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Solved CSS PMS Current Affairs MCQs

The Secretary of States of United States is ___________ .John Kerry

The Vice President of United States is ___________ .Joe Biden
Saudi Arabia began carrying out airstrikes in Yemen against Iran-backed
rebels on?25 March 2015
Channel Tunnel is an Under Sea Rail Tunnel that linkedEngland and France
MI-5 is the secret agency of __________ .United Kingdom
The largest producer of Uranium is __________ .Kazakhstan
The largest emitter of Carbondioxide in the atmosphere is------ China
The Book "Long Walk to Freedom" is written by __________ .Nelson Mandela
The Book "Higher than Hopes" is a biography of __________ .Nelson
Which from the following countries has no armed forces?Iceland
Who is Secretary General of NATO?Jens Stoltenberg
2016 Olympics will held in ________.Rio de Janeiro
2022 FIFA world cup will held in _________.Qatar
European Union has __________ member states.28
The Euro currency is used by __________ countries.19
"Kashmir" is a disputed area between __________.India and Pakistan
"Northern Cyprus" is a disputed area between __________.Cyprus and
The secretary general of OIC is _________.Iyad bin Amin Madani
The Taj Mahal in India, was built by Mughal emperor __________.Shah Jahan
The Sino-Indian War between China and India was occurred in---- 1962
The 2013 Summer Universiade was held in ________.Kazan
In London Olympics 2012, the most medals were won by _________.America
The River Thames is located in __________.England
In London Olympics 2012, the gold medal, in Men's Field Hockey was won by
The Most populous city in the world is __________.Shanghai
US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan is Dan Feldman
The capital of Ukraine is __________ .Kiev
The head of state of the United Kingdom is _________ .Queen Elizabeth II
S special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan is __________ James
India has constructed Baglihar Dam on _________ River.Chenab
The first Muslim Nobel Laureate was _________ .Anwar Sadat
Qantas is an airline of __________ .Australia
AFP is a news agency of __________ .France
The oldest news agency in the world is _________ .AFP
The headquarter of Transparency International is located in Berlin
NATO is a/an __________ alliance.military


The Suez Canal is in __________ .Egypt

The Suez Canal connects the __________ .Mediterranean Sea and the Red

World's oldest operational space launch facility is located in Kazakhstan
The first human who traveled into space was _________ .Yuri Gagarin
In which country It is mandatory for all male citizens aged 1827 to serve 1
year in Armed Forces?Russia
Which country is the world's top supplier of weapons?Russia
Which from the following countries is NOT the member of BRIC?America
The President of India is __________ .Pranab Mukherjee
The headquarter of Human Rights Watch is located in __________ .New York
North Atlantic Treaty, that formed NATO, was signed in __________ 1949
World War II began by German invasion on __________ .Poland
__________ has the world's largest natural gas reserves.Russia
Secretary General UNO Ban-Ki-Mon belongs to __________.South Korea
Currently, there are __________ member states of the United Nations.193
Currently, __________ countries hold the status of Observer States in the
United Nations.5
There are __________ members of SAARC.8
Secretary General SAARC Arjun Bahadur Thapa belongs to Nepal
Which from the following countries does NOT yeild veto-power?Canada
Which from the following countries is NOT a non-permanent member of
Security Council.Sweden
Al-Jazeera TV Channel belongs to ___________.Qatar
The newest member of the Eurozone is _______.Lithuania
The IranPakistan gas pipeline is also called __________.peace pipeline
On 5 November 2013 __________ launched its first rocket to Mars.India
On 1 December 2013 China launched its first __________ rover
On 28 January 2013 __________ sent monkey into space.Iran
Taksim Square is in ___________ .Istanbol
Taliban opened their political office in ___________ .Doha
The Chelyabinsk Meteor hits __________ on 15 February 2013.Russia
___________ bought Nokia Mobile business.Microsoft
___________ bought Motorola Mobile business.Google
Man Booker International Prize 2013 was won by __________ .Lydia Davis
Due to ammonia leak from a cold storage unit in __________ 15 people were
The fastest person of the world is __________ .Usain Bolt
The oldest tennis tournament in the world is __________ .Wimbledon
The 2013 Wimbledon Championships Singles (Men) title was won by
__________ .Andy Murray

