspects of Graphics.
Computer Security- We exploited vulnerabilities such as Buffer Overflow and Format Strings.
Scheme - Projects involving Logo Interpreter and Object Oriented Programming.
Work Experience/Clubs and other activities
I am a member of Professional Committee of Business and Technology Association at Berkeley.
I am a concessions officer for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers at Berkeley.
I worked as a physics and mathematics tutor at CSU Stanislaus in Fall 2006.
Relevant Electrical Engineering Coursework
Systems and Signals Microelectronic Circuits
Relevant Computer Science Coursework
Operating Systems and System Programming Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems Computer Security
Machine Structures Databases
Data Structures Graphics
Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory
Special Achievements and Personal Experience
I was a state level Ping-pong player back in India, where I completed my high school.
I have learned the Yoga up roughly to level three (fifth being the highest).
Extensive travel: Most of the India, Europe including United Kingdom, Germany, France.
Excellent language skills: English, Hindi, and Marathi.