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Md Muslim
Sewa Nagar, Qrt no 19.
Pin. 823001
+974 33756739, +91-9661384002
Skype Id : moon_faizur


Post Applied For :

Material Engineer - Mechanical


Bachelor of Mechanical

Engineering (HRDA & MEA

Welding Inspector CSWIP 3.1 ( 98786

Exp. 21/5/2020 )

Certified Quality Auditor (ISO

9001: 2008) QMS

Assisted ASME Audit for ASME - U,

U2, S and R - Stamp

Piping Engineering

Assisted ISO Audit for ISO 9001

2008 QMS
Post Graduate diploma in

Diploma in Computer



ASNT level II as per SNT-TC-1A

Visual Testing
Radiography Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
Liquid Penetrate Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing

Clients : - Saudi Aramco, Sabic Hadeed, Abj Kuwait,

Heisco Kuwait, Delim, K.N.M Group, Olayan Descon , Bilfal,
Qatar Fertilizers, ETS Qatar, Inma Steel, Nesma & Partners,
Hidada, Gulf Steel works, Gulf heavy industries, Mafco, Sinopec,
Natco, Gusat, Petrol Steel, Arabian CBI etc,

Inspection Agencies: Lloyds, ABS, BV, INAT, SGS, GLM, Intertek

Familiar with ASME SEC-II, SEC-V, SEC-VIII & SEC-IX.
Familiar with ASME B31.3, B31.1 & B31.8
Familiar with ASME all ASME Dimensional codes.
Familiar with, API-1104, API-510 & API-570.
Familiar with all client specification and standards.
Familiar with Aramco Standards, Schedule Q, SADARA standards.
Conversant with national and international code, standard and specification.
Experience with various Projects in the field of Refinery, Oil & Gas,
Petrochemicals in Mechanical Construction, Fabrication, InService/shutdown Inspection & Vendor Inspection carried out inspection
of Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Boiler, Column, Heater, Piping
Fabrication & Erection, Pipe Vendor Inspection documentation as per
QMS to fulfill the Audit requirements.
I am currently working as QA/QC Engineer in SAMSUNG C & T QATR combine cycle
power plant project I was responsible to supervise installation of Gas Turbine
Generator, Steam Turbine Generator , Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), Air
cooled Condenser Rotating & static equipment and ensure quality of complete job
for conformity to statutory and company standards and regulations.
Capacity of the plant is 2520 mw (3GTG + 3HRSG + 2STG) x Groups
GTG / STG: - Siemens (Germany)
HRSG: - Nooter Eriksen (USA/Italy)

Expertise and Skills

Core competencies in Welding inspection, Piping and Equipment inspection,
Material inspection, Mechanical testing, NDT activities and Pressure testing.
Review of ITP, TDC, PO and Quality procedure.
Review and witness of WPS, PQR, EQT and Welder Qualification as per
applicable codes and standards.
Heat treatment procedure parameter for different process such
as, Normalizing, sPWHT, PWHT, Stress Relieving, Solution
Annealing and for Cladded material as per MTC and Client
Technical Data Sheet and Reviewing HT report & chart.
For U- STAMP Job preparing QMS documents as per standards to
fulfill AI/ Client reqirmnments, thats helps to get ASME re-

Extensive experience in carrying out stage by stage inspections and handling
complete in-process quality control and implanting measures for enhancing
quality levels.
Experienced in implementing QA/QC systems, conducting stage wide welding
quality checks, carrying out Welder Qualification Tests, Procedure Qualification
Records, preparing welding diagram and Welding Procedure Specifications.
Experience in stage by satge inspection for fabrication of piping spool & static
Equipment as per applicable standards.
Experience in stage by stage inspection for manufacturing of Pipe and fitting as
per applicable standards.
Review and verify all Calibration Certificates.
Witnessing of weld fit-up, weld visual, surface weld defect, arc strike, inter pass
and post weld cleanness.
Review all NDT procedure (Ultrasonic Test, Liquid Penetrate Test, Magnetic
Particle Test & Radiography Test)
Witnessing of all NDT (Ultrasonic Test, Liquid Penetrate Test, Magnetic Particle
Test) activities and review of reports.
Interpretation of Radiographic Films.
Witness of all Mechanical and Chemical test (Tensile Test, Bend Test, Impact Test,
DWDT, Hardness, Macro And Micro Test & IGC )as per applicable code and
Witness of all stage wise inspection in fabrication and manufacturing industries as
per approved ITP/QAP.
Monitoring of All Quality Control Procedures
Inspect the materials for materials identification as per applicable specification,
purchase order copy and correlating it with MTC.
Review of Raw material test certificates as per applicable codes.
Reviewed of Heat treatment chart.
Witnessing of Positive material identification inspection.
Witnessing of all required dimensions as per approved drawing and applicable
Witnessed of final inspection as per Isometrics Drawing, P & I Drawing, General
arrangement Drawing and various standard supports of Piping.
Preparation of Inspection Report and Release Note after completion of inspection.
Witnessing of Hydro Test & Pneumatic test as per applicable standards.
Review of Calibration certificates of Pressure Gauge & Recorder.
Witnessed of Calibration for Pressure Gage.
Witnessed of Blasting inspection .
Witnessed of WFT & DFT for painting inspection as per applicable standards.
Monitoring of All Quality Control Procedures.
Preparation and maintenance of daily inspection reports, compilation of final
inspection, Welding and NDT records. Carry out material receiving inspections,
welding inspections as per Client Standards.
Reviewed Engineering Package, contract Document, materials and specific
requirements pertaining to concern unit (EN-10204 3.1, 3.2)
Conducting & witnessing of Pneumatic & Hydro test for Pressure Vessels &
Process Piping.
Coordination with the client/consultants to maintain the quality of the project.
Verify the calibration certificates of pressure gauge as well as pressure safety
valve (PSV) or pressure relief valve (PRV) should be calibrated as per client
specification and standard. And attached in the package