The 2013 Wimbledon Championships Singles (Women) title was won by

__________ .Marion Bartoli
The fastest century record in ODI of Shahid Afridi was broken by Corey
The 2010 FIFA World Cup was won by ___________ .Spain
The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by __________ .Brazil
The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by __________ .Russia
The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by __________ .Qatar
The World Snooker Championship 2013 was won by __________ .Ronnie
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 was awarded to ___________ .Francois
Englert & Peter W. Higgs
Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is the wife of __________ .Prince
The Sinai Peninsula is in __________ .Egypt
According to Forbes Magazine the most powerful man on the Earth is
________.Vladimir Putin
Angela Merkel was elected as Chancellor of Germany for the __________
The President of Iran is __________ .Hassan Rouhani


Pakistan Affairs Current Affairs 2016 MCQs

86. Please Identify in comment if any answer is wrong

1. Mohenjo Darro and Harrapa were discovered in

a. 1909 b. 1921 c. 1922 d. None
2. Hujjatullah ul Baligha was written by a. Shah Wali Ullah b. Syed Ahmed
Brailvi c. Sir Syed Ahmaed Khan d. None
3. Barhamo Samraj was founded by
a. Mahatma Ghandi b. Raja Ram Mohan Roy c. Sardar Patel D d. None
4. First President of Congress was
a. A. O. Hume b. W. C. Benerjee c. Jawaher Lal Nehru d. None
5. First census in India was made in the period of
a. Lord Curzon b. Lord Canning c. Lord Mayo d. None
6. The Life of Mohammad was a book written by
a. Syed Ahmed Shaheed b. Syed Ahmed Khan c. William Mueer d. None
7. Sind was separated from Bombay in: a. 1935 b. 1945 c. 1947 d. None
8. Dar ul Uloom Deoband was founded by
a. Maulana Mehmood Hassan b. Syed Ahmed Nanatovi c. d. None
9. The Viceroy of India in 1919 was a. Lord Chelmsford b. Lord Minto
c.Edward Montague d. None
10. The first secretary of Khilafat Committee was
a. Mohamamd Ali Jouahr b. Moulana Sahuqat Ali c. Moulana Hasrat Mohani
d. None
11. The first Foreign Minister of Pakistan was a. Sir Zafrullah Khan b. Khawja
Nazimuddin c. Gulam Mohammad d. None
12. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy case a. Faiz Ahmad Faiz b.
Habib Jalib c. Shorish Kashmiri d. None

13. Pakistan purchased Gawadar from a. Oman b. U.A.E c. Iran d None

14. The largest Agency in the Northern Area of Pakistan is a. South
Waziristan b. Khyber Agency c. Mohmand Agency d. None
15. Militants attacked Quaid e Azam Residency in a. Ziarat b. Karachi c.
Quetta d. None
16. General Election of 2013 was held on
a. May 10 b. May 11 c. May 12 d. None
17. The politician who served as both Governor General and Prime Minister
a. Sir Zafrullah Khan b. Khawja Nazimuddin c. Gulam Mohammad d. None
18. The British Parliament announced the Independence Act on
a. 14 July 1947 b. 15 July 1947 c. 16 July 1947 d. None (3rd June)
19. India cut off the flow of canal waters to West Punjab for first time on a.
1ST April 1948b. 1ST May 1948 c. 1ST April 1948
20. Kashmir sold to Gulab Singh in a. 1845 b. 1865 c. 1890 d. None
1. Operation Desert Shield was launched by US to defend Saudi Arabia in
a. 1996 b. 2001 c. 1991 d. None
2. Suez Canal was nationalized by Egypt in:
a. May 1956 b. July 1956 c. December 1956 d. January 1956
3. International Peace Day is celebrated since:
a. 1990 b. 2001 c. 1991 D. 1982
4. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in the age of
a. 49 b. 59 c. 39 d. 50
5. Operation Enduring Freedom was launched by US in
a. Iraq b. Egypt c. Cuba d. Afghanistan
6. Ozone Layer restricts
a. Gamma Rays b. Ultraviolet Rays c. X-Rays d. Beta Rays
7. World Water Day is celebrated every year on:
a. 7 April b. 4 February c. 22 March d. None
8. Ecology Deals with
a. Earth Sciences b. Animal Sciences c. Marine Biology d. Environment
9. For water purification Alum is used to remove
a. Mud Particles b. Salts c. Gases d. None
10. Metal used to galvanize iron is called
a. Aluminum b. Zinc c. Lead d. Copper
11. Book of Kings commonly known as Shahnama was written by
a. Maulana Rumi b. Ommer Khayam c. Firdaus Tausi d. Saddi Sherazi
12. Galelio invented
a. Barometer b. Thermometer c. Microscope d. (Not Confirmed)
13. The concept that a single dominant power can maintain world peace is
a. Strategic Stability b. Hegemonic Stability c. Balance of Power d. Balance
of Terror
14. Rational interests persuaded by individual causing collective destruction is
called tragedy of
a. Error b. Common c. Elites d. War
15. Humidity depends upon
a. Temperature b. Weather c. Location d. All of these

