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ERX is a new stock exchange reaping with benefits and rewards to the investors.

It boosts 100s of stocks for people to purchase including ones like T Jelle Bank,
Dementu Club, VIP corporation, and a lot more. But to the average person it can
get frustrating to figure out how to sell or buy. This guide will go over that a
nd maybe make you eRepublk s first millionaire.
When you first see the ERX web-page you get a bunch of reasons why you should in
vest with ERX. How it can offer benefits to Organizations and Citizens. Upon vis
iting this page you have to register through eRepublik API which is a very safe
& secure system. You will be asked to put in your username and password through
eRepublik servers so don t worry about getting scammed. Once you have done that yo
u set a password for yourself and voila! You are now ready to invest and seek ri
There are a few vocabulary words you must understand before investing. Dividends
is the first one and means a sum of money paid out to shareholders of a corpora
tion from earnings. Reinvestment means how much the corporation is going to spen
d on expansion. Volume is the amount of shares on the market or have been traded
in the last twenty-four hours.
Now that you have registered on ERX you are able to purchase, sell shares, view
stocks, or even list your own organization. But wait there are quite a few thing
s you must learn to do before investing. First of all things to do is you have t
o consider the corporation. Ask yourself the following questions before investin
g: What is the rate for Dividends?, How much experience does the CEO have?, Will
the CEO run away with my money?, Can I trust them?. If you have good answers fo
r these questions then the chances are it s a good investment.
But before investing you have to know the business plan of the corporation. The
plan of the corporation tells you where their money goes. A simple business plan
would be 40% dividends, 50% Reinvestment, and 10% for maintenance fees. If a co
mpany offers dividends at 80% then they will not be expanding as quickly as they
could. However in the end Dividends < Reinvestment, when the corporation invest
s in something increasing its assets the value of your share will grow thus maki
ng you worth more. Then they get even more money from their reinvestment then th
ey would handing out dividends. If a corporation makes 100g one month and has 10
0% reinvestment then they increase their assets and holdings making your shares
have a higher value. Generally the rule of thumb is for every 100g your corporat
ion owns in assets then that should be at least 1g daily in profits. So a Corpor
ation worth 1000g should make 10g daily.
For example you have the choice of investing in two corporations and they are bo
th worth 600g. One has a business plan of 20% dividends and 80% reinvestment and
the other has 100% reinvestment. Using the rule of thumb they should both make
at least 6g daily which is 180g every 30 days. Now the first corporation would d
eal 36g to its shareholders and the second would deal none. The first corporatio
n gains 144g in assets and moves to be worth 744g while the other is now worth 7
80g. Now the next month the first corporation earns 7.4g daily to about 222g pro
fit that month. The other makes 234g that month. In the end it is all about cons
idering the business plan of the corporations and whether you want dividends bac
k or your share value to increase more.
Volume is one of the most important factors you have to consider when investing.
Volume is the amount of shares on the market that have pending orders or have b
een traded in the last twenty-four hours. Volume is very important is if there i
s no Volume then there is nobody buying or selling shares.
Then you have to consider the approach you are going to take towards investing.
There are two very common investment procedures that people make. One is long-te
rm investing and the other is day trading. Long term investing is when you inves
t in corporations that are stable, communicative, Realistic, and a nice business
plan for a long period of time. They must be stable as you still want them arou
nd months from now. Communicative is good as communication is needed to know wha
t your Corporation is doing. Realistic is an important attribute to have as you
do not want to invest in a Q1 Company that wants to be worth 5000g as you need t
o be Realistic in your doings. Corporations do gain though but you have to be re
alistic as it takes time, it is not instant at all.
Day Trading is selling and purchasing shares quickly. The basic process is buyin
g shares when they are low waiting either a day or a few days for an increase th
en selling right then. It is riskier and harder to do as it requires constant ch
ecking of the stock market. Usually day traders wait until a stock increases by
5% or so then sells and constantly moves on to another. But be warned as stated
above it is risky and hard to do.
Now that you have read this extensive guide just remember to take it slow at fir
st. Going to fast in the market will make you lose your money. On your first few
steps as an investors take your time to follow the market and choose which stoc
ks will give you the highest return. The stock exchange is very complex and hard
to follow but with experience you can master it in no time.
A very large corporation totalling 100,000 shares. Its value is around 14,000 go
ld and is expected to deal 300g weekly dividends. It also has a large volume and
consists of 21 organizations.
If you ask me this is a really good investment.
t'jelle Bank(TJB=http://erepublik.ws/erx/view.php?s=161)
The largest bank in eRepublik which actually owns and operates ERX. They say the
ir organization value is 13,461g but I think it is much more. The stock price is
currently at 8.7g a share making it very expensive and there are a total of fou
r-thousand shares.
UGD Grup(UGD Grup=http://erepublik.ws/erx:UGD)
A very experienced corporation that has been around for two years. It is suppose
dly the first Corporation to deal shares in game. It is currently valued at 10,0
00g which is a lot but the
dividends at this time are unknown.
White Horse Consulting(WHC=http://erepublik.ws/erx:WHC)
A corporation valued at 7,200 gold and has Q5 companies around the world.The cor
poration also has a unique dividend schedule: "WHC will pay 0,001 Gold per share
divided to its shareholders in every third day in April, starting at 4th of Apr
il. The holding will also pay special dividends of 0,001 - 0,003 Gold in three t
en day period according to the performance of the companies." They seem to be a
very good investment.
VIP Corporation(VIP=http://erepublik.ws/erx:VIP)
Valued at 6,040 gold and consists of many companies with most of them in Romania
.The operater has had much exeperience in eRepublik as he has 21 medals and has
been playing since June 2008. They consist of eleven q5 companies, two q4 compan
ies, and one Q1 company. After V2 they plan to mainly invest in the war business
. They also deal 70% of weekly profits to shareholders.
10X Dementu Club(DCM=http://erepublik.ws/erx:DCM)A corporation valued at 4,700 g
old and has three q5 weapon companies, a Q4 grain
company and six Q5 food companies. They consist of 13 organizations and deal 250
g weekly in dividendsmaking it one of the best Corporations in eRepublik.
Luther Blisset Project(LBP=http://erepublik.ws/erx:LBP)
A diverse corporation of 18 active companies spanned around the globe. Theyare w
orth 4,000g and have 80,000 shares. Dividends will be bi-weekly starting April 4
rth. With their diverse assets this is probably going to be a trup blue chip sto
ck no matter what.
Mcaddden Investments(MCI=http://erepublik.ws/erx:MCI)
An investment firm specializing in securities, currency trading, and raw materia
ls. Long term growth with dividends paid bi-weekly from cash profit." Currently
Valued at 3,201g and consists of a nice stock portfolio. As of now I would say t
his is a pretty good investment.
Sharp solutions(SHP=http://erepublik.ws/erx:SHP)
Valued at 2,390g this corporation is a uni-personal global company. 80% of their
profits are set to be dealed on the 15th of every month. The main reason they a
re seeking investors is for new market expansions.
Buy Sell Bank(BSB=http://erepublik.ws/erx:BSB)
Buy Sell Bank is an investment bank that buy/sales currency,shares,products and
companies. They basically purchase investment oppurtunities and sell them for mo
re hence the name
Buy Sell Bank. THey are currently valued at 2,333 gold and the dividends are unk
nown at this time.