Verify signed, approved, valid (as per time of actual test) work permit is in place
at hydro test location
Verify that all safety guards are in place. Barrier tape, sign stating hydro test is
taking place.
Verify that all testing apparatus (gauges, pump, relief valve(s), manifold, hoses)
are within the calibration date of engineering requirement. Make sure hoses are
not damage and are rated for test pressure. Verify the safety checklist and make
sure safe distance should be calculate and attached in the package at the time of
hydro test.
Presently working in Samsung C & T Doha QATAR as a Material
Engineer (Mechanical)
Presently working in Energy Engineering Services Saudi Arabia Jubail as a
Quality Control Engineer
2nd January 2013 to 12 March 2015) ASME - U, U2, S and R - Stamp

Approved Company
Designated as a Quality Control Engineer, responsibilities include:
Review of key plan, Isometrics and P&ID.
Conducting Internal Audit half yearly, Maintenance of NCR records
and follows up for NCR closers along with updating of status of NCR.
Attending the Management Review Meeting based Effectiveness
Improvements ,NCR Control
Handle incoming, in-process and final inspection stages. Recording
and maintaining related reports. Handle QMS Documentation all
inspection and test report as per client requirements.
Sending all inspection notification to Client/AI/TPI as per ITP different
For U- STAMP Job preparing QMS documents as per standards to
fulfill AI/ Client reqirmnments, thats helps to get ASME recertification.
To inspect the materials for material identification as
per applicable code specification, purchase order copy and
correlating it with MTC and client requirement. If missing hold the job
to get further clarification, and highlight the issue at initial stage.
Coordination with the client, consultant & T.P.I. to maintain the
quality of the project.
Monitoring of activities. Self-handling man power coordinates with
Civil, Electrical and instrumentation Department &Contractor so that
all the works go with planned schedule.
Direct reporting to QA/QC Manager/ Factory Manager.

Inspected welding consumable lot test according to ASME SEC-II C

Preparation of heat treatment procedure parameter for different
process such as, Normalizing, sPWHT, PWHT, Stress Relieving,
Solution Annealing and for Cladded material as per MTC and Client
Technical Data Sheet and Reviewing HT report & chart.

Coordination with the Client, AI, consultant & T.P.I to maintain the
quality of the project.
Preparation of inspection and test plan / Quality plan as per
requirement of client.
Techno process Equipments (India) LTD
Inspection Engineer (20thFeb 2011 to 4th Dec. 2012)

Designated as a Quality Control Engineer/Inspector, responsibilities

Understanding the production drawings and conveying it to the
Review of codes, specification and acceptance criteria of various
Review of Quality Assurance plan.
To inspect the materials for material identification as per applicable
code specification, purchase order copy and correlating it with MTC.
Visual inspection of the incoming material and the products during
the production process.
Carry out the dimensional inspection.
To check the fit up stage prior and confirm the root gap, offset, bevel
angle are within acceptance limit.
UT Thickness Gauging, Visual inspection on the welding.
Liquid penetrate testing done all type of weld as per ASME
Radiography film interpretation and report.
Calibration of UT/MPT Machine & Preparation DAC of UT Method.
Reviewing Test results and reporting same to the senior inspector.
Prepared daily Inspection reports & Preparation of Internal punch list.
Prepared MIR, NDT reports & Interface with various contractors and
Training & development of technicians & helpers.
Build-up of safety attitude among technicians & helpers.
Maintain and ensure good plant housekeeping & Interface with
various contractors and client.
Performed regular inspections on dimensional accuracy and
discontinuities and record all observation
Kanvas Group of company
Mechanical Engineer (Fabrication) (20 thJan 2010
to 18th Dec 2010)
IOT Engineering Project LTD.
Mechanical Engineer (14 th April 2009 to 17th Nov

o Basic knowledge of C
o AutoCAD, Ansys, CNC programming
o MS Office

o Good knowledge of Engineering Drawing.


Date of Birth
Marital Status
Languages Known

: 15-05-1986
: Islam
: Single
: English, Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic & Kanada.

Passport No.

M 8782083

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28. 04. 2015

27. 04. 2025

Driving license detailed,

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Blood group
Place of Issue

04. 11. 2019

Saudi Arabia

I hereby enunciate that the above written particulars are true to the best of my
knowledge and belief.
Place: Gaya (India)