16. The largest part of Hydrosphere is

a. Pacific b. Atlantic c. Indian d. None
17. Friction can be reduced by changing from
a. Sliding to rolling b. Rolling to sliding c. Dynamic to Static d. Walking to
Running (Answer Not Confirm)
18. Latitude of a place expresses its regular position relative to
a. North Pole b. South Pole c. Equator d. Antarctica
19. The infrared radiation from sun are strongly absorbed by
a. Water bodies b. Greenhouse gasses c. Carbon Dioxide d. Plants (Not
20. Operation Gibraltar resulted into which war:
a. Pakistan-India b. Arab Israel c. d.
1). Sir syed ahmed khan advocated the inclusion of Indians in Legislative Council in his
famous book, Causes of the Indian Revolt, as early as:

b) 1860

2). Who repeatedly refers to Sir Syed as Father of Muslim India and Father of Modern
Muslim India:
a) Hali

3). Military strength of East India Company and the Financial Support of Jaggat Seth of
Murshidabad gave birth to events at:
a) Plassey

4). Clive in one of his Gazettes made it mandatory that no Muslim shall be given an
employment higher than that of chaprasy or a junior clerk has recorded by:
b) Hasan Isphani

5). The renowned author of the Spirit of Islam and a Short History of the Saracens was:
( Syed Ameer Ali)
6). Nawab Sir Salimullah Khan was President of Bengal Musilm Leage in:
7). The first issue of Maualana Abul Kalam Azads Al Hilal came out on 13 July:
a) 1912

8). At the annual session of Anjuman Hamayat Islam in 1911 Iqbals poem was recited,
poetically called:

b) Shikwa

9). Sir sultan Muhammad shah, the agha khan headed the historic simla deputation which
successfully presented Muslim demands on 01, October 1906 before:
c) lord Minto

10). Quaid-i-Azam said in an interview on any hope of India and Pakistan coming to a
peaceful settlement provided the Indian government shed the superiority complex and
deal with Pakistan on an equal footing given to special correspondent from:
c) Switzerland

11). Which are the aligned years in Pakistans foreign policy:

b) 1954-1962

12). Zia established a course for Pakistan that enabled the government to manage a
a) Foreign policy

13). In the hindu kush mountains all passes connect Pakistan with:

b) Afghanistan

14). The Hasni tribe is settled in:

b) Western Balochistan[/b]

15). Rechna and Bari Doabs are considered:

a) Thickly populated region
16). In connection with land reforms the Punjab tenancy act was passed in:

b) 1887

17). Excavations at moenjo daro have revealed in earthen vessels:

a) Millet grains

b) Lentills
c) Rice grains
d) None of these
18). Kalabagh iron deposits are largest in Pakistan with an estimated reserve of:
a) 309 m tons

19). Cotton textile the largest industry of Pakistan employ industrial labour force of magnitude
of ?

Mohammad Bin Qasim Rule

1. The first Muslim invasion of India was led by:
(a) Mahmud of Ghazni
(b) Muhammad Ghori
(c) Muhammad-bin-Qasim
(d) None of these
2. In which year became the Sindh province of Omayyad Khilafat?
(a) 711 AD (b) 712 AD
(c) 713 AD (d) 714 AD
3. What was the relation of Mohammad Bin Qasim with Hajjaj?
(a) Nephew (b) Son in law
(c) Both a & b (d) Father
4. In which year Mohammad Bin Qasim attacked on Sindh?
(a) 712 (b) 713
(c) 714 (d) 715
5. Muhammad Bin Qasim died at the age of:
(a) 19 (b) 20
(c) 21 (d) 22
6. Muhammad Bin Qasim was called back by
(a) Walid bil Abdul malik
(b) Sulaiman bin Abdul malik
(c) Khalid bil Abdul malik
(d) None of these
7. Which of the European nations came first
to South Asia?
(a) Portuguese (b) Dutch
(c) English (d) Greek
8. Raja dahirs wife name is
(a) Jodha Bai (b) Rani Bai
(c) Ladi Bai (d) None of these
9. Raja dahirs wife
(a) Was made hostage
(b) Was freed
(c) Committed suicide
(d) None of these
10. The first Mosque in South Asia was built in:
(a) Sindh (b) Bhopal

(c) Baluchistan (d) Bengal

11. Raja Dahir was the ruler of the Sindh during the Ummayad dynasty. Who was
the Caliph of Ummayad dynasty at that time?
(a) Al-Malik-Ibn-Abd-ul-Rehman
(b) Al-Malik-Ibn-Abd-ul-Abdullah
(c) Al-Malik-Ibn-Abd-ul-Malik
(d) Al-Malik-Ibn-Abd-ul-Hafeez
12. Naheed called Hajjaj Bin Yousaf for help.
Who was Hajjaj Bin Yousaf?
(a) King of Iraq
(b) Governor of Iraq
(c) Warrior of Iraq
(d) Governor of Kufa
13. Muhammad Bin Qasim arrived in the Sub-continent and established and
controlled the Indus Valley as far north as:
(a) Mithan Kot (b) Multan
(c) Bahawalpur (d) D.G. Khan
14. When the decisive battle was fought between Raja Dahir and Mohammad Bin
(a) 28th Oct. 712 (b) 29th Oct. 712
(c) 30th Oct. 712 (d) 31st Oct. 712
15. In whose period of reign, Sindh became a centre of Islamic learning?
(a) Raja Dahir
(b) Muhammad Bin Qasim
(c) Mahmood of Ghazni
(d) Hajjaj Bin Yousaf
16. What was the name of Raja Dahirs capital city?
(a) Mansura (b) Brahmanabad
(c) Rawar (d) Rohri
17. The Arab conquest of Sindh took place in:
(a) 712 A.D. (b) 740 A.D.
(c) 1001 A.D. (d) 1009 A.D.
18. Muhammad Bin Qasim stayed at Makran before entering Sindh for:
(a) 3 Months (b) 2 Months
(c) 1 Month (d) 2 Weeks
19. Name the last Hindu ruler of the Sub-continent?
(a) Raja Pirthavi Raj (b) Raja Dahir
(c) Raja Jay Pal (d) None of these
20. In Delhi how many dynasties of Muslim sultans succeeded?
(a) Five (b) Ten
(c) Seven (d) nine
21. Which son of Raja Dahir embraced Islam?
(a) Vijay Singh (b) Kak Singh
(c) Jay Singh (d) Ajay Singh
22. Which is the most ancient city of South Asia?
(a) Lahore (b) Karachi
(c) Multan (d) Ghazni
23. According to Historians Elliot and Dowson in their book the history of Indians as
told by their historians, the first ship bearing Muslim travelers (Arab Traders) was
seen on the Indian coast as early as

(a) 660 AD (b) 670 AD

(c) 630 AD (d) 690 AD
24. How many years Muhmud of Ghazni ruled?
(a) 27 (b) 25
(c) 29 (d) 32
25. In which year Mahmud of Ghazni raided India for the first time?
(a) 1002 (b) 1004
(c) 1005 (d) 1000
26. Who is kwon as founder of Turkish rule in India?
(a) Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni
(b) Muhammad-bin-Qasim
(c) Muhammad Ghuri
(d) None of these
27. What is the era of Sultan MahmudGhaznavi?
(a) Between 999-1030
(b) Between 1000-1030
(c) Between 998-1030
(d) Between 1001-1027
28. Who made first Turk Invasion to India?
(a) Mahmud of Ghazni
(b) Muhammad-bin-Qasim
(c) Muhammad Ghuri
(d) None of these
29. In which year Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni died?
(a) 1040 (b) 1032
(c) 1030 (d) 1028
30. How many expeditions Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni led to India during his life?
(a) Seventeen (b) Fifteen
(c) Sixteen (d) Fourteen
31. The temple was destroyed in 1026 AD in 16th expedition. Who destroyed it?
(a) Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni
(b) Muhammad-bin-Qasim
(c) Muhammad Ghuri
(d) None of these
32. Accession of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznvi took place in
(a) 997 (b) 999
(c) 998 (d) 990
33. When Mahmud Chazni made first invasion of India in which he defeated jaipal
ruler of Punjab?
(a) 1002 (b) 1001
(c) 1003 (d) 1004
34. Mahmud Ghaznavi died as result of
(a) Illness (b) Conspiracy
(c) Fatal attack (d) None of these
35. Al Beruni came to India along with:
(a) Mahmud of Ghazni
(b) Muhammad-bin-Qasim
(c) Muhammad Ghuri
(d) None of these
36. When Mahmud of Ghazni destroyed the temple of Somnat?

(a) 1022 AD (b) 1023 AD

(c) 1024 AD (d) 1026 AD
37. After the death of Subuktigin which son of Subuktigin became the king in 998?
(a) Mahmud of Ghazni
(b) Ahmad Shah Durrani
(c) Nadir Shah
(d) Hassan Abdali
38. When Sultan Mahmood Ghazvi ascended the throne?
(a) 996 AD (b) 997 AD
(c) 998 AD (d) 999 AD
39. Mahmood Ghaznvi invaded Indo-Pakistan for:
(a) Seventeen times
(b) Twenty seven times
(c) Thirty seven times
(d) Forty seven times
40. Muhammad of Ghor swept down the Indus into India, defeated the Rajput
confederacy there in 1192 and captured:
(a) Calcutta (b) Delhi
(c) Lahore (d) Orangabad
41. Sultan Mahmood Ghazni died in
(a) 1028 (b) 1029
(c) 1030 (d) 1931
42. Mahmud of Ghazni fought his first war against?
(a) Raja Daher (b) Anand Pal
(c) Jay Pal (d) None of these
43. Who overthrew the Ghaznvi Kingdom?
(a) Mughals (b) Afghans
(c) Gharids (d) None of these
44. When Muhammad Ghuri became the king of Ghazni?
(a) 1171 AD (b) 1172 AD
(c) 1173 AD (d) 1174 AD
45. Which city Ghaznavids developed as their centre of Islamic Culture?
(a) Delhi (b) Amritsar
(c) Lahore (d) Peshawar
46. During the Ghaznavi rule, which city was known as the city of ghazis, saints and
(a) Multan (b) Sindh
(c) Lahore (d) Ghazni
47. Who was known as the Abductor of Scholars?
(a) Qutb-ud-Din
(b) Gias-ud-Din
(c) Mahmood Ghaznvi
(d) Shahab-ud-Din Ghori
48. During the reign of Mehmud Ghaznvi, Lahore was able called:
(a) Small town (b) Ghaznvi City
(c) Small Ghaznvi (d) None of these
49. Ali Makhdum Hajweri popularly known as Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh came to
India with
(a) Sultan Masud of Gazni
(b) Sultan Mohammed Ghori

(c) Muhammad Bin Qasim

(d) None of these
50. The founder of ghazanvide dynasty was
(a) Mahmood Ghauri
(b) Sabuktagin
(c) Alaptagin
(d) None of these
51. Sebuktigin was the son of
(a) Alp Tigin
(b) Ismail
(c) Mahmud of Ghazni
(d) Jookan
52. What was the father name of Mahmud ofGhazni?
(a) Alp Tigin (b) Sebuktigin
(c) Masud (d) Nasirddin
53. Abu Rehan al-Biruni was a famous
(a) Conqueror (b) Mathematician
(c) Historian (d) Both b & c
54. How many times Sultan Muhammed Ghori
Attacked on India?
(a) 5 (b) 6
(c) 9 (d) 11
55. Sultan Muhammed Ghori attacked from Gomal Pass in 1182, and conquered
(a) Sindh (b) Gujarat
(c) Dehli (d) Kashmir
56. In which Sultan Muhammed Ghori conquered Lahore?
(a) 1186 (b) 1184
(c) 1183 (d) 1182
57. Who led the Rajputs against Muhammed Ghori at the First battle of Tarain in
1191 and the Rajputs became victorious?
(a) Jai Pal
(b) Prithviraj Chauhan
(c) Anand Pal
(d) Rana Chauhan Das
58. At the Second battle of Tarain in 1191 at the same place, Prithviraj was defeated
(a) Saif-ud-din Muhammad bin Hussain
(b) Ala-ud-din Hussain bin Hussain
(c) Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori
(d) Muhammad bin Shansabani
59. After the death of Ghori, Aibek became the master of Hindustan and founded the
Slave dynasty in
(a) 1202 (b) 1203
(c) 1205 (d) 1206
60. Shahab-ud-Din Ghuri established the Muslim rule in:
(a) West India (b) East India
(c) North India (d) None of these
61. Shahab-ud-Din Ghuri was the successor of:
(a) Raja Taj Pal
(b) Muhammad Bin Qasim

(c) Qutb-ud-Din
(d) Mahmud Ghaznvi
62. The sultans of the Mamluk Dynasty were the successors of:
(a) Qutb-ud-Din Aibak
(b) Shahab-ud-Din Ghauri
(c) Sher Shah Suri
(d) Mahmud Ghaznvi
63. In which war Sultan Muhammad Ghori gave the decisive defeat to Raja Pirthavi
(a) First Battle of Qanooj
(b) Second Battle of Qanooj
(c) Third Battle of Qanooj
(d) Fourth Battle of Qanooj
64. Sultan Mohammed Ghori defeated Prithvi Raj at the second battle of Tarain and
founded the Muslim rule in India
(a) 1192 (b) 1190
(c) 1191 (d) 1194
65. Sultan Muhammad Ghouri swept down the Indus into India, defeated the Rajput
confederacy there in 1192 and captured:
(a) Calcutta (b) Delhi
(c) Lahore (d) Orangabad
66. Which of the following battles was fought in 1192 A.D.?
(a) First Battle of Tarain
(b) Second Battle of Tarain
(c) Battle of Talikota
(d) None of these
67. Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori died in which year?
(a) 1196 (b) 1202
(c) 1204 (d) 1206
68. What was the real name of Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori?
(a) Baha-ud-din Sm bin Hussain
(b) Saif-ud-din Muhammad bin Hussain
(c) Ghiyas-ud-din Muhammad bin Sam
(d) Muizz-ud-din Muhammad bin Sam
69. When Sultan Muhammad Ghori was assassinated?
(a) 1203 (b) 1204
(c) 1206 (d) 1208
70. Who defeated Prithviraj Chauhan in the second battle of Tarain in 1192?
(a) Saif-ud-din Muhammad bin Hussain
(b) Ala-ud-din Hussain bin Hussain
(c) Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori
(d) Muhammad bin Shansabani
71. What was the real name of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh?
(a) Abul Hassan Ali Ibn Usman al-Jullabi
(b) Sultan Mohammed Ali
(c) Shaikh Ismail Bukhari
(d) None of these
72. Hazrat Khwaja Syed Muhammad Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki belonged to which
Sufi Silsilah?
(a) Qadiri Silsilah

(b) Suhrawardi Silsilah

(c) Chistiya Silsilah
(d) Naqshbandi Silsilah
73. Nizamuddin Auliya belonged to which Sufi Silsilah?
(a) Qadiri Silsilah
(b) Suhrawardi Silsilah
(c) Chistiya Silsilah
(d) Naqshbandi Silsilah
74. Ali Makhdum Hajweri popularly known as Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh came to
India with
(a) Sultan Masud of Gazni
(b) Sultan Mohammed Ghori
(c) Muhammad Bin Qasim
(d) None of these
1. c 2. b 3. c 4. a 5. b 6. b 7. d 8. c 9. c 10. a
11. c 12. b 13. b 14. a 15. b 16. b 17. a 18. c 19. a 20. a
21. c 22. c 23. c 24. d 25. d 26. a 27. c 28. a 29. c 30. a
31. a 32. c 33. b 34. a 35. a 36. d 37. a 38. c 39. a 40. b
41. c 42. c 43. c 44. c 45. c 46. c 47. c 48. c 49. a 50. b
51. d 52. b 53. c 54. c 55. a 56. a 57. b 58. c 59. d 60. c
61. d 62. b 63. b 64. a 65. b 66. b 67. d 68. d 69. c 70. c
71. a 72. c 73. c 74. a

1)First Vice president of USA who visited Pakistan? Lyndon B. Johnson

2)Barack Obama is the president of USA?44th
3)China joined WTO in? Dec 2001
4) Pakistan joins 3G Generation on? 23 April 2014
5) Lahore Islamabad Motorway length? 375 km . confirm it
6 ) In how many years metro bus project was completed? 2 years I think
7) Current Interior Minister of Pakistan? Ch.Nisar Ali Khan
8) A recent conference that took place in Srilanka? Commonwealth Conference 2013
9) Latest union that Pakistan joined? SCO
Options UNO, SAARC, SCO, None of these
10) Who won FIFA cup final in 2014? GERMANY
11) The last series that Pakistan cricket team played with? SRILANKA
12) 2015 ICC cricket world cup was hosted by? Aus & New Zealand
13) When Musharaf imposed Martial Law? 12 October 1999
14) When local government bill was passed? 2002
15) Ijmaa means? Consensus
16) Which kalimah is read after wadhu? Kalimah Shahadath
17 Who is the principle scrip of Quran? Options a) Zaid bin Harris b) Abdullah bin Masood C) Hazrat Omar D)
None of these
18) What are the Quran words called that can't be understood by common men?
19) Ramadan is which month of Islamic Calender? 9th
20) Nemaz e Istasqa is prayed for? Rain

21) Lunar Eclipse is? Earth passes between sun and moon
22) Who invented vaccine?
23) Which metal catches fire when thrown in water? Sodium
24) Why a pen appears bent , dept in water? Due to Refraction
25) Largest Gland? Liver
26) Photosynthesis involves? Cholorophyll
27) Water is universal solvent due to? Chemical characteristics or Physical properties
28) Bone weakening is due to deficiency which vitamin? Vitamin D
29)Dialysis is done due to? Failure of Kidney
30) Blood is produced in?a) Bone Marrow b) Heart c) Liver d)None of these
31) In which form calcium is present in Animals bone? Calcium phosphate
32) Concave lens is used for? Short Sightedness
33) When a moving bus stops. The people standing in bus move forward due to? Inertia
34)Hygrometer used for?Measuremnet of Humidity of air
35) population percentage of Punjab? 55%
36) Land locked country? Mongolia
37) Pass that connects Malakand and Mardan?
38) Viceroy of Subcontinent at time of Simmons Commission 1945?
39) South China Sea dispute between? Options A) China &India B) USA and China C) China & Japan D) Japan&
40) Hazrat Younus remained in abdomen of fish? 40 days
41) Total number of Ghazwath? 27
42)Pak Afghan border? Durand Line
43) Largest University of Punjab? Punjab University
44) Largest shipping Corporation? Karachi Shipping Corporation
45) Fire Extinguishing Gas?
46) Surah with two Bismi'Allah?Surah tooba
47) Converting Metal into gold? Alchemy
48) First book of Hadith? Imam Bukhari
1) Ratio of girls to boys is 5:7.If girls are 575. What is the number of Boys?
2) if a pizza is divided in 12 pieces, and 8 pieces are eaten. What is the ratio of remaining ?
3) if A is mother of B & C.And D is husband of B . What is the relation between A & D? Mother in Law.
4) Zain, Hamid and Harris share 2560 Rs.If Hamid's share is four times of Zain while Harris share is 1/3 of
Hamid. What is Zain's share thn?
5) Ali purchased a house for 4500 Rs.He sold it with 10% profit to Zahid. With 20% loss Zahid sold it to Arif.What
is the price of house that Arif bought.
6) 106 X 106+96 X 96 is equal to?
7)Divide 15x^4y^3 by 3x^2y
8) HCF of 92 and 95 is?
9) The sum of three even consecutive number is 222. What are the numbers?
Options A) 73,72,75 B) 71,76,78 C) 73,75,78, D) None
10) Sum of 3x+4x? Options A)-7x B) 7x^2 C) 7x D) None
11)If 4x is subtracted from 7x ?
Options: A)3x B)-3x C) 3x^2 D ) None
12) 64,32,16,8,---? ANS is 4
13) 3,6,12,24,---14) Another series question
15) y=2x+5.if y=4 thn what is value of x?

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